I will die in Zanu PF: Mujuru

HARARE - Following her dismissal together with that of eight Cabinet ministers, former Vice President Joice Mujuru (JM) opened up for the first time in an exclusive interview with Studio 7’s senior reporter Blessing Zulu (BZ). Below is the full transcript.

BZ: Dr Mujuru there are allegations that you are corrupt and that you wanted to assassinate the president. What’s your response to that?

JM: I’m happy you said allegations. You know some people say politics is a dirty game, this time in Zanu PF it has become dirtier. I have no capacity of doing those things.

There is no way, there is no way; and nobody has ever even suggested to me that these things that you are trying to do VP are wrong.

Mind you I have been in the capacity of a vice president for the past 10 years and I have been acting most of the times when His Excellency was away and I don’t think there is anytime, anyone of his security details might tell him that the vice president when she was acting, invited us to seat over a plot of that nature.

No ways. Mind you I am a Christian, a true Christian. I don’t believe in killing, I don’t believe in hating, I don’t believe in making somebody suffer.

It’s politicking; these are some of the things that were started towards congress. We were some of us, especially myself, not given a chance to explain even to discuss some of these things.

Few times I have been talking about them telling people I have no capacity; I am not in a position to organise anybody to do such harm to anyone. Mind you I have been a patron of the African Christian Council of Zimbabwe, churches of Zimbabwe which has over 700 churches.

These are African churches, I’m sure you are quite familiar with them. And for such a person to be a patron to such a humongous organisation, you forget about them and you go back and start even practising witchcraft, you start even thinking about killing somebody, even to assassinate a sitting head of State, it’s unheard of, it’s uncalled for, for what purpose — just me a poor widow.

I can’t do that. I’m surprised, and I even spoke about infiltration that has come in our party, I spoke about this in February if not in March early this year when I went to address women in Chinhoyi. But nobody took time to ask me what I had discovered or what I had in mind or what I had seen.

These are the things that I wanted us to discuss then about the infiltration that has come in our party. But it does not end my friend with (Mugabe) discharging or dismissing Vice President Mujuru and these other chairmen of provinces, because those people who are doing it still remain in that faction that has remained with the president. They are not there to do anything good to see the future of this party moving forward. I’m not so sure. Anyway, we wait and see.

BZ: When you say the party has been infiltrated Dr Mujuru, can you name names?

JM: I am not good at dropping names. It’s something that we can discuss in-house, which we will never discuss.

BZ: Since these allegations started coming out, did you have a chance to talk to Mugabe about them?

JM: I spoke to Mugabe three times on different occasions.

BZ: And what was his response?

JM: He was telling me that he was not aware of what was happening, but to my surprise after having spoken to him the second time he then addressed the youths that were bussed to our headquarters and that is the first time I heard him hinting that he was the head of the party who had an understanding of what was going on.

His comments that day left me with a feeling that he had some idea of what was going on and that’s when I started thinking ‘I am sure I am dealing with a situation which is beyond my control’.

BZ: There is talk Dr Mujuru of a Cabinet reshuffle today, and that you received a letter from Mugabe saying you are no longer vice president. Is that true?

JM: Very true. I received it last night at 9:31pm (Tuesday).

BZ: What were the contents?

JM: That I was no longer the Vice President of Zimbabwe with immediate effect, full stop! And he quoted Section 106 (1b) of the Constitution which I tried to check but didn’t get; there is only Section 1. Maybe he wanted to say Section 2b?

BZ: But are you going to challenge this dismissal?

JM: It’s still too early for me to say my brother.

BZ: What about your position in the party. Are you going to remain a member of Zanu PF or you are considering opting out.

JM: Mind you I don’t know any other party other than Zanu PF and that’s my party. And I will die in Zanu PF.

BZ: Do you feel safe judging from the attacks that we’ve seen and some party youths threatening you? And your family has not been spared.

JM: Zimbabwe is my country and mind you whatever is going on I have not been able to give my side of the story to the people and only today I managed to release my second statement to the papers trying to give a narration of the other side of the story.

So being an elite nation, people are reading and beginning to see which is which. So with time people will begin to see what really went wrong.

BZ: Have you accepted your dismissal?

JM: I am not a fighting character. My background, I am a trained person. When you receive an order from your senior, you carry it out right through. If you had anything to question about that order, you find your way of questioning it.

I signed for that letter, this morning; I even wrote a letter of acknowledgement and even thanking him for his immense contribution in my life. And that is how we were taught in Zanla. That is how were brought up in Zanu PF.

BZ: What were the reasons for your firing?

JM: I’m telling you he quoted the Constitution only.

BZ: And what did he say you did?

JM: In fact he was saying, ‘you were doing things that were not supposed to be done by yourself,’ which include; ‘I’m now reading from 2b of the Constitution because there is no 1b. It says ‘conduct of Vice President, ministers or deputy ministers.’ 2b but he said 1b, ‘act in any way that is inconsistent with their office or expose themselves to any situation involving the risk of a conflict between their official responsibilities and private interests’.

And those are the things if I am given a chance to meet our committee in the party, those are the things they should ask me to explain, or those are the things we can talk about if they have them that I have been doing.

BZ: Lastly, an uncomfortable question; there is speculation that the passing of general Mujuru might also be the reason why you seem to be persecuted by some in the party, are you having the same feeling?

JM: You know speculation can be dangerous, so if we are to deal or work with speculation, sometimes we might make very immense mistakes, so let’s not work with speculation. Let’s work with things that are there. It’s better that way.

BZ: We saw you greeting the army generals over the weekend. What is your relationship like with the securocrats?

JM: Mind you these are Comrades in arms. Some of them I shared with them the same trenches, though they were in their different camps, the likes of Chiwenga the likes of Shiri, Zimondi; unfortunately, my other colleague Sibanda was with Zipra but we were the same Comrades. We belong to the same cause and I have no problem with them. We belong to the same background. It’s only the assignments that we have now that are different.

BZ: Thank you Dr Mujuru for your time.

JM: My pleasure.

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I know it is a bitter pill to swallow to be fired from a job that has so much pride and authority. There is another side of life, to move on. If Zanu PF has no respect for you after serving both the nation and Zanu PF, I think it is wise to leave the mad camp. I think JTRM is being affected by the Stockholm Syndrome. Too much time with the bad people can sometimes make you believe that the bad guys are up to help you. I think many people in Zimbabwe support Mujuru but she is afraid to turn against Zanu PF full circle. People are prepared to compromise their support for the MDC and back Mujuru to the top post if she shows up and challenge Mugabe full time. Mugabe has shown full disrespect and her wife has shown how village girls behave when they come to dine with the noble. My advice to Mujuru is that there is no future in Zanu PF, ask Mavhaire and learn from the late Zvobgo. Mugabe is not the type of person who forgives and forgets, he has been like that from long back. Mugabe is a vengeful man. Way forward, you need to secretly work with the opposition and the other sacked Zanu PF MPs, impeach Mugabe, have fresh election. You will be better off if you combine your votes to topple Mugabe this way. There is no need to keep on praising Mugabe, he dumped you without a fair hearing and tarnished your reputation.

Saxton - 11 December 2014

I like her responses, well calculated, i see maturity there and of course the doctorate...I see it there, i see it. Time will tell abt what next, y rush her let her take her time and weigh options.

UNCLE REAL - 11 December 2014

she speaks so much sense for real @real. she comes across as a mature politician. its good to take some time off and reflect then she weigh the options at hand.

zvirozviyedzwa - 11 December 2014

Damping is on of many Mugabe's Tricks. Both Mujuru & Mnangagwa have lost favor to "The President". Take me serious on this. 2 Ways of dealing with 2 different birds. One has been dropped & the other has been kept to be / is being used. Trying to kill him from within to blame the outsiders. So i advice the NEW VP to play his CARDS very close to his chest, lest he cries foul soon. Your enemies are not who you might even phathom, but are among those who are celebrating with you. I hope Mai Mujuru has fins enough to swim as she has been thrown off the ship. But be carefull as well as they might not have finished with you.

whitehorse - 11 December 2014

Yes, her speech reflects age & wisdom, but on the other hand how else do we expect her to react knowing Zanu the way we know it. Any silly moves, she will have a series of further false allegations & get herself apprehended. she cant rush to burst. I cant buy her speech too much but i am over convinced that Really Good Apples in Zanu PF get treated this way. So she gets my benefit of doubt. You have to be a yes yes person to stay in Zanu, otherwise you get thrown out the moving vehicle as she.

allofus - 11 December 2014

zanu itamba wakachenjera

phill - 11 December 2014

Lack of imagination. ZPF never encouraged people to think in alternative ways. If I join an organization and then fall out with it, I must be imaginative enough to think of alternatives. This idea of thinking that ZPF is the only thing in the world is really sickening. The world is bigger than ZPF. The country is bigger than ZPF. The people are bigger than ZPF. The ruining party has to learn to teach people about the real world, not the confined one of ZPF's monolithic way of looking at the world. The problem is also that when pple join ZPF, they use it for making everything in life, business, love, marriages, travel, friendships, etc without realizing that it is simply a political party which has to do with political power. Every political party and its leaders should always be reminded that one day they will lose power and go home, and any acquisitions made with the use or abuse of political power can vanish when a new system is in place.

Chenjerai Hove - 11 December 2014

Mai Mujuru will be offered a ministerial post, I think, to further humuliate her. The descent from VP to minister, or even senior minister, very humiliating indeed.

Chenjerai Hove - 11 December 2014

I will die in zanu pf. Die in there Mujuru there is no place for you outside zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 11 December 2014

amai mujuru muri amai, makatsiga, munehunhu. whenever you speak the wise listen. age and wisdom reflects in your words. have courage and let nature take its course. u are highly respected. you are loved by many. dont lose heart

sekuru murehwa - 11 December 2014

ndovanonzi mai chaiwo.Regaitione nyarara zvenyu kutii zii muchiona tinemi isu vana ve zimbabwe

cj - 12 December 2014

everything works for the good to those who believe

JB - 12 December 2014

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