Zanu PF Mash East defies Mugabe

HARARE - Mashonaland East province yesterday defied President Robert Mugabe as it retained faith in three government ministers whom the 90-year-old leader wanted axed.

At the just-ended “praise and worship” Zanu PF congress, the Zanu PF leader instructed the province to convene special elections to weed out Vice President Joice Mujuru’s perceived allies.

However, Phineas Chihota, the acting provincial chairperson, told the Daily News that Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, his Health counterpart David Parirenyatwa and Paddy Zhanda had all won in their respective districts.

But Joel Biggie Matiza, believed to be Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally and lynchpin of the new order, had fallen by the way side and lost his central committee seat.

“The elections were professionally conducted and I am a happy man. They were above board and everyone is happy with the outcome,” Chihota said.

Asked if the elections removed former provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde’s people as demanded by Mugabe, he said: “The people are the ones who voted and not me. Although I have some things that I am not happy with, it was what the people want.

“I would want to meet the president and get a clear picture of what we are supposed to do. But as it is, the people have voted for the people they want and there is nothing that we can do.”

In his closing remarks, Mugabe said he had received a note from his wife Grace alleging that Kaukonde’s people had worked their way into the central committee and thus ordering a rerun of elections.

“We want leaders who are voted for by the people not imposed. Go and organise yourselves and provide us with a new list. It has to be before Wednesday because we want to choose members of the politburo,” the Zanu PF strongman said.

It was in this light that the province held the elections yesterday, but the vast province overwhelmingly voted in favour of the embattled trio and many others.

Sekeramayi, in particular, who was the most senior politburo member in the province, was accused of failing to rein in Kaukonde who was accused of sponsoring factional activities and pursuing Mujuru’s ambitions.

Analysts said yesterday that the vote had not only debunked Mugabe’s twisted pronouncements, but clearly showed the people’s decision in that province and outside the motoring tycoon’s leadership.

The State media also alleges that Sekeramayi’s “culpability” was made worse by the fact that he was the politburo’s security secretary and ensuring that Mugabe’s was not threatened “but apparently did nothing to alert the politburo about the sinister plots happening right under his nose, leading many to conclude he was party to the Mujuru camp.”

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Grace is not the people of Mash East . Her hatred of Kaukonde is devilish.Yes we know she runs the Old MAN but her machinations will come back to haunt her, 2018 is not far away they will look for the expelled people.

asi chii - 10 December 2014

Knowing the history of African politics over the years, we know of some leaders who actually organized attempted coups against themselves in order to prove their invincibility. This Mugabe assassination attempt myth is getting too far. Sekeramayi was minister of state security for a long time, in charge of protecting Mugabe. If he had wanted to assassinate the president, he could have done it so easily. This 'plot' is nothing but fictitious rubbish. It is simply Grace Mugabe's bizzare machination to take control of government and party. She is now shamelessly ordering Mugabe around as if he was like Chatunga, her unintelligent baby. Grace is incapable of separating the duties of wife and First Lady. She is not an elected public official in government, and should learn to leave government business to her husband and his team of elected government officials. She turned her meet-the-people tour into an antagonize-the-people tour. Someone must stand right in front of her and tell her to stop behaving like she is the president, getting ministers and publicly elected officials fired at her whim. For some of us who once admired Mugabe, it is embarrassing to see how she is ordering him around to hire and fire elected officials. He should retire and go to his mansion where she can order him around as much as she wants.

Chenjerai Hove - 10 December 2014

We Mash East have just led by example we want other provinces to show this weevil he is no longer wanted by the people and he should stop to impose his will to the people.Lets all work as one to save Zanu pf and Zimbabwe.

carson Macate - 10 December 2014

The common people of Mash East have refused to be intimidated into submission, they are the only ones courageous enough to rebuff clandestine schemes against their chosen leadership. they are the new heroes of the coming revolution. Just as they ignited the land revolution in Svosve, Mash East is set to be the cradle for the new people's revolution against tyrany. Hokoyo Bob!!!!

Mash East cradle of New Revolution - 10 December 2014

We must brace ourselves for very exciting times ahead on the political field. Cephas Msipa paved the way by resigning from politics altogether, and now we have a province going against the grain by refusing to be force fed Mugabe's poisonous trash as has become the norm especially of late. The acting Provincial Chairperson who announced that the province stands by those they elected is likely to face the boot as well soon and maybe even have a quick concoction of accusations heaped on him. Way to go Mash East, we hope other provinces will follow suite. That owl has no horns, it's just a pair of big ugly ears.

Dr Know - 10 December 2014

only time will tell who is who in zanu pf

zano chikangaiso - 10 December 2014

This is what happens when you buzz people from outside a province to remove its leadership. Now it comes to voting the hired thugs are not within local stractures to vote. Mutinhiri said the province is fully behind its leadership, and now this. It has blown in Mugabe's face. If in 2008 there was "Bhora musango" then 2018 ????.

X-MAN IV - 10 December 2014

Unotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei

baba len - 10 December 2014

VIva Mash East, viva!!! We love you for your courage and authenticity. Gore riya ndimi makatanga chimurenga chevhu paSvosve, nhasi ndimizve motanga chimurenga chekuparadza hudzvanyiriri hwemutema kumutema. Down with Tyrany, Down with dictatorship Pamberi neMash East!!!!

Courage - 10 December 2014

I am not a ZANU PF supporter but the courage of our people in Mash east should be commended. Well done guys...pasi namai Mugabe, pasi neZANU PF, Morgan won 73% votes, Mukadzi wangu i???...sorry this is Mugabe's slip of the tough.

garikayi - 10 December 2014

Uncle Bob please go before you get hurt and take you wife with you - thank you Mashonaland East for your strength and resolve I think the rest of us will follow ze-se wa-guta handidi!!

Planter - 11 December 2014

Didn't you guys report that these same people couldn't make Central Committee in yesterday's article? Sort your journalistic prowess before you print.

Zungunde - 11 December 2014


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