Mujuru speaks out

HARARE - Embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru came out guns blazing yesterday, panning her Zanu PF detractors and answering back on all the “contrived” allegations that have been levelled against her.

In a hard-hitting statement last night that she addressed to “Comrades, Friends, fellow citizens and countrymen”, Mujuru emphatically rejected accusations that she wanted to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, saying she remained “loyal to the President and faithful to my party, and its leader, devoted to its aims, obedient to its cause and resolute in my service to Zimbabwe”.

Clearly showing that she was reaching the end of her tether with Zanu PF’s mindless bloodletting, she called on the ruling party and its leaders to shift their focus from the current anarchy devouring the movement, to bread and butter issues that would assist long-suffering Zimbabweans.

“There are a few practical truths that I must share, which I appreciate all the time. Zimbabweans are crying out for solutions to the simple problems we have.

“(These include) how to put food on the table, how to obtain healthcare, sending our children to school, providing transport  for them and restoring the transport infrastructure, keeping our cities clean, and restoring electricity to all urban households together with clean running water.

“It is these simple problems that I have dedicated my life and career to and will continue to pursue,” Mujuru said.

Taking a thinly-disguised dig at Mugabe’s wife Grace, she said she was a simple village girl from Dotito.

“Fellow Zimbabweans, I regret that I must accept one of the allegations (levelled against her). I am a simple village girl from Dotito.

“I went to join the liberation war at the age of 18 years and when I first became Cabinet minister in 1980 I could hardly speak, read or write English!

“Through encouragement from His Excellency, I went to night school and over the years have systematically and diligently improved myself academically (just as many of you have done over the years) culminating in the recent doctorate degree from the University of Zimbabwe,” Mujuru said.

With regards to recent threats against her by Zanu PF colleagues, she said it was these threats that had caused her not to attend the party’s “elective” congress last week.

“Towards the 6th Zanu PF Congress, the forces at work in the party realised that I was not and would not resign any of my public or party positions on flimsy or contrived grounds.

“Therefore, their strategy moved from being one of persistent denigration and defamation in the national State media and newspapers, to one of direct threats against my person and life.

“My agents were wrongfully and unlawfully prevented from submitting my nomination papers for the Congress and subsequently the State media and newspapers advised me that my life and person was at risk if I attended the Congress.

“In the interests of public order, and given that this unprecedented “screening” of delegates was unchallenged by the party leadership, I decided to stay away from the inevitable public humiliation as was meted out to other unfortunate members of the party.

“I made my fears known to the party leadership. It was important to maintain the dignity of the office of the Vice President even in the face of such unwarranted violence by a section of the party membership,” Mujuru said. She bemoaned the fact that State media had continued to publish “malicious untruths about me” in the run up to and after the party’s damp squib congress.

“Having listened intently to the numerous unfounded allegations levelled against me, I feel compelled to correct these unsubstantiated statements, misconceptions, lies being communicated to His Excellency The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Comrade  RG Mugabe, and the general public.

“As a law abiding citizen of Zimbabwe, I abhor the very notion that an elected President or Government of the day can be removed from office through wrongful or unlawful means. “The allegations that I, alone, or (together with various distinguished Comrades) have sought to or attempted to remove His Excellency RG Mugabe from office are ridiculous.

“Earlier this year, in Chinhoyi, I had occasion to state publicly that the Zanu PF party had been infiltrated by a group of persons with nefarious intent, whose objective is to destroy the party from within.

“As a result of my objections to this agenda, I have become the fly in a web of lies whose final objective is the destruction of Zanu PF and what it stands for and ultimately the present Government of HE  RG Mugabe.

“A vociferous attempt has been made to potray me as ‘a traitor’, ‘murderer’ and ‘sell out’, yet not a single iota of evidence has been produced to give credence to the allegations,” Mujuru said.

With regards to her allegedly dabbling in “witchcraft” practices, she said she would not have been concerned with such frivolous issues if this had not been raised in relation to “a very serious matter”.

“Suffice to say that I am and have always been a God-fearing person and would not and have not resorted to witchcraft to advance my political career. Support comes from the people, it cannot be divined under cover of darkness.

“I was invited to be Patron of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe, which represents at least 700 apostolic Christian churches in Zimbabwe, as long ago as January 2011. This was with the full consent and blessing of His Excellency.  I have since then, with the full knowledge of the Head of State, attended numerous church gatherings, as Patron and also as Vice President. There has never been any clandestine or unlawful gatherings that I have been a part off,” she said in a back-handed slap of Mugabe who made the claims.

Commenting on her alleged incompetence and ineptitude, she said she had had numerous responsibilities as VP, including campaigning for the Party in last year’s disputed national elections.

“I personally held and attended 43 campaign rallies all over Zimbabwe in a three-week period, often at great personal expense, and happily losing 4kgs in that period!

“The result of the 2013 elections has been recorded in history, and I believe I played my part in the outcome. Having been Vice President for the past 10 years, I am perplexed that allegations of ineptitude only arose a few weeks before Congress,” Mujuru said.

She also said she believed that she had successfully advanced national causes as Vice President, especially on issues that affected the family, women, youth and children.

“We the women of Zimbabwe are legally, and constitutionally equal citizens to men, we should not be derided or treated as second class citizens in our society which is supposed to be modern and progressive,” she said in another thinly-veiled attack on Grace.

With regards to other criminal allegations that have been made against her, she maintained that she was “a law-abiding citizen who has not been involved in any criminal activity”.

“The reported accusations of criminal conduct are based on the alleged actions of third parties who the State media has tenuously linked to me out of desperation.

“This approach can only be explained as a well-orchestrated smear campaign, and gross abuse of State apparatus and resources,” she said.

On her alleged abuse of office, she said, “As I stated before, I have always utilised my office to faithfully assist His Excellency President RG Mugabe in driving the social and economic programmes of his Government to successful fruition. At no point have I ever been motivated by self-interest when discharging my public duties”.

But she reserved her strongest comment on the charge that she had allegedly plotted to assassinate Mugabe.

“The most repugnant allegation made recently has been that I sought to assassinate the President. My loyalty to His Excellency and my country Zimbabwe, is unquestionable.

“I would never be party to such an action or activity, alone or in a group,” she said.

Signs that Mujuru has had enough of the mindless thuggery in the ruling party have been there for some time.

She did not attend the last few politburo meetings and completely boycotted the party’s “elective” congress that was held in Harare last week.

And in another ominous development, Mujuru completely cold-shouldered the party’s bigwigs when she made a surprise visit to Stodart Hall in Mbare on Sunday to pay her last respects to the late diplomat Lloyd Kotsho Dube, who was later buried at the National Heroes Acre at a function presided over by Mugabe and which Mujuru did not attend.


Comments (43)

Guys, guys, guys, VOTES of no confidence in this man. One day Mugabe says MDC won the election by 73%, the other he said pasi neZanu. 2 FATAL "slips of the tongue". If surely it has become this slippery then it should be served with a VOTE of NO confidence. Surely if in Zanu PF there is no one to supersede this man @ the age of 90 then here is my VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for ZANUPF. Come on guys!

allofus - 9 December 2014

dnt worry even if they sack u Teurai ropa kadhara aka kanofa manje manje handioni kachisvika 2018 and then it will be hell for Jezebel and her cronies.she will regret the day she committed adultery to be come the president's wife

shibhobho - 9 December 2014

I am not a zanu PF supporter neither am I a supporter of Joice Mujuru.i feel that this woman has been wronged by a party that she represented for more than half her life , at the hands of the very same people that she has strived to support . If there is a big crime in all this , it is the fact that she stood by this obstinate excuse of a leader for far too long. The party has stopped to represent what people fought for in the liberation struggle. It is not a secret that Mai Mujuru had ambitions to become president (who would not have such ambitions if they were the VP, that is the next logical step). Mugabe has turned everything to be about him , the war vets represent Mugabe . They are not even concerned about the state of the country that they fought for , it now seems as if they were fighting for Mugabe who from my understanding has been eliminating his competition since the early 70s. It gets us thinking that is this the price that we have to pay because someone fought a liberation war for us. the country has become personal property for Mugabe and his cronies. The period before independence had its own troubles but the troubles of today are more hurtful because they are inflicted by my own brother and sister all because they fought in the liberation struggle. Anyway , amai we as the people of Zim understand your circumstances . Time will not be cheated , his time will come and that is a fact .I can only imagine what the vultures of zanu PF will do to Grace after the old man goes if they can do this to a well decorated cadre of their time . down with Zanu Pf (Mugabe PF)

Non Aligned - 9 December 2014

I am not a supporter of this gay organisation called ZANU PF. I do not understand why Teurai keeps saying she is loyal to a thug like Mugabe who defies all logic and accommodates the likes of Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere. Teurai we know you as a fearless fighter so come clena and say Bob and his wife have lost direction together with the so called gay gang of 4. We in the opposition have come to live with this madness for the past 14 years, cursed, humiliated, killed, tortured, deprived of all basic human rights etc. Invite Grace for a Russian roulette if she DisGrace is as fearless as she pretends.

Garikayi - 9 December 2014

Nothing but hot need to fire your spin doctor Mrs Mujuru. Simple problems? 34 years of which 10yrs being the 2nd most snr person in government and you have failed along with your boss to resolve these "simple problems". You must just fire yourself.

Lt General - 9 December 2014

From her opening words she sounds a bit like julius caeser

dyslectic - 9 December 2014

she comes across as a mature leader. leaders have control of their tongues even when angered. this goes to show the character in her as a person. well done mrs mujuru. it shows you have so much respect for the president, the party and the people of zimbabwe. corruption aside your image is intact.

zvirozviyedzwa - 9 December 2014

No sympathy whatsover for Mai Mujuru..sha has been part and parcel of the ruling party and government since day 1 after independence!! what notable achievements or projects can we credit personally to her? Murambatsvina , Tokwe -Mukosi disasters etc did we see her one day on the ground helping victims??matsotsi haagerane nhasi ava kuti mavara angu azare ivhu!!We recall that if she had had her way there would be no Econet to speak of in Zimbabwe!! As far as iam concerned this is good riddance and the end in nigh for the rest of them!!

Alex - 9 December 2014

We reasoned and measured response. No need really to make noises and openly challenge the status quo. Only time will tell, but I see big things coming out of this.

Tony - 9 December 2014

Mujuru is not guns blazing in her statement. Is faithfull to zanu pf, devoted to its aims and obidient to its cause. She lost 4kgs campaining in elections. After 34 years, under fire mujuru raises her concern to put food on the table, health care, clean water blah blah blah....! zimbabweans are crying for solutions. She said," I played my part in the outcome of 2013 elections" that for sure we will never forget. Mujuru must stop fooling people, now she will lose 30kgs. Valves to corruption pipes and links have been closed. Rights to steal and corruption all gone. Immunity to laws stripped. Welcome to zimbabwe Joice mujuru fantasy is over.

X-MAN IV - 9 December 2014

Teurai Ropa speak about the Diamonds&Gold your daughter tried to sell to EuroStar,speak about how many farms you have, speak about the shares in companies that get gvt contracts without tender,speak about the stands in Mutare,Masvingo,Gweru&Chinhoyi that were 'awarded' to you by district councils.....if u can explain that satisfactorily then we can start talking about whether u have been treated fairly.....otherwise dont bother trying to get sympathy from the masses u have gotten fat off of.....You lost 4 kg? Others died from the hunger your corruption that made u wieigh 400kg u corrupt cruel woman....Go Away!

Wezhira - 9 December 2014

Oops .. Slip ups: (i). 73% , (ii). Pasi Ne Zanu, (iii). Mukadzi wangu Oppah , (iv). ?????????

Dereck - 9 December 2014

mai vati chigarai pasi. ndozva ndinoitwa kumba ikoko. varume tiri padambudziko kunyanya vanoramba kutongwa. imba mukadzi. behind every successful man there is a woman.

taurai - 9 December 2014

They say evil triumphs when good man do nothing, this is exactly what is happening. 60 000 jobs have been lost in the last 4 years alone with about 5000 firms closing up shop. Those that are deemed moderates in ZANU PF have been chucked out like stray dogs, the ruling party which came into power after stealing the will of the people is now run by thugs whose mission seems to be to render us all Vagabonds. With your degree you still find yourself unemployed and even when you are lucky enough to be employed, you have to either sell something on the side to someone who is also having a hard time trying to sell something to someone else or swindle an extra cash somewhere by any means necessary to supplement and put food on the table. 8 million dollars was raised for a week long party for the same devilish people who are making our lives a living hell. Heaven help us all.

Dr Know - 9 December 2014

Dont worry Mma Mujuru. The truth will always come out some day. The people of that great nation called Zimbabwe with whom I have interacted, first when I worked in that beautiful country in 2004 and on a daily basis in Botswana where am reident now, are very accommodative, intelligent, analytic etc that they will let the truth they know out some day! The God you worship, if you do so in eanesty, will make you triumph over these machinations whose intent anybody can read! Remain steadfast, you are only 59yrs of age, there is time. It is only painful that people you have served so well, can betray you at the last minute. Long life Mma Mujuru.

Magara I. Obwoge - 9 December 2014

Dont worry Mma Mujuru. The truth will always come out some day. The people of that great nation called Zimbabwe with whom I have interacted, first when I worked in that beautiful country in 2004 and on a daily basis in Botswana where am reident now, are very accommodative, intelligent, analytic etc that they will let the truth they know out some day! The God you worship, if you do so in eanesty, will make you triumph over these machinations whose intent anybody can read! Remain steadfast, you are only 59yrs of age, there is time. It is only painful that people you have served so well, can betray you at the last minute. Long life Mma Mujuru.

Magara I. Obwoge - 9 December 2014

save us the rhetoric ex-VP! you were very close to the President during your tenure and if you were as innocent as you purport to be why did you not go straight to the President and put your cards on the table? you could have done that at the congress or better still give ALL to media houses for people to see and judge for themselves? or were you so naïve to think that the state security system had gone to sleep or was in your fat handbag? tell us at least how and why you imported Brazilian chickens instead of buying and promoting you own zimbabweans you say you spent you time working for? I do chickens and am just across the road! I could have supplied you with all your chicken requirements! thanks to your entrepreneurial skills across the oceans, my project crumbled and I cannot send my kids to school and worse still cannot pay city council utility bills! such is the evil in you!

CRITIC - 9 December 2014

You have broken the rule by speaking out. They say do not argue with fools for one will not notice the difference. In vernacular one singer sang: ''Kunyarara kunokunda kutaura'' and there is an English song which saya: ''You say your best by saying nothing at all'' So thats what you could have done and it was going to be a best move.

Gwenaz - 9 December 2014

No matter how you try to sweet talk us you remain a thug and destroyer of this once great nation together with Mugabe .Hamba mama hamba you remain a bastard and a thug in the faces of unemployed and long suffering citizens of this nation . You even boast of being part of the thieves who went to rural areas threatening people if they voted for a party of their choice zanu will kill them Thoko .

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2014

Ndimunangagwa mbwa .anofunga kuti mangwana anowaba post yo vp .gudo guru munangagwa.yu dont have support but yu force thing .gava remunhu najonathan moyo wako.jonathan moyo gay.a gay minister fuck yu

mahobho - 9 December 2014

Ndimunangagwa mbwa .anofunga kuti mangwana anowaba post yo vp .gudo guru munangagwa.yu dont have support but yu force thing .gava remunhu najonathan moyo wako.jonathan moyo gay.a gay minister fuck yu

mahobho - 9 December 2014

Pane nyaya...saka arikuyenda kuSouth Africa rinhii for medical treatment??? Zvino kana vanaChitepo, Tongo, Rex, Sithole etc vakaurayiwa seinda, vana Teurai, Mutasa, Sekeramayi etc vodzingwa sevana vechikoro so what about shuro dzakaita sesu...Kikikiki ini zvangu ndiri kuIngirandi ini ende handidzoke kuAfrica...never ever until donkeys have shorter p***s

garikayi - 9 December 2014

The way you are feeling right now Joice that is exactly how the whole country felt when you and Mugabe stole elections last year . I think you are feeling kuzipa . Chitamaani chilaa lweeza . . Twaa fwaba toba na chuundu Mukuku wanwiina nyika yonsee yazulaa imuukotwee yanunka twaa vwa inchee kaka Mungweenjeele wii jhaya nyika demety!!!

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2014

I do not understand whether Joyce Mujuru is trying to come clean before ZANU PF or before Zimbabweans, as the two are totally different. If she is not happy with ZANU PF, yet committed to delivering bread and butter to Zimbabweans, why should she beg to be in ZANU PF. This is the problem all these people have had over the years, not coming out clearly to expose the rot in ZANU PF and in government. Why were they not doing it? Because at that time it was working for them, and they were benefiting. Stand out clear for the truth even before you are fired. I sympathise with Mai Mujuru because of what Grace and others are doing to her. But this is just what she knows fully well to be the practice in ZANU PF. Kana vasingachakudi unodzingwa seimbwa. If she is strong and brave enough, she should boldly tell them her next steps.

Nero - 9 December 2014

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dr - 10 December 2014

Mujuru tasting own medicine. She has been part and parcel of Zanu pf. Now she acknowledges that the herald publish lies. She is now afraid of Zanu pf thugs. If a zanu pf member can be afraid that her life may be at risk from Zanu pf thugs, What about someone from the opposition. Food for thought Zimbabweans. That is the reason why most of us are still in the diaspora.

yuda walusa - 10 December 2014

Untane Nyoka Yinyoka Go Screw yourself how can you be loyal to someone that Killed your husband and now has fored you Form second most powerful seat in the Country you were close to toppliing Bob and now you can dream... Gabbage Mugabe will be on you like a Tampon...

Mfana Ka Sobhuku - 10 December 2014

We all make mistakes at one time or another. I could NOT imagine that, that 'terrorist' Joice could one day be a Christian preaching peace and remaining peaceful even in the face of all provocation. Forgive her for her past. Now that the Spirit of Jesebel has been involuntarily cast out of her, she should repent and join hands with progressive forces to unseat the Monster.

JOSHUA NKOMO SPIRIT - 10 December 2014

The beauty about convessing on social platform is that tinoringaniswa tese vakadzidza nevasina. However, zvimwewo zvinoda kuti unge uinechikoro to know what to say about dzimwe nyaya. Yaamai Mujuru iyi, yatiratidza tese kuti President havachakwanisa kuita basa ravo zvine udzamu hunoenderana nechigaro ichi. How can Mujuru be charged with numerous things that he couldnt see coming working with her for over 30years and only to wake up nekuudzwa naana Opah na Grace surely? Ko kuzoti kamukadzi aka is dat belittling women and yet he has been on record saying this woman might be bigger than current referring to the presidency when it suited him back then. Facts are stubborn, if all the so called heavyweights are all wrong how can he be the only one right. Dont we all know that fish rots from the head? If we look around our neighbours its true that we are the only ones who are so left behind because we blame the British and the Americans for our failures. Ndiani asingazive kuti Jesu akafira pasi rese. So why would targeted sanctions now reduced to the president and his family be so painful to want to hold the whole nation at ransom. Handiti vari selfless vanoti hazvinei masanctions enyu zvaanangana neni chete its okay atleast my subjects can be free on my behalf. Kuzorwadziwa zvekusvikoti ma Americans ne maBritish vanoda kuti coloniser saka wese anoshanda navo wakaipa handi kutaura manyepo here nekuda chete kutipfidzisa veruzhinji. Ndeipi nyika yakapambwa ne ma British kana ma Americans mu Africa iye nhasi? Saka upofu ndehweruzhinji tinofanira kuudzwa nemi chete kuti tichenjerere mhandu dzisipo! Tingatofamba tichinyepera Mujuru kuti hee anoda kuuraya President zvatinoziva tega kuti hakuna zvakadaro kuti tidzokere pazvigaro. Those fired must be relieved of bootlicking the current regime and hopefully they will make good decisions to focus their efforts on being truthful to the Zimbabwean cause.

Bindu Mupindu - 10 December 2014

TEURAI ROPA its a satanic name, whose blood do you still want to SPILL? You talk like a VICTIM yet you have been in the system that have destroyed our nation and its children. Why are you so concerned about you? Just like your father, mentor, leader, prophet Mugabe you're satanic it doesn't matter how much you say you fear GOD, your acts are of the DEVIL. The reason you stick to this name "TEURAI ROPA" you want people to fear you? Shame

I AM - 10 December 2014

Your Mujuru (termite) thought she could trample on God's servants and get away with it. Shame. She should consult Jezebel the wife of Ahab ancestors in Israel to know the reason why she was BOOTED out!! NEVER EVER FAVOUR THE CURSED. Mai Mujuru you are living under a 'CURSE' when you didnot honour God but only your political career. God is the Leader of this country and you should respect His servants first. Gumbura is in jail because of you, Mama!! This is naked truth for ALL!! Omesai dzoro watch out this space you will be jailed soonest!!

PAYBACK TIME - 10 December 2014

unfortunately mai mujuru now you belong to opposition. Stop praising uncle bob vakutsveta for good. Zim people are having solidarity with u coz they envied your husbund. Stop praising Mugabe like yu don't have direction. Guys like Mutasa it was long overdue

oppo - 10 December 2014

Gentlemen how do we know a country is governed by a military dictator? Was the present leader put into power as the result of military action? Do the armed forces keep the leader in power indefinitely? Would it be impossible for an 'election' to remove the dictator? Does the dictator rule by decree? Have the military forces been used against the people of that country? Does the military have a large role in the economy? is this the state of things in Zimbabwe and if so what can we possibly do about it? For 34yrs now moving forward we have become model citizens and have conformed to adhere to the unjustified rules and regulations set by the very same people or persons who cheated and murdered rightful future leaders and revolutionists, no one expect a few revolutionists merit current leadership status in Zimbabwe. We went from gaining independence & lost it within a few months after The 1st elections and since then we have Conformed, learnt not to complain, More careful as to who we trust or disclose information, Learnt to work within the bureaucracy, Obey the laws and "special orders", looked found ways to escape Zimbabwe, Accepted police and army brutality as part of our daily life and not forgetting the hunger which quiet apparent all over the list goes on and on, So unless the whole lot of them Die off from Plague or something , which will maybe then create room for drastic change, For now we are doomed and we might never know freedom unless we die without seeing change.Thank you

Tendai Thembani - 10 December 2014

Exodus 22:22-24Amplified Bible (AMP) 22 You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child. 23 If you afflict them in any way and they cry at all to Me, I will surely hear their cry; 24 And My wrath shall burn; I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall be widows and your children fatherless.

Todini MAkobiri - 10 December 2014

mrs mujuru has made her response to the accusations she has endured over the past several months. she goes back in history and highlights her loyalty to the party and person of Mr Mugabe. she ends up pointing out the co-issues that government has failed to address over the past 34 years. there are certain events that she should declare clearly if she is to be believed that she is any different from all the other zanu pf cadres: 1. gukurahundi massacres; 2. murambatsvina; 3. 2008 election violence; 4. the reality of land reform and transparency of distribution; 5. serving as minister from 1980 until yesterday, which oversaw the deterioration of standards and quality of life in zimbabwe. what new thing does she have to offer other than pious platitudes. why does everyone appear as if they are beholden to the president and not make a clear distinction between national interest and the interest of mr mugabe? i would very much wish to hear madame ex-vp on these few points. it is not too much to ask for a statement on her personal assessment on these issues. i can understand that she may not be able to dissociate herself fully for the actions of a government she was a part of. but the fact remains that during her period in government, government presided over, not the empowerment of people but their impoverishment, demonstrated by the reality of destitution of the majority of people.

taura chokwadi - 10 December 2014

Teurais statement to the nation is pathetic. It does not befit her as a Dr. Why continue to give Mugabe a vernier of respectability which he patently does not deserve?The GOD you claim to worship wants people who speak the truth.High time you call a spade a spade.Stop showering praises on Mugabe for he has presided over the rot of this nation for too long. Soon GOD will pass a vote of no confidence against him.Mujuru when you stole elections with Mugabe you subverted the wish of the entire nation.Confess now.God will forgive you.

charls mahori - 11 December 2014

Muzukuru une rimwe na Robert iwe ndakuona Teurai dura zvamakaita ne NIKUV kana uchirevesa kuti hamuzi mese paku Juta ruzhinji rweMadzimbabwe. Ndizvoka nhai vedare?

SEKURU KAGUVI SNR - 11 December 2014

Me & my boyfriend was planning to get married last month, just last week we had some argument that made him get angry on me just because of the argument, he said we will not be married again and the next day he left me and we broke up. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. he came back after 3 days. cassidy.

casssidy - 11 December 2014

she cannot be our leader. Just yesterday they formed a party People First and now she is saying she is devouted to that bastard RGM ma1 edu we need to stand up for our selves not to wait for wana Joice ava vane madouble standards

john - 9 April 2015

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