Mujuru, 8 ministers fired

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has dismissed Vice President Joice Mujuru from government along with eight ministers, as the Zanu PF leader reshuffles Cabinet.

According to State media reports, the ministers who were sent packing are ICT minister Webster Shamu, Minister of State for Mashonaland East province Simba Mudarikwa, Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema, Higher and Tertiary Education minister Olivia Muchena, Labour and Public Service minister Nicholas Goche, Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and his deputy Munacho Mutezo.

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Zanu iya yobvira moto,in the fourth chimurenga.isu machinja tikufara na save vedu.

beliington tevera - 9 December 2014

its not about Save @ Bellington. Tsvangirayi doesn't even know what to do right now....... Mugabe and Tsvangirayi deserve each other. It's about the country man. how can we build a better country with no personality cults or tribal problems...... or at least limited ......

Nduna - 9 December 2014

Taura hako Nduna Save, Save chiiko taurai zvenyika kwete kunamata vanhu

Nyamhangambiri - 9 December 2014

Mai Mujuru and loyalists should just be brave enough and form their political party. Her camp commands support in all provinces.

manduna - 9 December 2014

Why leave out Chombo and Obert Mpofu.? Do we not have report of corrupt activities on their part? Clean the cabinet of all corrupt ministers.

Brown - 9 December 2014

Ko nhai vanhu? Nhasi uno ndipo patino nzwa kuti Mujuru anga akaipa. Every one in the country want some change. What was wrong in advising the boss to change - for the better? What new ideas can ever come from 34 years in power?

Alpha - 9 December 2014

We can reshuffle ministers as much as we can, we can even encourage the fired people to join existing opposition parties or form new ones. But as long as we do not address the root causes of our government's incompetence then we are going to be stuck in this vicious cycle for centuries to come. One fundamental flaw that our statesmen have is selfishness, thus the inability to work for Zimbabwe and the tendency to only work for self or family using state apparatus. When Zimbabweans learn to form affiliations beyond familial or political connections, when our national leaders cease to only care for the next election rather than the needs of the nation, when we have some of national pride that leads us to aspire to be an international force to be reckoned with, then we might for once enjoy the pride of being Zimbabwean. For now, we will continue to wallow in embarrassment of the trajectory that our nation is taking. But I hate to criticize without giving solutions. Here is a simple pragmatic one: our success Zimbabweans does not lie in the West or East. I am also led to believe that neither does it lie in the political parties that Zimbabwean have now or might ever have. Work hard with the opportunities that you have at hand, whatever position you have, and the good Lord will be sure to help you. Also look out for others beyond the family circle. I have observed how civic engagement can work, and Zimbabweans we can also learn to help each other rise from the doldrums of poverty and invest our wealth in the betterment of our nation beyond what the government can do.

Gatsi Rusere - 9 December 2014

You see leadership does not mix with in what they call amawala in nguni languages . Morgan does not have amawala he wants ingulube izipheke ngamafutha ayo until it is thoroughly fried . He has nothing to hurry for especially in a country inhabited by people who are more docile than old donkeys . Many times he has said to people stand up and claim what is yours from the oppresser but as soon as he finishes saying so some people are engulfed by terrible fear and die before they are killed hence he has developing this tactic of letting ingulube izipheke ngamafutha ayo . and . Remember folks empty vessels make a lot of noise and vessel noise that we are hearing these days is from zanu . VIVA Morgan uyinkuzi wena keep it like that your masses like it .

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2014

History in the making. This Mugabe family has completely lost it. People are hungry, the economy is f****d up, Mugabe and DisGrace are enjoying the games. Sure Mugabe akataura kui pasi neZANU so here it goes down the drain. Jabulani your bedroom coup story become a reality

garikayi - 9 December 2014

History in the making. This Mugabe family has completely lost it. People are hungry, the economy is f****d up, Mugabe and DisGrace are enjoying the games. Sure Mugabe akataura kui pasi neZANU so here it goes down the drain. Jabulani your bedroom coup story become a reality

garikayi - 9 December 2014

Mugabe is just showing people that Zanu pf belongs to his family.its now open that Grace is now the President and those who are in today as soon as you stop bootliking Grace you will be out again

mr honest - 9 December 2014

@gatsi rusere, i really appreciate your effort particularly where you offer possible solutions to work with. this is true love for one's country and its people. i wish people of your mindset were put in government that would make a huge difference. untill then lets keep praying for our country and do what we can.

taurai - 9 December 2014

kukika datya huri yambutsa

taurai - 9 December 2014

Dokora aripi, he must have been the first one on the list

peter - 9 December 2014

The number of matshayi nyokas has increased and when these guys finally surrender their properties to way they got them .zanu they will cross to SA to work as daka boys while Joice will join the cross border magogos hey things can change as fast as a blink heiish toko mani

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2014

@taurai: Thanks for the compliment. I hope that one day we will have selfless policy makers who actually have the people at heart. That is all I can ask for. Once we have such people-centric politicians our problems will sort themselves out, or at least we will not feel betrayed by those who have persuasive rhetoric but zero action. But I will not wait for politicians to sort out Zimbabwe's mess so I will continue to use my talents in selfless service to others in the smallest ways possible.

Gatsi Rusere - 9 December 2014

Yes let them go guys..what benefit do you get from them.....Let them go forever or join the opposition and you see whether they will win Never as long as ZANU PF iripo...kikiiii

clemence tashaya - 9 December 2014

Vanhu havadzidzi ava. Vana Mavhaire vakambodzingwa, vakadzokazve muZANU vachikambaira namabvi namagokora, kuri kutsvaga chingwa, vasingazivi kuti zvichavamukira futi. ZANU chiororo, the best kusiyana nayo, nokuti kana isingachakudi haingokusvipi chete, inokuita muvengi. Dai vaidzidza vangadai vakabuda muZANO kare.

clicks - 9 December 2014

On the 30 October 2014, I posted the following - “Once your name is mentioned at these impromptu ZanuPF meetings, in the presence of hired recreational demonstrators, then you are gone. In my view the following have no future in ZanuPF - Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Jabulani, Mliswa, Kaukonde and Midzi. Didymus's future is hanging by a thread. He is trying to come back into the powerful clique led by Grace. He might not survive. He started the infamous “Gamatox” sound bite and he will live to regret it. Those who went to the graduation celebration in Mt Darwin last week are also in trouble. I would not be surprised if Jabulani ends up living in S Africa soon as a refugee. It's not a good time to be a politician in ZanuPF. Mugabe is the rallying point - they are all fighting each other to get favours from Mugabe. Mujuru might end up living in Britain - who knows? Because when she is ousted, which is definite, I cannot see her continue to live in Zimbabwe copping abuse every day. She would want to get away from it all. The momentum is with Grace”. Some of the names at Dotito graduation celebration are - Rugare Gumbo, Elias Musakwa, Chinx Chingaira, Amos Midzi, Christopher Chigumba, Webster Shamu and Wife. Sylvester Nguni, Fortune Chasi, Freddy Kanzama, Tshinga Dube, EnochPorusingazi, Munacho Mutezo, Kindness Paradza, Temba Mliswa, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu. Most are gone. Kindness Paradza has gone quiet hoping he will not be noticed.

Musona - 9 December 2014

I cannot see Mnangagwa being appointed Vice-president - he poses a threat to Mugabe's hold on power.

Musona - 9 December 2014

The purging will continue even after the appointment of the new VPs.Those being purged are mainly ALL war vets,party hardliners and founder members of Zanupf. Those who will survive ,it would be for a moment. The likes of Mnangagwa,Sekeramayi and few. They will be used for a short time from now and then discarded. Mr Mugabe is paving the way for his successor who I believe is a political baby without any war credentials.Mr Mugabe is therefore removing all threats to his successor. Once in place, the successor will be allowed to slowly take charge while Mr Mugabe acts at a distance more like a godfather hoping his plan succeeds. I also see the plan succeeding unless may be one of them dies.Also Zimbabweans are too docile they won't challenge it. The only threats are those expelled and the hardliners including the generals who I doubt will accept to be ruled by a political baby with no war credentials. They have previously declared their position. And this is their demise. Either way it's all gloom and doom for the nation.

mosquito - 9 December 2014

And the threat of those expelled and that of the generals are both minimum, considering how all of them individually and collectively are afraid of Mr Mugabe.

mosquito - 9 December 2014

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dr - 10 December 2014

I am here to take you back down the memory lane, when i said whoever the daily news backs , automatically becomes a loser. gOOD AT FLOGGING DEAD HORSES, TAURAI TINZWE ZVITAITAI.

reason - 10 December 2014

It has never happened in Zim before, true. Mugabe's firing of people is not about the economy or the people, it's all about his life. These are the people whom he felt were posing a real threat to his person. In any case Joice Mujuru was fired a long time ago by Grace Mugabe. It was just a matter of time.

Gudhu - 10 December 2014

The enemy has put a knife on the things that held us together, and now we are falling apart.......

iweeee - 10 December 2014

I was very impressed with the statement of Gatsi Rusere. You are more than a visionary.

@rodwellkajau - 10 December 2014

Behind every successful man is a monster wife. Tava mu post Mugabe era or DisGrace era

Josphat Machedu - 10 December 2014

i need help!!!!SOS pliz!! there was this woman and two men....her name is/was mai kadzamire and the was/is tembo and the other was ''popularly'' referred to as the NGWAZI. Please help were are these people. If you know their whereabouts please dont forget to inform me !!!

mqhafi - 10 December 2014

In Prof J. Moyo's famous phrase "He who appoints can also disappoint" My dream zimbabwe needs a President who is democratic, non racial , energetic, possessed with rapid development and well being of his/her people. A president who delegates duties, not Mr all i know. A president who declares cabinet vaccant and calls for zimbabweans of all walks of life to apply for these Ministry jobs . No deputy ministers and only one VP. Not more than twenty ministry for a start. Reduction of Mps to not more than 100 and set a benchmark of a degree as a qualifcation. We need sound law- makers. Right now people are talking of impeaching president . Parliament is full of "Gomwe" like people. Mps are failing to understand the budget and needs an interpretation from public forums. No offence please, we cant be led by Dumb people when we boost of highest number of educated people. Mugabe is too clever for this zanu pf fellas.

X-MAN IV - 10 December 2014

This undesirable political space is a reflection of our people's lack of desire to achieve true democracy and to progress both socially and economically. We have been bullied into submission for 34 years by an individual and we have duly accepted our fate like obedient little children. We have ourselves to blame for making Zimbabwe a one family state. Mugabe and his wife can run rough shod over 15 million people without fear of being opposed by society. Zimbabweans must wake up , stop complaining in perpetuity and act like citizens of this country, not subjects.

connie - 10 December 2014

'I am seeing big names falling'-Prophet Makandiwa at 2013-14 crossover night

Tawanda we Ufic - 10 December 2014

A taste of sweet wine is worse than none at all, so they say. After more than 34 years of being addressed as "Shefu", I wonder how all those sacked feel now. All we know is that Tsvangirai and crew are having the last laugh now, the factionalism in MDC is child's play compared to that in ZANU PF. Because most of those sacked have never known a hard honest day's work as they had grown so accustomed to being rewarded, grabbing, looting, invading and corruption, it might not be long before we hear of one of them biting the dust from a stress related illness.

Dr Know - 10 December 2014

i never thought and never even imagine that the President will do that to mai Mujuru of all the people. this is the end of Zanu PF as he indicated by his slogan "Pasi ne Zanu PF" they are sinking the ship these Mugabe captains. its a pit that Cde Teurai Ropa has died maybe they cld be a change in army generals. mai Mujuru tizai neupenyu whenyu zvenyika hazvipere.

THANDI SENZENI - 10 December 2014

asi why all this vanhu veZimbabwe, hamunyare, regai tidhle isusu. nyoronyoro dzokai kumba, muchinyeba, chii zvidoriro zve zanu kudai. haaa ngavafe maanii

tinhofirei ko - 10 December 2014

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