Whither Mugabe assassination plot?

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe and the state media’s claims that embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo plotted to assassinate the 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader seem to be failing to hold water.

While the Mugabe assassination card has been used to oust a number of Zanu PF high ranking officials in a systematic vote of no confidence, the veteran leader has carefully chosen his words in accusing Mujuru and her allies of planning to kill him.

Instead, Mugabe has decided to bring in the superficial witchcraft card, accusing Mujuru and former party provincial chairman Ray Kaukonde of consulting n’angas (traditional healers).

Analysts believe the assassination talk is a political gimmick being used to mobilise against Mujuru and her team to ostracise them adding that the allegations will fade away now that the congress is over.

Playwright Silvanos Bhanditi Mudzvova said the assassination accusations would fall away.

“...That is if the Mujuru camp remains in Zanu PF. If they decide to break away and form or join any political party, they will go to jail.”

Political analyst Mcdonald Lewanika said politics trumps law, and the purpose of allegations was not always to convict.

“It is to discredit and in that respect the allegations have served their purpose and Mujuru may never see her day in court, if she does and is not found guilty, it is neither here nor there because the purpose would have been served.”

A social commentator who refused to be named said the “assassination” formula is an age old strategy which has over stayed its welcome.

“Whenever anyone tries to raise their head, there are miracle workers who engineer a nonexistent plot just to silence people.

“It is like a lion blaming its cubs for smelling like goats to justify having them as prey. Remember Tsvangirai and the Ari Ben Menashe issue; remember the guys who are still in courts over similar trumped up charges just to silence them, and now this version.

“Whoever engineered this formula must think of other better ways of fooling the electorate than manufacturing falsehoods.

“They seem to have run short of ideas. These charges will fade away but they keep the file open to keep them under wraps.”

Political activist Tabani Moyo added that Mugabe kept the nation guessing on the seriousness of the allegations.

“However, the moment he began speaking out on the issue, the more the people of Zimbabwe realised that he wields the ‘Me... Self and Me...’ It is a crisis.

“Mugabe does not fathom anyone assuming office in his life time. It does not belong to 21st Century civilisation to lean on ‘n’angas’ for state crafts and national decisions. We pray for the day when civility is brought back to national polity.”

Blessing Ivan Vava said “We all know that such allegations are not new to Mugabe, but in this case, it’s congress and succession politics at play.

“Mugabe doesn’t want anyone to have ambitions to be president, the moment you express or show your interest it is taken as a coup.”

Arts practitioner Elton Mjanana is baffled by how Zanu PF deals with its issues. “I do not know how they deal with such issues in Zanu PF but in my house, I deal with it a lot, seeing as my kids are always crossing each other’s paths with regards their favourite toys and the TV remote.

“I always deal with them decisively. The moral behind my story is that the childish things in Zanu PF have reduced us to a nation of childish pranks.”

Another commentator said: “If he didn’t want her he would have long fired Joice because the constitution allows him to. Where in the world have you seen an (alleged) assassin being appointed acting president more than once by the person he/she wants to kill, honestly?”

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God is in charge and at his appointed time he shall rise up a leader of his choosing.

critic - 8 December 2014

the things happening to our country are unbelievable. we needed to had been working towards improving the economy but instead we have focused our attention of fighting one another. that does not help anyone.

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 December 2014

How can one ask a burglar to look after one's house&goods?Indeed ,how could the president place the entire nation in the hands of a thief?Clearly,all the allegations against VP Mujuru are a mere character assassination.She is very innocent & Mugabe's continued appointing of her as acting head of state vindicated her.Mugabe himself knows deep down in his heart that the VP is very innocent.But obviously,Mugabe has to listen to&do as his wife says.

gundamusaira - 8 December 2014

Don't blame the wife,the devil is Mugabe .Wife was used by Mugabe.Dont look for weak points ,the devil is Mugabe thus the man in charge.Its naïve to assume that Grace now controls Mugabe.Grace might be greed and brainless but the Mujuru issue ,she was used by Mugabe himself.She might have no choice but was told ndopanobva ufu apa.Asi kana mati toenda kwaZvimba.

lokwana - 8 December 2014

So no hitmen from RSA and Israel but some n'anga in the Mashonaland East or Central caves is plotting the assassination. Congress is over and they want to think Joyce can smile at them with their knife edged smiles, dhemeti.

maita - 8 December 2014

The prophetic singer sang "Nyika yamaichemera, hona yaita mamvemve iyo"

allofus - 8 December 2014

Being Mugabe's favorite is like being in the devil's BOOK OF DEATH. Being booted out means you have repented & are ready to RIGHT your wrongs, hence you are now the Devil's enemy. Congratulations all who have been sacked or expelled from zanu. You have come to your senses & you have just become the devil's devil. Well done all! Together we will fight the devil.

allofus - 8 December 2014

If anyone has come across the writings of Machiaveli's 48 laws. Then you wont be surprised by the way Mugabe has managed to retain control of the Zanu PF party without much difficulties. That man has read this book and mastered it in his head and switches from one law to the other all in his favour against a whole bunch of mostly ignorant Zanu PF. Most of them have had their degrees done for them by others. The way Obert Mpofu thinks and speaks english does not really measure up to the level of eduaction we are told he attained. Not to say english is a measurement of one's ability to advance educationaly but every level-headed person agrees with me that in the Zimbabwean education system english plays a pivotal role especially at the advanced stages of an academic life. Everything is done in english and to some point that even shona subject is done in english. That is, i believe, why prof J Moyo refered to the man as having a big body but with brains of a rat. He signs off his letters to the president as written i quote ' Your most loyal Son' all in efforts to gain favours from the Big Man. And with this and more the Big Man has used all that to his advantage and continues to enjoy not just loyalty from his comrades but also control and above all total focus as the only person capable of leading the party with whom if no more means the death of the party as well. If anyone has access to that Machiavellian book please try to read it and you find out that all tactics used by Mugabe are there and he is one of the strongest products of Machiavelli of all time. (I guess)

tnash - 9 December 2014

uuuu! lets wait and see

Ndaneta - 9 December 2014

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The herald finds only those commending against Mujuru and here you are with a number of only those who dislike Mugabe. You guys want us involved in you wars of hate! After all you are making money out of this fooling business.

Chii-ichocho? - 9 December 2014

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