Mujuru ignores Mnangagwa, S K Moyo

HARARE - In an ominous sign that the ugly infighting devouring President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF party may be far from being resolved, Vice President Joice Mujuru completely cold-shouldered the party’s bigwigs when she made a surprise visit to Stodart Hall in Mbare yesterday to pay her last respects to the late Lloyd Kotsho Dube.

Dube was later buried at the National Heroes Acre at a function presided over by Mugabe and which Mujuru did not attend.

After pitching up at Stodart Hall without warning early in the morning and ahead of Mugabe and his wife Grace’s scheduled arrival at the traditional body-viewing place for heroes before being interred at the national shrine, Mujuru went straight to the bereaved family to pay her condolences.

She neither greeted nor acknowledged gathered senior government and party officials in the hall, and left as quickly as she had come — leaving them looking decidedly stunned and uneasy.

Among the dignitaries in the hall were Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Senior minister Simon Khaya Moyo, who all had stood up to acknowledge her when she entered the venue, as demanded by protocol, as she is still a senior government official despite the fact that she has lost her party position.

A senior government official described yesterday’s episode as “ominous and unprecedented”.

“I’ve never seen Mai Mujuru looking and behaving that angrily in the four decades that I’ve known her.

“It is quite clear that she is very hurt and feeling terribly betrayed by the party’s leadership and other fellow comrades. Otherwise how else can one interpret her out of character behaviour today (yesterday),” he said.

Meanwhile, some analysts say Mugabe has effectively personalised Zanu PF, following his tightening of his grip on the ruling party, including butchering its constitution to further consolidate his power, and appointing his wife as women’s league boss.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, the analysts said Zanu PF would, as a result, never be the same again, even though some of them didn’t envisage the party splitting in the immediate future.

They said the party was unlikely to split soon as it represented a safe and easy haven for all of its cadres who had never done anything else in life except live off its tyranny, and thus would prefer to fight from within the party for a living.

“Its (Zanu PF’s) 6th Congress has revealed clearly that the Zanu PF institution over the years has been personalised and personified by President Mugabe.

“Although Mugabe managed to ensure he stays at the helm of the party by stopping Mujuru’s ascendancy, the big succession question remains unresolved with indications that many in Zanu PF would not readily endorse a Mugabe dynasty,” Dewa Mavhinga said.

Respected University of Zimbabwe political scientist, Eldred Masunungure, said Zanu PF had already split technically, although he did not see the possibility of Mujuru forming her own party or joining any other political party.

“Already there is a split between the two, and to see two political parties emerging it’s possible but improbable. It’s unlikely,” he said.

He said splitting from an established party was the surest way that would lead one to political oblivion.

“It would be imprudent,” he said.

“However, it (Zanu PF) has been re-configured. There has been factional cleansing. Clearly, it’s a new Zanu PF,” he said.

He said by leaving Zanu PF, Mujuru would destroy whichever empire she built, adding that the threats of her arrest would not materialise.

Another political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya said the country’s most vicious political fights were now between Zanu PF cadres, adding that it would be difficult for Mujuru to leave the party.

“I don’t think it will happen because of the conflation between the party and the State and the well-oiled politics of patronage in Zanu PF, of which Vice President Mujuru and her allies including those that remain in Zanu PF or those that have been beneficiaries of both Mujuru and Mugabe’s faction have benefitted from,” he said.

Ruhanya said most Zanu PF top guns had benefitted from the parcelling of State resources which included farms and other properties like houses.

“Basically their world is courtesy of the State, so if Mai Mujuru decides to part ways with Zanu PF, then she must be prepared to lose all her economic assets like farms and investments in mines,” he said.

Ruhanya said Mujuru had not known any other job besides government, and this had all been courtesy of Mugabe.

“This is not to say that it’s only Mujuru who is in this situation of benefitting from the State, but virtually everyone including Mugabe himself, his wife, the security chiefs, Mnangagwa and his cabal, members of the central committee and politburo and their associates,” he said.

“The question to Mujuru and her allies is, are they prepared to lose their economic interests to join the rank and file of the poverty-stricken ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe?

“The answer has to be no. I don’t think Mujuru will put up a fight against Mugabe. She is young. There will be a political Lazarus in Mujuru, just like there was a political Lazarus in Mnangagwa after 2004,” he added.

Commenting on the strength of the party after the current shenanigans, Ruhanya said: “The party will be shaken, weakened and you know when Zanu PF is weakened, it turns violent.

“Zanu PF would have been weakened further if the opposition in Zimbabwe was organised and strong, but the fact of the matter is that the opposition is a political cadaver”.

He said threats to arrest Mujuru would only be effected if she attempted to fight back or became rebellious.

Another analyst, who commented on condition of anonymity told the Daily News that a split was not feasible.

“The cost of leaving the party far outweighs the benefit of starting another political outfit, he said.

All this happens as  Mugabe continues to play Russian roulette around the urgent question of his potential Zanu PF successor, stunning his party’s congress delegates on Saturday by postponing to later this week the naming of the much-anticipated new politburo team and members of the party’s all-powerful presidium.

The wily nonagenarian, who has systematically suppressed  all potential successors since Zimbabwe’s independence in April 1980, said he needed more time to go through the list of new central committee members from which he would choose the party’s politburo and his colleagues in the presidium — the two vice presidents, national chairperson and secretary for administration.

Mugabe also underlined his continued appetite for the leadership of the party and the country by declaring boldly that he would be around for “as long as I am still sane”, with good memory, willpower and strength.

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Zanu yakaipa vakomana ndakataura ndataura zvakare vanhu ngavachenjerere zvimbwasungata zveZANU

harurwa - 8 December 2014

Zanu yakaipa vakomana ndakataura ndataura zvakare vanhu ngavachenjerere zvimbwasungata zveZANU

harurwa - 8 December 2014

Be good to the people on your way up the ladder cause you will meet them on your way down. Mai Mujuru ...welcome to Zimbabwe. Tafanana

Insiedzim1 - 8 December 2014

chimbo mirai tione zvichaitika muchikamu chinotevera. who knows what is around the corner?

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 December 2014

"The Lord reigns; we affirm it boldly. Our Lord Jesus Christ is reigning and He is Lord of all; nothing can touch His authority. It is spiritual forces to destroy His interests in Zimbabwe. There for we do not pray for our interests in Zimbabwe but we pray for the interests of Your Son in Zimbabwe. We stand for Thy will . Shatter, O Lord, the kingdom of darkness in this nation. May Your glory be seen in Zimbabwe.

Maid arion - 8 December 2014

Maidawo kuti vaite sei

cathy - 8 December 2014

daily news u are still dreaming.why would emerson and khaya be stunned by joyce's walk fact its her who was stunned.emerson and khaya are in a better position than the now useless joyce,toothless dog.

cheyameni - 8 December 2014

She was paying her last respects to the fallen fellow in line with our traditional norms by meeting the bereaved family.

Mukanya - 8 December 2014

Yaa neh!!... Ndizo penyu noita.

Doug Gore - 8 December 2014

Why would Joice go and greet Mugabe's lapdogs who had spent days abusing her? Is it not Khaya Moyo who stood up at the podium and started talking of the need for “one centre of power”? Which other centres existed which he was talking about? He was having a dig at Mujuru obviously the mealy-mouthed lapdog. Mnangagwa stood up and said “Down with the enemy” or “enemies” - which “enemy” or “enemies” did he mean? Joice of course. I hold no brief for Joice - I think she deserves everything she is getting but lapdogs like Mnangagwa and Khaya Moyo should not be two-faced. What on earth was Joice doing at Stoddard Hall? She was asking for trouble going there. She will always be abused wherever she goes. This is why I said she might end up living in the UK or S Africa to get away from the abuse. Joshua Nkom wenet o live in the UK after running away from Zanu in 1983.

Musona - 8 December 2014

@Musona, you seem to have a firm grasp on Zimbabwean history that is not found within the normal history textbooks (for obvious reasons). Why don't your contribute to the national discourse by writing a book, thus give the coming generations a different point of view. I do not subscribe to everything that you say on this discussion forum, but I enjoy seeing different opinions and narratives, which always help to shape the views of "our" past when some of us were not born yet.

Gatsi Rusere - 8 December 2014

Normally God blesses an event by rains, they did not come during congress and only rained 2 days later (today) to show He was not happy with this event. Now He is going to take control, just wait a bit.

maita - 8 December 2014

Ten percent yashaya nyaya........just zivai kuti Amai Dande is gone chete zvematumaHeadline tusina basa imbomirai....She is gone chete....Winds of change are blowing across her ugly face....She must just pack and hide in her cuckoo

clemence tashaya - 8 December 2014

It is so sad. To have a leadership which is self serving because they are poverty riddled individuals. You produce what you were blessed by God with. Mugabe is a poor man, that is why he holds onto power because he feeds from the system. Which other career did he successful achieve, except being a school teacher. Not a single student of his can stand up and say, he a great teacher he was. Come to politics, what benefits has he done for the country, besides destroying what was left by Smith and cannibalize the industries, mines, farms and the whole economy for his own benefit. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Continue to rule, but can confidently say, the country will recover without you and your family and we will recover everything stolen by your family, wherever its hidden. The property which was stolen whole wide which was under the Rhodesian Government we will recover it also.

themba - 8 December 2014

the last sentence should read, "Joshua Nkom went to live in the UK after running away from Zanu in 1983".

Musona - 8 December 2014

@Musona, we need a book from you please!!!!

Nesongano - 8 December 2014

@gatsi rusere or taurai - what is a normal textbook? Written by who? At no point have I ever asked anyone to accept what I write - if you don't like it ignore it like I do and move on to what makes you happy. Fool.

Musona - 8 December 2014

“…some analysts say Mugabe has effectively personalised Zanu PF…” - Mugabe would have liked to personalise ZanuPF the moment he was made voted into power in 1980 but he as unable to do so because of one person, Solomon Mujuru - Mugabe was scared of this man. Most of the appointments over the years have been at Solomon Mujuru's behest. Once Solomon died Mugabe decided to get rid of all those connected to Solomon including the wife, Joice. He cannot get rid of all of them otherwise he will remain with nobody - some will remain. Mnangagwa is not going to be appointed deputy because he would pose a threat to Mugabe's power. The three people who are going to handpick Central Committee, Politburo, cabinet and Vice-presidents are Patrick Joao (Zhuwawo), his uncle and Grace. Grace can pick whichever position she wants bar the presidency.

Musona - 8 December 2014

EDNA MADZONGWE-VICE PRESIDENT OF ZANU(PF) This is a Zvimba Dynasty.Edna Madzongwe is a cousin to Robert Mugabe.Her mother was sister of Tony Gara,of the Gushungo clan from Kutama College. She is aunt of Charles Tawengwa because her sister was wife of the late George Tawengwa. Keep it in the family Bob. She was elected as President of the Senate on 30 November 2005. In the March 2008 parliamentary election, she was re-elected to the Senate from Chegutu constituency, receiving 23,032 votes against 14,275 for Violet Paneairi Mokoesti of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-Tsvangirai).[2] Following this election, in which ZANU-PF won control of the Senate but not the House of Assembly, Madzongwe was re-elected as President of the Senate on 25 August 2008, receiving 58 votes. Gibson Sibanda, whose candidacy was supported by the two MDC factions (MDC-Tsvangirai and MDC-Mutambara), received 28 votes.[3] As of December 2008, she was embroiled in a dispute with an elderly white Zimbabwean farmer from Chegutu. Madzongwe has claimed the property as part of the government policy of redistributing land owned by white farmers, but the farmer has accused her of attempting to take his property by use of illegal means. The case has been referred to a tribunal of African judges established by the 15 nations of the Southern African Development Community regional trade bloc.[4] Following the July 2013 parliamentary election, in which ZANU-PF won a large majority, Madzongwe was re-elected as President of the Senate on 3 September 2013.[5] Family Husband: Forbes Madzongwe (late) Children: Valentine, Farai and Tendai. Martin (Step son) Siblings: Eric Gwanzura (former Senator), Jane Gwanzura (late), Mike Gwanzura (late), Mabel Tawengwa née Gwanzura (wife to late George Tawengwa and father of Charles Tawengwa), Cleopus Gwanzura, Norma Gwanzura, Henry Gwanzura.

Kufandada - 8 December 2014

@Musona: Musona is a very bitter man, at least bitter sounding. Mr. Musona willfully chooses to ignore the broader context of my point, and thus rushes to his field of expertise: name calling. If I doubted your comprehension skills, I would have explained to you what a "normal history textbook" is. But in case I had overestimated your ability to read beyond semantics, the history that is taught in Zimbabwean schools generally follows a story line that shuts out counter narratives. But history is not that simplistic. Since you seem to have a counter narrative, the kind request was for you to contribute to the Zimbabwean historical field with a book/memoir/biographical account/critique of current history etc, which can help future generations who will be more distanced from the past than we are to have more information to at least spark interests for original research and come to their own historical conclusions. The other advantage is then there is also a more scholarly critique of ideas knowing that the historical method has its own biases based on whose point of view it is, so publishing something will also help spark more constructive debates than just disparaging others on the internet and posting opinions and pseudo-facts as if they were absolute truths. Anyway, you seem to be in fighting mode Mr. Musona. But I just hope you can at least learn to attack content than take swipes at the person. Last but not least, I am not Taurai.

Gatsi Rusere - 8 December 2014

@gatsi rusere or taurai - my message is very clear - you or anyone else are under no obligation to read or accept what I write or what any member of the public writes on this public forum. If you feel some comments posted are pseudo-facts then ignore them and move on to what you think will make you happy. I do not need to know that. Who are you anyway to decide whether facts are true or not? Who gave you the authority to judge comments from people you do not know? Are you trying to dictate what I should write? I make that decision, not you or anyone else. Get lost.

Musona - 8 December 2014

@gatsi rusere or taurai - I am bitter. If I was not bitter I would not be writing comments, I would be at my farm or hotel enjoying life. Comments sections are for us who are bitter. If you are not bitter why are you posting comments and trawling the Internet reading comments?

Musona - 8 December 2014

@Musona: Thanks for making your point without calling names. I see you still struggle to completely leave vitriol from your comments, but I understand that people are bitter out that, especially when they can hide behind a computer screen, write with pseudonyms and forget that their comments are directed to real human beings with blood and feelings. I understand that. The only problem with pseudo-facts is that some uncritical consumers will swallow them hook, line and sinker. So it is just my personal endeavor to sift through the facts/opinions for a better understanding of truth be it from reported news or from other commenters on this forum, with unique experiences from mine, which is why I read the comments. And oh no, why should I dictate what you write? Where in my original post did I suggest that? What I will not do is ignore what you write nor dismiss you as a fool because I do not agree with you (or had different historical experiences than you) nor take everything that you say as if it was the gold standard of truth. I am just a more conscientious consumer in my personal quest to understand truth , religious, scientific or historical. But you seem to be in fighting mode, which I am not good at so kudos for the zeal. Last but not least, I am not taurai.

Gatsi Rusere - 8 December 2014

gatsi rusere, watangana nezvimwe iwe. hunzi ndiwe taurai sera watukirirwa. anotuka murungu uyu. ndizvo zvaakadzidza zvekutukirira. sorry matyewe if you seem not to agree with him you are scolded. isu tato jaira vakuru ivava.

taurai - 8 December 2014

@Taurai: Ndazviona kuti vakashatirwa baba ava. Asi manje hatingadyire huroyi kunyara kana kungobvuma zvose zvose nekuti zvanzi ndanga ndiripo. Haasi munhu wese anofara nehupenyu hwemuZimbabwe mazuva ano asi zvirinani kuvaka pane kuputsa zvishoma zviripo zvacho. Manje vamwe vanenge mhizha chaidzo mukuda kuputsa vana vevhu nekuda kuvafingudza hudzvanyiriri hwevapambepfumi vachihwanda nekuti vanhu vaiguta nguva iyoyo. Vashoma vanofara nehutungamiriri huripo asi ini hangu ndinofunga kuti rubatsiro rwedu harusi kumabvazuva kana kumadokero.. tine chipande kubatsirana sevana veZimbabwe mukushandura nyika yedu pasina kuti ndiani arikutonga.. But It is funny how sometimes the civilized species fail to engage in "civilized discourse".

Gatsi Rusere - 8 December 2014

Musona . . . .all he can be described as is. . . . . . .is stupide and a nuisance !

mushora - 8 December 2014

Musona - if I read Gatsi Rusere's original post correctly, he was complimenting you on your knowledge of Zimbabwe, and suggested you write a book (which I also read as a compliment).

david taylor - 8 December 2014

@david taylor, I thought so as well, but was surprised by the gratuitously angry reaction.

Gatsi Rusere - 9 December 2014

Vilification and bastardization of Mujuru are calculated attempts to get rid of her in order to pave way for Grace Mugabe in the ZANU-PF power politics. These developments in the ruling party foreshadow a political dynasty about to emerge in the Zimbabwean body politic. Only Zimbabweans can resist such moves. This has been the modus operandi of Mugabe. Anybody who is seen as a threat to his interest is usually smeared and thrown out of the party. Political dons like Joshua Nkomo and others suffered similar tirades and character assassinations. So I am not surprise that Mai Mujuru is being attacked this way. The problem with African politics is that our nationalists leaders who led us to independence saw themselves as personification of the state and therefore decided to personalized political power and national resources. This has been a major hindrance to our development. Those who were chanting Pan African slogan were the same people plundering our resources. Africa has a long way to go!

osei baffour - 9 December 2014

@ Musona it is unacademic for you to attack people who have come across your coments on a public forum. Remember this is a public forum and as a matter of fact can be read by anyone willing and is subject to emmense criticism as long as its on public forum. I dont see the need to go nuts and attack individuals just because they dont share the same view with you. The history of Zimbabwe can be written by different people and using different view points and ways of saying it. Thats academic as there is no one with the absolute truth but just that we hold theories that may sum up the opinions we have about the happenings of the events in the country. No one can claim to know what really transpired between Mugabe and Rex Nhongo as Mujuru S. was affectionately known except for the two to claim. i dont remember in any way Mugabe telling any one about how they he related to Mujuru S. so all u know are not facts but theories my friend. We know very much Solo had a heavy hand in the political life of the country but no one knows how heavy the hand was. So your views my good friend are subject to public criticism because they are on a public forum not private. Whoever wishes to comment and critque your opinion is not by all means welcome. In as much as you bring very good debate to the forum, it is also our duty to contribute different opinions as well for the sake of good arguments and constructive historical shaping and analysis. Thank you.

tnash - 9 December 2014

i also thought it to be one of the best compliments. But never the less Musona's failure to realise that made him feel as if he is being criticised for his contribution to this forum. However it wasn't necessary for him to go nuts because we dont see things exactly the same ways as we are humans. We have the capacity to independently think and view things. For the love of learning new things and debating along our own way and lines of thinking, an uproar was not necessary from Musona. i respect your opinions very much but it doesn't mean they are absolute and are not subject to criticism and correction. Its very good to have people like you who can see things the way you do. But you are not alone because we are alos there and we see also things in our own unique way. Thats why even in the Bible same story in the book of Mathew may be intepreted differently from the book of Luke or Mark or John. Its all because they all saw the same thing but different meanings in their intepretations arose giving the same story different flavours but with almost the same meaning at the at.

tnash - 9 December 2014

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dr - 9 December 2014

There is no qualifications, or accreditation to attend a funeral. Mujuru has proven it. She has been barred and threatened from zanu pf gatherings. This was her chance to express her freedom.

X-MAN IV - 9 December 2014

Who was it that said, "I may not agree with you but I will defend to the death your right to say it?" You know my greatest hearts desire is to see healing among us Zimbabweans, tribal, clan and race. We are all one nation. On this forum whether you are ZPF, MDC, other or of no political affilitation we are one nation under God. Read Acts 17:26. I say this simply and without any malice because it is the truth. We have allowed our politicians to divide us and we have taken on their bitterness and vindictiveness and their penchant for calling others horrible name. Is this really the nation we want to be. Do we want to see our children and grandchildren doing this? Come on Zimbabwe. let us grow up and ask the Lord to teach us to love and respect each other. leave the politicians to their own murky pit of hate and unforgiveness. May they repent too. We are a sad, divided nation. Why have we allowed this? may God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

Maid Marion - 9 December 2014

I also subscribe to the school of thought that says Mujuru and her cronies may never leave ZANU PF as it is the only employer they have known all their life.

Dr Know - 9 December 2014

izvizvino rwadza kuti veruzhinji vakataura moti vapanduka. saka election yenyu ndeyenhema chaidzo. mashonaland yese zvayo iri kuda chokwadi imo moramba. moti vapanduka aah bvaa zimbambwe yese yapandika kusara kwematsotsi chete.

munyaradzi mabasa - 9 December 2014

chakanaka chakanaka mukaka haurungwi hama dzangu @maid marion atipa mazwi ehuchengeri. shungu dzino kuvadza muridzi. we need to release this bitter feeling that comes with the disappointments resulting from our failures especially that of our politicians. we need to find a brighter side that we may gaze upon for a peaceable spirit to dwell i our beings. what a good way to start from the texts quoted by @maid marion. thanks for the admonition friend. pls pray for me and those who would want to trust God with their lives in this complex situation. we love our country thats why we take time to debate on this forum just to find some common fellowship platform. a platform where we can exchange ideas about our home and how best we may influence good change. sometmes we stray and end-up scolding and de-meaning one another. that is not the original mind we would have started from.

taurai - 9 December 2014

there is no evidence that mujuru is a culprit and senior Zanupf members should stop abusing mujuru.They should try to resolve this issue in peace.

halarambos - 9 December 2014

First it was the mysterious death of Solomon Mujuru,then Joyce Mujuru's Ruwa house caught fire& now malicious allegations against VP Joyce Mujuru. People , please have mercy.''IF YOU LEAVE IN A GLASS HOUSE,DON'T THROW NO STONES.''

rangaridzo - 9 December 2014

@Musona. Musona, you seem to be a good socio-political analyst. The problem is your temper. I am very surprised that you even got offended by gatsi, who was actually complimenting you. Remember, even if you don't agree with someone, you disagree gracefully, without using vulgar or insulting words, otherwise you are a great analyst.

dzingai - 9 December 2014

Please do not just copy and paste from previous articles!!!! "All this happens as Mugabe continues to play Russian roulette around the urgent question of his potential Zanu PF successor, stunning his party's........" "The wily nonagenarian, who has systematically suppressed ....." It ends up annoying!

Editor - 9 December 2014

kikiki...haaa musona amboudzwa hake vakomana. From a neutral observation point a man must just say "haa ok guys I get it.." but mazivire andinoita muchinda uyu ka! hahada....mirai muone next comment yaachatikandira ipapa!!

zvibaba - 9 December 2014

yah neh

SIKHOKHO - 9 December 2014

Hanzi vaitotambisira Mnangagwa na SK Moyo sele? Ndakangonzwawo nevaiveko.

The Don - 9 December 2014

Nonsense. This idiot gatsi is the same idiot who writes sarcastically under the name “taurai” with very silly comments. Why should he give me sarcastic compliments - I don't want his sarcastic compliments. He does not know me - how can he give compliments to a member of the public that he or she does not know? Who gave him the authority to judge comments from the public? Every time I write comments he comes up with these silly sarcastic comments. He tries to dictate to me what I should and shouldn't write. If someone passes silly sarcastic comments I will tell them off. I do not need his compliments - I don't write to get compliments. He should give these compliments to his mother not me. I write to put the record straight as I saw events in the past and at present. As a public forum anyone has a right to say - “Look here, events you are talking about did not happen like you are saying” and then give their own version - I have no problem with that. But for some idiot to say you should write a book is to me very silly. I write what I like. If you like what I write then keep it to yourself -I don't want to know. The same if you are not happy with what I write - ignore it.

Musona - 9 December 2014

If someone gives me dog's abuse I will hit back hard. I give as good as I get.

Musona - 9 December 2014

Vana Musona....!

Editor - 9 December 2014

Say what you want to say. If you give me abuse you can be sure to get it back.

Musona - 9 December 2014

I am waiting...... I can dish it out.

Musona - 9 December 2014

well done Joyce for paying last respects to your dear comrade Dube. zanupf papers expected drama at congress so your non attendance made the congress a squib so once again well done. let Bob appoint the so called clean once but judgement day shall come.

asi chii - 9 December 2014

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