Mugabe under fire over VP comments

HARARE - Women's rights activists have blasted last week’s comments by President Robert Mugabe during the just ended Zanu PF congress belittling embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru and downgrading women as second rate people.

“... for that matter it’s a woman who is saying ndakudawo kumbogara (I also want to lead)”, he said while accusing her of being the mastermind behind a plot to assassinate and oust him from power.

Veteran politician Margaret Dongo said this was worrisome. “This shows that president Mugabe has double standards. He does not believe in gender equality, but during campaigns he puts women in the forefront. He is not serious because most of the people that support him are women.”

Dongo accused Mugabe of lacking confidence in women leadership. 

“He wanted Joice Mujuru to remain a vice-president, there was no room to take over. This is dangerous coming from the head of State,” she said.

“I pity the women who hero-worship the president and ululate every time he says something. This is

demeaning to the women and to make matters worse, they would be wearing regalia with his face.”

A member of the women’s movement who refused to be named for security reasons said, “It is unfortunate that the president would use the fact that Mujuru is a woman as a point of reference.

“We thought we had progressed in the political sphere but this is retrogressive. Whatever she did is not because she is a woman.”

Zimbabwe has a myriad of laws that she has put in place supporting women and the new Constitution is heavily-tilted towards gender equality.

The country also has a National Gender policy that seeks to address the shortcomings of the 2004 policy and the emerging issues prevailing under the changing political, economic and social contexts at local, regional and global levels.

According to the policy’s website, it seeks to achieve a gender just society where men and women enjoy equality and equity and participate as equal partners in the development process of the country.

The policy goal is “To eradicate gender discrimination and inequalities in all spheres of life and development.”

A number of campaigns pushing for the setting aside of a quota for women in the political sphere have been carried out in Zimbabwe.

It remains to be seen if Mugabe will appoint a woman to the presidium this week.

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Whoever takes this fossil seriously needs his/her brain examined.

Super Fossil Matibili - 8 December 2014

Clearly Mugabe has now lost his marbles, if ever he had them to begin with. What is wrong with a woman aiming for a leadership position? He has just appointed his wife leader of the party'women, so perhaps his view is that women can and should only lead other women. That was pathetic from you Robert! One thing for sure though, is that Zimbabwe is being run by Grace, regardless, in so far as deciding who stays where and who goes where. You cross paths with Grace at your own peril. Lick her whatever and Bob's your uncle (pun intended)

Goreriyariya - 8 December 2014

Apparently this won thing is utter rubbish, just because one is a woman, is she allowed to be corrupt, treacherous, and nonsensical? Is it not another woman who started pouring scorn on the other woman?

reason - 8 December 2014

Madzimai muchinyanyawo toko waro kupfeka zviso zvevamwe varume musingapfeke zvevarume venyu. Mufundisi akauya kumba momupakuririra mumapureti masvatva wenyu murume achidyira ndiro tsaru. Ndokuti mungware

goodlife - 8 December 2014

Reason,everyone in your ZANU PF is equally guilty of corruption,theft, murder&thuggery.However,the article is about gender equality which the president seems to have tilted against women.

babamunini - 8 December 2014

women are humans. they have the same capacity and ability to lead this great nation just as men do. its very unfortunate that one looks down on women especially our won leader. thanks dongo and co for righting this wrong perception.

taurai - 8 December 2014

Gender equality pa pepa chete kwete kuti zvirokwazvo tingatongwe nemukadzi. hazviite. vakadzi basa nderekubikira isu varume kwete kutonga. hatingaterere van taurai ma CIO vanonanzviswa kushure ne vakadzi.

Der - 8 December 2014

women are not equals with men in the eyes of God.women are helpers not equals.we can only be equal education wise but in terms of power ,control and authority,God looks for a man to rule.the countries which have women leaders are the same countires which propagate homosexulaity in the nae of human rites.this is satanic

cheyameni - 8 December 2014


The Atomic - 8 December 2014

@cheyameni... u are 5000% wrong.. kufunga kwako maonero anosiyana asi ongorora zvakanaka, Pambili u Dr amai

bootlicker - 8 December 2014

With women like Shuvai Mahofa who can blame the president, women now understand that they are their own enemies. They are reduced to carpets to tread on by his disexcellence.

maita - 8 December 2014

vanhu hamuzive kuti madzimai ane power over men. even nyaya iyi inotaridza kuti ane ultimate power apa ndiani. ndi mother guys. vakati 'kana president vakaramba kukuita baby dump we will dump you ourselves'. can you not see that there was no other option for gushungo other than going by what mother wanted. varume tinongo taura nemiromo kuti hatitongwi but tisu tiri kutongwa feya feya. @der kumba kwako unodaro usingati pwetere kuna maiboy iwe. kungodaro pano paurikushadisa zita rekunyepa. vakazviziva unochema iwe.

taurai - 8 December 2014

whenever bob said "the opposition will never rule the country" he clearly finishes the statement in his heart that "not even those with me in ZanuPF". Not even one for sure as long as he is alive. I don't like this but this is what is happening.

allofus - 8 December 2014

The comments made about Mai Mujuru by RGM are indicative of how the Zimbabwean society as whole needs to change. I can not tell you how many times I have heard demeaning and despicable things about women in Zim. Most men in Zim are so misogynistic and disrespect women so much it hurts. If truth be told, what Mugabe just said is a tip of the iceberg, and never buy it if and when he says he was caught out of context. He means it and men laughed and applauded when he said that. What is even more terrifying is he feels comfortable saying it so publicly and so easily that nothing shames the man. Its really disturbing that some women, and frankly men too, will continue to stoop so low, as to condone such repugnant and vile language from the supposed leader of "democratic country". Shame on us Zimbabwean men, we can do better

tino - 8 December 2014

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dr - 9 December 2014

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This is politics 101. Mujuru by her choice ,chose to be in active politics. To make the matter's worse she is in zanu pf, a party whose bad record back tracks to the time of when they were in trenches in exile. Its a no holds barred contest of which anything goes. Mujuru is luck she is still breathing and is a beneficiary of this brutal , patronage system. An attack on mujuru is not an attack to all women. Ordinary women have suffered, killed, detained while mujuru is number two in command of zanu pf and government. She is no saint. She is corrupt like everyone in zanu. In 2004 she came in via back door and now she is being throw out via a window. Mujuru is part of a vicious party which democratic and progressing women/men must reject if the country is to move forward. I think its a wrong plattform to bring gender issues in relation to Mujuru's fate. She is testing the side effects of being aboard a pirate ship in high rough seas.

X-MAN IV - 9 December 2014


MBUYA NEHANDA - 9 December 2014

Cheyameni wakapenga!usanyeperwe especially naambhuya vakaita sabootlicker avo!(haunzwe kana cizita chacho...vanotohustler manje saka mazita akadai.SaHustler munhu akadai haazive Shoko raMwari kuti rinoti mukadzi azviise pasi pemurume ende nduye akapedzisira kusikwa.Pamurango akanzi achatongwa nemurume.Anywhere where woman has sought to lead there is chaos...kana mudzimba chaimo!Cheyameni Musanyeperwe...sando idzooooooooo!

ras j mutawashe - 9 December 2014

Apart from some women from an organisation called WOZA, we hardly ever heard any complaints from these gender equality seeking organisations when women bore the brunt of violence at election time. This attack was directed at Mujuru, not all women. Mugabe even admitted that it is Grace who calls all the shots in their household when he was handed a message on a note from her ordering him to stop rumbling nonsense and take a seat. That's the power of a woman. Is it not a woman who has shaken the political field in just less than 3 months?

Dr Know - 9 December 2014

Zvanzi,''Ndanzi nomukadzi wangu ndigare pasi ndirikutaurisa.Kana kumba ndozvandinotwa saka ndototeerera.''Even women themselves can never be happy with such leadership.It is a woman who was created for a man,not the other way round.The power some women cry for has caused so many divorces the world over.Because of the woman's weakness the devil used a woman to remove the man from God. For that reason,God gave a woman a punishment totally different from that given to a man.But men should not suppress women unfairly.

KUPERERWA - 9 December 2014

The problem is not that he doesnt want women to take over power but he doesnt want anyone to take over.he wants to become a life President.That is the only problem.He want Zimbabwe to become some type of North Korea,Libya.I mean Mugabenize Zanupf and Zimbabwe he is alone now as Mnangangwa is alone and we team Gammatox alone but as Zimbabweans we ought to join hands and dislodge the common enemy before 2018.Otherwise we are being cruel to generations to come compromising the future of our glorious party and our great nation with great people for greatness

carson Macate - 9 December 2014

Grace watimamira, sungirira harahwa yako mapampersasati apazha!!!!

chamvari - 9 December 2014

Let us move on.We need more jobs.Create employment Cdes

Goal Worth Global Network Employment Agency - 15 December 2014

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