Msipa quits active politics

HARARE - Respected Zanu PF elder Cephas Msipa says he decided not to contest for a central committee position ahead of the party’s damp squib “elective” congress last week because he now wants to rest.

The congress, which was preceded by months of serious infighting between factions battling to succeed President Robert Mugabe, failed to come up with a full leadership structure after the Zanu PF leader developed cold feet at the last minute and did not name a successor to his out-of-favour deputy Joice Mujuru.

Mugabe accuses Mujuru and her allies, who include former party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and Public Service minister Nicholas Goche of planning to oust and assassinate him.

This came in the wake of Mugabe’s wife Grace’s sensational claims that Mujuru was also a corrupt and inept leader who was riding on the back of her husband.

Grace’s divisive vitriol incensed many party stalwarts, including Msipa, who demanded answers from Mugabe following the sustained attacks on his deputy.

The veteran nationalist did not hide his anger at the chaos in the ruling party and ended up not submitting his curriculum vitae for consideration into the central committee — which would have made it possible for him to retain his politiburo position.

Msipa told the Daily News on the sidelines of last week’s congress that he felt that he had done his party in active politics, and that he now deserved a rest.

“I decided against contesting for the position (central committee) because I feel my time is up and I need to rest. It means I did not desire to be in the politiburo because we have come a long way, so others should take over,” he said.

While he did not link his desire to rest to the current turmoil in the party, the former Midlands governor openly expressed his fears of a possible split in the 51-year-old movement last month as its factional and succession battles escalated.

Msipa said he felt insulted when war veterans were seemingly given carte blanche authority to vilify and insult party leaders, after several party stalwarts such as Mutasa were axed from the party’s Soviet-style central committee at the instigation of a section of the war veterans’ body.

Mujuru and Goche also decided against contesting in the central committee elections.

Observers say Msipa, who is on record saying he did not understand why Mugabe did not move to end the crisis that culminated in the demise of Mujuru and her perceived allies could have been frustrated out of the party by its worsening internal anarchy.

“He (Mugabe) knows that Zanu is a party and war veterans are an affiliate of Zanu PF. I don’t need to tell the president, he knows that they have no business to instruct members of the central committee and politiburo,” Msipa said then.

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Respect to Msipa

critic - 8 December 2014

A little too late but the message will surely be heard. We just pray they will not victimise him for doing the honourable thing...the war vets I

Wetsvimbo - 8 December 2014

Never too late to do the right thing. Let others learn from your good example.

Insiedzim1 - 8 December 2014

rambai makashinga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kkkkkk. Zanu pf and Robhi will ignore, denigrate, and expel Mai Mujuru at their peril. Zanu yaora.

bob90machanginja - 8 December 2014

Futsek Msipa...when u were busy organising meetings in Gweru to appoint SK as VP were u resting? When you and Rugare Gumbo were vowing at the PCC Meetings that come congress you would clip Mnangagwa's wings were u resting? Full of your own hype Mdara iwe....How many times have you retired? You should just change your name to Jay-Z

Wezhira - 8 December 2014

wehira une yose mhani.musipa uyu shud just rest in peace.he says he decided not to contest.he knew that he would be thrashed badly.such an old man being joyce's puppy dog,shameless old man.apa his son is corrupt and grabs ppl's lands

cheyameni - 8 December 2014

Wezhira and Cheyameni, whose puppies are you by the way. Why this anger against a distinguished nationalist. Parochial factional interests are the preserve of those who have the brains of a rat!!

Tongo - 8 December 2014

Wezhira that is the kind of language not fit for human consumption, I do not Know you but I certainly believe you are too young to say Futsek to Msipa. Not because he is Zanu but because he can be your grand father. We need people who are respectful in putting across their views. Msipa never said any derogatory or rude word to anyone but he put across his views. After all he rests when he feels like

Qawe laMaqawe - 8 December 2014

vanhu vezanu vanoshamisa. kushaya ruremekedzo nevakuru venyu kudai hini ndaba kanhi. regai mukuru ataridze vamwe zvinoitwa. mr musipa you are showing veryone the way. to retire is very normal a human phenomenon. enjoy you rest.

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 December 2014

@Wezhira, your IQ seems so stoop low and your arguments are baseless, unfound and uncalled for. Msipa was a governor for Midlands, he later on retired from government. He, however remained an active member of the ZANU PF central committee, meaning he remained active in politics although not active in government. He is now retiring from politics and mind you not retiring from farming. For the record, Wezhira please do your research before misfiring with a barrage of senseless comments. I believe you are an educated person judging on the fact that you managed to use the internet to write a comment. We therefore expect constructive criticism from the people of your caliber. Msipa aired his views basing on his experience as a nationalist and did not attack any one. His experience dates way back before you were born I guess. Please pass on my advise to those who may share a similar perception like you. Kindly note that I do not mean any harm but just trying to knock sense into your head as your fellow country man. This will help you respect your elders from all walks of life whether will it be from the Shona, Ndebele or any other tribe. Should you not have valuable comments, please leave critics to those who want to bring forward constructive arguments like Msipa. How will we move forward as a country if we have people who just oppose for the sake opposing like you do.

Mentalist - 8 December 2014

Being born or not born does not matter at all. Because that same respect we claim to have for our elders is the one that is making us (the Youths) social zeros in a country we are supposed to be active in building. We had A. Sikhosana a our 'youth something' in the Zanu PF. A person well above that age of being called a youth. Does that show respect to us as a growing generation? If they (the elders) had repsect for us as a people and leaders of tomorrow would they humiliate or disgrace us in such a way? If a mother who is the mother of the nation i mean a first lady claims to have reocorded a person in the position of our country's vice presidency having sex. Is that respect at all? Now that wezhira has shown his frustration to the old man you name call him as unrespectful and a disgrace. Yes it might be true he has gone too far but somewhere he has a point in his attitude towards the so called nationalist who only came to resign just because the side he was supporting was losing ground and he obviously knew that there is no more hope for him to retain his post. so by not submitting his CV he only saved himself from publi humiliation. Wezhira you not correct in what you did but you are not wrong as well as i understand where your anger is coming from. Dont mind what people say its their nature.

tnash - 9 December 2014

Mr Msipa has been making statemnts in the media prior to central committe elections defending VP against verbal attacks. In zanu pf's eyes he put himself in the wrong basket. He automatically became a marked man. Unlike Mujuru , Msipa seemed to know how to use "weather focast" well and saw the impending arrival of Tsunami in zanu pf and decided not to contest the central committe. He was definately going to be humiliated if he had decided otherwise.. Msipa iis a beneficiary of this brutal,corrupt and patronage system under zaanu pf. Why one defends mujuru and not the entire population which is in deep poverty under mugabe rule baffles me. If mujuru had won against this tsunami Msipa would be the first in line seeking his reward.

X-MAN IV - 9 December 2014

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I would like to applaud Mr Msipa for paving the way, but this is not to be taken in isolation, Mugabe is also on the same path. All the hurried events over the past two or so months point to a final destination that is aimed at being reached fast. In my own opinion, we will be hearing of Mugabe's retirement plans on his 21st February birthday speech to the nation for he also has plans to retire and rest. Coming in to take over the reigns will be the likes of Mzembi, Jonathan Moyo, Grace, Zhuwawo, Gono and Kasukuwere to face the formidable opposition.

Dr Know - 9 December 2014

Dr Know,it is only nature that will force Mugabe to retire from politics . The guy loves power more than his life.Of course it is only people like Msipa who understand that enough is enough;NOT this RGM.

RAMBAKUUDZWA - 9 December 2014

wezhira nacheyameni matsaga kikikikikikikikiki mujuru igwara ,mugabe akati pasi nezanu pf, grace akati ngine muviri wakanaka munangagwa onyimwa huvice president kikikikikikikiki grace achiita power re sexual transmission according to jabu, zimbahwe yo tapira varume

Harare - 9 December 2014

I salute you Cde Msipa,Cde Mujur,Cde Goche ,Cde Gumbo,Cde Kaukonde,Cde Mutasa,Cde Nhema ,Cde Mavhaire,Cde Mliswa,Cde Midzi,Cde Sekeramayi,Cde Ma chaya ,Cde Gwaneta,Cde Mvundura and all others whom i could have left out for standing as people and not to be bootlickers as the monster would want us to become.Usingade achida his time has come we make sure he doesnt get into power come 2018,We cant have our destiny decided by a single clueless man

carson Macate - 9 December 2014

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dressing - 9 December 2014

ndiyani munhu uyu arikutengesa zvehunzenza munyika medu. i bet you these as diasporans or whatever you call them. urikutengesa hunzenza iwe.

tula - 9 December 2014

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