Who in Zanu PF still wants Mugabe?

HARARE - As Zanu PF's damp squib “elective” congress droned to a disappointing close yesterday, the pertinent question of who exactly among the party’s senior officials still wants President Robert Mugabe as the leader of the party and country became even more urgent.

The long-ruling nonagenarian and his enthusiastic wife Grace have expended so much energy over the past few weeks telling anyone who cares to listen that his lieutenants allegedly wanted to topple him from power and also send him to meet his Maker early.

To that extent, this past week, which some optimistic Zimbabweans thought could mark a rare auspicious point in Mugabe’s 34 years of controversial rule, turned into a pathetic “sob opera” characterised by yet more empty sloganeering and mindless bashing of Vice President Joice Mujuru and her close allies — the alleged masterminds behind the murky plot to “assassinate” the geriatric.

As a result, scores of Mugabe’s Cabinet ministers and more than 100 Members of Parliament belonging to the ruling party were barred from the “con-Grace”, allegedly because they are part of the plot to do Mugabe in. No wonder a miffed Zanu PF politburo member derisively called the congress a mere “Mugabe praise and worship show”, because not one useful policy or governance idea was discussed to try and pull the country out of the dire political and economic quagmire that it finds itself in — all thanks to Mugabe and Zanu PF’s well-documented misrule.

What has made the ill-advised assault on Mujuru and her allies so difficult to understand is that no cogent reasons have been advanced for the putsch other than the untested allegations that they want to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

What hogwash.

Exactly 10 years ago, the “new” crown prince, Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his supporters were equally decimated under the same tired claim that they wanted to oust Mugabe from power under what came to be known as the Tsholotsho Declaration.

Which all begs the urgent question of who exactly in Zanu PF is loyal to Mugabe and still wants the nonagenarian to be the leader of the ruling party and the government — as it appears that every senior member of the party has been accused of treason at one point or the other, including this week’s supposed “victors”?

Zimbabwe’s biggest undoing is Mugabe’s and Grace’s strange belief that the country would cease to exist if the nonagenarian were not on the throne.

What claptrap.

The fact is that Mugabe has become the biggest impediment to progress and development in this country, with our only enduring memories of him having to do with his ineptitude and poor governance as a leader, the endemic corruption in the country that is synonymous with Zanu PF, Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina, record poverty and unemployment, as well as a million other things that have gone wrong since 1980.

So, while Zimbabweans will give Zanu PF’s hardline hyenas their due credit, in the sense that they have done a complete and successful job of assassinating Mujuru politically, the nagging question remains: what next?

And for Gushongo, the equally critical question is, does he want anyone to succeed him at all, and has he in fact planted the seeds for his own and Zanu PF’s ultimate demise by annihilating the Mujuru camp now, and the Mnangagwa faction before that?

Indeed, it is also a fair question for Zimbabweans to ask Mugabe when the nation can expect him to make up his mind about the real cause of our country’s never-ending political and economic problems?

For, and this is according to his heretical gospel, it was first Morgan Tsvangirai and white commercial farmers who were the reason for all of our myriad crises of the past 34 years.

Then it was the “racist” West and their “evil” sanctions who were causing all of our problems — all this despite the fact that our rulers are always very happy to receive desperately-needed food and medicines when these are donated to us by the same evil Americans and British.

Then it was Mnangagwa and the Tsholotsho gang; and now, it is the Vice President of the Republic who was put in that lofty position by none other than Mugabe himself when he descended on Mnangagwa!

It boggles the mind. Of course, and as already stated above, the truth of the matter is that our myriad and seemingly intractable problems since our Uhuru from Britain in 1980 have got absolutely nothing to do with any of the scapegoats mentioned above.

Indeed, our misery has everything to do with Zanu PF’s misrule and the gross corruption of the party’s bigwigs across the board.


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every year there is media hype by the media and general society when there is a zanu pf event i.e congress e.t.c but we have the same rehash of bootlicking and ass licking as we have had for the last 34 years of mugabe's rule.

Musa King - 7 December 2014

Iyi nyaya yaVaMugabe yotonetsa iyi.Dai vangochisiya chigaro ichi vonogara havo kuMalasyia kusafe house yavo because muno muZimbabwe hapachisina kana ani achada nezvavo, not even those he thinks are more patriotic than Joyce.Those he is now placing closer to himself are fake,fake.Hapachina wekuita trust apa.Gushungo makazviparira nekugarisa pachigaro.Maimboti iMDC iri kuda kuita regime change nemawhites ekuwest but the truth is out now that it is your own cabinet,politburo and central committee members who have always wanted your downfall more than anyone else,Onai yekutamba Gushungo murove pasi nemhuri muchine kanguva zvaita Kaukonde izvi.Dai ndirini imi ndaingoti pandinoenda kuleave muna January handichatodzoki zvachese but mune nharo vakuru. Chabvondoka

Upenyu Chaipa - 7 December 2014

Did someone mention destroying the party from within? Looks like Bob is doing exactly that. So I encourage Bob to continue on the same path. Maybe the party can crash sooner and we can start afresh.

Warrior - 7 December 2014

One thing you forgot to mention. 9 of the 10 chairmen were deposed for not wanting Mugabe. So it stands to reason that 9 of 10 provinces did not want Mugabe.

Warrior - 7 December 2014

"Who in zanu pf still wants Mugabe" Apparently only 12 thousand people out of 15 million people. IE minority rule still very much the order of the day. It's strange as 34 years ago when it was white minority rule we all revolted and now 34 years later it still is minority "black" rule and we do nothing. Does that not tell us we are 100% racist in our decision making!!!!!!!

ronaldos - 7 December 2014

No one!

Maid Marion - 7 December 2014

It has been said many a times that Mugabe is the problem but these hangers-on thought they were clever. This is divide and rule at its best. Another South Sudan on the way...watch this space.

garikayi - 7 December 2014

Mugabe does not care whether you like him or not!!! He knows everyone does not like him, he is a big but clever f****ng fool.

garikayi - 7 December 2014

The people around Mugabe must know that he has never been interested in ZANU pf, Zimbabwe nor anything else but himself. Its becoming clearer by the day now that his senility is preventing him from censoring himself and the truth is slowly coming out. Those who are gloating today bout Mai Mujuru will suffer the same fate tomorrow. Why would he choose to nominate his wife and hold off on everyone else if he is so pissed off at mai Mujuru. Right now he has all the cards again so he can run his puppet show again, Mnangagwa and Jono are playing right into mugabe's trap, surely he will trump some old and serious charges against them and he will then be "left without any other choice" but to name his wife the vice president. Buying himself enough time for one his children to be of a mature age to eventually take over. That is coming Zimbabwe if we keep at this pace.

tino - 7 December 2014

DYNASTY North Korean style

Kim Bum Nun - 7 December 2014

Only mugabe likes himself. He is self centred , brutal person. Any beneficiary of this corrupt system created by zanu pf will like mugabe. Just to have rights to plunder and steal.

X-MAN IV - 7 December 2014

Twalumba ba Gushungo. Pesi inyika njiyesu toonse teyangu pe amulikke. Mwabonaanzi kuti mukalyookezye. Mwachembaala loko, mwatuyangisya.

Tweempwa - 8 December 2014

When all is said and done Mugabe is not really to blame. It is us as Zimbabeeans that are to blame. We sit and twiddle our fingers and clatter our keyboards passing comment on this and that whilst that crowd plays Russian Roullette with our country. As Zimbaweans we must take responsibility for the nonsense that is happening in our country. From once having he most developed economy in Africa behind Sputh Africa, with no potholed roads and self sufficient in almost everything we have been reduced to beggars and the laughing stock of the continent if not the world. With one of the educated working class in the world we sit and are all academic ad nauseum whilst the county is decimated. Until we as Zimbabweans wake up an smell the rottenness that our country has been reduced and take steps to shape our destiny as others have done then that crowd will continue to have fun at our expense.

Nedga - 8 December 2014

Amazing how a journalist can speak with such authority with an obvious zero knowledge of the situation. Majuru is guilty, the evidence has been discussed by those within the knowledge since before the last election. Because the journalist is is obviously not trusted they didn't bother to include him with good reason it would seem. there is a place for imagination and its not a public statement of rubish in a public news paper. Fact is Joice and Tsvangerai had a meeting prior to the last election. It was to get a Col Williams to lead mercenaries to asssinate the President as Tsvangerai felt he had no chance of success in any election. My information is accurate as I can even give names, the difference between honesty and journalistic stupid imagination. Get someone educated to write articles they are around

infairness - 8 December 2014

Nedga well said, you are 100 % correct as it's we the people of Zimbabwe who created this monster, now it's up to us to get rid of it. Lets make the right decisions for once in our lives and let the imposter government know that it's time to vacate the premises and allow new management to move this country of ours forward.

ronaldos - 8 December 2014

Mad Mugabe is not seeing that given his advanced age, Zpf sooner than later is going to crack the succession question again

Burutu - 8 December 2014

Infairness, in a civilised society, a guilty verdict is not pronounced through the papers. A criminal case is brought before the courts, perpetrators tried and evidence weighed by judges. You say you have the evidence without disclosing who you are. There are many who can also claim to have evidence to the contrary, i.e. that no assassination plot ever happened. Who would bother to kill a 91 year old who unwittingly confesses to the crime of election theft and denounces his own party?

Abbie - 8 December 2014

I really think we as Zimbabweans really need to start taking action. Totally agree naNedga. Sometimes i wonder why we are waay too nice. What really does it take to make a Zimbabwean snap. I am looking for that thing because it is definitely not poverty, poor governance, dictatorial tendencies. I wonder wonder wonder!!!

saave - 8 December 2014

If Mugabe is clever he should silently pack and go soon.If he thinks people still want his leadership, he needs mental examination. The Tsholotsho Declaration group will take over and if he thinks Grace will be safe, he is making a huge mistake. Unless maybe she does what she knows best to sleep with the new leadership like what she did when Sally was a live. Otherwise there is no future for the Mugabes in Zim when Bob dies. They have made more enemies this time like never before. More so their trick of divide and rule has become evident even to the most foolish person. Yester years it was Mujuru who was the best compared to Munangangwa. Today the later has turned to be the loyalist. Those who sacrificed for his rise are now his enemies. Where is the truth with his evil finger-pointing. Morgan has been accused, the west, Mnangagwa and now it is Mujuru. Sir when you point at someone the majority of your fingers are pointing at you. Bob you are the enemy of yourself and the people of Zimbabwe. Please leave!! Go! Henda mani.Hamba ! We do not want you Sir. The constitutional amendments will benefit Mugabe in the short run but greatly the person that will take from him and that will be a BIG problem within Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean can not stand up and fight for their country as Bob has fortified himself with the military. Sir what go up comes down.There is a marked day.

Jonathan Mtsinzhe - 8 December 2014

Come on Daily News, come out in the open and "Tell it like it is"-Indeed, our misery has everything to do with one man and one man only, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.Full Stop!

Johno - 8 December 2014

Re paragraph 14: what mind?

zimbo - 8 December 2014

Toobana singaandebwee buyoofu mbuubo bupa manguuzu oyuu mwaana muugweenjele ikutii a pwaa chuulee nyikesu obuu . Kwiiyina nikubaa umwii munyika oomuno uchiiyanda kanene akaa . Tulaalilaa kumizimu inchee kaka kamumumonya mukosi ooyu muntu tachiikwee mulimoo ansii anoo.

Diibulaanyika - 8 December 2014

Very, very, very fwe in zanu pf still want Mugabe - they cannot come out in the open because the man is violent - he loves power and anyone who dares want to take that or show that he resents his leadership may be in trouble. What is left is being afraid of what he can do to you should you decide to show that you do not want him, Trumped charges can be thrown at you, property taken away and as you were on the long rope to hang your self, you may be thrown in jail. Mugabe does not want to be opposed and he does not take advice.

clement moyo - 9 December 2014

all I know is that the situation on the ground is not favourable but let us know that trust is very fragile and once broken it is hard to repair. So if your choice being taken in our party is crucial and if we benefit we will benefit to the apex or we suffer to the apex, guess the choice was correctly chosen.

pvhezha@gmail.com - 9 December 2014

Sure bazukulu remain calm, you are young and u still have more years to come. more years to come, more years to come, so remain calm. Be on guard aids does not take you out, you have more years to be around, the baton will eventually drop from the grip, its natural.

UNCLE REAL - 9 December 2014

we are not worried about the comments of mdc supporters remember we love the old manbecoz he is the face of the revolution mdc t its tsvangiras property

toro - 13 December 2014

we are not worried about the comments of mdc supporters remember we love the old manbecoz he is the face of the revolution mdc t its tsvangiras property

toro - 13 December 2014

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