Mujuru falls

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe continues to play Russian roulette around the urgent question of his potential Zanu PF successor, stunning his party’s congress delegates yesterday by postponing to later this week the naming of the much-anticipated new politburo team and members of the party’s all-powerful presidium.

The wily nonagenarian, who has systematically suppressed  all potential successors since Zimbabwe’s independence from the UK in April 1980, said he needed more time to go through the list of new central committee members from which he would choose the party’s politburo and his colleagues in the presidium — the two vice presidents, national chairperson and secretary for administration.

“I could not rush to choose people. I would want time to look at the new names, new people that have come in to the central committee and see which hands we could put to the politburo.

“So if the people shifted they should not cry foul, if they dropped out we say sorry, oh well and good bye, and there will be many goodbyes.

“We will set up the politburo next week. I haven’t studied the names.

I haven’t seen what the provinces gave us. I don’t want to rush it. So be patient. But mid next week by Wednesday or Thursday we will make an announcement.

“We will let you know. We cannot go far without it. We will choose two new vice presidents, the chairman and secretariat which will be presided over by the secretary.

“I don’t want to rush it so be patient... Only heads of department will constitute the politburo, deputies will remain in the central committee. We will do a reshuffle, there will be disappointments but we will try and avoid factions — those who were working in factions are out.

“I would also want to warn those in the central committee that if you are going to be chosen to the politburo, drop this nonsense about ‘these are my people’. I want you to learn from the troubles we have had. Trouble iyi yatiparadzanisa naanaMai Mujuru (the trouble that has separated us with the likes of Vice President Joice Mujuru),” Mugabe said.

He also underlined his continued appetite for the leadership of the party and the country by declaring boldly that he would be around for “as long as I am still sane”, with good memory, willpower and strength.

The only thing that was certain last night, is that the embattled Mujuru is now definitely out after Mugabe did not include her in his list of 10 presidential appointees to the party’s central committee.

Sources told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that Mujuru and his children will today attend the burial of national hero Lloyd Dube at the National Heroes Acre in Harare.

Also out in the political wilderness are Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, Labour minister Nicholas Goche, Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema, Postal Services minister Webster Shamu and Energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire among many other hitherto heavyweights who are now effectively just ordinary card-carrying members — which puts their Cabinet posts in jeopardy.

This will be the first time since independence that Mujuru won’t be part of the senior leadership of the party and the Cabinet.

Perhaps ominously for Justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who many believe is in the pound seats to succeed Mujuru, and later Mugabe, the nonagenarian said no one who led or belonged to a faction would be appointed to a higher position.

A central committee member said last night that it was entirely unexpected and strange that Mugabe had not appointed the new members of the politburo and the presidium as traditionally this was done during congress.

“This is very confusing. It’s also the first time, if my memory serves me right, that the presidium has not been either elected or appointed at congress.

“Maybe President Mugabe is not happy with the calibre of those who were gunning for the top post, which could mean that we may be in for a surprise later this week.

“If Mugabe wanted Mnangagwa as his deputy, why didn’t he appoint him there and then?” the central committee member said.

Another senior party official said the congress was in effect “a wasted week” as only two people had been confirmed to the politburo — Mugabe and his wife Grace — which proved that “the First Family are the only ones worthy of holding office in Zanu PF”.

“What was also disappointing is the fact that we had months of incessant attacks and abuse of a sitting Vice President by State media, accompanied by a raft of trumped up charges, yet no final determination on her fate was made.

“Add to all this the fact that we are departing congress without a clue as to who will succeed Mugabe, who will be 95-years-old when we gather again at the next congress, and you can imagine the disappointment for some of us.

“Finally, nothing constructive was decided on the economy that remains stuck in the doldrums and is ‘bleeding jobs like confetti’, while more than 12 000 ruling party elites feasted on caviar and champagne all week,” the miffed senior official said.

Delivering his closing remarks at the end of the party’s damb squib “elective” congress, Mugabe, however, made it clear that he would replace Mujuru and former secretary for administration Mutasa mid  week, while former chairman Simon Khaya Moyo’s political career is also on the line.

“Some have already chosen through their own irregular acts to bid us farewell. Those who are not here have said good bye,” Mugabe said, in reference to Mujuru and her allies.

“I don’t see us having them back in the central committee. We are not sending them away except for those who we expelled.

“Those we didn’t expel we get them out of the central committee, out of the management of the provinces and they become ordinary card-carrying members.

“They will not have been dismissed or expelled. So they will become ordinary members. They will have more time to do their farming, to grow maize and potatoes but if they choose to be members of the party they must start to learn what Zanu is and what it is to be a Zanu PF member,” Mugabe added.

“I’ve just been told that the people of Marondera are complaining that the people we appointed into the central committee are (Ray) Kaukonde’s people. We will remove them.

“Go back to Marondera and choose those you think are the best. We will even second senior party officials. You must sit down and re-do the exercise. Kaukonde ran away to South Africa, he is no longer here,” Mugabe claimed derisively.

Mugabe also took a dig at Shamu and Mutasa, saying they had failed to properly run the commissariat and secretariat respectively.

“There is an issue of lack of real planning in our management circles.

There is lack of systems, a dire lack of systems in our management,” he said

“The department that should do that secretariat, our main administrative body, was so chaotic, is so chaotic.

“The commissariat doesn’t seem to know what to do and what not to do, touching this and touching that, and at the end of the day as you are touching almost everything you find that the thing that you touched is nothing.

“There is nothing that you handled well. You touched this, you touched that and what you did is nothing. There is nothing. We do not want to have that.

“Now we don’t want to rush to establish departments. Some of the departments yes will continue but actual to choose people. I could not rush to choose people,” Mugabe said.

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The writings were very clear and bold on the wall. From the time dr Gire [giraffe] started her relentless attack on the Mujuru camp, it was for everybody to see that gire call the shorts, and not mdhara. If Mother Mujuru did not see that coming, then she will never see anything coming her way. Now its time for Mujuru and company to wake up and realise that leaking somebody's ass doesn't work in politics. At least you know most of the tricks zpf has been using to make you "win" elections, go ahead and form your own party and challenge this monstrous party. That is if you are not going to be thrown mutirongo on trumped up charges. Good luck guys. isu maZimbo takajaira nhamo kwete nekuda, but because of you. Wellcome to njodo-njodo world.

Tichaonerera - 7 December 2014

This is the END of ZANU as the country has known it since its formation in 1963. Two people, Prof Jonathan Moyo and President Robert Gabriel Mugabe are responsible for this. The latter was used by the former for this demolition job. As of now Zimbabwe is solely owned by the First Family under the advice of J. Moyo. The country's future is dark very DARK.

003Tico - 7 December 2014

A bad carpenter always blame his tools. So we are not sure what comes out next. My good friend once told me that there is a thin difference between a genius and a madman, hence we have to wait and see if we are dealing a genius or madman, only time will tell. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015 Zimbabweans!!!!!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 7 December 2014

Mugabe, the only, OH WELL AND GOOD BYE we the people want to hear is yours and yours only, and that's putting it politely. Oh and by the way thanks so much for letting us know ( soooo many times yesterday ) that MDC are still alive and well . They have really got up your nostrils more than I actually were led to believe by you and your minority party.

ronaldos - 7 December 2014

ZANU PF has been like that since the liberation struggle......For Amai are gone and be careful that Uncle Bob will soon arrest you and that will be the end of your life. Takazvitaura kare kuti siyana think ZANU PF ndeyenyu meda......takawanda in the system...Mama chete and muchamama chete

Clemence Tashaya - 7 December 2014

Grace will be given a position suitable for her to take over the country in cash anything happens to the BIG MAN. I guess T.B Joshua's prophesy is in the making.

allofus - 7 December 2014

interesting that our "beloved" party has been invaded by hangers on sinc jus before independenc.if it happened to Chitepo,cde Tongo,Rex,then by now Teurai you shd have known that u arent sacred either.this country inofanira kutongwa ne frst family chete,ndoovega vasinga tengese nyika.Cde Gucci handiti vakarwawo hondo here,saka ngavambopihwa wo mukana.hahahahaha,zvaakunakidza manje

ndn - 7 December 2014

If Mugabe thinks this is the end of the circus...well come to the real circus from next weekend. To Jonathan Moyo and his gay friends you have done your job so Bob does not need you any longer. Good bye. Teurai sorry mem that is the behaviour of a party you belong to so go for plan B. To my fellow Zimbos pull up your socks we in for a tough riding. A dynasty has been created in Zimbabwe. Only two people met the criteria for appointment - Mugabe Na DisGrace, the rest are trash hence the need to sieve through the trash.

Garikayi - 7 December 2014

How come Ghana and all the former French colonies have not complained about what Mugabe said at the Congress? Mugabe said - 'I have been to Ghana, 1958 – 1960, and when you look at them now and compare their present situation to that which existed in the 1960s, no change. There might be more people yes. There may be one road from the airport that has been well done. That's about all. No change.' He added that most French colonies had remained dependent on their former coloniser. Senile Mugabe has no tact at all.

Musona - 7 December 2014

The members have been suspended but not expelled from the party and remain ordinary members because the party is trying to avoid by elections and possible embarrassment but eventual when it feels powerful enough these will be expelled and hounded out of the party

ISHUMAIRI - 7 December 2014

The members have been suspended but not expelled from the party and remain ordinary members because the party is trying to avoid by elections and possible embarrassment but eventual when it feels powerful enough these will be expelled and hounded out of the party

ISHUMAIRI - 7 December 2014

Mr President please save us from all this crap, please shut your filthy mouth,and you tell your secretary wife to shut her mouth also. we have suffered enough just because of your name,let me remind you thqt you are a dictator. O

His Excellency - 7 December 2014

Joice Mujuru is very corrupt and she should go. The problem is everyone in ZanuPF is corrupt. Grace said she did not want to expose Mujuru as corrupt but was forced to do so by Joice's attitude! How can that be right that the President's wife has known all along that Joice was corrupt but failed to expose Joice as corrupt? Grace is guilty of misprision so is her husband. In stable democratic societies Grace and her husband would have been charged with misprision. There were aware that Joice was corrupt but kept it to themselves because they were too scared of Joice's husband, Solomon. Grace was saying to Joice “Resign or I will expose you”. Blackmail. Some of us knew Joice was corrupt. Let's see how Joice will defend herself.

Musona - 7 December 2014

"They must start to learn what is zanu pf and what is it to be a zanu member" said Mugabe. Zanu is indeed a full blown mafia/cartel organisation. One must fall in line or get wings clipped. Mujuru has fallen first and next is the rest of clan at one big GO. S.Muzenda, J.N.Nkomo, J.Msika, J.L.Nkomo . 4VPs died in office. 5th one Mujuru has been fired. Under mugabe I think there is no need for VP post. They abolished DCCs they can do the same with central committe and Politiburo. A king and queen we are zimbabwe kingdom. Mugabe must stop blaming his people's bad perfomance in their duties why? bacause if they work independently he accuses them of trying to remove him. This time mugabe ha-ulume!!!. Mugabe is good as dead.

X-MAN IV - 7 December 2014

@reason 's silence is deafening.Hope you are not stunned with the outcome of the congress.Unotamba naMugabe mufana.He is a mad man.Just wait and see those he is going to appoint as his deputies.

chimuti - 8 December 2014

So, Mugabe has been ruling Zimbabwe alone and now he has come out clear. The so called elective congress is a useless body and a waste of state funds as they are used in ever corrupt manner of zanu pf. He lost all elections but is still ruling Zimbabwe - in other words he is an illegitimate president . Thumbs up to Tsvangirai the only man in Zimbabwe who has stood up against.

clement moyo - 8 December 2014

For those in the know, there are a lot of similarities with what our dear leader is doing to what was previously done by Adolf Hitler, Bennito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and much much earlier, Napoleon Bonaperte- that is conctrating power in one individual and being very despotic. Hitler and Stalin also conducted purges, remember the infamous "Night of the Long Knives" in 1930s that wiped out all those who had helped Hitler come to power and were henceforth perceived threats to his power. Stalin also purged the most competent party functionaries and generals from 1928 right till after WW2. As for the First Lady, she should learn from Marie Antoinette and and Imelda Marcos that at the end of the day, ill-gotten wealth and power will eventually come to naught. Zimbabwe is fast descending into a monarchy and fiefdom if we, the stakeholders do not do something about it.

gamatox - 8 December 2014

@reason does not read the daily cake neither does he comment on this platform any more. he/she prefers the herald.

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 December 2014

Please why dont you stop commenting on this ZANU thing until the end, like I am doing. Mugabe and Jonathan are obviously under inspiration to put all the principle and personnel foundations for the imminent take-off of the country economy. While they do that lets support them. Ofcourse grumblings here and there forces one to make perfect.

jonsina - 8 December 2014

the weevils led by Ngwena smartly outplayed the garmatoxis and for that reason Ngwena will not be in the presidium. bob will never entertain such schemers for he knows he will end up being weeviled himself.

haya - 8 December 2014

So the only outcome of the much-hyped congress was the confirmation of the posts for Robert and Grace Mugabe.What a waste of time and money, This confirms beyond any doubt that Zanu PF and indeed the whole country is the personal property of the Mugabes. to destroy your fellow Mai MujuruSo you see Mnangagwa and Jonathan, all your shenanigans came to nought. You were used to destroy your comrade Mai Mujuru and now you are in the same boat with her!Rememember the old saying "Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe......." Will you ever lrarn? The real enemy is, and has always been Robert Mugabe right from the liberation war days. Tongogara said it, Rugare Gumbo said it, Solomon Mujuru said it, Ndabaningi Sithole said it, Abel Muzorewa said it, Edgar Tekere said it, Morgan Tsvangirayi said it , even Jonathan Moyo said it( some yrars back) but you just will not listen.You deserve whatever is coming to you, dumbheads!

Johno - 8 December 2014

tongwai naGire makanyarara. Musatinyaudze. Count me out of this mess.

selele - 8 December 2014

zanu ndeyeropa now that the blood of the emperialists has vacated this country whose blood is next? I fot 1st chimurenga with Nehanda and u Mgabe fot 3rd Chimurenga with Joice wats so special abt u. Me and neHanda were united.

SEKURU KAGUVI SNR - 8 December 2014

So, one of those in ZanuPF (Joice Mujuru) was Baba Jukwa? Was it Gumbo or .....................

Musona - 8 December 2014

Are zpf supporters normal or they are mentally deficient, surely how can a rightful thinking men and women be whipped into line to the extent of enstrusting their future to an old man.

mukanya - 8 December 2014

pakatanga zindakupa panouya zindakutorera, hokoyo neNhamo vakomana. Ushe madzoro varume,nhasi ndiwe asi mangwana ndiniwo. Dynasty in Zim aaaah l don't think it will succeed.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 8 December 2014

iwe mukanya you are also mentally retarded how on earth can you support chematama the woman machine

MHOFU - 12 December 2014

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