Zanu PF has now become child's play — Gumbo

HARARE - Expelled former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has described the ruling party’s  on-going “elective” congress as a circus that could  mark the last rites of the former liberation movement.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the fearless war veteran said his overplayed dismissal was a non-event that would not stop him from speaking frankly about the ugly goings-on in Zanu PF.

“It (the congress) is a circus and Zanu PF has become child’s play. How, for example does one get expelled for telling the truth?” he asked rhetorically, adding, “All this is being done by mafikizolos”.

Gumbo spoke as anarchy and violence continued to characterise the congress, with all perceived sympathisers of beleaguered Vice President Joice Mujuru who were brave enough to come to the week-long gathering facing sustained harassment and hounding.

Gumbo also reiterated his long-standing view in yesterday’s interview that the party had been hijacked by what he calls “the Gang of Four” — comprising outgoing women’s league boss Oppah Muchinguri, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, Water Affairs minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Information minister Jonathan Moyo.

The former Dare reChimurenga (liberation War Council) member, whose love-hate relationship with President Robert Mugabe dates back to the days of the struggle for independence, said it was impossible for him to stop commenting on events within Zanu PF and the country as many people had lost their lives fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe.

“If some of us don’t tell the truth about the goings-on in the party, who will?”

“Most people are scared to death of raising opposing views with President Mugabe but I’m not. I can’t be intimidated by this and mahumbwe chaiwo aakuitika kuparty (things are now done in a childish way in the party),” Gumbo said.

His comments came as hundreds of Zanu PF officials and Members of Parliament perceived to be loyal to Mujuru, including dozens of Cabinet ministers, have been barred from attending this week’s damp squib congress.

Some of the people who have been affected by the thuggish methods of the anti-Mujuru camp are said to be presently holed up in safe houses dotted around the country, fearing for their lives.

In addition, nine of the party’s 10 provincial chairpersons have been removed from office via controversial votes of no confidence, ostensibly for fanning factionalism but in reality because of their suspected links to Mujuru.

And with Mugabe having mutilated his party’s constitution and appropriated all powers to appoint his underlings, some party heavyweights and analysts say he now wields unfettered control of Zanu

PF, a move that they say has also planted the seeds for the violent splitting of the party.

All this caused a miffed politburo member this week to derisively describe the ongoing congress as “a (President Robert) Mugabe praise and worship show”.

“There is no congress taking place this week. It’s just a Mugabe praise and worship show, that’s all.

Some war veterans interviewed by the Daily News yesterday also lamented the fact that there was “a systematic plot to flush out bona fide Zanu PF stalwarts” and replace them with “sycophants” who would kowtow to the First Family’s whims, particularly Mugabe’s wife Grace.

Gumbo said yesterday time would vindicate his view that the party had been hijacked by “vultures”.

“People in the central committee, the politburo and the president himself know the truth and the truth is that this party has been hijacked.

“But by the time they wake up, it will be too late. I’m not even affected by the so-called expulsion. I did my part to liberate this country, and my conscience is very clear,” he said.

The demise of Mujuru, who all along appeared to be the front-runner to succeed Mugabe over the past decade, may have cleared the way for Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, once a personal aide to the nonagenarian, to finally realise his ambition and become the new crown prince within the party.

The well-choreographed bloodbath in Zanu PF, including sensational claims that Mujuru and her close allies have been plotting to assassinate Mugabe, has raised serious concerns about the impact of the increasingly violent infighting on ever-deteriorating government service and Zimbabwe’s ailing economy.

What has alarmed many Zimbabweans and outside observers alike is the seeming lack of appreciation or care, by the authors of the anarchy, of the negative impact of their actions and utterances on the country.

And developments at the ongoing congress in Harare suggest that things are set to get worse before they get better for long-suffering Zimbabweans — with Mujuru and Cabinet ministers perceived to be sympathetic to her, including Nicholas Goche, Francis Nhema, Dzikamai Mavhaire and Didymus Mutasa, continuing to be targets of the poisonous political venom from the Grace and Mnangagwa camp.

All these prominent players were blocked from being elected into Zanu PF’s powerful central committee, which not only puts their current government positions in doubt, but has seismic short and long-term negative implications on the quality of government service.

Analysts say a major Cabinet reshuffle is now imminent, as it is clear that all of the targeted politicians no longer enjoy Mugabe’s confidence, with many of them accused of being participants in the murky plot to oust and assassinate the nonagenarian.

Mujuru, Mutasa and Goche have not been to this week’s congress, with the latter two said to be indisposed by illness.

A senior politburo member said last week that he was “very sad” about the goings-on in the party, as well as the effects of “this anarchy” on the country.

“There is no doubt that we are a party and country in crisis. What makes me very sad is that the perpetrators of this anarchy don’t care at all what this all does to the party, president Mugabe’s legacy and the country. It’s tragic,” he said.

Mugabe, who turns 91 soon, is the only leader Zimbabwe has had since the country attained its independence from Britain in 1980.

During this period, virtually all of Zimbabwe’s neighbours have had at least four leaders, leaving Mugabe — Africa’s oldest and one of the longest serving on the continent — the odd man out in the region, and with no obvious successor in sight.


Comments (27)

Whose fault is it Cde Rugare gumbo??? You were used by Robert Mugabe to prop his regime and suppress the will of the people. Now that you have been flashed out like useless garbage you want our sympathy. For years you worked to suppress the will of the people and killed a whole generation. You and your former gangsters are culpable and we don't need you in a new Zimbabwe. Many people perished because of this regime you were part of. We told you as far back as 2000 that Mugabe had no vision but dared not to listen and even scolded us. Fast track 14 years you now realise Mugabe is useless. Idiot. Useless dogs.

Tichazovepi Zvipfukuto - 5 December 2014

AAAAhhhhhh daily news this is a waste of time write things which build up not destroy...........You are now interviewing Rugare Gumbo everyday, what a shame...

Daily news - 5 December 2014

Dear editor mine is rather a religious which I would be grateful if you could contact me like yesterday. My cell no. is 0737009366, From Karingo

karikoga eddie karngo - 5 December 2014

The people of Zimbabwe will never and should never support ZANU PF vomit...Those who survive this odeal must be ostracised and for those who get killed we must attend their burials "kuchikomo" in droves to showcase our appreciation...

Mutingauwe Tiwanetsotso - 5 December 2014

mamuona gumbo a real soldier not boot licking that has become synonymous with the other crop. kumoza vano muziva gumbo madyira. kusangoti yes yes ndiko kunoita kuti party ibudirire kwete kungoimba zvese zvese nezvino destroyer party.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 December 2014

Gumbo, Gumbo, Gumbo you chose to enter into politics, backstabbing, being attacked or criticised comes with the territory. Stop bleating Gumbo. Remember Zanu was formed in Enos Nkala's house but in the end he was outside looking in. Sam Dauya formed Dynamos in 1963 but in the end he was outside looking in. Such is life. Those who choose to go into politics should not moan when things go wrong. Gumbo you were part of the Zanu Dare in the early 1970s you should have formulated good policies then but you chose a power-hungry nut like Mugabe to lead. On what basis did you choose Mugabe to lead? What on earth do you think you were doing choosing Mugabe to lead? When you say you “liberated the country” what exactly do you mean? Remember there was no nation-state before the whites came. While you were incarcerated by Zanu in Mozambique the Thatcher-initiated Lancaster House Conference took place which led to Zanu being voted into power by the people after Muzorewa's reign. I was inside the country during that time so I know more than you how black rule was attained. You guys did not do ant research to find out why Mugabe decided to go and live in the then Northern Rhodesia or why he later move to Ghana. If you had you would have seen that Mugabe was out there looking for a political ideology on how to be LEADER not to “FREE” anyone. You guys were taken in by Mugabe. You have come full circle Gumbo - you are/we are no better than we were in 1960 - at least in the 1960s everything was working.

Musona - 5 December 2014

Thats just correct Cde Gumbo this is now a circus.The Mafikizolo thieves have taken over but like i said earlier on yesterday in my other article Ngwena shall catch up with all of them soon.He is the master of Mafia.

carson Macate - 5 December 2014

This guy now goes to the Daily News everyday the very paper he wanted destroyed.I do not feel any sympathy for him.

vahlala - 5 December 2014

The Daily News is doing well to interview Gumbo who is a respected authority on the goings on in Zanu given his long service. You can only be a dumb fool not to see the connection. The current ills being perpetrated by this sickening Zanu fights leaves any level headed Zimbabwean seeing how difficult it is for us to move the country forward under the leadership of President Mugabe and his beloved First Lady. Unenge uchitoda kunoongororwa musoro kana usingaone kuti tirikuenda back to the 2008 era economically and socially. Most companies are showing huge performance declines not only to last year but to 2012 and 2011 sure signs that we are fast receding to the dark years again. Mr President says leaders are chosen by people, shouldnt we ask him how given there is now no platform for that given he should now choose his VPs and we can as well include his wife for the Women's league position. No amount of pay you might be getting from this current rot can make anyone blind to these facts which Gumbo and colleagues who are facing persecution will soon be sharing. I would urge the Daily News to stay close to all the expelled, suspended and those that will be expelled as there surely will be the news the people of Zimbabwe want to hear. Those hell-bend on trying to cover up these stories by continuosly denouncing the Daily News on here are merely doing it for their hard-earned wages in that camp not willing to hear the truth. Some of have been voting this same party and were so anti-this paper but can't read the Zimpapers hogwash on a daily basis. We have seen the light and my honest feeling is 'I can smell change for once in my life' and the change is this regime coming headlong to its knees because of what it has started within itself!

Bindu Mupindu - 5 December 2014

At times we just criticise tisina ma facts. When did Gumbo advocate for the closing down of the Daily News. He has for a long time a voice of moderation in ZPF. As party spokesperson, he was more frank than any other in the history of the party.

Tongo - 5 December 2014

this must be taken as a period of great opportunity for Zimbabwe. the people of Zimbabwe and the MDC in particular bickered and parted ways in 2007 when the mutinies exposed the devil's resolutionlessness. then was an opportunity much as is now until a sure to follow cabinet reshuffle. lets wake up and strategise our liberation. otherwise we could be much at greater risk of even more evil coz the old man is sure to be replaced as much as grace will never replace him.

maombo david - 5 December 2014

At list Gumbo is still talking as compared to Jabulani whose silence says something and that he is very scared and soiling himself in his hide out.

Diibulaanyika - 5 December 2014

The problem with Gumbo and other zanu pf members is that they only talk of democracy when they have been sidelined or stripped their rights to steal and corruption. Immunity to laws and extravagant benefits. People have been oppressed for 34 years under liberation values theme. Gumbo can fool others but not everybody. There is no difference between this year's congress and the previous ones which gumbo himself have been part off. Soon after Gumbo's suspension he was reported that he can still campaign for Mugabe what more cheering do you want. Its 2014 the oldest bornfrees are 34 years. Gumbo and others you have no place in this global world that we are in. There is nothing new they can offer. Mugabe's clan has gone past its sell date.

X-MAN IV - 5 December 2014

Sour grapes.

Qiniso - 5 December 2014

One thing for sure is that Zanu-PF, 24 years ago, crossed a line from liberation movement into a Mafia Cult whose Godfather is RG Mugabe. The Mafia keeps a dossier of each member to which they use to manipulate their members if they go out of line. Each member has benefited from the patronage spoils. This is why Grace Mugabe initially hinted to VP Joyce Mujuru to resign or they throw the book at her. That is exactly what they are doing. Gumbo and his alies are they bold enough to accept to be stripped off the patronage spoils and have his dossier thrown at him? My prediction is that Gumbo and VP Mujuru allies are not going to fight back at all for fear of being stripped off the spoils of patronage. In fact they are going to wait to be called back into the fold. It has happened before. All this is happening because Grace Mugabe has signaled that RG Mugabe is on his way out. Now the vultures high up are circling the old man. The biggest vulture is his wife. Strange enough, Gumbo and VP Mujuru know very well that there Zanu-PF is not a democratic party and yet they expected their faction to secure VP Mujuru to be RG Mugabe's successor on democratic grounds of popularity. Zanu-PF does not practice democracy and that is why there is no democracy in this country. Gumbo, you have just tested your own Zanu-PF medicine. As your rightly said, sit on the terrace, shut up and watch. You did your good bit by fighting for our independence. You did your rubbish lot for propping up a despot leader and, Zanu-PF, autocratic party. That is your legacy. That Con-Grace is a praise and worship for dear leader and his wife. What a heap of crap! That is Zimbabwe for you.

Mbareboy - 5 December 2014

Mr. Gumbo, spare us this thrash of saying your party has been high jacked. you are part of the big problem of pulling this country to the present pathetic state through this nonsense ' You liberated the country'' Look close to the mirror and ask yourself what you did for people of Zimbabwe to this point. Look at the Economy and stop crying for positions like Matibili. Shame on our mothers, brothers and all praise singers in this circus.

george bango - 5 December 2014

Mr. Gumbo, spare us this thrash of saying your party has been high jacked. you are part of the big problem of pulling this country to the present pathetic state through this nonsense ' You liberated the country'' Look close to the mirror and ask yourself what you did for people of Zimbabwe to this point. Look at the Economy and stop crying for positions like Matibili. Shame on our mothers, brothers and all praise singers in this circus.

george bango - 5 December 2014

@Musona Gumbo was detained for not supporting Mugabe initially. Meaning Mugabe was forced down his throat...........That record is there. It's good that he has cleared his conscience. It's good that he has seen the light..... though belatedly. My problem is that what do they think they were doing since 1980? All of them combined..... Do they sleep at night?

Nduna - 5 December 2014

Madyira pazhe tinyararirei, mafikizolozs? That is bull nokuti varikurova bhora ramatadza kunzwisisa. The point is Imi ndimi nyakutya mugabe wekutanga nekupedzisira, ndechipi chokwadi chamakataura chakanangana na mugabe before and even after you were booted have never critisise mugabe and you will never ever do that. child's play? ??? Forget this is zanu pf. Gomba ramakagara murikuhonda. Madzoserwa futi, now you say mafikizolos, vaimboveko nguva iyoyo? Gara mugomba imomo. It is mugabe and you can't critisise him directly.

chipazhamongo - 6 December 2014

Good riddance of Rugare Gumbo,the last surviving member of HERBERT WILSHIRE CHITEPO`s assassins.Gumbo was a member of the axis of evil Vhitori/Karangas that connived to assassinate Zanu Chairman Chitepo in Lusaka,Zambia on 18March 1975.The Vhitori mafia was led by the powerhungry Tongogara ably asssisted by Kangai,Rugare Gumbo,Henry Hamadziripi,Mukudzei Midzi,Robson Manyika,Zvinavashe,Rex Nhongo,Dauramhanzi,Chigowe&Mpunzarima.The Mafia went on to eliminate Chitepo`s fellow Manyikas namely Mukono,Sanyanga&Mataure thus getting rid of Manyikas from Dare reChimurenga in a calculated vicious tribal cleansing.President KK went on to round off& arrest Chitepo`s assassins after they had escaped to Mocambique on Chitepo`s fateful day.Although Matibili was in Prison when Chitepo was assassinated ,you cannot discount his hidden evil hand coz he threatened not to attend the 1976 Geneva Conference until&unless Chitepo`s assassins were released from the Zambian jail.President KK was forced to release the Karanga mafia that succeeded in eliminating Zim`s 1st black Lawyer.

Dr Zvichaperachete - 6 December 2014

Its just a case of sour grapes cde Gumbo. Where were you all these years to tell us now that you dont fear anyone. After all you have been the spokesman for years defending the same party you now call a circus. You the main actor in the circus. Rubbish.

sour grapes - 6 December 2014

Inzwaka nduna. Gumbo did not see the light actually as we speak he is lights out, he was flashed out and is now seeing stars. Which truth is saying he has told us which he failed to tell us for the past 34 years. Enda unorima kumusha uko.

nduna critic - 6 December 2014

Why why why didn't you say all this before you were booted our. Admit it - you were scared of Mugabe as well. You should have gone to the Daily News before the flushed you, then we would have sympathised with you. Wrong timing - they are coming after you and your dirty wealth. Tibvirepo Gumbo.

Open Eye - 6 December 2014

Gumbo is dead right. he might have fallen into disfavor with the king but he still has a right to speak his mind; why stop him? some people think that they are more zimbabwean than others; that's self-deception. this self-deception has worked at cross purposes with development in zim. some pple have godified some mortals; therein lies our weakness.

hokorian - 6 December 2014

Zanu Pf yakauraya wakawanda maiti ngozi dzacho dzichabudira panaani. Chanbvondoka kuna maiMujuru newmawe wake. Ropa ramakateura rinida kuripwa iri. WaMugabe judgement Day haitizwe, dai mareurura musati maenad. Mavapedyo chose. Zvakanzi seri kweguva hakuna munamato. Those who have ears let them hear!!! Akadaro mambo Jesu kune awo wose waiva nenzeve achiziwa kuti washoma wainzwa shoko rake. WaGumbo tsvagai panerunyararo pamunogara monamata muchikumbira ruregerero kuna mambo Jesu. The best thing you can ever do and will save your soul.

Tatenda Makumbe - 6 December 2014

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