Jonathan Moyo savages Obert Mpofu

HARARE - Jonathan Moyo and Obert Mpofu locked horns in an explosive politburo meeting on Tuesday, with the Information minister accusing the Transport minister of having the brains of a rat.

Politburo sources told the Daily News Mpofu, who was in charge of Zanu PF’s Matabeleland North congress preparations, was accused by Moyo of “unilaterally and procedurally” orchestrating the withdrawal of the nomination to the central committee of speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda.

Minister Sithembiso Nyoni and Mudenda were accused of belonging to a faction led by under-fire Vice President Joice Mujuru.

At the centre of this latest twist in the multi-faceted party ructions appear to be a dogfight for Zanu PF’s powerful post of national chairman, currently occupied by senior minister Simon Khaya Moyo and apparently also coveted by National Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda.

Mpofu, who is said to be also eyeing the post of national chairman, unsuccessfully lobbied the politburo to confirm the withdrawal of the duo.

According to insiders, the proposal was shot down by Moyo, who was supported by Cain Mathema, culminating in the harsh exchange of words.

So vicious was the exchange that Moyo pummelled Mpofu with a furious tirade that forced the burly minister to withdraw into his shell after President Robert Mugabe supported Moyo.

Mugabe is said to have reprimanded Mpofu.

“Moyo was spitting venom using very harsh words and made disparaging remarks against Mpofu describing him as daft,” said a politburo source.

“He said it was surprising that Mpofu had the body of an elephant yet he thinks like a rat.”

Mpofu, who often hilariously and dutifully signs his official letters to Mugabe as “your most obedient son”, was also given a torrid time by Mathema who slammed him accusing him of bragging about his “ill-gotten” wealth.

Mathema is said to have accused Mpofu of being power-hungry and that he was overzealous in his attempt to be recognised as the most visible politician in Matabeleland North.

“He (Mathema) told him that people who always want to flaunt their wealth in public are thieves,” our source said.

“Mathema said Mpofu’s money did not mean anything to Zanu PF as it was being used for ulterior motives other than developing the party.”

Zanu PF’s politburo meeting was dominated by the Mudenda case.

Also discussed at length at the instigation of Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi was the case of national chairman Khaya Moyo, who also stands accused of belonging to the Mujuru camp.

“Mohadi’s case, just like Mpofu’s, was also shot down because people felt they were just being falsely labelled,” another source said.

“While it was agreed that Nyoni does belong to the Mujuru camp, the way the case was presented by Mpofu made it look like a mere smear campaign given that he had fingered Mudenda whom everyone felt was clean.

“Everyone ended up supporting Mudenda and the chairman SK benefitted alongside Nyoni and that is how they survived.”

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Of course, the brain of a rat is a common disorder in Zanu, not limited to Cde Obese Mpofu. You guys you are busy fighting for positions because there are limited opportunities in the private sector. What you must do is put in place an enabling environment, good laws, good policies that support the private sector so that those who fail in politics can have hope. The biggest rat brained idiot in there is the leader

Nduna - 5 December 2014

Musatukana. Remekedzanai kuti nyika ibudirire.

lenso - 5 December 2014

I am afraid people are going to shoot each other anytime soon.

chenjerai hove - 5 December 2014

This is like watching big brother, regai zvidamburane its about time

Nguva Yasvika - 5 December 2014


KADHARA - 5 December 2014

musatukane itai basa rinounza jobs to the rest of the masses. if mpofu has a brain of a rat why would one with a superior brain talk to a rat? pls dont embarrass self by contradicting self. you can not talk to a rat. if you did then you become one. prof.

taurai - 5 December 2014

"brains of a rat" These are very big words for a serial corrupt thief Mpofu to understand. Imagine what a rat does while in any house and bear in mind that other extreme rats eat ones' feet while asleep. Nothing helpful comes from a rat. Prof J. Moyo is such a character, If Zanu pf wins he"wins". If zanu pf loses he "wins". You never know what he is really up to,. If indeed Prof is trying to bring zanu down , it has and will come at a price. People have suffered enough.

X-MAN IV - 5 December 2014

Jonathan Moyo is like a woman is a country with a civil war, her qualification to life is ....the vagina...when rebels find her she turns on the charm and they sup on her and she survives, when the regular army catches to her she does the same trick, denouncing the rebels whose sperms she is still dripping, wiping the sperms with a clutch of leaves, she lays on her back exposing her smelly quiff, the soldiers seeing her light coloured thighs and the mound of her quiff quickly forget her crime of feeding the rebels and make an orderly line to feast-roast her all day long, she is a master survivor, for her qualification is natural(vagina).

Subtilty - 5 December 2014

@subtilty Your metaphor is in bad taste considering that thousands of women and girl children caught up in war situations have been abused thus. You could have launched your two-footed assaulted on Moyo without sullying the poor women. These women are victims of conflict and equating them to uncouth Moyo is really plumbing to the lowest depths of insensitivity.

James Bond - 6 December 2014

You people dont understand Jona he is the kingmaker now and he is by political osmosis now hardcore Zanu pf and wants to ensure only the capable development centred leaders of the party breathe the oxygen of power.

jonsina - 6 December 2014

goche akati dzicharira . makandiwa akatsinhira, isu we kniw nothing except makuhwa but its beginning to look like dzicharira

Harare - 6 December 2014

This is not ...die another day...this is die another second, so stop you pine studios stunts men nonsense and be real, it's pipe like you who are too civilised for our own good, only yesterday Compaore Blaise, was vanquished unceremoniously from power coz the masses of Burkina Faso did not look at the constitution before ramrodding parliament for their freedom, whether I write or not, women are raped and pillaged the world over, sad, but what had you done about the plight of women even before my comment came to your spectacled eyesight.

@ana James Bonde - 6 December 2014

This is what we in Matebeleland and parts of Middlands have endured and are since 1980. Zanu Pf and many who celebrated our slaughter and agony (who are now "democrats and are in opposition) insulted us; labeled us vapanduki ; labelled us treasonous simply because we were not prepared to sing songs of praises to Mugabe. Joice Mujuru created this monster together with many others (Gumbo, Goche, Mutasa etc). It is poetic justice that a woman who showed so much disrespect and insulted Joshua Nkomo is now being given 5 times her own medicine by a pretty young woman who has an ugly heart. What is happening today is what we have lived with in Matebeleland since independence. Jona is not a genius. he is a fool. He is today sharpening a spear that will be thrust in his own heart tomorrow. Siyabazi laba bantu.

Salitshela Sihwaba - 6 December 2014

That is so true Salitshela. We have seen this drama since the so-called independence. Every time you have a different view you are persecuted and accused of treason. It is a Zanu PF thing and mindset from top to bottom. Anyone one who thinks Mujuru and company are spotlessly clean on this is naive. They are all of Zanu PF mode, they are just as bad as Munangagwa (the Kukurawundi architect whom they fondly refer to as crocodile to the horror of the memory of those who lie in mass graves in Matebeleland and Midlands) and mass-murderer character). If Mujuru was in Dis-Grace's books, her camp would be as rampart as her accusers against the latter. Remember the brief period when Mugabe turned against the "we evil" Jona and co. Mutasa uttered chilling words. Treat him with "gamatox ". A senior citizen (or any one for that matter) should not incite murder and display a horrifying lack of respect for life. Zanu PF is effectively run like a terrorist organisation; with no rules whatsoever, except those celebrating blood-letting. The only solace from this sordid story is that many sloganeering robots who have glorified the murderous dictator are feeling a bit of the pain we have suffered for over 34 years. Their children, like ours, are beginning to know how it feels like, being treated like foreigners criminals , in their country. Ho Ho ho, Where is your sloganeering "Pamberi ne Zanu. Pass nevapanduki!!!" At least we are now one nation, albeit one in sorrow and pain!

Tendayi Shumba - 6 December 2014

He has the body of an elephant, but thinks like a rat. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk, this one is killing

emmmanuel - 7 December 2014

l have read all your constructive comments comrades, but you have not come up with a single solution to the dire crises of our beloved country. Guys lets go back to the drawing board and re-strategize. Zimbabwe wants critics with solutions. Lets all come up with possible solutions by end of the week.

Caroline Dube - 10 December 2014

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