Don't kick out Mujuru — South Sudan envoy

HARARE - A delegation from South Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) yesterday urged President Robert Mugabe and Vice President Joice Mujuru to bury the hatchet for the good of the ruling party.

Anne Itto Leonardo, the SPLM acting secretary-general, said continued infighting in the ruling party would adversely affect the economy and consequently ordinary citizens.

In a damning solidarity message, the SPLM representative said it was not prudent for Zanu PF to kick Mujuru out.

Apparently realising that her message would be received with mixed feelings given the anti-Mujuru mood prevalent at congress, Leonardo admitted that she was a political novice  but  said she was saying so out of her love for the ruling party.

“My appeal to the leadership is that you need to sit down and talk over your problems and you can solve them internally,” she said.

“If the fights continue, it will cause the people to suffer.  Solve these internal problems please.

“This is my appeal coming from the bottom of my heart. I know there are some internal problems happening in the ruling party Zanu PF but young as I am, I think there is need for you to come back together again.”

Other political parties from the Sadc region who gave solidarity messages at the ruling party congress include the ANC of South Africa, Swapo of Namibia and the PPRD of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She spoke after Mugabe had branded his deputy a thief who was too scared to attend the congress.

This follows nefarious allegations being peddled by an anti-Mujuru group in the ruling party that she planned to topple the 90-year-old Zanu PF leader.

Among a litany of charges that Mujuru faces are corruption, abuse of office and the more serious and sinister treason charges.

Mugabe told thousands of his party supporters that he would move to clean up the party of all the rotten elements.

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Let them break up, what has that got to do with South Sudan. Let them fight Zimbabweans will rebuild their country. We are tired of this Zanu monster

Nduna - 5 December 2014

kwete @nduna, kutaurirana ndokunodikanwa. this lady is right. the president should show leadership in this issue and talk to the vp so that the party survives this impasse. i support dialogue. taurinai mugono vima pamwe po sekare baba varutsoka ...

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 December 2014

This circus in our party was pre-planned long back. This was after I was told that Dr. Joice is towards a Doctorate Degree. It wouldn't have made a strong impact if I had started attacking the VP while I myself was perceived as academically deficient. So I sent a few of my boys to go and persuade the UZ Chancellor to also organise a Doctorate Degree of the same status as that of Mai Joice. You see, people would have interpreted my attacks on Joice as acts of jealousy. We just had to be of equal academic standing, you see. Joice really is a threat to my husband's position right now. Everyone who lifts his or her head up, be it academically or politically, we quickly tell the uneducated masses that you are treasonous. Or, worse still, we wipe you off our faces. Ask Border Gezi and Eliot Nora Manyika, & a host of others who wanted to be clever for nothing. Ayika-zve!

Dr. Marufu Chatunga (PHD), M.Phil, B. A., B.Ed, B.Com, MBA - 5 December 2014

Please don't take me for granted. We even dealt with Mai Mujuru's husband first so that he gets out of the was. Now that Joice is vulnerable, we attack. We really feared Joice's husband, that former General. Otherwise this plan of ours would not have worked. So we got rid of the husband first, you see. We have many farms and businesses that we acquired by hook or crook, and we couldn't risk losing all those luxuries. Right now my son is undergoing military training in China, so that when he is ready, he will simply take over the reigns. We really want to create a dynasty, with all the foolish supporters cheering us on and fighting on our side. Ayi-ka zve!!!

Dr. Marufu Chatunga (PHD), M.Phil, B. A.,B.Ed, B.Com, MBA - 5 December 2014

The SPLM delegation from South Sudan should be ashamed for these utterances. The SPLM's internal wrangling is what led to one of the worse current humanitarian crises in their country and the SPLM's leaders have not been able to put their country first or the unity of their party first and for this reason what they are preaching here is exactly what they should have preached to one another. The message is right, but the SPLM cannot express such words without feeling embarrassed. A party must live what it preaches.

Daniel Akech Thiong - 5 December 2014

Its all about power and plundering. The demise of Mujuru must have led to a break down of a line of corruption links. Its being felt everywhere even in sudan. "Bottom of my heart" please give us break. Take mujuru, Mugabe and zanu pf clan after congress to sudan and stay with them there. Mujuru, mugabe and the rest of this zanu Mafia are corrupt.

X-MAN IV - 5 December 2014

Here is our Agenda for the 6th ZANU PF Congress 1. Welcome and remarks 2. Denigration of Joice Mujuru, Mutasa, Goche, Rugare Gumbo, Kaukonde and others 3. Praise singing of Gushungo and Family 4. A. O. B - What we intend to do to Mujuru & company. Please note that this will be our set agenda, which should be repeated every day of the Congress, from the 2nd to the 7th of December 2014. VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that this Agenda cannot be altered in any way, and that includes the A. O. B. Section. Thank you, Ndatenda Siyabonga

Dr. Marufu Chatunga (PHD), M.Phil, B. A.,B.Ed, B.Com, MBA - 5 December 2014

Your advice comes from the bottom of your heart? Do you think they can listen to that ? They have long lost their hearts.

chipazhamongo - 6 December 2014

ZANU PF wants to create a puppet opposition party to attract funding from the West since the Look East Policy and Russia mega deals remain as bookish as ZIMASSET. Its a political strategy to dennounce Mujuru yet they are one Party that musterbated on our faces since 1997 by disturbing our Money Supply through sponsoring DRC wars and $50 000.00 payouts to non productive and fake warverts further damaging the rule of law by robbing commercial farmers of their property ryts. The youths who are uneducated and unemployed as well as the snr citizens who are less educated remain their servants and are loyal to all these conGraces and fruitless rallies.

SEKURU KAGUVI SNR - 6 December 2014

The main purpose of the noise was to rig the 6th congress. The master minders of Zanu realised that they were not going to have it their way and decided on a strategy to abuse, denigrate, suspend, expel their rational colleagues who had divergent views (how backward - eliminate them before congress). Now that they have achieved what the boss intended, the views of the Sudanese can be taken on board. There is the ambitious lot, the Ngwenas and the opportunists, they are waiting with abated breath to see their fate. They may be in for a surprise too.

Zimbaremabwe Kingdom - 6 December 2014

How very ironic it is to be given advice on how to run the country from a very poor country that recently split into two! Jokes aside, I think the circus running currently in ZANU PF will move the country a step or two in the right direction towards building this resource rich but poorly run nation. A divided ZANU is sweet news to our ears.

Dr Know - 6 December 2014

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