Mnangagwa faction: US links exposed

HARARE - Outspoken deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Chris Mutsvangwa, has hosted US diplomat Eric Little at a private party at his residence in Norton, amid accusations that the Zanu PF faction aligned to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa is clandestinely working with American officials.

Mutsvangwa, who is often quoted by State media denigrating other senior Zanu PF officials accused of cavorting with Western diplomats in an alleged plot to oust President Robert Mugabe from power, confirmed yesterday that he had hosted and fêted the American diplomat.

However, he was quick to state that he had met Little — alleged to have links to the American spy agency CIA — only once.

The new war veterans’ leader also admitted to having hosted Little, who has been accused by Zanu PF hardliners of nefariously working with some MPs to infiltrate and weaken the ruling party from within.

But Mutsvangwa denied accusations that he had travelled to the US just before the United Nations General Assembly this year, to meet with American State Department officials.

Surprisingly, while some MPs have been branded the “Dirty Dozen” because of their alleged association with Little, Mutsvangwa said he had no apologies to offer to anyone for hosting the much-talked about diplomat since his Foreign Affairs portfolio entailed meeting and entertaining diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe.

Laughing off the question that he had hosted Little, Mutsvangwa said after Zanu PF’s controversial electoral victory last year and his subsequent appointment to the post of deputy Foreign Affairs minister, he threw a party for all diplomats accredited to Harare.

“I had a big party for diplomats and it was soon after the elections when I was appointed to the Foreign Affairs,” he said.

“The American ambassador Bruce Wharton could not come and in his place came Little who I don’t even know.”

He claimed his engagement with Little was purely in the line of duty.

But well-placed sources who spoke to the Daily News insisted yesterday that Mutsvangwa hosted Little this year after the State media started lambasting MPs who were described as the Dirty Dozen.

This revelation is emerging as Mugabe on Tuesday and yesterday railed against Vice President Joice Mujuru, accusing her of working with the Americans to topple him from power.

Mutsvangwa said he was invited to the US by the State Department in 2012 and held “fruitful talks” that have led to the thawing of strained relations between Zimbabwe and America.

“Even before I was in government, I was active in trying to restore normal relations between Zimbabwe and the United States,” he said. “I organised the meetings between former Ambassador Charles Ray with the president at State House.”

Mugabe told service chiefs and war veterans on Tuesday, including Mutsvangwa, that Mujuru had taken a “simplistic” approach to leadership.

“We know the infiltration that have come; we know the discussions that have been happening to link up with MDC and be one with America which then will pour lots of money,” Mugabe said. “That’s simplistic thinking; you can’t, I don’t trust a white man and all, never, ever.”

But Mutsvangwa said he had close ties to America and also revealed that as recently as October 2, he visited the US “to attend a private party in Philadephia.”

“I have been visiting America for a long time,” he said. “I have family in the States. What is wrong with going to America?”

But US Embassy sources insisted that Mutsvangwa met state department officials although the details of their discussions remain a mystery.

Asked about his relations with locally-accredited diplomats, Mutsvangwa said he is very close to all of them.

He also said that he studied in the US during the liberation struggle.

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'Studied in the US during the liberation struggle'.Don't understand. When did he then fight?

Amiss - 4 December 2014

Honestly ndiyani ane clean record kuzpf??????? I would kill myself if there happens to be any. its only a matter of time before everything is bared.

Tichaonerera - 4 December 2014

This Kwaramba needs to read and understand how diplomacy works. You should at least know that there is absolutely nothing wrong for any government official to meet with any foreign diplomats working in Zimbabwe as long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware. However, I stand to be corrected

Ban'as - 4 December 2014

We have seen quite a number of peopole of a lighter colour coming out of Chris mMutsvanga's residence in Norton saka he was busy planning something against Mugabe during the night and shouting kuti he loves Mugabe by day...!!! hahahahahah. Zvava kwauri Chris..soon you will see kuti all your sacrifices for liberating Zimbabwe...if you really ever held a gun??? We understand you were a political commissar in a camp and never went to the fron!!!!

Garikayi - 4 December 2014

Mutsvangwa is a Kutamba old boy, like me. He was my senior by one year in early 70s. I just wonder when he actually went to study in the US and the duration of that study, and then the fighting in the war. Because of connections with Mugabe, a Kutama old boy, most former students of Kutama who joined the struggle never really saw combat. They were protected by Mr Mugabe. KOBA(Kutama Old Boys Association) rules the country. Just look at former Kutama students and what positions they hold in government and parastatals. They wield immense power.

Chenjerai Hove - 4 December 2014

Vakarwa hondo chaivo vakafa either ku hondo or coz of old age

concerned citizen - 4 December 2014

How long was the war? Do you even realize Rugare Gumbo and Zvogbo also went to school in the US during the war but were also kuhondo? Mustavangwa was Rugare Gumbo's deputy as Secretary of Information kuhondo. He might be a motor mouth and uncouth but have you ever wondered why noone in Zanu questions his credentials?

cash talk - 4 December 2014

Ndosaka zvichikunetsai vanhu vedhiziri. You concentrate on the irrelevant things when the game is being played elsewhere. Hanzi during warm up he was doing this and that and so I came up ne strategy according to that. Mutsvangwa is a diplomat and deputy minister of a ministry which actually is responsible for interacting with such. Mugabe and Blair once shook hands but it doesnt mean they were planning something. Joyce is not out because she spoke to US diplomats. Its because she wanted to take over from Robert. Vakawanda vanoinda kuMasowe nekun'anga. Crew yake were not in trouble for going kun'anga kundotsvaka dhiziri. But kuzondotsvaka mushonga wokuvuraya Mugabe is another issue. So you cant just say nouyu wakaindavo kun'anga saka waidavo kuita izvi.

cash talk - 4 December 2014


fg - 4 December 2014


fg - 4 December 2014

Everyone in zanu pf is extremely dirty. There are in there just to have the rights to steal and plunder. Immunity to laws. When mugabe dies, all of them will just say ,"It was mugabe not them". Mugabe holds all their secrets. If you stand in the wrong basket, he just takes your file and you are gone. There will be a big Tsunami after mugabe so everyone wants a favour from the West to be excluded from I.C.C indictment.

X-MAN IV - 4 December 2014

When did Mutswangwa fight the war that accredits him a war vet status qualifying him to be a war vets association chairperson? What is selling out and what is safeguarding the gains of the liberation struggle? I think these are momentary words that can fit in the words of a user to satisfy a certain ego whilst portraying a message of convenience. Why? Because there is no selling out trying to talk to people who can revive this economy and there are no gains of a liberation struggle - how can there be when the economy died after the so called liberation of this country. People - please lets think and think hard we should.

clement moyo - 5 December 2014

There are no meaningful gains of independence to talk about in Zimbabwe.There is absolutely nothing related to Zimbabwe to safeguard except may be the first family.It is a matter of time before Mnangagwa is also dumped the Mujuru way.Just watch,time will tell.

RELEVANCE - 5 December 2014

Cash talk we never condemned any form of association with either the USA or the west but these guys in ZANU labelled others the dirty dozen because of association with the same diplomats. So Mutsvangwa should be treated the same way the likes of Temba Mliswa were treated

mukanya - 5 December 2014

Mutsvangwa fall on your sword. Bootlicker and double barrelled.

Tatenda Makumbe - 6 December 2014

This time you have been caught by the balls and you are up to spreading confusion to the already confused bunch of your readers. Nonsense!

Chii-ichocho? - 9 December 2014

ZImbabwe must learn to endure in the word of God and not in the critiques. Christians must refuse to allow one of the Keith and keen being pummeled and persecuted with denigrations that are only resourced from abroad. Refuse that and write that its wrong forever and ever. Write it everywhere where you can.Speak out. There is no space of the Devil in the village of Christians but Zimbabweans are busy busing Devils into the village of their hearts. Stop It.

Munhuwashe - 9 December 2014

'Joyce is out because she wanted to take over from Mugabe'.... me worried is there anything wrong with wanting to take over from Mugabe?? Will he not be happy yena uMugabe ukuthi someone in ZPF is going to push the cause ahead. Or I am being 'simplistic'?

UNCLE REAL - 9 December 2014

In a sudden turn events Vp Mujuru is now in another scandal where she and her supporters are accused of delaying the rains in an effort to sabotage the President's successful land reform programme.It has also come to our attention that Boko Haram was formed in her house. She is also said to have been caught trying to smuggle Ebola into Zimbabwe through the Zambian border, but investigations are still underway. Meanwhile, the CIO has established that the missing Malaysian plane is parked at her farm in Guruve. Interpol has been informed and will act on the matter soon.

thulane - 11 December 2014

some of the commemnts posted here are frivolous and misguided. chenjerai Hove u r learned isn't it. Where u wth Mtsvangwa each nd every day.where were u during the liberartion struggle?

gamatox - 11 December 2014

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