Thugs harass, abuse Sekeramayi's wife

HARARE - In a disturbing start to Zanu PF's anticlimactic congress, the wife of senior politburo member and Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi, Tsitsi, was heckled, harassed and physically abused by rowdy youths at the party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday.

Analysts said the attack was an ominous warning to embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru and all senior party officials perceived to be sympathetic to her — who stand accused of plotting to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

The agitated yobs shamefully pushed and harangued Sekeramayi, a mother of seven, in the full glare of assembled journalists — barring her from seeking accreditation for Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that starts in earnest tomorrow (Thursday).

The attack on the ex-Senator for Marondera-Hwedza was described by insiders as part of a co-ordinated and well-choreographed programme by anti-Mujuru party hardliners to stop her accreditation, as well as of all those party members perceived to be loyal to her.

The rowdy youths started a fight with Tsitsi as she went to the accreditation centre at around 10am, accusing her husband of plotting to oust Mugabe from power, together with Mujuru and deposed Mashonaland East chairman Ray Kaukonde.

Some of the youths were shouting “Waifunga uchaita First Lady (You thought you would become First Lady)”.

Tsitsi’s husband, Sydney, has been a loyal member of the ruling party since the 1960s and has held several high-profile posts in both the party and the government since independence in 1980.

A medical doctor by training, and a very humble and reserved person, Sydney has until now been touted as one of the “dark horses” to succeed Mugabe.

The disgraceful haranguing of Tsitsi is said to have caused her husband Sydney  to become apoplectic with fury.

While she was not reachable for comment, insiders said she had since lodged a formal complaint with Zanu PF authorities over the assault.

Zanu PF junior spokesman Psychology Maziwisa said, “I’m not aware of anybody who has been barred. I will have to check and get back to you”.

But Maziwisa had earlier said in a statement that “the time has come to put the right people in the right positions and this congress will do just that”.

“Given President Mugabe’s well documented record of working selflessly and diligently to advance the welfare of the Zimbabwean people, it is only right that he should surround himself with innovative and focused people who, like him, are capable of putting national interest ahead of selfish, personal interest.

“It is not an over-exaggeration to say that historians will look back on the Zanu PF 6th National People’s Congress and say this was

Zimbabwe’s turning point. When that happens, and it is as sure to happen as night follows day, we will have President Mugabe to thank for that,” Maziwisa added.

The deputy director of information said “the removal of retrogressive elements from the party was not only necessary but long overdue as a lot of Zanu PF’s and government’s precious time was now being wasted on unproductive plots”.

“The purging is therefore not just in the party’s best interest; it is in the nation’s best interest as well.

“Only unreasonable people would see the removal of bad apples as something that could spell catastrophic consequences for the party.

Quite the opposite, Zanu PF will come out of this congress more united and better able to tackle some of the greatest economic challenges of our time,” he said.

A senior politburo member condemned the attack against Tsitsi Sekeramayi, saying such thuggery was “a threat to the peace” at congress and created fertile conditions for heightened intra-party tensions and strife.

A central committee member also expressed his deep concern and said “everyone” was deeply worried about the descend into thuggery and the deterioration of human rights and the rule of law within the party.

He expressed concern about the welfare of Zanu PF, adding that there was also concern that confidence that the ruling party was a true catalyst for democracy and stability in Zimbabwe was no longer there.

He said the assault on Tsitsi was “a repercussion of the constant hate-speech being spewed in the party”, adding that the assault should be investigated thoroughly.

“We deplore this act of violence against Mrs Sekeramayi and call on the party authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and to condemn the assault,” said another central committee member.

“We surely cannot allow thuggery to prevail,” he added.

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Tsitsi Sekeramayi was asking for trouble by going to the congress accreditation. Is she oblivious to the power struggles going on in ZanuPF right now? Is she not aware her husband had been fingered as belonging to the “plotters”? If she didn't, she now knows. I absolutely do not agree that “…a very humble and reserved person, Sydney has until now been touted as one of the “dark horses” to succeed Mugabe” - Sydney Sekeramayi is not humble neither is he reserved. I have read news reports where he was just spouting “regime change” garbage like all the other puppets. There's no way Sydney was ever going to succeed Mugabe - those making such suggestions are way off the mark. He is there because he was related to Solomon Mujuru.

Musona - 3 December 2014

That's what happens when you allow unlawful conduct to become the norm. Of- course it begins with the opposition. Then look at what happens next.

Edson Mbukwa. - 3 December 2014

remember how zuma used ancyl esp malema and how he has now turned on him. if we teach youths to assalt and insult our leaders one day they will turn on u also

tony - 3 December 2014

@Musona: Ever watched the movie "Mugabe And The White Farmer", did you see how Sydney's Son treated Mike Cambell?

Ethan - 3 December 2014

gore rino tichanakirwa

chovhiringa - 3 December 2014

the time has come for them to fight each other...Handiti 0all these people helped rig election enriched themselves and now they are crying foul...let us be serious the lot should go....

ruva - 3 December 2014

I think you mean that the youths "shamelessly pushed and harangued her" NOT "shamefully". C'mon, journalists are supposed to be wordsmiths!

Chitambo - 3 December 2014

On the 22 July 2014, Sekeramayi said, “…internally , the major threat to Zimbabwe's peaceful existence was the Western sponsored regime change agenda in opposition to successful land reform”. He went on , “The objective of regime change, orchestrated by the West led by UK and USA, is economic destabilisation through illegal economic sanctions, psychological/information warfare, intrusive political interference, diplomatic isolation and socio-cultural intrusion”. Humble and reserved? Never.

Musona - 3 December 2014

Mugabe is Mafia

Dr Chatunga - 3 December 2014


chibaba chacho - 3 December 2014

If people in Mujuru's camp did not believe in Karma, now is the time they did so, what goes around comes around. Chiwenga's wife embarrassed the former Prime Minister Tsvangirai by slapping him in the full view of Journalists, it wasn't long before she herself was thrown out of their invaded farm house again in the full view of Journalists. Tsitsi and her comrades were laughing and enjoying themselves the day Tsvangirai and others were attacked at a prayer meeting in Highfields, and now it's their well deserved turn. I'm being very polite when I say they are all getting what they deserve, and as for the perpetrators like Grace, Gomwe, Jonathan Moyo and others, your day for Karma to reveal itself to you will soon come. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the Good Book tells us so.

Dr Know - 3 December 2014

Zanu PF 2 is now a party for the unworthy,immoral and uncouth cowards.i say Zanu Pf 2 because it is not our Zanu pf of Cdes Chitepo,Cde Nkomo,Cde Chinamao,Cde Msika,Cde Muzenda,Cde J.Tongogara,Cde N.A Mangena.How can a glorious revolutionary party associate itself with thugs?People without respect and character.Sure what has remained is Zanu Pf 2 a domain of immorality and dungeon for gangsters and kakistocratic weevils.

carson Macate - 3 December 2014

tsvangirai ndihwo humwewo hutsi hwakazvigarira. there is nothing he can change other than zvemichato. ndonyaya dzake not politics. he got his chance and wasted it. better talking other names not emu dhi shi tsvangis.

zvirozviyedzwa - 3 December 2014

@Chitambo, you say u think the writer meant that the youths "shamelessly pushed and harangued her" NOT "shamefully". It may be helpful to u to do a simple Google search of the meaning of SHAMEFULLY, or to check it up in your dictionary before you criticise the writer.

Khumalo - 3 December 2014

Well this what other people go through daily - being abused by ZANU. Sydney is NOT man enough he must have stood up and said NO. Dongo was very right.

Zimbonymous - 3 December 2014

I thought mai sekeramayi as a defence minister wife would be better informed of Political and security threats prevailing in their clan. Maybe she is in the right basket and was caught in the cross fire. Its ridiculars for a zanu member in central committe to say they are worried about human rights abuse, thuggery and rule of law in zanu. They created it and must live with it. Democratic and progressing people have been killed, tortured, others still missing under zanu rule. they can assault each other within zanu I dont care.

X-MAN IV - 3 December 2014

Why is everybody surprised by this behavior at a ZANU PF function. To some people, this has been their daily bread ever since ZANU PF came to power, check historical events. For once violence is at the ZANU PF doorstep and soon everyone in that party will feel it, I mean everyone even the great emperor himself.

Mpumie - 3 December 2014

Nhai mwana wekwa Maziwisa, ndeipi Zanu-PF yauri kutaura yatisingazive? Handione Zanu-PF ichavandudza nyika yedu ikava nani.

Jengapfuma - 4 December 2014

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dr - 4 December 2014

Thank you Jonathan-your Mission is almost accomplished. Foolish Zimbos hate you yet you are singly handedly fighting the war on their behalf.

NDIZO - 4 December 2014

Thank you Jonathan-your Mission is almost accomplished. Foolish Zimbos hate you yet you are singly handedly fighting the war on their behalf.

NDIZO - 4 December 2014

Thank you Jonathan-your Mission is almost accomplished. Foolish Zimbos hate you yet you are singly handedly fighting the war on their behalf.

NDIZO - 4 December 2014

How can people even think of Zanu PF as a catalyst for democracy - how dare they????? A party that started by murdering thousands and continues to so. If you nurture violence it will come to haunt you. Zanu PF members are getting the test of their medicine> What goes around comes around. Thousands have been murdered by Zanu PF and they shall continue to do so to maintain their reign.

clementr moyo - 4 December 2014

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Shumba - 4 December 2014

mai muguru,d mutasa,r gumbo.w shamu,s sekeramai,d mavhaire,n goche,m mutezo,w muzembi,bhasikiti and other you make a better team than munangangwa camp, so be men enough and stop bob from further destroying our nation.

mutero - 4 December 2014

busy fighting whilst povo is starving - we have lost hope in this team. kunyangwe shoko dzvene rinoti pakutungamira kwewakaipa ruzhinji runochema

widzo - 4 December 2014

I am not a ZANU supporter but i strongly feel the party needs to look seriously into this issue before it is too late. This is the man who is responsible for national defence and when he sees his spouse being treated like that then what is next. I have great respect for sydney considering the role he played in assisting the liberation struggle as one of the few active medical doctors at that time. The party must put an end to such irresponsible behaviour by ungrateful little creatures who were only born yesterday

mukanya - 4 December 2014

Mukanya you are asking iron to shapen iron.What will come out of it.

NYONGOLO - 4 December 2014

Violence - the hallmark of ZPF rule is now in their yard and homes. We've witnessed this since 1980, and even during the "liberation war" when villagers had their ears, mouths cut ostensibly for being "sell-outs". Some in ZPF were immune to this but not any more. I don't feel sorry for anyone in ZPF right now. Let them kill or burn or assassinate each other - I DON'T CARE!

Ras Bantu - 4 December 2014

Good; excellent - suffer! Its pay back time. We all knew that tribalism against Matebeleland was what always united you people. This is why we deliberately pulled out of politics and left everything to your own funeral. We knew, once the Ndebele is out of the picture; you would certainly turn against each other and we have been proven right. Remove the Ndebele, remove the Whiteman - the false unity built on shaky grounds starts falling to pieces. Tribalism doesn't pay - only nation building, unity in diversity and economic development pays in the end. Hope you learning your lessons!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 4 December 2014

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