Mujuru fears for her life

HARARE - Vice President Joice Mujuru skipped the Zanu PF politburo meeting that was held in Harare yesterday, amid suggestions that she was considering boycotting altogether the party’s damp squib congress that starts in earnest tomorrow.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News last night that the embattled VP feared for her life following serious and ongoing threats against her, as well as other senior officials perceived to be loyal to her by her hardline party enemies.

Mujuru’s untenable standing in the party was worsened after President Robert Mugabe openly accused her yesterday — the first time he has done so since the brutal infighting engulfing the party burst into the open a few months ago — accusing her of plotting to topple him.

Sources say Mujuru is expected to respond to Mugabe’s allegations this week.

Addressing service chiefs and war veterans at Zanu PF’s headquarters in Harare, Mugabe alleged that the naivety of Mujuru’s plot against him included her working closely with MDC formations, as well as soliciting regime change funds from the West ahead of last year’s elections.

WHERE'S EVERYBODY?...President Robert Mugabe cuts a lone figure at the Zanu PF meeting in Harare. Pic: Annie Mpalume

He also claimed that the beleaguered widow of the late liberation war icon, Solomon Mujuru — who is universally credited with installing the nonagenarian as Zanu PF’s leader way back in the 1970s — did not want the ruling party to go for the disputed elections.

And as Mugabe viciously attacked his deputy, rowdy youths, who were brown-nosing Mugabe’s wife, Grace, at the same time, vowed not to allow the beleaguered VP anywhere near the party headquarters and the congress.

Mujuru was nowhere to be seen near the Zanu PF headquarters, with sources telling the Daily News that she was not likely to attend this week’s congress, which is now being firmly steered against her by party enemies.

The multiplicity of allegations against Mujuru, which range from corruption allegations to gross abuse of office, as well as the more serious treason charges, could end the VP’s presidential ambitions — at least for now.

Youths who were baying for Mujuru’s blood vowed yesterday that she would be blocked from registering and attending congress.

Kudzanayi Chipanga, the Zanu PF deputy youth chairperson, bluntly warned Mujuru and her sympathisers to stay away.

“We are giving a warning to Zanu PF members, especially senior party officials who have been implicated (in the treason and assassination plots) that they no longer support the president (and should) not come to our congress as we don’t want to see them.

“If they decide to come, they are coming at their own risk as anything can happen to them. We cannot guarantee their safety,” he said.

He declined to state the specific action that he and his group planned to take in the event that Mujuru decided to attend the congress.

“We want to politically eliminate them and we shall cross bridges when we get there. As youths, we are the vanguard of the party and we are not going to allow people who are accused of  wanting to kill our dear president to come near him at the congress,” Chipanga added.

He said the political leaders behind the alleged plot to oust Mugabe were “known” in the party, adding that the majority of them had already received votes of no confidence against them.

“We know them,” he said. “This is why we saw the senior politicians being booted out and we now hear some of them want to come to congress.

“We dare warn them not to try to provoke us. No matter how senior the person is, we don’t want to see them there.”

The apprehension engulfing the Mujuru camp was subsequently given fresh impetus by Mugabe’s assault on the VP.

Although journalists from the private media were asked to excuse themselves from Mugabe’s meeting with service chiefs and war veterans, State media journalists were allowed to stay behind.

The Daily News heard that Mugabe made it clear that it was time for serious change in the faction-torn party.

The meeting was attended by Air Marshal Perence Shiri, General Constantine Chiwenga,  Rtd Major General Happyton Bonyongwe and the newly-elected war veterans leadership among many other prominent players.

Mugabe reportedly outlined his roadmap for the congress and beyond, with the 90-year-old leader exhorting attendees to remain united and not be “as chaotic” as the party had lately become.

Sources who attended the meeting also told the Daily News that Mugabe blamed most of the party’s woes on Mujuru.

“Mugabe said the divisions in Zanu PF were being perpetrated by the vice president whom he said was keen to unite with the opposition MDC in government in the hope that they would get aid from the Western world,” said one source.

Meanwhile, the embattled Mujuru and most of her allies including party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa were conspicuously absent from Zanu PF’s last politiburo meeting, convened ahead of the central committee meeting today.

Mugabe is said to have remarked, “Where is everybody?” when he walked into an almost empty room where the meeting was taking place.

In a sign of deepening internal suspicions, politburo attendees were also reportedly thoroughly frisked as they entered the meeting room, with all of them ordered to leave their cellphones outside.

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Zvino ungatonge uri one. Kana kutonga nana Zhuwawo vachiri kubuda mukaka mumhuno. This is surely the beginning of the end.

Edzai - 3 December 2014

If Zanu PF is this ruthless to it's long time serving members; what about you; just an ordinary Zimbabwean.

Jongwe Rachembera - 3 December 2014

She now fears for her life and yet when she was importing gmo maize, looting PSMAS funds, protecting her killer daughter, bringing down a fake armed chopper, they were all acts of bravery by a fearless guerrilla, so what is it there to fear for now? She can not even respond, she lacks strategy and is only good at stealing and lying. She thought she is clever but has just realised that she is very very dull, and thus the fear.

reason - 3 December 2014

The statement "Where is everybody" made by the president leaves a lot to be desired. The Congress should have been postponed and allow the factions to meet and iron their differences People like Mutasa and Mujuru can not afford to miss the Congress. The youth should not determine who should attend the Congress. Thau shalt not kill. Thau shalt not kill.

Bongo - 3 December 2014

ngaambozvizwawo mujuru uyu....vamwe vake vachazozvinzwawo kana yavo nguva yakwana....nyama yeganda izwa ngeyako

rodney - 3 December 2014

Reason, Mujuru is corrupt, like all Zanu p.f. bigwigs. However, the greatest thief is Mugabe himself. Grace defrauded the VIP housing scheme and it collapsed. They took $8 million from the Reserve Bank for their dairy equipment and the central bank can no longer function as it should. They have more than 10 farms between them. They do not even pay their Zesa bills and the economy is now in doldrums because of power shortages. They all steal because Mugabe started it. In fact, Mugabe doesn't even talk about Mujuru's corruption. He only talks about her as a treat to the throne.

Abbie - 3 December 2014

@Jongwe you couldn't have said it better, if these guys are rough with senior party members wat about us ordinary citizens? Anyway wat does Mugabe mean by asking where is everyone, doesn't he know that his henchmen have been working round the clock to fulfill his wish of getting rid of anyone who is a threat to him staying in power?

Irvin - 3 December 2014

She was stupid to have her husband killed by the same people she eats with on the same table and continue to serve with them .She now fears for her life because she knows who is who and kills how ,she has been part and parcel of the murderous curtail she must face the music,zvibike wega nemafuta ako iwe nguruve ,long live your troubles madam president,where were you when people were mauled by killer dogs in chiyadzwa,where you own everthing

Chaparadza - 3 December 2014

Do not be decieved fellow Zimbabweans. The drama in Zanu is a paradox of the devil and his angels. This is a stuation where the devil has decided to fire one of his senior angels. Of what benefit is that to mankind. He is simply attempting to divert attention from the real issue. He remains the achitect and the leader of the rebellion and hence remains the subject of the matter. To whose benefit should mankind be drawn into simpathy with the fired angel of the devil? Don't forget she is the devil's angel. Does that act exonerate the devil himself? What value does this add to our well being? Fellow Zimbos keep check on the devil and don't allow your attention to be diverted otherwise we are being taken for a ride. Ndapedza hangu......................

Hiha - 3 December 2014

Every dog has its day... kana GRACE zvichamuwana zvino woti kushaya book,vana madofo,mukwasha dofo.Wat will she become kana RGM aenda??Mobuto wept for the Congo nguva yakwana.God helps those who help themselves its about time we changed our stance as Zimbabweans.....Capitalists ideology that is so they can serve their own interests.....Real Guerillas fight back but vana Joyce mabatsirwa kunangisa pfuti muhondo ne ma General mozoitwa vakadzi and here u are.Thank the Lord you are an educated woman nit ur rival asina 5 olive but has a doctorate.

Ruva - 3 December 2014

ZANU PF is a crinimal organisation...this is an unprecedented circus. Well done mai DisGrace and Jonathan Moyo you have managed to destroy ZANU once and for all. Mugabe thinks people will believe his nonsense???

Garikayi - 3 December 2014

Pazvanga zvichi fire madam President vanga vari mwii zvino hezvo- Chawana muzako chapita mawa chiri kwaiwe

Nyamhangambiri - 3 December 2014

One can't help but feel for the despondent Vice President, but then it's the same kind of feeling we had for Tsvangirai when he was being called all kinds of derogatory names.The truth of the matter is that ZANU PF has stayed in the war/battle mode from the 1970s, they have carried on in that mode right up until today. Soon after Independence they were on Muzorewa and Nkomo's case, then , then Sithole, then Tsvangirai and now Mujuru. When they are done with Mujuru they will again turn against one of their own, this isn't the end of it. Another faction battle is looming with those loyal to Mnangagwa set against another yet to be formed faction that currently hasn't come out in the open. Instead of waging war against poverty, brain drain, unemployment, poor service delivery, de-industrialisation and other such social ills, they are at each other's throat not to fight for the betterment of the country's social welfare, but for self enrichment. The sooner they wipe each other out the better for all of us, it won't be a moment too soon.

Dr Know - 3 December 2014


kadhara - 3 December 2014

Everyone is in the curse of vote of no confidence or in suspension why forgetting so soon.

The Atomic - 3 December 2014

Sekeramayi was one of the architects of Gukurahundi, after "discovering" arms caches in Matebeleland together with Mnangagwa and state media scribes. Unfortunately the country believed them then..... why is it hard to believe that Mujuru wanted to kill Mugabe? Zanu people want to enjoy our sympathy for nothing, yet they have been dishing bitter medicine to us over the last 34 years. Let them beat, arrest, kill and maim one another. Nothing new

Nduna - 3 December 2014

Yesterday i passed by zanu pf hq i saw very dirty young men and you women . they was a group of youngsters zanu youth just on the road to Sheraton Hotel which was smoking mbaje in full view , i was so touched by the lives of these young people which have been totally destroyed by zanu . To my surprise the youngsters never bothered to demonstrate outside the venue of zanu congress demanding for jobs , service deliveries from Mugabe and his cdes , As i walked into the hotel i had no doubt that was a new generation of Mugabe zombies .

Diibulaanyika - 3 December 2014

The plan was to try and get Joice Mujuru to resign before congress but she has not resigned so Mugabe has decided to push her out. He was using the wife and other people hoping Mujuru would feel the heat and resign. Why have a meeting with security chiefs and so-called war veterans? Trying to get them to hate Mujuru. The man is a coward. When he was addressing the security chiefs and so-called war veterans there were heavies standing around just in case someone tries to attack Mugabe. The question is why would you need heavies to protect you when you are among your own supporters? This nonsense about Mujuru trying to assassinate him is just a cock-and-bull story which only the mentally challenged will believe. How some people can believe such nonsense is beyond me. Until people realise that they are being used by a power-hungry nut in the name of pan-Africanism then there will not be any progress. 34 years of unparalleled destruction and the man still clings on.

Musona - 3 December 2014

Daily News - A WORD OF ADVICE - When people like Eddie Cross write articles about life before black rule compared to the modern era the you should make it the lead story. Eddie Cross puts facts across as there were like I always do. Eddie Cross is a repository of information. He worked for the Agricultural Marketing Authority in the mid-70s later General Manager of Diary Marketing Board and CSC. He knows what works and what doesn't. The civil service was a lean and mean 67,000 in 1980, now it's a bloated and inefficient 250,000 and nothing works and nobody is saying “Hang on - what's going on here?” All they bang on about is “liberation war” they never won, which was not necessary and which has only brought unnecessary suffering.

Musona - 3 December 2014

Zanu pf is brutal and cunning. They dont want mujuru and her allies and they have achieved that. Further more they still "OWN" and control mujuru and company. I don't know what mujuru fears about her life. For donkey years she was part this brutal system which brutalised democratic and progressing people and she said nothing. The only thing keeping mugabe in power is Unlimited offers in zanu. The right to steal and corrupion. The right to kill. The imunity to laws. All at the expense of ordinary citizens. Mugabe can fire all of them and tomorrow all stractures will be full with people cheering and clapping hands for mugabe.Mujuru's crime is that she has accumulated to much wealth and others wants to eat. Mugabe will die in office and zanu will die with him. Noone wants to remove mugabe because they all dont subscribe to democratic values.

X-MAN IV - 3 December 2014

"Eddie Cross puts facts across as they were like I always do".

Musona - 3 December 2014

regai vabayane

shingy - 4 December 2014

Convenant keeping God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac may you rise and rescue your people from the satanic hold of Zanu PF in the name of Jesus-amen

Abused and Tired - 4 December 2014

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dr - 4 December 2014

what is all this hullabaloo for? It is about protecting selfish insatiable appettite for continued theft by just a few individuals purporting to support mugabe . If mai mujuru is corrupt, it means the whole party during its entire existance was an accomplice and signatory to malpractices. who do you think you can woodwink let alone those blind followers who can not visualise that mugabe wants to be surrounded by dead wood, All his immediate leftnants are dull for easy of manipulation .

mukanya - 4 December 2014

Chimbuya chakashainira vashandi veNRZ pamwe naGoche nhasi chave kuoneswa moto.Test your own medicine of being cruel to 6000+ employees. Your political carrier is over.

chombo - 4 December 2014

what is all this hullabaloo for? It is about protecting selfish insatiable appettite for continued theft by just a few individuals purporting to support mugabe . If mai mujuru is corrupt, it means the whole party during its entire existance was an accomplice and signatory to malpractices. who do you think you can woodwink let alone those blind followers who can not visualise that mugabe wants to be surrounded by dead wood, All his immediate leftnants are dull for easy of manipulation .

mukanya - 4 December 2014

No victory here, an old 91 year old man fighting a toothless widow. Mugabe has always wanted a one party state and when that failed, he has now finally achieved a one Man party

Phibion - 4 December 2014

When Makoni realised that there was nothing left in Zanupf,he moved out. He did the right thing. He saw that virtually everything that represented his principles and ideologies had been eroded in that organisation. When he moved out, some so called heavyweights pretended to back him,and gave a false impression that They were going to move out with him. And when the time arrived,all The so called heavyweights chickened out leaving Makoni to move out alone. Nonetheless he moved out. And when he did so, he did so wholeheartedly. He did leave one foot inside, while the other was outside. He did regret it. He wasn't apologetic. The same can be said of Dabengwa. Unfortunately the same can't be said of Mujuru and clan.Mujuru and clan have numbers on their side they can capitalise on that. Sadly they are cowards, so afraid they wish the earth can consume them. They are running for dear life. They cannot stand up against the dictator and his deranged wife. They wish he would wake up one day and say "Your sins are forgiven ". Unfortunately for them, their boss is unforgiving he will NEVER forgive them. If given a chance they'd go begging him for forgiveness despite all what he has done to them.

mosquito - 4 December 2014

Mujuru must leave ZANUPF , thats my little advice to this beleagured widow! The political curse is on Mujuru's tide now.. The Mujuru story has been going on for about a year now and the damage done the widow's image is irretreavable. She cant help it but just to watch as power monkers carelessly demolish what took her years to build. So to save her illustrous political career she got to call it quits.. If she hangs on, soon she will be next at heroes acre where phrases like 'mother zimbabwe', daughter of the soil', and 'gallant female fighter, or 'the new mbuyanehanda' would be coined in her honor. But she would be gone, period..

freefall - 4 December 2014

He didn't leave one foot inside,while the other was outside.

mosquito - 4 December 2014

He didn't regret it

mosquito - 4 December 2014

@Kadhara nyaya yemasvosve yawataura yandityisa

Joe Banana - 4 December 2014

there is nothing wrong that mai muguru has done,she has the support of big guys in zanu pf who the need for Zimbabwe with Mugabe out.mugabe is the stambling block to delelopment of our loved nation.

mutero - 4 December 2014

May God's will be done in Zimbabwe.

fire - 4 December 2014

Prophet Maxillar Mumo warns Zimbabweans on 12&13 July this year and he said the big voices will soon become irrelevant in Zimbabwe and this will happen across political,business,social ,religious and media circles.He further lamented that Zpf will put its own leader but that will not hold water as the leader will not represent God's will.God is thanking Zimbos for our unmatched patience for his time is now and for all that is happening God is with us and he is allowing it to happen for it will bring liberation to millions.God is asking us not to hold grudges or become violent or being vengeful for vengeance is his and him alone .We are a chosen nation only comparable to the children of Israel during Moses's days.Prophet Mumo said Zimbabwe will become great economically and its children will rule the world.Let's pray for this is the time.

nyongolo - 4 December 2014

Jesu akati anenge asina kumbotadza ngaatange kurova pfambi yaiva yaunzwa kwaari ndobva atanga zvake kunyora pasi. Paakazosimudza musoro akaona asara iye nepfambi. Zvino Mubvunzo unoti asiri mbavha muZANU PF ngaatange kutora kene vese akatadzira President. You will find kuti not even one is clean

CMC - 4 December 2014

You thought it would end with gukurahundi and your hated Mandeveres? Enjoy ZANU PF Gukurahundis. This will teach you a lesson; that, in the end tribalism doesn't pay!!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 4 December 2014

This just shows the greediness of the 90 year old. The man has no peace, the gukurahundi madness is giving him sleepless nights shouldhe retire. The 2002 election robbery and killinhs haunt him. Neither Mujuru nor Munangagwa wl rise to the occassion. One thing pple dont realise is that parliament is mugabe, politburo is the same man, zanuvis not a party himself, judiciary is himself, when he dies Everything zanu is dead. God vindicate your people and raise a standard against this enermy. Show this man you run the affairs of this world.

Mqabuko - 6 December 2014

Something sinister you people realise how tribalistic Zanu is ? How come noone from Zapu has ever been linked to Presidency of the country? Is nt this a true reflection of Ndebeles being treated as second class citizens? Could this be the reason why Jonathan says "they have the bodies of elephants but they think like rats" they are content that Zanu does not consider them as Presidential material..........what a shame, a disgrace and a coward bunch of idiots who like dogs have bn silenced with bones. Ndebeles are not represented at all in Zanu pf. Zanu pf has continued to oppress the Ndebeles.......this too is just a temporary setback........Freedom is still coming for Zimbabweans. The Zanu pf's evil machine has started grinding its own. Even Mugabe wont survive this evil machine this time around. This is the beginning of the end for the generation of looters.

Mqabuko - 6 December 2014

She fears for her life indeed its Jojo time for you ,what you did unto others is now the very same medicine now being used to treat you take it .As for you Matibili your Nurenburg will come

dyslectic - 9 December 2014

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