Daily News kicked out of Mugabe briefing

HARARE - The Daily News, the biggest selling newspaper in the country, was yesterday barred from covering President Robert Mugabe’s briefing after his meeting with the security chiefs at the Zanu PF headquarters.

As tension builds ahead of the party’s congress, the Daily News has become the authoritative voice in Zimbabwe and the most sought after newspaper for sticking to it’s motto of Telling it like it is, without fear or favour.

Before Mugabe’s briefing, journalists from the Daily News and Zimbabwe Mail were chased out.

But The Herald, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), Star FM and ZiFm were allowed to cover.

In the past, First Lady, Grace Mugabe has attacked the Daily News saying it was writing negative things about her and warned that the popular newspaper would face the consequences.

In 2003, the Daily News was unjustly closed down and before that the newspaper's printing press was bombed and police have not yet made arrests.


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"As tension builds ahead of the party's congress, the Daily News has become the authoritative voice in Zimbabwe and the most sought after newspaper for sticking to it's motto of Telling it like it is, without fear or favour.'' IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT, THEN YOU NEED SERIOUS AND EXTENSIVE PSYCHIATRIST EVALUATION, YOU GONE TOTALLY NUTS. A NORMAL GATHERING WOULD NOT ALLOW AN ABNORMAL DAILY REPORTER. THAT WAS VERY CORRECT.

reason - 3 December 2014

reason the weevil.

antireason - 3 December 2014

makazonyanyawo kumira na dr simpleton actually you were her mouthpiece

ngwena ngwena - 3 December 2014

No matter what our feelings are, muffling media is not an acceptable thing in a democratic country. However, beating your chest as the most followed newspaper in the country smacks of a fertile imagination. You certainly have been very partisan in your reportage. One needs to read other titles to get a fuller appreciation in the country.

Tony - 3 December 2014

The guilty are always afraid!!

Mike - 3 December 2014


The Atomic - 3 December 2014

Reason you are an unrepentant, kum guzzling karnt!

John Madhir' - 3 December 2014

Zanu PF cadres are totally paranoid. One clear mental disorder is their collective hatred of being exposed, and of the truth. They treat the general populace as if they are imbeciles, just like their own lobotomized followers. In the Zanu pf doctrine you never hear the words intelligence, integrity, or professionalism. ~ { this applies to the real meaning of these words, and NOT to Zanu pf's codified slang known as Zimlish }.

Hugo Chavez-Pamiri - 3 December 2014

the daily cake may have shown bias towards the vp in their coverage but that is exactly what the herald does for the other camp. in fact, daily cake provides a balance so people can see the whole story. nothing wrong with that.

tula - 3 December 2014

Some may interpret the Daily News coverage of Mujuru as political bias - and it may be - but the paper is bringing to the public's attentionm the brutality and thuggery that is being used (this time against people within the ruling party, but has been used against opposition parties in the past) to keep the current ZANU-PF leadership in power. Zimbabweans (within and outside ZANU-PF) should not be subjected to this kind of intimidation. Thank you to the Daily News. This is not a Mujuru phenomenon - the same techniques have been used again and again (both within ZANU_PF and against opponents of ZANU-PF) to keep the current President in power.

david taylor - 3 December 2014

I wonder why reason who excels at arse licking the first family reads the daily news on a daily basis.

Abbie - 3 December 2014

Ana reason , mnxiiii you are the most avid reader of Daily News tibvireiapa. You remind me of the madman who used to chase students all the way to their school gate in Harare , only to catch up with them , and say "chisveru"...and run away .All that energy you expend defending mahumbwe ...

kizito - 3 December 2014

For always telling it like it it is without adding or spicing up anything, Daily News had to be kicked out. How do you think they feel when they know that we are well informed about the real unorganised thugs that they are. This is one big gathering of the whole lot, it wouldn't feel right and moral for them to see a dosing President surrounded by heckling rubble rousers disguised as delegates splashed on the front page of a leading daily newspaper tomorrow morning?

Dr Know - 3 December 2014

regai reason anakirwewo ne bepa nhau iri. ndiye angadewo ku saririra kuti zvaita sei? he/she is another of the happy daily news customers. well done lance and co.

zvirozviyedzwa - 3 December 2014


peter george - 3 December 2014

It's a scientific fact; for every year a person living in Mugabwe reads the Herald and watches ZBC, they lose two points of their IQ.

BitiMaOrange - 3 December 2014

What some of these Mugabwean, Goblin worshipers lack in intelligence, they more than make up for stupidity.

GumboR - 3 December 2014

Think of how stupid the average person in Mugabwe is, and realize that two thirds of them in zanu are stupider than that.

Treason Mugabe - 3 December 2014

No rational fair-minded person would write in support of Mugabe & ZPF so one can only conclude that they are not. In fact they will reap the same world wind that Mujuru, Sekeramayi & the rest of their clique are reaping at the moment. There isn't much to celebrate in this Godforsaken country but seeing them get their comeuppance is most welcome!!

saundy - 3 December 2014

Some Simbabweans ignorantly blame their President for their own incapacity. You should realize, 95% of the Problems in your Country are the result of rotten neocolonialism, think illegal sunctions imposed by Germany and others. Your President is one of the greatest leaders in Africa! Don´t throw all your resources at the devils feet.

Athur von Tuempling - 3 December 2014

In any country, a progressing and independent media house is of importance. In zim, Daily news is a neccessity. Governemnt's accountabilty is zero as such a non partisan media house is required. Kicking out journalist will not change the inevitable and its coming. There is life and infact a good one after mugabe. I have no doubt even when any other political party rule this country, daly news will still maintain this status of unbiased reporting and hold government to accountability. State media will always dance to ruling party's tune.

X-MAN IV - 3 December 2014

Your President is one of the greatest leaders in Africa! Don´t throw all your resources at the devils feet. Athur von Tuempling -What the hell are you smoking situta?

Dr DL - 4 December 2014

I read all Zimbabwean newspapers everyday, including the online newspapers. I will be brutally honest with you. The Daily News is one of the worst if not the very worst. It competes with the www.zimeye.com for that prize. I am sure you already know that so I will not bother giving you more specific and more elaborate feedback except to say that the very fact that you claim to be the best selling newspaper in Zimbabwe is in itself evidence of the extent you are prepared to sacrifice the truth in pursuit of shadowy goals.

winner - 4 December 2014

With all due respect, there is no newspaper in this world that is not biased. Some are left, others right leaning. Hapana nyaya apa.

scot - 4 December 2014

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