Mujuru's poser!

HARARE - Some supporters of Vice President Joice Mujuru are apparently trying to persuade her to pull out of Zanu PF’s congress this week, after the host province Harare objected to her attendance, claiming she is at the heart of a murky plot to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

But the embattled Mujuru, whom the rival Emmerson Mnangagwa faction says should be arrested on treason charges, is still expected to attend the congress that will anoint a new leadership team around Mugabe, that will carry the party forward in the next five years.

Harare province, home to hardliners such as provincial youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe, is not only seeking a complete clean-out of all officials perceived to be sympathetic to Mujuru, but is also stepping up its pressure to bar Mujuru from attending the damp squib “elective” congress altogether.

“Many comrades feel that given the thuggery that is going on in the party and the flagrant mutilation of the (party) constitution, it is a waste of time for her (Mujuru) to attend congress.

“Zvipfukuto (weevils) have decided, and have been supported in this insane project by the powers that be, that she must fall, so what is the point of her attending if not just to be humiliated further there,” said a central committee member.

But the official added that, “knowing Mai Mujuru the way I do, she is too loyal and disciplined to consciously and wilfully avoid such an important gathering”.

Didymus Mutasa, Zanu PF secretary for administration, declined to comment on whether Mujuru would attend or be allowed to attend the congress yesterday, referring all questions to acting spokesperson and party chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, who was not reachable.

But the controversial Gomwe, whose star has been on the rise since the worsening ructions in the faction-torn party exploded a few months ago, insisted yesterday that Mujuru and her allies would be barred from attending the congress.

“Let me ask you, have they ever apologised for their treasonous behaviour?” Gomwe asked.

“The answer is no. This means that they still harbour their ill and treasonous ambitions. We expected them to go to the president and apologise.

“Since they didn’t do that, there is no congress for them. They can go to Dotito (Mujuru’s rural home),” he added.

The arch-follower of Mugabe’s feisty wife, Grace, also said barring Mujuru from the congress would neither engineer a crisis nor cause confusion within the party.

“What confusion are you talking about? When they wanted to kill our president, was there no confusion? Why then are you seeing confusion when we want to bar them from the congress?” he asked.

Gomwe also said Harare’s image would allegedly “plummet” if the province did not bar Mujuru from the congress.

Grace and the State-controlled media have openly accused Mujuru of corruption, fanning factionalism and treason among many other accusations which the beleaguered Zanu PF number two has staunchly denied.

“I stand ready to defend myself before the party, and in any court of law on any of the allegations made against me, at any time, in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe,” Mujuru said in a November 16 statement.

The pressure on Mujuru by some of her supporters not to attend this week’s congress comes as it emerges that serious anxiety has gripped Zanu PF and her supporters as the VP’s continued tenure as Mugabe’s number two appears increasingly fragile, amid fears of a heightened clampdown on all her perceived allies.

The apprehension engulfing the Mujuru camp was given impetus by ominous State media reports last week exhorting law enforcement agencies to arrest the beleaguered VP’s allies who had been accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

A politburo member sympathetic to the under-fire VP told the Daily News on Sunday at the weekend that most supporters of the 59-year-old widow were now living in “palpable” fear, amid the ongoing brutal purges of party officials perceived to be close to her, as well as the “chilling” arrest of deposed war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda on Friday.

“It’s terrible out there. The unconstitutional and perplexing purges of party officials all round has sent a message to all that you sympathise with Mai Mujuru at your own peril.

“The chilling arrest of Jabulani (Sibanda) has heightened people’s anxiety that a serious clampdown is underway to pummel all her supporters through both fair and foul means.

“What is even more frightening is that no one knows where all this will end and who is safe or not,” the senior official said.

A central committee member said he could not wait for the party’s congress to “come and go”.

“I for one just want this rubbish congress to come and go as it is the cause of all this senseless infighting which is happening just a year after we destroyed (Morgan) Tsvangirai and the MDC.

“I’ve no doubt that when the power mongers have got what they want (unfettered power) at congress, relative peace will return to the party,” he said.

Sibanda was arrested in Bulawayo on Friday afternoon, amid authoritative State media reports that he is going to be charged Under Section 33 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act which criminalises the undermining of Mugabe’s authority.

“Sibanda’s arrest prompted calls for the arrest of Zanu PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa and ousted Manicaland provincial chairman John Mvundura in whose company Jabulani Sibanda accused the president of plotting a ‘bedroom coup’ and threatened to march to State House to confront him,” said the State-controlled Herald and Chronicle newspapers in synchronised front page stories on Saturday.

Amid all this, speculation also reached fever pitch in the past few days, particularly after Mujuru missed last Wednesday’s politburo meeting, that she was now so despondent that she was allegedly close to quitting her government post.

There was also mounting speculation that Mugabe was set to effect a major shake-up of his administration — at all levels of government, including the composition of the Cabinet, civil service and the security sectors, soon after Zanu PF’s “damp squib elective” congress scheduled for this week, in an endeavour to get rid of all perceived Mujuru supporters.

A Harare daily, owned by a Cabinet minister who is believed to belong to the anti-Mujuru camp, reported at the weekend that “among those expected to be kicked out of government would be permanent secretaries and security chiefs, with some accused of leaking sensitive issues to aid Mujuru’s ascendency to power”.

The paper added that the far-reaching purges would also affect the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Comments (51)

Ana Gomwe kufarisa kusina wakutoshandisa zita ramai Mugabe zvisiri izvo uchitora mastands muBUDIRIRO panzvimbo dzisina kukodzera kuvakwa iwe.imhosva yakakumiririra iyoyo.dzungu ita shoma

guest - 1 December 2014

mai Mujuru just deserves respect.

gwabu - 1 December 2014

Those who never participated in the war of liberation are shouting loudest disrespecting veterans

T DZVAIRO - 1 December 2014

Uyu anonzi Gomwe ane dzungu. That congress is over in a few days and he would have outlived his usefulness. Dzikamai blazo. Muchashandiswa saJabu

Munhu - 1 December 2014

"Sorry President I wanted to murder you, but because you have caught me, I am sorry and won't do it again" Which kind of country does this

s shumba - 1 December 2014

I love the daily news for swaering to die together with mai mujuru, just like it died with chematama. Mujuru had resurrected the daily news but oof, together they are going to be buried.

reason - 1 December 2014

If Mai Mujuru is brave enough this is the time to win the war, She just has to go to the congress vasina security and those youth will beat her up and at the edn of the day we will be sympathetic and she will win a lot of heart. Inyaya yehondo even Tsvangirai paakarohwa it boosted his CV

Robert - 1 December 2014

Ko nyika ino yakatangwa na mai Mujuru here? Hapana chino chinja kana joice akadzingwa mu Zanupf. joice akatanga kuziva zanu kupera kwa 1970s.

Der - 1 December 2014

The sad and sorrowful thing is Mai Mujuru is being persecuted for what her late husband did. The general did not brook any nonsense and was one of the few who could tell Mugabe to shut up. But then now he is gone, she is the easiest victim around. Why did Grace and her family not challenge Gen Mujuru about corruption and owning mines when he was still alive? I know the family reasonably well and I cannot imagine Mai Mujuru even assassinating a chicken. Everyone also knows that the whole lot in ZPF is rotten and corrupt, including Grace. But this victimization of Mai Mujuru is really shameless.

Chenjerai Hove - 1 December 2014

Mai Mujuru beware! Daily news is dangerous - it is stabbing your back!

dungas - 1 December 2014

Chenjerai Hove, you cannot imagine Mai Mujuru even assassinating a chicken ? Wasn't it her and her government that assassinated ( MURDERED ) 20,000 th of Zimbabwe's citizens? It just goes to show that in zanu pf a chicken is worth much more than a human life.

ronaldos - 1 December 2014

Despite her background, some have had difficulty in understanding her utterances. In reply she says “English is not my first language." Although English it is purportedly to be the official national evil colonialist language that only the emerged world bothers to deals with. Since Zimbabwe is cleansing itself of alleged evil influence, it may be time to remove western languages from all intelligent interchange or discourse in Zimbabwe. Thabo Mbeki will likely approve this renaissance commitment to the stone-age. He will be able to create many job opportunities to dialogue with his satellite state. Joyce Mujuru "Teurai Ropa”, Zimbabwe's newly-appointed first vice president, recently said it is a priority to engage the international community in order to restore the country's battered image abroad. She allegedly said that her priority is to really want the British to toe the line on what they agreed to with ZANU(PF) at Lancaster. She had earlier urged farm invaders to go and return with "blood-soaked T-shirts and shorts of white farmers and any of their black collaborators". Mujuru, being a typical Zanu PF stalwart, has a proven track record to be a non-improver of the nation. In the minds of many are her failures on Water Affairs matters, her unexposed real marital status, and why her children have hypocritical chosen to improve themselves in the precincts of the civilized world rather than leading and championing local youth brigades that her Party actively sponsors.. With Thabo Mbeki's support and compliance Mujuru already enjoys the trappings of power. Comrade Spill blood purportedly owns several farms that may not be formally or legally registered, sits in the back of a chauffeur driven Mercedes-Benz and takes her holidays in Cape Town with her alleged husband, still known to millions of people as "the general".

Admore Shekede - 1 December 2014

CONTINUED.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-We remember how Chinese company CAMC allegedly Zimbabwe was prejudiced of about US$930 574 as reported on in May 2001. We remember the Spanish loan funds to the construction of Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam in Masvingo in July 2001. We remember the multi-billion-dollar Kunzvi Dam project visional in 2001 that has yet to be launched. This venture would actually have sustained Harare for a while longer. We remember her deluded claim in March 2005 that sanctions imposed against Zimbabwe by Britain and its allies have delayed the construction of dams for irrigation in the country We remember from April 2005 when she said it was Government's desire to see that every Zimbabwean gets land, a thing which can only be achieved when people work together with the Government. We remember from March 2005 that Cde Mujuru also announced that more than 30 000 housing stands had been serviced by the Government in Bulawayo to reduce the housing backlog which now stands at 70 000. So far there is no proven witness to this allegation. She further asserted that projects such as the Shangani Dam, which will be complete in the next 18 months, as some of the ventures that will uplift the region. Watch and wait for reality. In March 2005, whilst witnessing the commissioning of Mutema Irrigation Scheme in Chipinge, Cde Mujuru said the Government had plans to build more dams for irrigation, but sanctions imposed on the country were a snag. Sadly Mujuru cannot differentiate between well-known selective sanctions such as international travel imposed against leaders of an alleged evil regime versus natural inclinations by civilized persons to avoid investment and non-delivery payment by pariah or insecure African states...

Admore Shekede - 1 December 2014

People have to understand the massacres in Matebeleland and Midlands in their total contexts. General Mujuru refused to command the brigade and it was commanded by Prerence Shiri under the direct command of Mr Mugabe as the prime minister and minister of defence. If you look at all the statements issued by government over the massacres, General Mujuru never made any statement. I talked to him and asked him why he did not make a statement and he told me that the whole operation was under the prime minister, and not him.

Chenjerai Hove - 1 December 2014

Ana Gomwe mahwindi. No skuru, no brains. Basa nderekushamarara.

selele - 1 December 2014

Ana Godwin Gomwe, ndimi vanhu vachatiza nyika zvikashanduka zvamurikutsigira izvi. Zvichiti cash yacho hauna unopoterepi? Mumbare chaimo unenge waakutadza kumutsika umo. Kungokuruma wo nzeve zvako nekuti meso aya aona zvakawanda. Mayouth ari progressive haashandiswe anomira ega pachokwadi chaanoziva, kwete kutotutumadza chipfuva kuti yeh yeh yeh pavaironga kuuraya President vakati pwitiri pwitiri! Tichakunzwira tsitsi pamberi apo zvichida ukazopihwawo 90 years umm unoita kunge uchadziramba!

Bindu Mupindu - 1 December 2014

For your information, this talkative Gomwe has a forged O'Level certificate which he used to register as a councilor in the elections he lost last in July 2013, He should play it low, otherwise Zimsec hero basa, a public with a forged certificate, itai basa,

Silent Observer - 1 December 2014

To my own obsevation,Mugabe is a father he must not tollarate nonsense from grace , he must focuse on what he promised people before Elections and forget about this Mrs pamire she is just there for Disstraction

allfie ndex ndex - 1 December 2014

Bravo to you Chenjerai Hove. May your pen continue to grow stronger as you continue to tell it like it is wherever you are in the diaspora.

Khumalo - 1 December 2014

Bravo to you Chenjerai Hove, wherever you are in the diaspora, and may your mighty pen continue to get stronger. Indeed, one day Zimbabwe will come right, nomakanjani.

Khumalo - 1 December 2014

Apparently Gomwe zigomwe chairo risina brain kana yehwiza zvayo. Kushaya pfungwa kwakadai kunotyisa. "Use and dump" policy ye Zanu haaizive mfana uyu. Zanu chiwororo for sure and its a matter of time asati awororwa nayo Zanu Pf Mafia.

Gumiremiseve - 1 December 2014

Why don't ZanuPF officials who have been fired and those who are going to be fired get together and form their own ZanuPF Renewal? They could call their faction ZanuPF(JM). Why hang around when it's fait accompli that they have no future in the Mugabe set up? What a bunch of fools! When the likes of Leopold Takawira, Ndabaningi Sithole, Nkala , Henry Hamadziripi, Mukudzei Midzi, Herbert Chitepo, and Edgar Tekere could not get along well with Nkomo in 1963 they got together and formed their own party, Zanu. Mugabe won't be around for too long. Once Mugabe is gone those tormenting the likes of Mujuru will be left at the mercy of those they are now tormenting. The country does not belong to the Mugabe family. Most in the Mugabe camp are not genuine supporters but people supporting to save their skins, they cannot wait to see the back of this man. This “Dr Amai” thing is not genuine. It doesn't matter who Mugabe appoints as his deputies, once he is gone there will be more jockeying for positions. Right now the false rallying cry is “You wanted to assassinate the president”, and when the president is gone it will be a free-for-all. The likes of Jonathan Moyo, Kaskuwere, Joao(Zhuwawo) and Grace do not stand a chance when Mugabe is gone.

Musona - 1 December 2014

Amai Mujuru makafamba nevanu ava nguva refu but its time to let go. vakurasai nhasi accept it and move on. munoziva maweekness avo so use it to yo advantage but makangwarira. ivo vanoti murimbavha even so if its true vaivepi nguva dzese vachiona huwori hwenyu vakanyara zvavo. tinozviziva kuti zvizhinji kwazvo zvavakaita zvamunoziva imi. tik for tat let it be. tipakurireiwo zvamunoziva, kana makambozvipira kusiya nyika yababa muchienda moza kunodzidzira kurwira Dzimbabwe rufu makatarisa narwo kwenyu kungwara here makapukunyuka muhondo? Mugabe haasi Zimbabwe asi kuti Zimbabwe ndini, ndimi, ndiye nevamwe vose kusanganisirwa nevachazvara even 50 years from now.

munhu - 1 December 2014

Mai Mujuru it's okay. It was fine when Mnangagwa was humiliated in 2004 and most of those provincial chairmen expelled. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Enjoy Mai Mujuru you deserve Mugabe

Nduna - 1 December 2014

VP Mujuru is a very disciplined cadre - she knows clearly that she was appointed by Mugabe & Mugabe alone shall fire her! Mugabe is actually confused by the whole scenario.

Mhofu Chaiyo - 1 December 2014

Mai Mujuru if I were you I would not even bother to attend such a Demonic Congress.Leave these dirty Politicians do there dirty Congress but the truth will always come out no matter what they can do. The whole of Zimbabwe now knows how Dirty Robert Mugabe is but remember he has to hang himself with his dirty works,that's my advise to you

Karigamombe - 1 December 2014

Musona - I could not have put it better

david taylor - 1 December 2014

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chiremba - 2 December 2014

And the winner in all this is....... Yes you guessed right: R G M!

Legend - 2 December 2014

Lets all respect the job well done by the Mujuru family kusunungura nyika ino anaGomwe muri mundani mana amai venyu council is watching u neland yeBudiriro yawakapamba uchibira vanhu maridzavo zvichakudzokera and we wont allow such notorious thing to be happened in Harare izuva bedzi mai Mujuru did a lot in this country you and i must respect that tinyararirei apo

fireman - 2 December 2014

Yekela izinja zilumane. They have been biting us for too long, its their turn to tear each other to pieces. I wish someone could pick up the pieces,spice them nicely and feed them to the lions.

Vulture - 2 December 2014

Border Gezi, Robson Manyika, Cain Nkala,Chenjerai Hunzwi,jabulani Sibanda, etc---- what do these used condoms remind us of ?

Vulture - 2 December 2014

My brother JONO, you are doing a sterling job. One more push, Zanu pF is history.

Vulture - 2 December 2014

Its important to do away with a notion that there is a " moderate thief", " Moderate killer" if the country is to start on a rightful path. Mujuru is a beneficiary of this evil, brutal and corrupt system. A better zim does not need mujuru, mugabes, and the rest of zanu pf clan. Mujuru should have known better that "liberation values" comes with side effects. The fact that Mujuru and her allies are stuck in zanu shows their true colours. She has been number two in command, and people have been mudered, tortured and the economy is dead. Mujuru is not a saint. It is of no value to country at large wether she attends congress or not. Unless mujuru stands up and speaks of Rule of law, Democracy, Human rights, democratic language and what she thinks of recent brutal attacks of KENNEDY, ITAI and others maybe wecan start talking.

X-MAN IV - 2 December 2014

Its important to do away with a notion that there is a " moderate thief", " Moderate killer" if the country is to start on a rightful path. Mujuru is a beneficiary of this evil, brutal and corrupt system. A better zim does not need mujuru, mugabes, and the rest of zanu pf clan. Mujuru should have known better that "liberation values" comes with side effects. The fact that Mujuru and her allies are stuck in zanu shows their true colours. She has been number two in command, and people have been mudered, tortured and the economy is dead. Mujuru is not a saint. It is of no value to country at large wether she attends congress or not. Unless mujuru stands up and speaks of Rule of law, Democracy, Human rights, democratic language and what she thinks of recent brutal attacks of KENNEDY, ITAI and others maybe we can start talking.

X-MAN IV - 2 December 2014

Its funny when the tables turn ,the same Zanu that has crushed democracy mercilessly ,is now crying for democracy in its own party .The same Zanu Pf is now wanting to look at their constitution, when they don't bother to look at the country's constitution. Shame Shame Shame

NgwenavsTeurai - 2 December 2014

What do we see when we look at Zimbabwe? What fruit do we see? Is it good fruit or is it bad fruit? I have heard it said that no one is bigger than ZPF. yes there is! God is bigger than ZPF. It is a sad fact that over many years many of us have urged ZPF and individuals therein to repent and change their ways. Has anyone listened??? There comes a time in the Lords where our cup of sin becomes full and judgment comes. That judgment began in 2000 and has gone all through this nation. That judgment will not stop at ZPF because to whom much is given much is expected. They will be held responsible. Zimbabwe does not belong to a political party and it certainly does not belong to one man; it belongs to God. And ZPF are taking what is not theirs to take. We must wake up and stop putting people on a pedestal. God will knock them off. Now Mujuru knows a little of how Morgan feels. Anyone in Zimbabwe should have a free and secure right to challenge any leader for any position, peacefully and constitutionally. But that right does not exist in Zimbabwe. Mr RGM thinks he is the only one. He is not. God is the only ONE!

Maid Marion - 2 December 2014

Problem is we have gushungoed this country so everybody want to associate with this gushungo thing, unfortunately this clan has had its time and it time to go and van Gomwe I am sorry humbavha huchati hokudzokerai with no protection muchachema henyu, but isu ve zimbabwe we have a heart tarisa takutonzwira mai mujuru tsitsi, takunzwira Jabu tsitsi even when there are lots of their victims still nursing their wounds, but we have a heart tichazongokunzvira tsitsi hedu.

maita - 2 December 2014

“It's terrible out there. The unconstitutional and perplexing purges of party officials all round has sent a message to all that you sympathise with Mai Mujuru at your own peril.'' I quote , ok maakuona kuti zvaa unconstitutional nekuti zvaa kwavanyimo, pazvaiva kwavanzungu maipururudza, those are yo own laws,test yo own medicine.

pakaipa - 2 December 2014

AAAA ana mai mujuru makuda kunzwirwa tsitsi nhasi? what about mayouth amaituma achiponda vanhu kumash central?,,, i am from mash central am not tricked by your silly silence to get mercy from the general public, to hell with you and yo zanu pf gang of gay gangsters, but also i condemn this moron ifested government for double standards, why Joice has been a darling tichikupai sando dzeliberation muchiti hapana anopinda muhurumende asina maliberation war credentials and koo dr phd disgrace vakarwa hondo kupi? and its also demeaning kuti mawar veterans emashuwa are being disrespected pachuna nanakabias vasina hondo yavakrwa yamunogara muchitinyaudza nezvayo, saka torespecta ani manje?

treason - 2 December 2014

Ndabaningi Sithole, founding president of ZANU fell by the wayside but the party moved on. Enos Nkala and Edgar Tekere were expelled but the party moved on. The party is bigger than individuals from either faction

Muzvarwa - 2 December 2014

Ndabaningi Sithole, founding president of ZANU fell by the wayside but the party moved on. Enos Nkala and Edgar Tekere were expelled but the party moved on. The party is bigger than individuals from either faction

Muzvarwa - 2 December 2014

chenjerai hove is a coward. why exile? why not from within?

zindman - 3 December 2014

makuhwa,n,anga nemapositori zvauraya bato all of you munoswera murikun,anga ,Grace makuhwa

vince - 4 December 2014

When Chris Ushewokunze died in the 90s, it really cemented in my young mind that ZANU as a pipo and party were retrogressive, I know all the hundreds who have died unscrupulous deaths, but here was a young man doing his job well(minister of industry and commerce), and jealous set in in ZvANgU Pilfering Fockers, and he was dead, why......retrogression...others were killed for political purposes, They can change faces, but under Zvangu party things will remain the same. That is why we have leaders with 100 of upmarket houses and flats, ministers owning the whole of Mat North, for what, the same concept has ZVangu-nised the so called prophets, what do you need a Lamborghini for?, expensive suits and shoes for.....jealous?, what jealous, satan is running rings around us Zimbabweans, he first showed us the enemy as white skinned during war, we killed they killed, then independence come, to drink more blood satan said these ndebeles are out of line you cannot trust them, then the abattoir was opened in Mat/Midlands 92-97, when the ndebeles were subjugated, MDc was at the wrath of the satan personified in ZAnu, and boy dd pipo not bludgeon each other to death, then Keemun farm invasions, whites turn again to be roasted, then election time, SIbanda unleashed to kill wantonly , meanwhile pipo are being killed in ZAnu itself...that never stops..ZAnu ZaNu prostitute once declared....the common denominator in Zimbabwe is spillage of blood, peace time or war...blood run, more bloodbath coming, satan rules....we have allowed him to, 12 000 at congress for what, and you will find that three quarters of them are so called Christians, congress they are feteing Mugabe as their lord, come Saturday/ Sunday they call upon God as their lord and saviour....spiritual prostitution...imi anhu I I, choose whom you want to worship, Zvangu or our LOrd Jesus Christ, this is gravely serious....

Subtilty - 4 December 2014

Muzvarwa you are lost.Those three you mentioned chose Zimbabwe not Zanu pf.They went for the bigger cake.Zimbabwe will never corrupt nor falter but Zanu have,can and will.

nyongolo - 5 December 2014

By the way,Chenjerai Hove ,who from the leaders in ZANU PF in the early 1980s were among the group of dignitaries that went to North Korea after which visit we had the training of the 5th brigade?

sifelani - 7 December 2014

subtility, I think your dates are a little wrong.Massacres in Matabeleland happened in the 80s and only stopped when the J M N Nkomo led ZAPU was forced to sign a unity accord or risk the total wiping away of the targeted people in an operation code named GUkurahondo in December 1987

sifelani - 7 December 2014

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