Vultures circle Daily News again

HARARE - Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) — publishers of the Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday and the Weekend Post — says it has taken note of lapdog State media reports that Zanu-PF has approached the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) “to register a complaint” against the country’s leading daily, the Daily News.

The government-controlled Herald newspaper said yesterday that controversial Zanu PF Harare youth chairperson Godwin Gomwe had allegedly complained to the ZMC and the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ), on behalf of his party, over a story in which the popular daily graphically highlighted the party’s ugly and increasingly violent infighting.

The Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday were violently and unjustly shut down by President Robert Mugabe’s government in September 2003 for telling the Zimbabwean story like it is, without fear or favour.

ANZ was only given the green light to re-launch its newspapers after nearly eight years of the company’s forced closure.

Before the inappropriately-named Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Aippa) was hastily cobbled together and used to silence the Daily News then, the government had routinely harassed the inimitable paper and its staff, culminating in a heinous bombing of its printing presses in January 2001 by suspected State agents who were never brought to book.

Over the past three-and-a-half-years that the Daily News has been back, it has been hit with dozens of spurious and vexatious lawsuits, running into hundreds of millions of American dollars, by a number of Zanu PF bigwigs and others associated with the ruling party.

But very revealingly, none of the litigants have to date won a single case against the newspaper, with many of the cases often being withdrawn before they are heard in the courts.

First Lady Grace Mugabe has also been on a crusade against the Daily News in the past few weeks, going to the extent of lying brazenly and unashamedly that embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru holds a 10 percent stake in the paper — and that its writers were being bribed by her Zanu PF detractors to criticise her.

In yesterday’s Herald report, the paper said Gomwe had addressed his letter to ZMC chief executive officer Tafataona Mahoso and VMCZ executive director Loughty Dube, allegedly demanding a retraction and an apology from the paper.

Curiously, but typical of the modus operandi of a faction in the sharply divided party, Gomwe has not once complained to the Daily News directly about any of the newspaper’s stories, and his alleged letter to the ZMC and VCMZ, which was availed to The Herald, was not sent or copied to the Daily News. The Daily News was only served with the VMCZ papers late yesterday.

The story that he is allegedly complaining about appeared in the Tuesday edition of the Daily News under the headline “Bloodbath in Zanu PF”, with Gomwe, who has been mired in violent acts within the party, supposedly alleging that the article portrayed the goings-on within the party “as extraordinary and violent”.

ANZ Group Editor Stanley Gama said the newspaper stood “100 percent” behind its stories and was “relaxed” about the alleged approach to ZMC and VMCZ.

“We are taking this alleged complaint with the appropriate circumspection that it deserves from a leading media house such as ours, also fully understanding where all this is coming from and what the intention behind this sorry attention-seeking is.

“I don’t know whether there is a living soul, or one who is together mentally and emotionally who does not know that there is hectic factionalism within Zanu PF and that there have been many incidents of violence within the party associated with this ugly infighting."

“For Pete’s sake, even President Mugabe and his wife Grace have publicly acknowledged this sad state of affairs,” Gama said.

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For students of English, there is a term called figurative language. I have no doubt that Godwin Gomwe knows what this means but one has a feeling that he is knowingly ignoring the meaning and instead translating the term literally, perhaps with ulterior motives against the paper.

Dopori - 28 November 2014

What do you expect from a hwindi like Gomwe? What I need to remind Gomwe is the world is round, soon you will find yourself looking for a reporter from Dailynews when The Herald shuts you as as happened to Joyce, Mutasa, Goche and Rugare.

maita - 28 November 2014

There is no need to cry, you have to justify the 'Bloodbath in ZANU PF" headline which appeared in your paper. If people are debating and replacing each other, and making allegations of " so and so is corrupt and its bad for the nation" then you label that as Bloodbath, then our english differs. That is only the issue here, because from the way i understand english that was a highly idiotic and defamatory headline, only designed to stifle democracy and support treasonous and treacherous Zimbabweans. Headline meant to create a very wrong impression about our culture and peace to your paymasters , who are more than pleased to see this house on fire. Dairai makanyanrar apo.

reason - 28 November 2014

Gomwe is not educated and he cannot read what is behind. The youth league of ZANU PF are made of hwindis who have abondoned education and strayed in the streets sniffing glue. What they are being given by ZANU PF after those violent actions are money for beer and mbanje. Sorry Gomwe you are a dead body you need to work up

Ableya - 28 November 2014

you are the leading daily tabloid for real. all scuffle for your edition daily. those who hate this paper and those who prefer it over the herald. well done gama and co.

tula - 28 November 2014

@reason ask Jim Kunaka what is meant by that headline and he will explain it better than all of us commenting here. Ask Goche and he will also explain what that means, so do not come with your mentality of not reading between the lines vis-a-vis what is happening on the ground perpetrated by people like you.

Qawe laMaqawe - 28 November 2014

Tyrants like Gomwe have no right to use words such as 'extraordinary'. Violence - yes that they can use, it's synonymous with their outfit called ZANU PF. It's an exercise in futility trying to put the blame on the Daily News who are only doing their job and that's telling it like it is. Why should we believe only the ridiculous lies that you peddle in the Herald? The one about Mutasa comes to mind- It's hard to believe him as head of the security portfolio would be so enticed by a loose woman's moist accessories to the point of divulging sensitive information about an assassination attempt on the country's President. Or is this just another way for you Gomwe to be noticed by the revered most high first family?

Dr Know - 28 November 2014

This Gomwe thing does not and cannot even read newspapers. Gomwe tinomuziva kuti aitiza chikoro achiswera achichera tsmbori nepunzura, now he thinks he has found a job in ZANU...soon he will know kuti ZANU does not care at all. Well done Daily news for writing it as it is.

Garikayi - 28 November 2014

Jim Kunaka akanga adhakwa nematuzvu aayinanzva kumikosho yavamwe baba akazotsikwatsikwa nevanozvigona. Newe mupfanha rako zuva richasvika chete. Iwe tinoshuvira kuti utushugwe maziso.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 28 November 2014

Mashaiwa NEWS sakamava kungonyora kuti paper renyu ritengeseke. kapaper kemaBritish,muchamama, tichakutongai isu zvipfukuto. Sikhala dzokera zvaknaka kuna Tsvangirai

nnnggg - 28 November 2014

Reason, contrary to your name you are also idiotic and unreasonable, there has been urgly development in zpf where even the president of the state was supposedly going to be blocked from flying and were elections to the central committee could not be conducted but failed due to perceived bloodbath eg bindura. then you talk of detractors? look don't show me how shallow minded you are please change your name from reason to IDIOT unreasonable. did you write this article to appease some one there is bloodbath period, you don't need a rocket scientist to tell you that even a blind person can tell you so. wake up and smell the coffee the wheels of change are turning and more so fast.

hamurevesi - 28 November 2014

Gomwe woke up if you are sleeping, its 2014 and the sun is about to set. COAL and GAS reserves have been doubled in HELL. Kutambiswa "FRONT" kwakapata kudai. Enjoy it, zanu pf is running low on airtime.

X-MAN IV - 28 November 2014

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chiremb - 29 November 2014

"....for telling the Zimbabwean story like it is..." What? Who doesn't know that news papers have an agenda (that of their owners) you only make fulls of your selves by not acknowledging it. Or maybe you just simply don't know your agenda, if you did you would acknowledge it like Fox news and CNBC news.

shiku - 29 November 2014

Daft @shiku, or is it @shit. Same lack of reasoning sense like the unreasonable @reason.

Kt - 30 November 2014

@shiku- You can not tell the difference between fools and full. This actually shows what and who you are. If you had kept quiet no one would have known your shallowness.

zvataichemera - 30 November 2014

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