Govt starts revamping education curriculum

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s government is revamping the education system, which experts say is colonial-based and out of sync with Zimbabwean ideals.

This comes exactly a month after ZimRights held a series of provincial conferences where education experts called on Mugabe’s administration to revamp the education system.

And yesterday, Education minister, Lazarus Dokora,  announced his ministry will hold public consultations to review the education curriculum.

“Guided by the need for a new, fit-for-purpose curriculum, the ministry will lead a process of public consultations to obtain views or inputs of the entire nation, on Friday 28 November 2014,” Dokora said in a statement.

“Consultations will be conducted at every school, and there will be a consultation centre in each district and province as well as national consultation level. Please, seize the chance to input the kind of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that our new curriculum should impact to graduates of the school system.”

The review comes as education experts crank up pressure on Dokora to review the curriculum.

As reported by the Daily News, twice in October, there have been growing calls for Mugabe’s government to bin the archaic and colonial education system which is blamed for the poor pass rate that has continued to stalk Zimbabwe’s education.

Borniface Chisaka, director of research at the Zimbabwe Open University (Zou), warned last month that without revamping the education system,  including educating teachers, standards will continue to plummet.

“At the time of independence, the colonial government was training teachers. We appeared to have continued training,” Chisaka told the delegates to the ZimRights Mashonaland West provincial people’s conference in Chinhoyi.

“This was a British colonial system and we have maintained that. We are training people on the job not teaching people on the job. When you train people you are inviting lots of problems; because people behave in the manner they were trained, they don’t think and they don’t adapt.”

Since independence, Zimbabwe’s pass rate has ranged between a paltry 18-25 percent.

ZimRights is holding 10 provincial meetings with a view to interrogate socio-economic and cultural rights against the new Constitution, bill of rights and government economic blueprint ZimAsset.

So far, the revamp of the education curriculum has dominated the meetings held in Mashonaland West and Masvingo provinces.

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After 34 years, come on!? I was educated fine!

Zuruvi - 28 November 2014

LOL!!! Zimbabwean graduates and the education system that has produced them, of which Zimbabweans themselves including Mugabe and other politicians have been bragging about all over Africa and the world at large has always been a colonial legacy. Here we now have gukurahund fools trying to sound clever - you are sending your own children to study in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc under false names to hide their identities, knowing fully well these impart Western values through their education systems and Curricula - whose children in Zim do you expect to study gukurahundi values, through your proposed new gukurahundi curriculum? Your ZImsec has failed; your Border Gezi has failed; there are exam paper leaks everywhere - this is nonsensical. What you call Zim history is tribalistic divide and rule gukurahundi rubbish. Black people are now far more divided under ZANU PF rule than they were under Rhodesian rule, all because of this 1979 ZANU PF Grand Plan history. Please, give us a break and leave Rhodesian education standards alone. Everything you touch, falls to pieces we all know this!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 28 November 2014

That's what Dokora should have started with. Not what he did on incentives, holiday lessons etc, wasting time on trivials. It's too little too late Dokora, especially when Dr Grace is hard on your heels. Please give way to the more pragmatic and energetic cadres.

Tazzen - 28 November 2014

U are correct Tazzen - reforms and other contructiver things should have started.Teachers are praying for Dokora 's removal.If it happens he will go without a single achievement but a string of negatives. Its just so sad how he squandered the opportunity to make things happen. Now he s working up when the house is almost on fire

donga - 28 November 2014

U are correct Tazzen - reforms and other contructiver things should have started.Teachers are praying for Dokora 's removal.If it happens he will go without a single achievement but a string of negatives. Its just so sad how he squandered the opportunity to make things happen. Now he s working up when the house is almost on fire

donga - 28 November 2014

Prof. Chisaka has a valid point.

Ndugu - 28 November 2014

@Tazzen, @ donga Reforms for what reason? Why are you Zimbabweans so obsessed with "colonial" this and "colonial" that all the time - when will you start developing the economy like many other nations are doing? If its not broken, why fix it? Tell me what exactly is wrong with the education curriculum that people like Biti, Mutambara and many others studies in the earlier 1980s? If this Colonial thing is such an issue; then why is Mugabe and his ministers sending their children to study in foreign Universities with British-inclined Curricula?

Phunyukabemphethe - 28 November 2014

I think we need reform somewhere. Look at all the phd and graduates kneeling before the master, thats not education. Scholars stated by Phunyu... one of insults opponents one minute and begs for forgiveness a year later. He insulted RGM, Ncube and Chematama in that order so far he has backtracked on RGM and Ncube I project by 2015 he will backtrack on his Chematama insults. By the way he has already backtracked on his rigging claims. The other has disgraduated from Robotics to thokolish and zhidomas. So we need a cirriculum change and so we can give geniuses PHDs in 3 months; the results are plain to see.

Educated - 28 November 2014

Zanu pf led government please give us a break. You have done enough damage to this country. Its very important to acknowledge that the world is now a global village. Someone somewhere in zanu has a very hidden agenda in this whole carriculum revamp thing. We have been brainwashed enough please. You changed Colonial economy in 2000. Evaluate the gains of that please. People who advocate for revamp, mostly if not all their kids write external examination Cambridge. Why do we have political and history questions in I.T and computer studies. Its ridiculas to blame colonial carriculum on poor pass rate. Its a recipe for disaster to have high pass rate with people having low I.Q. We know you will shove it down our throats, please just dont make 30% a pass mark . Zimbabweans who did real colonial carriculum studies can fit in any society on this planet with easy. Education is the back-bone of everything the country needs to prosper dont kill it. Recently the Government was on top of the world that U.N asked or demanded that Health ministry sends support stuff to help fight Ebola. One must ask why zim of all places, Its simply because of colonial carriculum and standards that are recognised internationally. Stop this colonial garbage..

X-MAN IV - 28 November 2014

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