Mujuru-Makoni fatal accident not covered-up — Police

HARARE - Police yesterday denied State media claims that they covered up Chipo Mujuru-Makoni’s fatal road accident that claimed the lives of two people.

Vice President Joice Mujuru’s daughter was reportedly driving a Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle which rammed into another vehicle killing a two-month-old son of an Iranian doctor Amid Hamidzadeh and a Zimbabwean driver Joseph Ngonji on December 10, 2012.

The State media, claimed the accident report was “significantly altered” by the police.

But the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), through assistant commissioner Shelton Dube, clarified in a statement last night that the case was investigated properly, professionally and the law took its course.

“On the 10 December 2012, Chipo Mujuru-Makoni was involved in a fatal road accident along Enterprise Road  opposite Harare Remand Prison,” Dube’s statement said.

“The scene was initially attended by Highlands National Traffic Post and the docket was later transferred to Mabvuku National Traffic Section, which is the mother station, for comprehensive investigations.”

Dube said Mujuru-Makoni was charged for contravening Section 49 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter (9:23) and convicted on two counts of culpable homicide.

“After conducting investigations, the case was then taken to court, the accused person was tried, convicted and sentenced as follows: Count one — $800 fine in default of payment to serve 12 months imprisonment; Count two $800 fine in default of payment to 12 months imprisonment.”

Mujuru-Makoni’s driver’s licence was endorsed with particulars of the offence and she was prohibited from driving for six months, according to Dube.

Dube gave a Harare Magistrate Court Reference number for the case as T01/5/14 and the court record book number as 4783/14.

The charges contained in the State media comes as Mujuru — who until recently was considered 90-year-old Mugabe’s heir apparent — is accused of plotting to challenge the Zanu PF strongman at the December 2-7 congress and plotting to oust and or assassinate the president.


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no substance in this story mashaya apa

wil - 27 November 2014

I think there is lots of substance considering another paper made headline with this story deliberately falsifying the facts or rather insinuating the impression that there was a scandal people need to know the truth this is a good follow up to the story.

tawa - 27 November 2014

Lots of substance in this story. It shows that due process of the law was followed. You have to ask The Herald why they did not cover the story in the first place. There are a lot stories/scandals involving chefs' children that go unreported. Well done to ZRP for setting the record straight.

Mambo - 27 November 2014

I fail to understand why Wil says there is no story here when the herald had yesterday said the VP was involved in another fatal scandal. The report implied that the accident was not properly attended to and there was a cover up by the police because the person involved was the daughter of the VP. Therefore this clarification by the police is very much welcomed as it shows what kind of reporters we know have at herald under the direction of Jonathan. Many stories concerning children of top Zanu officials go unreported because they are in the correct basket. Thank you ZRP.

Dunga - 27 November 2014

@will all the responses above point to one thing.. URI DOFO REMASHUWA SHUWA

Dhongi - 27 November 2014

Rather than just conclude that the dailynews version is the correct one and the herald one is falsified needs to read the stories in conjunction with one another. The Herald claimed the following: >The accident report compiled at the scene was altered to remove mujuru from the name of the other party. >VP's daughter did not have a licence. >Two weeks after the accident she had a licence. >Matter was referred from one police station to another. >The other party complained to the police over the manner in which the matter was being handled. >They complained about the alterations that had been done to the report. >They also complained that the police were verbally telling them that their hands were tied because chipo was a daughter of a senior government official. >The complainant threatened to seek external remedies. >It was after this threat that the police advised the complainant by letter of 20 June 2014 that the matter had been resolved through the criminal courts on 14 may 2014. >The other party was never called to testify on the case. The police statement which forms the basis of this report only focuses on the transfer of matter to another station. It claims that the matter was investigated thoroughly in a professional manner without addressing specific issues of alteration of the report by the subsequent station.

makwinja - 27 November 2014

The police statement does not explain why a simple matter like that took one and half years to be brought to court. The opinion of the investigating officer is based on witness statements. Drawings done at the accident scene. These are recorded soon after the accident. What therefore do the police mean by comprehensive investigations that needed two and half years. The time taken to conclude investigations suggest that Chipo was denying responsibility. If she had admitted liability the matter would not have taken this long to conclude. One therefore expects the state to call witnesses to testify in its case. The party involved was to be the key state witness. It is therefore difficult to understand on what evidence the state rested its case on. The sentence was passed before Dudu won her appeal in which a custodial was substituted by a fine. I therefore believe that the presiding magistrate would have been aware of the custodial sentence given to Dudu for the death of one person. While not bound by such judgment he/she would have been compelled to be consistent with previous judgment. Most likely Chipo would have received a custodial sentence. I am therefore worried that the success of Dudu's appeal could have been linked to this case. Considering that Chipo is a daughter of a high ranking government official, her trial would not have escaped media attention. It is thus strange that none of our daily papers reported this trial when they have sections devoted to crime & courts. This raises suspicions about the authenticity of the trial. While the Herald reported the matter for its own agenda, as the public we cannot ignore the fact that undisputed facts point to attempts to cover up the case.

makwinja - 27 November 2014

Even then, it would appear the cover-up still exists, if the accused only got away with silly fines for TWO counts of culpable homicide. In fact, the worst cover-up is not neglecting/refusing to investigate/prosecute, but producing a mockery-prosecution Have we not read of others, in similar cases of road-use culpa getting 2yrs, 4yrs...etc.? Well, of course there could be extenuating circumstances and aggravating circumstances in other cases, but; in the absence of any facts given here on the culpa, maybe we can be excused to assume that the tilting point/fact considered was that in this case the accused was from high people. Please pardon my language readers, it's not sarcasm, English is not my first language.

Chenjerai Makudo - 27 November 2014

I meant one and half years not two and half years.

makwinja - 27 November 2014

One thing which boggles my mind in this story is the sentence given to the offender . How do you find someone who kills a human being ? It is true there was cover up here the killer was supposed to be jailed,

Diibulaanyika - 27 November 2014

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Blessing - 27 November 2014

The Weevils are on overdrive now, why bring up an incident that happened over two years ago only now? They are fools if they believe Mujuru and her sidekicks who they are persecuting will forever hold back information they have on them. The espionage charges on Chiyangwa are still fresh in our minds, we still haven't forgotten how Mnangagwa clumsily stitched up a constituency that overlaps rural Kwekwe into Mvuma after acknowledging albeit quietly that he had nothing on Blessing Chebundo of MDC who had given him a thorough bashing in his so called turf or home ground. Dossiers on how elections have been stolen since the year 2000 will start trickling in, the inquest into Simon Mujuru's death, the sly business people who back ZANU PF and benefit from all the mess and crisis they cause ,how Gono stole money from the country's reserves and how most of the loot found its way into his pockets. The cat is coming out of the bag soon.

Dr Know - 27 November 2014

Dr Know, if you read the herald story while the matter occurred one and half years ago it was only concluded on 14 May 2014, and communicated to the complainant on 20 June 2014. Nyaya dzauri kutaura about Munangagwa hadzinei naye as in corruption. Delimitation is done by a separate organization which munangagwa had no control over. Choosing to contest in constituencies where one has a chance of winning is being smart when you think of it, that is why most MDC heavyweights prefer to contest in urban areas. i doubt whether ma gamatox ane kana file rimwe rezvipfukuto. By now the would be using the private press to expose zvipfukuto. All they can do are these spirited defences which lack substance. i think gamatox lack strategy which zvipfukuto have in abundance. For we must all admit that ma gamatox ave ma vim.

makwinja - 27 November 2014

herald ipepa rinonyorwa nyaya dzemanyepo. how on earth can one trust the once rhodesia herald now the zimbabwe herald. time yasmith pepa iri rainyepa nhasi worse.dailey news ndizvo.

tsanga - 27 November 2014

Its too much for mai mujuru please give her a brake give the presidence to oppah musiyane na joyce

jm kanhu kako - 27 November 2014

Whatever the herald wants to achieve is not in Zanu Pf's interest,One day Bod is going to wake naked with Jonso holding plastic pajamas for him to wear. At least he said Zanu can only be destroyed from within, and it looks like he's managing it well.

miko - 27 November 2014

Dude was fine $1000 for similar offense

Jim - 27 November 2014

It seems Herald is now good at tracing finalised cases, to find whether they were tried according to the Zimbabwean Law. Please Herald, the public wants to know why Chinotimba 's rape cases were not finalised? Why Obediah Musindo's rape case was not finalised? Why the Minister of Local Government's case of holding multiple stands ware not investigated. Siyanai nemwana wa Joyce at least she paid a fine and that fine is within the jurisdiction of the lower courts of Zimbabwe.

Gurwe Chikuni - 27 November 2014

i smell a rat daughter of vice president no story sure food for thought were two lives were lost ingawani accident dze vanhu vasina kana basa dzino buda wani mumapepa hameno ndobasa re abues of power

denga - 27 November 2014

Guys help me understand something;;;;, 1. Driving without a licence and you kill two people. 2. You get convicted and asked to pay a fine, come on guys what is this. What kind of justice is this? Should we blame Joyce or the judiciary 3. I think there should be an inquiry to this circus the magistrate or judge who ever passed out the sentence should be investigated while on suspension. This is ridiculous. 4. Driving without a licence is just as good as a tout (hwindi) driving a kombi and goes on to kill people. 5. A legal officer in their rightful senses would not pass such a stupid and insulting sentence. 6. Why is Joyce quiet? Is it that she has a lot of skeletons in her cupboards that she would want to keep concealed? 7. Her silence to me means a lot. There is a lot that has been happening in ZANU Pf - she should also spill the beans before its too late. 8. If she spills the beans after her arrest, we won't believe her.

Jabu - 28 November 2014

How could the driver's license be endorsed when she did not have one, so the report that she was not a licensed driver is a lie?

maita - 28 November 2014

Good follow-up. But this policeman should learn the direction of the tide! Does it mean none of his seniors has read this contradicting view! He should be redeployed to general duties!

Ichichi Sinia - 28 November 2014

Daily News you are now looking for relevence through Mai Mujuru. History has shown you always back the losing horse.

Nyakudirwa - 28 November 2014

You are all paling into Jonathan Moyo's net. Just shut the f*** up and carry on with your daily businesses

Garikayi - 28 November 2014

mugabe lied via his mouth piece jonathan moyo or jonathan moyo a rogue agent out to destroy zanu

Harare - 28 November 2014

Ya Dhudhu Manhenga also took long wani. Draw comparisons.

yahwe - 29 November 2014

The files showed that CIO had targeted the iranian parents and this was no accident but made to look like Makoni was at fault. Eye witness reports show a millitary pick up vehicle speeding off the scene seconds after the incident. A lot is going to come out with the new factional fights. Mugabe faction vs the vakaranga faction

chichi - 13 December 2017

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