Gumbo pours his heart out

HARARE - An emotional Rugare Gumbo has opened up on how he and the late revered freedom fighter, General Solomon Mujuru, moved mountains to persuade fellow guerrillas and frontline states to accept President Robert Mugabe as the party’s leader after the death of Herbert Chitepo in the 1970s.

Pouring his heart out and narrating his struggle history in a touching interview with the Daily News on Tuesday, Gumbo also said if Chitepo, Leopold Takawira, Josiah Magama Tongogara and Solomon Mujuru were all still alive, “mafikezolos” would not have  caused the current mayhem  and disunity in Zanu PF.

The outspoken war veteran and former Zanu PF spokesperson added that given the history of the struggle that he shared with Mugabe, he was surprised that the party had been hijacked by what he called the Gang of Four — Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao.

“When we are in such a crisis, this is when you wish heroes like Tongogara, Chitepo, Takawira, general Mujuru and many others were alive.

“They would be giving direction to the party and would never allow the Gang of Four to take over party affairs like this. They would be helping the President to run the party, they would have stopped the Gang of Four.

“I knew Tongogara in particular would never have allowed this to happen. He was a principled man who despite being a member of Zanla, still wanted the freedom fighters to enter into elections (in 1980) as a united front with Zapu. He wanted unity and would have stopped this gang which is misleading the country’s leadership.

“General Mujuru was one of those who would never have allowed the Gang of Four to hijack the party. Even before he died, Mujuru had warned of people who had joined the party to destroy it from within. These (the late heroes) are people who knew and respected the values of the liberation struggle and they must be turning in their graves,” Gumbo charged.

Asked if he was not scared of being arrested or even being killed by his enemies, particularly given the brutal nature of Zanu PF’s infighting and the grave allegations that he was plotting to assassinate Mugabe, Gumbo said his conscience was clear and he was not scared.

Analysts and many Zanu PF members believe that Gumbo was cut loose from the party for his perceived closeness to embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, at the instigation of First Lady Grace Mugabe who is working closely with a faction aligned to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The anti-Mujuru faction has in the past few months used crude, sometimes even comical propaganda against Mujuru who until now had been a front runner to take over the country’s leadership from Mugabe.

Reliving the final years of the liberation struggle, Gumbo said freedom fighters were shattered to the core when the then Zanu leader Chitepo died in a bomb blast in Lusaka, resulting in the arrest of several nationalists including him and Tongogara.

“When Cde Chitepo died, I went out of my way to push President Mugabe to be the President because he was holding the most senior position in the movement as he was secretary-general, and he deserved it but it was not easy.

“I really pushed for president Mugabe to take over and he or any other comrades who were there at the time can testify to this.

“I was secretary for information and publicity and I wrote letters to frontline state leaders who were hosting freedom fighters, namely Samora Machel of Mozambique, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania.

“Also, Solomon Mujuru risked his career and life to prop up president Mugabe. He persuaded especially Machel, who was openly questioning president Mugabe’s fast rise to the presidency.

“The likes of Tongogara, who was highly respected and feared and was extra-ordinarily intelligent, were also sceptical of president Mugabe’s rise but I, together with Mujuru, persuaded them.

“Tongogara had been under immense pressure from Machel and it was myself and Mujuru who spent days and nights convincing them that president Mugabe was the right man to lead us through the remaining years of the struggle. And indeed he was the right man.

“To be honest, General Mujuru worked so hard for President Mugabe, more than anyone, more than all of us. Yes, I wrote letters to the frontline states but Mujuru spent time meeting the likes of Machel to have them accept president Mugabe and he achieved that,” Gumbo said.

After being arrested in Zambia following Chitepo’s assassination, Kaunda — the then Zambian leader — approached the liberation fighters detained in Lusaka on behalf of frontline states to ask them who in Zanu they wanted to lead the struggle between Mugabe and Ndabaningi Sithole, who was far more senior to Mugabe in the struggle then.

“The answer was simply Mugabe and we were immediately released and I was one of those who pushed for him even when I was in detention. President Mugabe took over on an interim basis in 1976 and was confirmed by congress the following year and I vigorously campaigned for him together with other comrades like General Mujuru,” Gumbo said.

But the suspended Zanu PF spokesperson was to later clash with Mugabe over the direction of the liberation struggle, leading to his barbaric detention in Mozambique, together with Henry Hamadziripi and Mukudzei Mudzi.

“We were treated like dogs. We spent at least three months detained in holes dug in an open place which were closed from the top at about 5pm and only to be reopened the following morning.

“The holes were six metres deep and I think four metres wide. It was hell on earth and we all thought we were going to die.

“At one point the holes were filled with soil and only our heads were left protruding out, but we all survived the ordeal,” the emotional Gumbo said.

He said it was this history of the struggle that he shared with Mugabe that was the reason why he was surprised that the party had now been hijacked by the Gang of Four — Muchinguri, Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwawo.

Asked if he was not afraid of his party enemies, Gumbo said, “My son, I have played my part, I have lived my life to the fullest and I’m not afraid of dying. In the struggle, you reach a stage where you are not afraid of dying. I’m over 70 years and why should I be scared?

“A lot of members of the high command like Tongogara and Mujuru died, thousands of comrades died right in front of me. I have been fortunate to have survived this long, we saw a lot during the struggle and some people are still dying in mysterious circumstances.

“I know all that transpired in the struggle and ceased being afraid of dying way back then when I joined the struggle. I’m now busy documenting my life and very soon I will publish a book. It’s almost done as I’m working on my final touches.

“And you say I could be arrested, for what? What crime have I committed? These accusations that I want to topple the president are trash. How and why would I kill him now? I respect him as my leader, I campaigned for him all my life, and I will still campaign for him. Why should I fight him now?

“My son, I have been arrested many times in my life including by my own fellow comrades who detained us for nothing in holes like rats, but here I am.

“Only the guilty are afraid and tell you what, my conscience is very clear”.

In another part of the interview that was published in yesterday’s edition of the Daily News, Gumbo said the ruling party had been hijacked by “political vultures” who were running rings around the party’s leadership in what amounted to an effective internal coup.

Gumbo offered this stark warning to Mugabe in which he also criticised the ongoing purges of war veterans and senior party officials ahead of next week’s “elective” congress.

Comments (62)

Makorokoza anouraya wani. If you get too much gold more than what others get your friends will kill you for that . Same thing if you are loved the most in politics people get jealous and they can kill you for that . A lot of people have died for things that they worked for. Thieves can kill you if they find you with a small phone valued at USD 20 whereas they were expecting you to have one that costs USD2000.00. Hapana chinoshamisa VaGumbo apa. Munotaura chokwadi whereas vamwe havatauri chokwadi. Ndozvamunovengerwa izvozvo

gachimbwe - 27 November 2014

Cde Gumbo as much as we might want to feel soory for you l think you should be the one feeling sorry for yourself and regreting your catastrophic mistake of imposing Mugabe on the people as way back as the 70s'. By your own admission people were sceptical of Mugabe then and they had good reasons too but still your forced them to accept Mugabe look where we are now a total mess l tell u. If l were you spill the beans and get your revenge on Mugabe, tel us how all these people u claim to know how they died were killed, reveal Mugabe's hand in all those murders and people can get to see Mugabe for who he rily is and help us dismantle this thing called zanu. That way cde Gumbo u would have rily played your part as a hero thank u.

Evan - 27 November 2014

Ana Gumbo magwara aya... muchapera mese kuti peee. hee bhuku rangu , hee final touches. Manga muri kupi nemabhuku aya nguva yese iyi. Dai ukasungwa futi nekuti ndimi kubva 2002 makange muchibatsira kubirira. Tocho waro!!!

matosi - 27 November 2014

He sounds to have genuine points

horatio jaikumar - 27 November 2014

He sounds to have genuine points

horatio jaikumar - 27 November 2014

It is immoral to cast aspersion on heroes like Gumbo. He is a man of principles, honest and fearless. That Mugabe was the right man to lead the struggle after the death of Chairman Chitepo cannot be questioned. What happened after is not his colleagues' fault. If he has committed any atrocities against the people or has stolen public monies, give us the evidence.

Fatso - 27 November 2014

Party yeZANU inourayirana loot. They see Zimbabwe as their dead carcas to prey on. Now paita makudo anonga roro. Rimwe rinorova nembama kuti rakabata rinatsodya without any distrurbance.

mujidjeen - 27 November 2014

The most appropriate question Gumbo should be asking is not 'I'm 70 years old and why should I be scared', instead he should be saying "I'm 70 years old now, why should I continue stressing myself with politics and not rest when we've blatantly failed and brought a once very promising prosperous nation to its knees?" And indeed so should all the other ancients like him. Even in his ouster he still finds himself licking that same old rear end as an attempt to be called back, it's shocking. What Gumbo should be pouring his heart out on is the suffering he brought to multitudes of people particularly from the southern districts for simply having a different political opinion from his and those who are now hounding and chasing him like a stray dog.

Dr Know - 27 November 2014

vatori vanhau munenge musina kuita mushe , dai makabvunza vaGUMBO kuti muchirikuda here, President varambe vachitonga, uye kusvika rini

p gumbo - 27 November 2014

So we now know that Mugabe was imposed as leader right from the beginning; that Samora Machel did not believe in his leadership; that a gang of four is more powerful than the real war veterans and finally we now know that Mugabe has ran away with the party leaving all founder members without a party. This Mugabe is cunning for sure.

Nditaurevo - 27 November 2014

Gumbo's story is very much interesting and only people of his caliber can stand up say all these things about the struggle and how some people were against the rise of Mugabe to the position of President of Zanu after the death of Chitepo. The fact that you supported him was appropriate taking into consideration that he was the Secretary General. Whatever happened after is not Gumbo and Mujuru's fault. That is why Tongo was eliminated so that there wont be a united Patriotic Front with Father Zimbabwe as the leader. One day the truth will come out.

Dunga - 27 November 2014

Cde Gumbo was there when Gen. Tongogara was shot, possibly by Oppah Muchinguri on Mugabe's orders. Can he shed some light, or he will do so in the book? This would be the reason why he may be killed. I know what I am saying coz I was within the elite military unit established by Gen. Tongogara to prepare in case the Smith regime changed course. "Kune nzira dzemasoja". I salute.

Mashonaland Dickmarsh - 27 November 2014

pakaoma vagumbo

zeco - 27 November 2014

Something in the head of Gumbo is very kokayi he is still thinking of campaigning for devil Mugabe again . To members of Gumbo's family especially his children please tell your father to stop following Mugabe and his wife.Ask him to retire from politics it is not good for him to be always Mugabe 's puppet or his mgodoyi like that , What good does he see in this evil son of a Malawian migrant which the whole country can no see ? He must stop complaining he is the one who made this demon called Mugabe leader of zanu now you see what you did can you see it Gumbo ? You should be ashamed of what you did look now zim is now in stone age times bcoz of you and your shamwari achimwene demety!!!!The man nearly killed you but you still want to be his zombie did he give you korobela ?why can't you open you old eyes and see the demon?

Diibulaanyika - 27 November 2014

Mr Gumbo Please tell us before they engenneer your death which I believe is soon and very soon,they will create an accident for you. Before that happen tell us how did Mugabe rise too fast to presidential ascendancy?Tell us who eliminated Chitepo and who masterminded the false accusation of Tongogara to be responsible for Chitepo's death and created hatred between Karangas and Manyikas.Please open our minds for it might not be a shock to learn that the mastermindres of this is the same person who is masterminding this weevil and gamartox feud for selfish gain.He is evil deceiver manslayer highly Satanic and no mercy!Tell us who killed Tongogara and who plot for his dealth and why was he to die?

Gumbo - 27 November 2014

When Tongo died Gumbo was in detention, So he does not know how Tongo died

Farai Chipfukuto - 27 November 2014

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Blessing - 27 November 2014

Stop bleating like a baby Gumbo - you chose to join primitive Zimbabwean politics. You, Gumbo, were/are part of the mess. Why would you choose someone to be your leader? Did you join to be a minion? So why blame the leader you chose when he acts as he is doing now? Didn't you know politics is a dirty game? Being stabbed in the back in politics is all part of the dirty game. We were expecting you to come out and savage the ZanuPF dictatorship but you seem apologetic. You were chief spokesman of the oppressive machinery which has taken this country back to the Stone Age, you deserve everything you are getting. You will soon be evicted from the farm you occupy - that is how bad ZanuPF-style "land reform" is. You should have retired long time ago. All political careers end in failure. I don't think many people have any sympathy with you.

Musona - 27 November 2014

Ini kana shungu naGumbo and team. Ndivo vaibatsirana kubira vote yedu since 2000 saka chavakadya chamuka. I can only forgive them if they go to the ZPF Conference and declare their aspirations to contest for presidency ndoziva kuti zvedi vari kuda kutisunungura patakasungirirwa neZPF

Chaminuka - 27 November 2014

The traditional name of a group of baboons is called a CONGRESS; no wonder why ZPF is behaving like baboons as the CONGRESS approaches

Chaminuka - 27 November 2014

Gumbo is a hero i salute him because hatye kwete dzimwe imbwa dzekuti mugabe akati jump anongoita zvese zvese mugabe anoda kutonga rinhi vakomana tongofa achitonga here taneta isu pasi na ZANU PF

Joyce - 27 November 2014

gumbo vakuru. he is the only one who says his mind. that he respect the president is very obvious. he has been consistent about it. but then, when he it comes to making a choise, the guy stands on one point kwete vamwe vanotanga vatarisa kurikubva chamupupuri.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 November 2014

What cdes Mujuru and Gumbo have done is a sacrilegious to revolution. You deserve to be stripped politically naked - you dangerous no to RG only but to the whole struggle!

dungas - 27 November 2014

Does Gumbo know the shona proverb "Ukarera imbwa nemukaka mangwana inomuka yokuruma' Hausati wambochengeta vanin'a asi vakura varoora iwe wave kushaya vanokukanganwa vachifurirwa nevakadzi vavo vasingazive kwavakabva. Israelites suffered when there came Pharaoh who did not know Joseph. Grace does not know kuti aite first lady pane vakatomiramira.

maita - 27 November 2014

Iwe Gumbo ende wakanyarara mhani urikutinyaudza. Waidii kuzvitaura pese apa. Ziwolf in sheep garment. Get away!

mafikizolo - 27 November 2014

Iwayinera baba! Ndoshereketa! Zwikomborero! Zwikomborero baba! Yorowa Sub, Yorowa Sub baba! Pamberi Nechimurenga, Pamberi ne Zanu, Viva Frelimo!

Mudzimu woye - 27 November 2014

so painfull, u riiged elections

Shyniesta - 27 November 2014

so painfull, u riiged elections

Shyniesta - 27 November 2014

l respect u gumbo but yu must first admit zanu pf rigged elections

Shyniesta - 27 November 2014

Ko iwe Gumbo unogoti vamwe mu Zanupf ma gora iwe uri chiyi? Iwe unobva pedyo me Masvingo kunana Mnangagwa wakuonekwa uchinokwidziridza Mujuru we ku Mt Darwin kurekure. Hauna kuchenjera. Zvino wadzva.

Der - 27 November 2014

mr gumbo a sellout will remain a sellout kana watsvetwa wave kuda kutaura zvakawanda you are now looking for public sympathy you surely belong to the daily news and you are really finished mutengesi

tobaiwa - 27 November 2014

These people who want to come "clean" after the devil has discarded them should be ashamed of themselves. They come to us with half truths expecting sympathy. I say bolts and shackles! He should tell us who killed Chitepo and why. Also why they imposed Mugabe on the people. If it wasn't for the schmucks we wouldn't be in the mess were in.

El Nimbo - 27 November 2014

I do not understand Gumbo when he says," the party has been hijacked by Gang of four". Do you think the four can do what they wish without mugabe's approval. Mr Gumbo woke up if you are sleeping its 2014. Mugabe is the problem. You travelled mountains to create a monster. Its time you travell again and remove that monster. Please daily news ask Gumbo a broad questions e.g Unemployment rate, country's economy, democracy ,what he thinks of Mugabe's rule both in zanu pf and country in recent times. Oldest born frees are 34 years now.Its invalid and irrelevant to be stuck in the 60s and 70s. The bottom line is we want bread and butter issues. Gumbo , gang of four and the rest of the Mafia clan please taneta nemi. The world is now global village you cannot survive in isolation.

X-MAN IV - 27 November 2014

Just shut up Madyira. You propped the regime and now that they have discarded you, you cry foul. Hauna ma principles coz you are only crying loud because your faction has been decimated by Ngwena's faction. You just can't match ED's shrewdness and the sooner you realise this the better for you and those who think like you. You are a disgrace to the struggle because you did not cry foul when your faction leader & the likes of Goche accused ED of masterminding a palace coup when 8 provinces voted for him to replace the late va Muzenda.

Chief Charumbira - 27 November 2014

Zvese zvauri kutaura kana shungu. Ndiyani akauraya sekuru vangu Tongogara, I want to know now? Zvakubuda

Engineer Garwe - 27 November 2014

Indeed a demon dumped by satan doesn't suddenly become a holy angel. A demon is demon. Period.

mosquito - 27 November 2014

@Mashonaland Dickmarsh Gumbo was still in captivity in Moza. when Oppah Muchinguri was ordered by Mugabe to kill Tongogara on22/12/1979. For your information Cde Gumbo is today the only surviving member of DARE RE CHIMURENGA which was headed by H.W. CHITEPO. If he really opens up his book should be authentic and interesting to read. The question is why doesn't President Mugabe retire and write his own memoirs considering his age ? The answer is GUKURAHUNDI

003Tico - 27 November 2014

the REAL fact is that the war was a tragedy for Rhodesia, and its black peoples especially. the advent of majority rule in 1980 sparked retrogressive trends in all sectors of the economy. infrastructure development ceased, research funding in the only university fell. health care delivery collapsed. unemployment rose while values of earnings plummeted. what exactly got gained by the socialist funded bush war was (and still is) immense suffering by the black sons and daughters of the soil.

david maombo - 27 November 2014

FREE ZIMBABWE Read in btwn statements people, Gumbo is not saying what you think he is saying. Mukai & hear out his msg. 1. We moved mountains to persuade guerillas and frontline states after Chitepos death, more like saying we killed Chitepo a mountain to your presidency and I sacrificed to go into the pit to cover up without saying a word making people believe and now you are treating me like this. 2. Chitepo, Leopold, Tongogara, Mujuru are turning in their grave and trouble is coming your way. 3. Mafikizolo, your wife caused the current mayhem and disunity. 4. A strong warning is being sent to Oppah, J. Moyo, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao that you are being used. These pple are irrelevant at this hour, if you noticed Oppah's spirits are now low from the time Dr. G annouced the constitution for ZANU PF and The Nation's indicating the fact that a man should be appointed as Pres Obvious meaning the one we should respect from 2004 Tsholotsho coup plotters and Oppah's prospects of becoming VP gone and she has learnt that she has been used already with suggestions that Madzongwe should take over kkkkk. So the young one's are warned. 5.THE GANG OF FOUR CHINESE REVOLUTION IS THE REAL MESSAGE PEOPLE GOOGLE NOW AND READ IT. Why did Gumbo avoid mention of Dr. Grace, & Munangagwa and yet they are at the centre of the mayhem in the party. The Gang of Four Chinese revolution alleges that the st Lady who was a controversial character known not to be loyal to one husband just like ivavo. This character contributed to Mao's death hence Gumbo is sending a message to Pres RGM to say you have taken yourself to the slaughter she will kill you and let Munangagwa take over but we will not allow that we will arrest all of them thats what gumbo is saying read the GANG OF FOUR CHINESE REVOLUTION now you will understand what Gumbo is saying.

Ngonidzashe Mudede - 27 November 2014

6. He tells Pres RGM that you have sold out the struggle, when he say's the true struggle would have never allowed this to happen, meaning we will not allow this to happen, we are going to give direction and the gang of four will not be allowed take over of the party affairs like this. We are going to stop the gang of four who in this case is Dr. Grace, Munangagwa, Mutsvangwa and Chombo the other 4 mentioned are just being told you are being used. 7.Mujuru would not allow Gang of Four to hijack party which simply means they are not giving up they will not allow this to happen and they have a plan to that effect the battle is on. 8. The party is being destroyed from inside and this was Jona .Moyo,s strategy he said it a long time ago this is why he did not waste time from the time he came back to his ministry. Pres RGM should have gone ahead to fire him when he publicly expressed his anger that day. He has destroyed the party from within and the poor thinkers greedy & desparate for power will use J.Moyo and throw him out soon.

Ngonidzashe Mudede - 27 November 2014

9.Message to Pres. RGM is do not forget the values of the struggle and remember VP's address at the burial of the cde's found in the Mine she said " Hanganwa dzakashata". Mujuru risked his career & life, He was murdered because he saved your life in 2004 from these coup mongers and now thay are at liberty and they are directing it from your bedrooom. Pres RGM payback the sacrifice by Mujuru.. 10. Tongogara questioned your candidature and we cleared another mountain for you. This time you are going 6(metres) 6foot is the normal saying down just like the normal depth of our graves and the maybe four suggesting the gang of four is putting you down into your grave. 11. I have campaigned for you and will still campaign means we have an agreement to take care of each other lets keep our promises and not spoil the relationship. Arrested by my own fellow comrades who detained me for nothing suggested that it was my act that covered our tracks and we were like rats so that you are where you are and don't forget. 12. Zanu pf hijacked by the power hungry Munangagwa a vulturerunning rings in the party and who has effectively executed an internal coup strongly sending the message they want to kill you and take over the power and your wife too. THE END OF MY READING OF THE STATEMENT BUT PLEASE READ THE GANG OF FOUR CHINESE REVOLUTION THATS THE REAL ANSWER. My own observation is The Gang of Four will assasinate Pres RGM or attempt his life and blame it on Mujuru camp so that arrests are made to eliminate them. National security should watch the venue its too open a bullet can come from any direction especially from the kopje mountains or from Sheraton or one of the trees in the show ground why did you not use a closed venue to avoid an easy target.

Ngonidzashe Mudede - 27 November 2014


OBIDO - 27 November 2014

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chiremb - 28 November 2014

So Mr Gumbo tell us more - who killed Chitepo, Tongo and all who fell by the wayside. At least you now admit you made a mistake of supporting a criminal so how can we trust you as well.

Garikayi - 28 November 2014

Gumbo why did you choose Mugabe over Ndabaningi Sithole? Its good you are tasting your own medicine. We don't sympathize with you. All the problems we are having is because of you who choose that Mugabe of yours. Now dance to your music silently. Don't cry.

Warvet - 28 November 2014

Eish - Gumbo is a hurt man. The way he talks about his detention shows that he has not forgiven anyone and he is prepared to revenge. I doubted the allegations of him trying to assassinate the president, but from his own mouth, he is very bitter seeking for revenge. I am now 50 -50. Gumbo sounds like a sell out. He should tell us why he was detained by his own colleagues. Tell the full story Gumbo!!!!

Jabu - 28 November 2014

Cde Elrck Ngidi, you should tell the truth about your self and how you tried to sabotage the revolution. Cde Ushewekunze died soon after uhuru because of the head injuries he sustained after being tortured by you and you team. The same made cde Tekere to have neurotic complications. you are the one who left the two dare members in a pit in pursuit of Cde Kangai who was then in charge of transport and logistics. You quest was to kill all members of the Dare and High command. Had it not been for the swift military response from Commander Rex Nhongo ,who was also one of your prime targets, you would have accomplished your mission.S Muzenda, E Zvobgo, Tekere the director of operations Rex Nhongo and the Security chief Fox Musungwa Gava and all members of the high command and general staff had agreed to execute you and you fellows and you were saved bay The President RG MUgabe and His special assistant and head of intelligence ED Mnangagwa. Every morning your Chines darling F Chung would look at your daughter and say " pasi nababa vako Gumbo Chipo" I recall how Cde Rex pushed for your execution and the way cde Fox would deploy girls dzemasocks.

Trigger - 28 November 2014

Gang of Four, Chinese (Pinyin) Sirenbang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ssu-jen-pang, the most powerful members of a radical political elite convicted for implementing the harsh policies directed by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) chairman Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76). The group included Mao's third wife, Jiang Qing, and Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao, and Yao Wenyuan. Their backgrounds were similar in that prior to 1966 all four were low- or middle-ranking officials who lacked leverage within the existing power structure. Shared traits included their ability to manipulate the mass media, their good standing with Mao, and their dislike of and subsequent desire to overthrow moderate government officials who clustered around Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping.

chief Wezhira - 28 November 2014

Ok, baba we get your feelings. But you are old enough to know that the real fighters never get to reap the fruits! Just reveal all you know concerning the demise of your comrades, then you can R.I.P.

Ichichi Sinia - 28 November 2014

Ok, baba we get your feelings. But you are old enough to know that the real fighters never get to reap the fruits! Just reveal all you know concerning the demise of your comrades, then you can R.I.P.

Ichichi Sinia - 28 November 2014

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