Vultures take over Zanu PF: Gumbo

HARARE - Former Zanu PF spokesperson and liberation war hero, Rugare Gumbo, says the ruling party has been hijacked by “political vultures” who are running rings around the party’s leadership in what amounts to an effective internal coup.

Gumbo offered this stark warning to President Robert Mugabe in an exclusive interview with the Daily News yesterday, in which he also criticised the ongoing purges of war veterans and senior party officials ahead of next week’s “elective” congress.

He described those whom he alleged had hijacked the party as “mercenaries and losers” in the party’s primary elections, which was a sure sign that Zanu PF had dumped its liberation war values after being taken over by mafikizolos (late comers).

Gumbo’s chilling warning came as Mugabe is tightening his grip on the party and effectively imposing “one man rule” in Zanu PF in what some party veterans say is a clear violation of the liberation movement’s values and manifesto.

“As I have said before, the Tsholotsho vultures have taken over, they are in the process of staging a coup in Zanu PF and I don’t know why the leadership is blind to this obvious scenario.

“Look at the people being marginalised, Joice Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Angeline Masuku and other war heroes like Killian Gwanetsa, John Mvundura, Luke Mashowe among others.

“And who is behind this? The Tshlolotsho gang, assisted by the Gang of Four which includes Jonathan Moyo, Savior Kasukuwere, Oppah Muchinguri and Patrick Zhuwao.

“I have said this to President Mugabe and I will say it again, these people are destroying Zanu PF from within. They have achieved what they have always aspired to do and the party will regret this.

“We are witnessing something strange in Zanu PF, where all of us who were in the struggle are being accused of trying to assassinate the President.

“Mai Mujuru is like a daughter to President Mugabe, how can she decide to kill him now, she knows no other leader except President Mugabe, she was groomed by President Mugabe, why would she want to kill him now and how surely.

“This is a joke surely. I for one have never had any intention of killing even a fly. I don’t and will never have any intention of ending someone’s life,” charged Gumbo.

Last week, Mugabe railroaded his party into changing its constitution, a move that now allows him to sideline Mujuru and appoint his preferred successor.

The changes, which were forced through at Saturday’s tense politburo meeting in Harare, will empower the nonagenarian to appoint his party deputies once they are formally adopted — a marked change from the current status quo where his lieutenants are elected into their positions, and which also sees them automatically taking up the same posts in government.

At the same time, the State media has gone into overdrive, accusing everyone perceived to be sympathetic to Mujuru of working to assassinate Mugabe and promoting factionalism.

Among those accused of plotting to topple and assassinate the nonagenarian are Gumbo, Mujuru, Mutasa and Nicholas Goche.

Analysts also say a faction associated with Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has been working overtime to ostracise supporters of Mujuru — and virtually all of them, including at least 10 Cabinet ministers and more than 100 Members of Parliament have been booted out of the party’s powerful central committee.

“I’m concerned, really concerned about what is happening in the party. It’s now a circus.

“How do you have people who were overwhelmingly elected at primary elections all being dumped and this by the way includes people who fought for the country, people who sacrificed in the bush to liberate Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF structures are being decimated and real Zanu PF people are being marginalised. Look at Goche, he has been standing by the President and Zanu PF and has been a pillar of strength, now he is being abused like this.

“What is frightening is that youths, sell-outs and even former Selous Scouts are getting places in the central committee at the expensive of genuine Zanu PF people. It does not make sense at all,” Gumbo added.

A member of the politburo who spoke to the Daily News yesterday accused  Mugabe of presiding over the entire process of destabilising the party.

As a result, he said, genuine party cadres and liberation war fighters were now concerned about the rate at which Mugabe was being “hoodwinked” by one faction in the party.

“Why hasn’t President Mugabe stood up to defend his Vice President? Is he part of this sickening plot? How do you go to congress with appointed officials while those who have the support of the people are thrown away.

“Look at the case of someone like Temba Mliswa who has proved that he is extremely popular but is being dumped and treated like a criminal yet the real thugs are taking posts in the party.

“This will go down in history as a kangaroo congress. Look at the amendments to the constitution. How do you change the constitution at the last minute.

“What is happening in Zanu PF will have far reaching consequences if President Mugabe doesn’t act like a man and stop this nonsense,” the politburo member speaking on anonymity said.

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a sellout will remain a sellout kana usisimo mu zanu pf uchirikungorwadziwa makanyangira yaona yaona iwe mutengesi

gozho - 26 November 2014

Well let the part die a natural death. It is inevitable. The problem is that we have real cowards in Zimbabwe. How do you explain a +90 year old man change the constitution of a party single-handed while under 60 years people are clapping their hands.

dick mboko - 26 November 2014

“This is a joke surely. I for one have never had any intention of killing even a fly. I don't and will never have any intention of ending someone's life,” charged Gumbo.

Clemence Tashaya - 26 November 2014

Rugare, when the Thsolotsho gang was suspended, including elected Provincial Chairmen like July Moyo and Jacob Mudenda how come you didn't say the "Beatrice gang" is taking over seeing as this plan to rope in the First family to stop Mnangagwa was hatched in Beatrice? The same Grace Mugabe you hate so much today was the same Grace Mugabe who did exactly what she is doing back in 2004 to elevate Joice. Yes , today she is much more vulgar but the process and outcomes are exactly similar. The shoe is on the other foot now Rugare---deal with it

Bobby Maguranyanga - 26 November 2014

everyone of them is dirty, its only kuti vamwe havent started talking. watch this space.

tsvatuwaro - 26 November 2014

Entitlement mentality by Rugare "The Politburo" Gumbo...a party should evolve and must of necessity have mafikizolo whatever you call them. Asi nhai imi vaGumbo sei maibva maonererwa kuoma musoro kuti papata muchitunhidzwa ne private press. Ndokusaka makadzingwa.

Tshotsha - 26 November 2014

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Mafirakureva - 26 November 2014

The emperor is busy fiddling while Rome is burning! shame! I feel sorry for poor Chinamasa. Uchataurei mangwana.

TSVANGIRAI - 26 November 2014

Gumbo has been a politiburo member until recently. Economy is dead. Unemployment levels have reached the ceiling. Is this the war liberation values that you are talking about. "No intention to kill a fly" please give us a break gumbo. You tell us that in your house there is no multi-insect killer spray or mosquito net. You are all the same in zanu pf bad and evil. Crocodiles, blood, vultures, snakes ,hynas the list is endless thats zanu characters. People being purged did nothing when people were being tormented and the country now has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The problem with gumbo and zanu , is that you are all self centred. You dont care about ordinary people expect worshiping mugabe.When progressing and democtratic people of this country fight and engage zanu pf for democratic values you brand them as western puppets. Welcome to the real world Gumbo. Enjoy the fruits and benefits of this monster mugabe you created.

X-MAN IV - 26 November 2014

But those politoburo members know that Mugabe changes rules at the last minute, don't they? He did it to Tekere, he did it in Mozambique,he did it to Nkomo, he did it to Morgan Tsvangirayi and the word assassination is always sprung up.

maita - 26 November 2014

The writing is on the wall, Mugabe is strategising his way out and he is not planning to go all by himself, he is taking everyone with him to pave way for another generation. Why do Mujuru's allies not realise their hurried scuppered ousting is well planned and is being executed to leave no stone left unturned, every ancient is on his/her way out. It's only a matter of time for Mnangagwa, Muchinguri and them. Soon after the congress, a few touch ups and amendments will be made before Mugabe finally announces his retirement on his birthday address to the nation in February. A whole new dispensation is taking over, he is tired of people always wishing death upon him and being the odd one out at conferences and summits. His whole generation of leaders is gone and he feels his turn has also come. While it maybe true that Gumbo might not hurt a fly, what about all those people you and Jabulani terrorised and hurt in Mberengwa and Masvingo forcing them to flee into the mountains at night ? How soon you forget.

Dr Know - 26 November 2014

What a load of garbage from Gumbo. People in Zanu and Zapu were not fighting to “liberate any country” because before whites came there was no nation-state. They were fighting for political power for themselves. This country was created by the whites. People should be thanking whites for bringing modern civilisation to this backward land. It is a lie that certain people “liberated the country” which was created by the whites. Would there be any SCHOOLS or INDUSTRIES had the whites not colonised this land? Nonsense. A fight for political power in now called “liberation”. When the whites came this borderless land was in the primitive Stone Age. The simple GEJO was brought by the whites when people were sharing one BADZA per village. I don't subscribe to this “liberation” idiocy. It's one big con by power-seeking people. I was born in an era where owning a simple BICYCLE was regarded as a sign of success in the black community I will not accept this “liberation” idiocy.

Musona - 26 November 2014

The real person behind all this is Mugabe himself. Look, they are busy fighting and he is busy tightening his grip on the party and gvt. Mark my words; very soon these people who are being expelled will be readmitted into the party. They cant go anywhere because of the skeletons they have in their cupboards.

educatedfool - 26 November 2014

gumbo ndinomuremekedza he does speak his mind even if it would get him in trouble. this is what we need in a democracy not just yes nkosi. it doesn't help anyone. majority of the government officials go by what the leader says for the sack of it. as such, they do not add any value to the thinking of the party and its leadership. they just figure out what the leader wants to hear and go by that.

zvirozviyedzwa - 26 November 2014

If the vultures have taken over, it is because the hyenas were booted out, so where are you Gumbo?

reason - 26 November 2014

which white men created this country? This country was there before they came here to loot my friend. i wonder how you think sir. your colonial diploma causes you to denigrade us like this why? it may be helpful if you changed your language. this is now our home the english have thier own country. you are free to joine them in the land of their own creation. this one was created by our forefathers. you wouldn't find sach history in your colonial syllabus cause it was doctored by the whites so it represents their interests. this is our land.

taurai - 26 November 2014

Bloody dictatorship. The evil snakes and vultures have really twisted events in the Country and Party. the same crew and hardliners are largely responsible for all Nikuv and rigging activities. The same crew will always rig elections. The diablos.....evil.....which direction now beloved Zimbabwe. Why are these forces of darkness determining Zimbabwe's fate?

Yowee - 26 November 2014

ZANU PF is a company of the first Farmily, kana usichadiwe vanokusvipa. if u want to garratee yo stay study their dictionary., otherwise they dont use our oxford dictionary. check in the first family's dictionary> partycader, war vet, loyalist, wrong basket, assasination, democracy, election and many more. if u manage to study their dictionary then yu will never loose yo job in that company.

maxnam - 26 November 2014

Well, I have no issues with the changes to the constitution. The assumption is that Mugabe will be appointing deputies but at this rate, it may be Mnangagwa appointing Jonathan. I now trust no one and I hope RGM does the same.

UnBanked - 26 November 2014


Karigamombe - 26 November 2014

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chiremba - 26 November 2014

So when it comes to who goes to the Hero's Acre whenever any one of our rulers dies, what criteria will be used to determine who gets buried there?

Dopori - 26 November 2014

Madhlira makadhla manonoko wezhira . Ngatidogwai nezvembeu tirime zvedu kuno kwaMataga irikudhura hameno ikweyo Harare

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 26 November 2014

I will stand with VP Mujuru and her perceived group come hell come thunder . Mugabe is stupid and mentally sick if he continues to side with weevils.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 26 November 2014

So we will hear tomorrow: First Vice President: Gideon Gono Second Vice President:Grace Mugabe. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

Kufandada - 26 November 2014

zesa ,telone all these companies are being abused by mujuru function MD we telone muroora wekwa MUTASA haana ma quilifications ayidiwa asi aka iswa ipapo kuti agoisa mari ku zanu nhasi vashandi vonyimwa bonus finance director wacho same same kwaakabva akasiya ma company agwadama Chivaviro same function nana Shamu

mr honest - 26 November 2014

Vultures which are suffering from newcastle sickness have been quarantined from equally sickly birds . Many will remember after stolen elections last year how sick vulture Gumbo was defending vulture Mugabe that he had not stolen our votes and he was a very good man no mr gumbo you are vulture too

Diibulaanyika - 26 November 2014

va mugabe vakurasikwa zve .Gumbo wataura dama hatinga chinje zvinhu zvekumhanya .party yofa takatarisa yangove zanu yemhuri yekuuraya

son of the soil - 26 November 2014

another generation for real akapenga mudhara

dr know mataura chokwadi - 27 November 2014

@gozho, uriduzvi, chipfukuto.......nxaaa!!!

Gamatox - 27 November 2014

2Chronicles 7vs 14. It is sad that people waste energy and resources, just for being power hungry, while a whole nation has sunk, in poverty, unemployment, disease, corruption, and all kinds of evil. Vana vedu vane ma degree vanoswera vachimhanyira mota kutengesa tumaflag nema juice cards, while people are busy fighting. It is a real shame. Let God rule this country!

Born 1953 - 27 November 2014

Thank you all for your comments. My opinion is that all level headed Zimbabweans stay away from this Mugabe game plan. Arikuita masiyandaita and he does not give a damn to what happens when he is gone. Remember 2008...these guys who are now on each others's throats killed, maimed innocent Zimbabweans, looted and they all have embarked on a self destructive path. Siyai zvakadaro zvipendzerane. They are all a bunch of criminals, the whole lot.

Garikayi - 27 November 2014

nhai imi vanhuwe,hamuzivi here kwekutarisa kana zvinhu zvaoma.hee hamukuzivi kune rudekaro rwusinana politics.God is waiting for you Zimbabwe.wake up and ask god first and always.........

kariba - 27 November 2014

let zpf destroy itself and mugabe must die with his party of theives and crooks

green masvingo - 27 November 2014

Zvinorwadza unozviona ka Gumbo,ndokurwadziwa kwatiri kuita tine maMasters edu tichishaya basa,iwe unotochemera kudya,getaway,

pakaipa - 27 November 2014

@ Garikayi i feel u my brother...wise words from a wise man indeed...........wat i pray 4 is 4 these guyz to kill,maim n torture each other lyk they did to the innocent sons n daughters of Zimbabwe in Matebeland n in 2008

lone ranger - 27 November 2014

should people die holding party positions?? no no no. we should have change and enter new blood. mr gumbo thats new blood taking over so grace yourself for a new zanu pf

good question - 27 November 2014

Maybe Zanu Pf is renewing itself through these purges and would hope the remaining old guards will soon depart and leave the young turks to lead the party into the future.

Renewal - 27 November 2014

Ko iro gora rinogoti vamwe magora seyi? Ywe uri chiyi Gumbo? Uri gora rakurirwa nemamwe magora akachenjera.

Der - 27 November 2014

Vana Rugare mavekuzviona manje kuti Zanu Chiwororo ka, maiti Morgan zvakaronga bato rake aive asingazvione here? Nhasi wagwabvugwa ka, ndozvinoita guhungo izvozvo, iye manje nemukadzi wake vagarika manje pazvinzvimbo, unopposed.. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haaaaaaa yass, that i the highest level of dictation. ukangohukura zvohi oda kundiuraya, vana vevamwe ndovanofanigwa kufa chete..........

Cde Ben - 27 November 2014

Mr Gumbo before independence you are on record pleading with people not to vote for Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF as quoted in the Rhodesia Herald of February 1980. You then joined ZANU Ndonga but you lost and Robert Mugabe won. Still Mugabe forgave you and made a Cabinet minister and you enjoyed his gravy train. Now you are biting the hand that revived your political career. So leave Mugabe alone and start another ZANU Ndonga, you are ungrateful.

Ranga - 27 November 2014

Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe

Ini - 28 November 2014

Those that the gods want to destroy, they first make them mad-there goes Zanu Pf

The Spell - 1 December 2014

I will never sympathise nor shade any tear for Rugare Gumbo.He was part& parcel of the Karanga mafia that assassinated Zanu Chairman Herbert Chitepo in Zambia on 18March 1975.The Vhitori mafia went on to eliminate Chitepo`s fellow Manyikas from the face of the earth in Zambia namely Mukono,Mataure&Sanyanga.President KK should be commended for getting to the bottom of the vicious tribal Politics by the Karangas by setting up the Chona Commission.The mafia that eliminated Chitepo was led by Tongogara,consisted of Rugare Gumbo,Kumbirai Kangai,Mukudzei Mudzi,Henry Hamadziripi,Rex Mujuru,Dauramhanzi,Zvinavashe,Robson Manyika,Chigowe&Mpunzarima.

Tambavakachenjera Pasipaipa - 1 December 2014

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