Mutsvangwa's central committee bid flops

HARARE - Newly-elected war veterans’ leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has failed to secure a nomination into Zanu PF’s central committee.

Mutsvangwa failed to garner a nomination at the Zanu PF Mashonaland West inter district meeting held on Sunday.

Party insiders who attended the meeting said the vociferous war veterans leader styling himself as part of the “critical mass generation” that prosecuted Zimbabwe’s liberation war against white-minority rule was not nominated.

“Mutsvangwa lost,” one source said. “It seems he did not garner enough support to get a nomination from his district. Everyone thought he would be nominated and we were surprised.”

Mutsvangwa, who is also Foreign Affairs deputy minister, will only attend the December congress as the war veterans leader.

The central committee is Zanu PF’s most powerful organ outside congress and consists of members drawn from the party’s 10 provinces.

It acts on behalf of congress when it is not in session and among other things implements all policies, resolutions, directives, decisions, and programmes enunciated by congress. It meets once in three months.

Temba Mliswa, the ousted provincial chairman, was blocked from seeking nomination into the party’s central committee.

Mliswa had won the right to represent Hurungwe district but the provincial leadership said he could not represent the province as a central committee member following his suspension as party chairman last month.

Ignatius Chombo, Local Government minister and head of the congress coordinating committee in the province, said anyone who has been brought before the party’s disciplinary committee over the past five years could not be allowed to get into the central committee.

He said even though the province had allowed some names to be seconded for the central committee, the politburo had the final say after a thorough vetting process.

Businessman Philip Chiyangwa bounced back after receiving a nomination for a central committee seat from Makonde district.

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Since he is a bootlicker The Matibili man ca still appoint him.

Sweeping powers - 25 November 2014

Sure brother what do we expect from Phillip Chiyangwa and the Chombos .a league of doom the gangsters as Mliswa puts them.they are worth nothing than a mess.

carson Macate - 25 November 2014


GSS - 25 November 2014

I think the cetraa coomti is better without the likes of mutsvangwa-this one smokes ganja.

Matilda - 25 November 2014

How is it Cde Mutsvangwa. You thought that blasting mai Mujuru and her allies would make your life easier. think again kirisi. sory hako. kikikiki

Tichaonerera - 25 November 2014

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Amama mukuru wema War vet. If people could maintain that stance. Just show these bastards the door. Vanofunga kuti kutisunungura zvinoreva kutiita nhaphwa dzavo. Mugodhoyi.

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 25 November 2014

So much noise let the boot licking war vets elect him to congress! Fong kong MP!

Nzomabe huru - 25 November 2014

Mutsvangwa should take this as a short reprieve, you lose some, you win some,- soon to lose all. Is it me alone or has someone else also noticed that none of all these ZANU officials' children has ever really shown an interest in active local politics? Could it be unlike their parents they have realised it's a dirty and dangerous losing game or are they out there in the diaspora enjoying ill gotten wealth from the fruits of our labour? It is mostly these ancients who want to remain stuck onto Gobachev-style politics that takes us nowhere but backwards.

Dr Know - 25 November 2014

“Critical mass generation” - utter garbage from Mutsvangwa. A typical example of self-aggrandizement. Mutsvangwa is the typical person who was a delinquent who was given a scholarship by the white government of Rhodesia to study law but decided to skip the border to go to newly independent Mozambique in 1975. I have no idea what his problem was because some in his group went on to finish their degrees in Rhodesia while he was in the bush. Naughty fellow. He had hardly experienced life as a working adult and his political views could not have been relied on. He had no idea he was running away from the second most prosperous economy in Africa. People like Mutsvangwa, who were naughty as youngsters, will always be rabble-rousers until they die. It's fair to say Mutsvangwa can start an argument in a phone booth. He and Mugabe are two of a kind. As for “critical mass” - claptrap. The fighting by Zanu and Zapu has no connection whatsoever with the attainment of black rule. I do not find the connection because Joshua Nkomo and Mugabe were forced to the Thatcher-initiated Lancaster House Conference by Presidents Machel, Kaunda and Nyerere in 1979. I do not know where the “critical mass” comes into the equation. Zanu was voted into power by the ordinary people after Muzorewa's reign. Mutsvangwa is intelligent enough to know he is talking utter garbage about “critical mass generation”. He is trying the impossible - to change history. Could he succeed Mugabe as President? Uh, I have some doubts because everyone in ZanuPF wants to be President. Political fights last one's whole lifetime. Those on the faction he supports will fight each other when they have managed to get rid of the Mujuru side - that is how it works out in politics.

Musona - 25 November 2014

Margaret Thatcher was elected British prime minister on 4 May 1979 and decided to have a go at the intractable Rhodesian question. Thatcher knew that this was the question which Commonwealth countries would ask her at the Lusaka Conference in August 1979 so she prepared and thought she would have a go. She was under no pressure from anyone to settle the Rhodesian issue. Fortunately, she managed to pull it off. Zanu and Zapu wanted a military victory because they were not sure about support inside the country but the Front Line States thought otherwise. The hot pursuit battles deep into Mozambique and Zambia by Smith's forces had made life for citizens of Zambia and Mozambique very unsafe and was having an adverse effect on their economies and the presidents thought this had to end an so forced Mugabe and Nkomo to attend the Conference. In February 1976 US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger went to S Africa and had meetings with Smith and S African prime minister John Vorster where they agreed a transitional arrangement which inexplicably the Front Line States later turned down after initially agreeing - maybe after consultation with Mugabe and Nkomo who wanted a military victory.

Musona - 25 November 2014

I have always wondered when reporters (you are not journalists - for journalists are analytic) make reference to the ZANU PF Central Committee as powerful. Is it really powerful? What decisions have they ever made. You mean rubber stamping Mugabe, Have they ever shown even dissent (rather oppose) Mugabe. So what power do they have. Look at the Mujuru faction - there are being slaughtered like sheep - quietly. They still hope that Mugabe will forgive them. Kwete mwana womuBwidi. Haaregereri. They will all be slaughtered. They are the most cowards I have known. How can all the men and woman surely be cowed by a 91 year old (nonagenarian) who should be in a people's home. Zvakaoma

dick mboko - 25 November 2014

good comments till musona brought his usual smith mantra. big english words that are misplaced. the guy has failed to read the mood inspired by the current goings. people are looking for life after this disaster. if zanu self harm, that does not mean the end of the country sir. in any case the failure of zanu does not translate to the failure of all zimbos. there are numerous success told stories of vana venhu who have demonstrated excellence in leadership whom once given a chance would propell our country to unimagined hieghts. pls dont bring your bitterness to this forum. keep britain there. this is zimbabwe in africa.

taurai - 25 November 2014

@taurai. The Smith mantra is very relevant because he was succeeded by Mugabe. Musona is merely stating the facts as they happened lest we may forget. The problem is history has been distorted and may I hasten to say its either the likes of you Taurai are too young to have witnessed the real events or are so Zanunised that you believe your own fiction. Nobody shot their way into Harare. Most of the volunteers were scared of the NATO rifle and sacrificed the Povo.

Rudi - 25 November 2014

Some people are like stuck records. Even if he might be young, @Taurai has a positive attitude that can salvage the beloved Motherland land Zimbabwe from the current ashes to its revered self - "the Bread Basket of Africa" or "the Second most powerful economy in Africa" given its citizens' high literacy rates and hard working ethic. Indeed the Phynx can Rise Again!!!!!!

Dhidhidhi - 25 November 2014

they are all grace's wives.

selele - 25 November 2014

@taurai - silly cretin. You write under the name taurai and them immediately respond to your own post under the name Rudi, then Dhidhidhi. Idiot.

Musona - 25 November 2014

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chiremb - 26 November 2014

iwe taurai unomarker macomments evanhu wakamira sani?? this platform is not for critiquing other people's comments but to comment in relation to what you think about the article in question. If you want to be a teacher, enda kumorgenster kubridging uko, kuchiri vacant.

lol - 26 November 2014

it realy surprises me ,what is it there in zanu pf that people still want to stick to such a useless mugabe's peronal property,i kindly and storngly urge people of normal thinking to leave mugabe alone and set knew futute for zimbabwe,mugabe is not God ,he i snot permanent and life can go on without him

green masvingo - 26 November 2014

its just that i believe zimbabweans will rise from these setbacks and once again become a country we can all be proud of. the failure(s) of our forerunners should not deter us from adopting a mentality that encourages trying our best for our country and its people. if we adopt a backwards 'smith rhodes' mindset, we risk negating our potentials and effectily become redundant and ineffective. there has to be something to hold on to. something local though we definately need foreign support. that something has much to do with how we percieve and judge ourselves. i have refused to believe that we need smith in order to make our country prosperous. there are many zimbos who are true patriots - enough to govern the country reasonably and perhaps develop it further than smith's record. for this reason, hama dzangu, allow me to respectfully disagree with musona.

taurai - 26 November 2014

Its time for change ,the winds are getting stronger each day .Good luck Zimbabwe.

Jordan N - 26 November 2014

@rudi you may be right that history was distorted. but it may be important to note that history was and will always be manupulated by politicians. both the rhodesians and those who led the struggle against minority rule may have altered stories in their favour. you and i have to decide who we side with bwtn zimbos and the english. vese vainyepa thats very possible. however, for some of us blood is thicker than water. i stand on the side of my people on these issues. i know that the english will always stand by their kin. what about you?

taurai - 26 November 2014

...saka nyika yedu yoparadzwa zvakare for the next how many years nhai hama dzangu,torarama ne mafood court nekutengesa ma second hand clothes chete ma Industry akavharwa??????? dai mwari anzwa kuchema kwedu!!!!!!!!!

hamilton Salimo - 26 November 2014

The party is now in self destructive mode.The likes of Chris want to think that they are very relevant by being verbatic.He thought being voted War vets boss would be a one way ticket to heaven but alas he is still in the woods.

Samaita paGokwe Centre - 26 November 2014

I do not understand why people are worried about the goings on in ZANU PF. Who told you that ZANU PF is the peoples party? It is not. It is Mugabe's party and each time the constitution of the party is amended Mugabe is slowly taking over full control.Mugabe and wife are the only ones who are not to be subjected to an election. All the other leaders in the party are waiting to be appointed by Mugabe. Mess with Gushungo and you are dead meat.If you want to safeguard your high position in govt, and parastals you need to sing praise to Mugabe. It is called bootlicking. The top bootlicker this week is Justice Wadyajena. Bootlickers are a dangerous lot. In most cases they are hardcore criminals who have a lot to hide and are out to seek protection from their benefactor. Remember Dr Grace Mugabe telling Dr Mujuru that the VP should accept to be removed as VP because the people(read Mugabes) who put her in power wanted her out. ZANU PF is a Gushungo project period!

Jaku - 26 November 2014

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