I quit— Goche

HARARE - Politburo heavyweight Nicholas Goche dramatically quit Zanu PF’s violent central committee elections in Bindura yesterday, charging angrily that he was now completely fed up with the ugly factional and succession wars that are devouring President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party.

Goche’s sensational abandonment of the elections, which leaves his Cabinet position in doubt, came after violent hired thugs, who were baying for his blood, besieged a tempestuous provincial meeting in the Mashonaland Central capital.

Traumatised witnesses at the chaotic meeting variously described the scenes on the ground as “hell” and “completely bewildering”.

Goche confirmed to the Daily News last night that he had withdrawn his name for election into the party’s powerful central committee.

The Bindura anarchy comes a mere week before Zanu PF holds its crucial elective congress in Harare, amid untested claims by State media that Goche, former party spokesman Rugare Gumbo and Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa are allegedly plotting together with embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru to assassinate Mugabe.

The thugs that terrorised attendees at yesterday’s meeting were allegedly hired by a party faction rabidly opposed to Mujuru, which has been buoyed by Mugabe’s relentless attacks on senior party members, as well as his purging of provincial chairpersons perceived to be sympathetic to the beleaguered VP.

The hired Bindura mob, many of them said to have come from the Mt Darwin area where Environment minister Savior Kasukuwere comes from, damaged cars and beat up anyone who was suspected of supporting Goche and Mujuru, forcing the minister to withdraw from the elections.

“It was hell for all of us who were rooting for Comrade Goche. We were assaulted and chased away by the drunk thugs who disrupted the meeting. I can understand why he (Goche) pulled out,” said one of his supporters who requested anonymity fearing that the thugs would follow him to “finish me off”.

The eyewitnesses say it was during this mayhem that an exasperated Goche stood up, laid the blame for the anarchy on Kasukuwere for hiring the thugs to disrupt the meeting, and then announced that he was quitting the elections as everything that was happening ran contrary to his principles and conscience.

“Cars were stoned and the anti-Mujuru protestors besieged the meeting accusing Goche of plotting to assassinate the president. They were uncontrollable and not even the police could stop them.

“Goche pointedly blamed Kasukuwere for organising the demonstrations.

He said all his life he had worked for Zanu PF and would not take the abuse anymore. That is why he refused to have his name among nominees for the central committee,” one of the sources said.

The State-controlled weekly newspaper, The Sunday Mail, alleged last week that its “investigations” had revealed that Goche, “made contingencies for such a scenario (Mugabe’s assassination) during recent meetings with potential hit men in South Africa and Israel”.

Mugabe, who turns 91 soon, is the only leader Zimbabwe has had since the country attained its independence from Britain in 1980. During this period, virtually all of Zimbabwe’s neighbours have had at least four leaders, leaving Mugabe — Africa’s oldest and one of the longest serving on the continent — the odd man out in the region, and with no obvious successor in sight.

Mugabe railroaded his party into changing its constitution at the weekend, a move that now allows him to sideline Mujuru and appoint his preferred successor.

The changes, which were forced through at Saturday’s tense politburo meeting in Harare, will empower the nonagenarian to appoint his party deputies once they are formally adopted — a marked change from the current status quo where his lieutenants are elected into their positions, which also sees them automatically taking up the same posts in government.

Analysts say Mugabe’s perennial encouragement of Zanu PF’s factional wars shows that he is “a master of divide and rule politics”.

University of Kent law lecturer, Alex Magaisa, said there were a lot of things happening around Mugabe and in Zanu PF that did not make any sense.

“There are too many contradictions, but the one explanation for this is simply that Mugabe is a master of divide and rule politics.

“He thrives on the vulnerability of those around him. The more they feel unsure and insecure, the better for him,” Magaisa said.

He added that this was the reason why Mugabe was not protecting Mujuru from the scathing attacks she was receiving from his wife Grace and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters.

“Thus Mugabe has all parties where he wants them to be, fighting each other and vulnerable.

“He remains unscathed, looking powerful and untouchable,” he said.


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Cde Mugabe might want to try and argue with God when he dies

Dumi Sani - 24 November 2014

I used to support ZPF (and I also voted MDC), but what i'm seeing now is too much for Zim. I feel sorry for ZPF supporters now, how can they explain this dictatorship? Now i'm looking for any party which is not ZPF to support.

Prof Mlambo - 24 November 2014

Goche, now getting a taste of the very same toxic medicine he himself has been dishing out to ordinary Zimbabwean's. The only difference is that we the people of Zimbabwe have had to endure 34 years of it, whilst he has only had 1 single day of it and quits and runs like the zanu pf cockerel that he is.

ronaldos - 24 November 2014

Ian Smith once said "Robert Mugabe can run a sheeben not a country and at that time during Nationalism he accused the West of over Romanizing the nationalist because he was of the opinion Democracy is foreign to them. What they no is " a chief is appointed and should be in power forever. So true now is we can see for 34 years even with the advanced age Mugabe wont let go. In a civilized nation, citizens have to run for their lives through probed up charges. What goes around comes around. The same false charges were invented to some of us in the south of the country and these men now running were part of the scheme.

george Bango - 24 November 2014

Ian Smith once said "Robert Mugabe can run a sheeben not a country and at that time during Nationalism he accused the West of over Romantizing the nationalist because he was of the opinion Democracy is foreign to them. What they know is " a chief is appointed and should be in power forever. So true now is we can see for 34 years even with the advanced age Mugabe wont let go. In a civilized nation, citizens have to run for their lives through probed up charges. What goes around comes around. The same false charges were invented to some of us in the south of the country and these men now running were part of the scheme.

george Bango - 24 November 2014

So who is violent Tsvangison and Mugabe. Which party is the most violent then?

mujidjeen - 24 November 2014

Ndakapedzisira kuona makudo karekare kumusha kuchiri nemhuka. Thanx to zpf for giving me memories kuti makudo ano behava sei.

KKKKKKK - 24 November 2014

Hombiro riri kudzingirira tumwe tumakudo richiti tsvagai kwenyu mega nekuti munehobi.

kkkkkkk - 24 November 2014

Zvaipaka violence yamaisiwhinha nayo maelections has turned against you. Zanu pf breeds nothing but war mongers and blood letting thugs. These thugs will be used in the 2018 elections to cow opposition supporters regai henyu muone. Zanu pf is a violent party that has won elections through rigging and violence, fullstop

Balu - 24 November 2014

Goche has fallen victim to Mugabe's ruthless purges which as usual since 1976, are meant to cement his hold on power. All what he is interested in is power, power and power. That Kasukuwere hired some yobs from his Mount Darwin backyard is not a surprise, this is Zanu PF modus operandi, they can be ruthless even to their own. All this nonsense that Goche, Gumbo and Mutasa plotted against Mugabe is fiction, if there was a grain of truth in it Goche and company would be languishing in Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

cde churucheminzwa - 24 November 2014

Zvaipaka violence yamaisiwhinha nayo maelections has turned against you. Zanu pf breeds nothing but war mongers and blood letting thugs. These thugs will be used in the 2018 elections to cow opposition supporters regai henyu muone. Zanu pf is a violent party that has won elections through rigging and violence, fullstop

Balu - 24 November 2014

I love the twisting of fate that is currently taking place in ZANU, and we will keep enjoying the drama as it unfolds with each everyday episode. Last week we had Rugare Gumbo, the other week it was Jabulani Sibanda, nine Provincial Chairpersons and a couple of others, and now we welcome you Cde Goche. There's still plenty of room for more of you. When MDC-T clipped the Secretary General's wings, the Herald, ZANU PF members and aligned analysts fell over each other describing how undemocratic Tsvangirai was. Now that it is happening in their very own backyard, what have they to say we wonder. Francis Nhema and the others, don't worry, your turn is coming. The question on everybody's mind now is what will all these persecuted and fallen out of grace people do, will they form a splinter party, will they join forces with some of the opposition parties or will they settle for political oblivion? Be sure not to miss out the next episode!

Dr Know - 24 November 2014

Those coming up with all these powers for the President will b dissappointed if they are excluded from the positions they think they will get...... Gono being one of the Vice Presidents kikikiki.....people would be shocked after the congress....the Grand Master will strike again.

Moyo - 24 November 2014

goche we are coming to you how can you hire a hitman to kill our dear president. pamberi nengwena. muri vana vaduku, imi mune shungu asi dzinongova shungu

ngwena ngwena - 24 November 2014

My serious worry is on the so-called state press. Do they really appreciate the danger they put other people's lives in by their desk journalism. They cook up a story and assign names to the story putting those people's lives in grave danger. Its so wrong but one day is one day.

wa - 24 November 2014

Colonialists are wasting their money and energy in fighting Bob from left, right and center. As long as the approach is unfaithful before God they will be back to square one. Colonialists come with clean hands and talk to Zimbabweans - represented by Bob and see good returns.

dungas - 24 November 2014

it is becoming nasty. cry the beloved country. intolerance in the revolutionary party breeds disaster for the country.

che - 24 November 2014

......saka murikuti Didmas mutasa(vaNyati),baba vaToyi,Bossman,Muridzi wemanicaland kutangira maRusape zvichienda mberi..the most violent in the last 2 elections...you mean aida kupondesa Big Dhara renyika?..I don't thick its true..mudhara Mutasa anonzi ano pfugamira bhobho....moti anoda kumuuraya..its not true..............

pamberi - 24 November 2014

I am put off by the fawning like “Politburo heavyweight Nicholas Goche dramatically quit Zanu PF's violent central committee…” or “national hero” or “liberation war hero” or “who played a big role in the liberation of the country” or “veteran liberation fighter”. Why not just write that “Minister Goche quit…”? In which way is Goche a “Politburo heavyweight”? As far as I know the Politburo is made up of yes men and yes women who bootlick Mugabe and rubberstamp Mugabe's policies or programmes. After Mutsvangwa revealed what some if us already knew that Goche was a thief who skipped the border in the late 1970s after stealing money, Goche should have resigned forthwith privately but he has shamelessly carried on as if he is unaware of this revelation by Mutsvangwa. He must not seek top government or party positions although his case is slightly less serious than that of others involved in the Gukurahundi massacre who unashamedly are still in government. People holding high positions in government must be whiter than white.

Musona - 24 November 2014

Pataiti vanhu varikupondwa nekurohwa neZANU PF vaifuratira gotsi vachiti kunyepa kwezvimbwasungata nhasi yofazhira kumeso kwavo hari yemasvusvu voda tivahwire vurombo . Dai mavurayana chaizvo maZANU PF ndozvainoita ngozi , maivuraya vanhu muchiti zvinoenda nepi kwangova kukandirana hurungudo kwembavha dzirimugomo . Choduvuka chimbambaira chakasungigwa muhundlu

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 24 November 2014

Well yekela kuqedane okungama tshabi.I care less had my granny killed by these idiots.Bulalal loyena.

Zimbonymous - 24 November 2014

by any chance could that generation 40 be making headway in all this chaos begs to question . Jmoyo seems to be pulling strings Skasukuwere has hired guns behind him bringing old gaurds to their knees hmmhmmm cant help but think

Ini Ndini - 24 November 2014

More barbarism is coming after the congress of thugs . All those who have been expelled from Grace and Mugabe 's personal party zanu are going to have farms given them taken away, tenders awarded to them cancelled the drama is still on as we move back to stone age times . May be the solution is some one must be killed like what happened to Kabila .

Diibulaanyika - 24 November 2014

zvinoitwa namugabe ndizvo zvinongoitwawo natsvangis. he is another dictator in the making. vanhu vake varikuimba rumbidzo mangwana vachaona kuti zvakangofanana. mdc t ndikokuti mdc yekwa tsangison. no one can ever lead a put suffixed with someone else's name. its his private property. t is not just appended for no reason. its there to make a statement imi muchingo imba save save.

zvirozviyedzwa - 24 November 2014

Goche, the boys roughed you up? Believe you me, you got away lightly, at least with your ass intact. This is just a little taste of your own medicine -Zunu-PF violence. By the way they are not through with you yet. They are busy concocting a video of you sealing a deal with an Israeli hit man to do in RG Mugabe. You are going to cry, "No no I never assigned anybody to do such such a dirty job!" They will calmly say, "Oh yes. That is you in the video there" Shit is yet to hit the fan for you my boy! Oh you must see yourself in this picture, RG Mugabe saying, "ko ndimi makanangwa uroyi ka" Oh you looked awful, just like a classic wet chicken. Take a look at yourself! My question is "Why do you people literally worship that man who has presided over the destruction of our beautiful country?" No wonder, you guys gather around RG Mugabe to glorify him and come out with no sound policies to get our country out of doldrums. Now your crime is that you were trying to exercise your democratic right at the coming congress to chose VP Mujuru for presidential post. You boys have short memories. There is no democracy in Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF did not bring democray into this country. Now you are only finding out. You do not need this crap!

Mbareboy - 24 November 2014

At least Goche wasn't killed. Our relatives lost lives in 2008 and Goche didn't quit! Let them fight

Nduna - 24 November 2014

We have seen this old fashion method of tapes and pictures used against Morgan where every thing was vague , Pius Ncube same thing and now umkhonto ugwaza ekhaya against zanu everything here is blue lies but let them kill each other we like it,Bulalanani zinja bathakathi ,balozi mfiti varoi witches bastard .

Diibulaanyika - 25 November 2014

Enjoy the circus...do not feel any pity for any one of them, they are all criminals. Webanga anofa nebanga!!!!

Garikayi - 25 November 2014

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chiremb - 25 November 2014

Let's cheer them on! Let them kill each other off and burn each other's houses, rape each other's wives and make each other seat on burning stoves...let them burn from the feet right up to their heads. Burn Bloody demonic and satanic party burn!!

Rural Front - 25 November 2014

what a fuss plotting to kill one person has become more important than the massacring of thousands during gukurahundi nxa

mthwakazi - 25 November 2014

The Herald must be reported to the ICC and charged for instigating crimes against humanity. What is happening in the Jonathan Moyo, George Charamba, Mnagangwa controlled and edited state media is very dangerous in that such lies and venomous attacks against persons will soon lead to same against racial and tribal groups. Zimbabwe is on the verge of becoming genocidal as experienced in Rwanda. It is sad that good people are doing nothing about this and idiots are cheering on . It really does not matter at this critical point how we may feel about the attacked individuals past. This is quickly becoming a vendetta against all Zimbabweans who are perceived not to be in a certain faction. Death and mayhem will soon engulf our land. If this is allowed to continue Gukurahundi will seem like childs play. Please people wake up for the sake of our children's future and the future of humanity. Zimbabwe is allowing evil to take over with a smile. Beware.

connie - 25 November 2014

I hope these leutenants who are falling by the wayside for having varying opinions will help in doing away with the rigging of elections. This helps to bring democracy that I think Zimbabweans exercised only once in 1980 just to get rid of the UDI Ian Smith's colonial government. This is a good lesson that Zimbabweans have leant that a leader must not be given too much powers to amend whether Party Constitution or the National Constitution for it is a recipe for the current disastrous political crises we have today. In Shona it is said ''simba rehove riri mumvura'' when I literally transfer it, it means the fish's ability to swim swiftly lies in the water body. Now we have been gagged our mouths that it has become a threat to freely express your view on current, past even forecasting the future of our political status. You can be victimised because of that varying opinion.

Mapfanya Kunyombwe - 25 November 2014

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greatstream - 25 November 2014

Zvirozviyedzwa washaya,Zvagara maRenewal you admire zanu pf.where does MT come in here.Ingojoinai zanu ikozvino maposts azaruka vamwe vachidzingwa.Magara you are after posts.

Matilda - 25 November 2014

ndivhurei maziso angu ndione nechirwere cherima handingapone ndorasika ishe wangu mundidzore chichemo changu nhai kumakore dai vakaimba saTocky

ba chido - 25 November 2014

zvaiwana ngwarati goche ndiye aishandiswa muna2008 ku terorise vanhu ku Shamva nhasi mhepo yachinja yava kurovera kwakwe hapana chekuchema hama dzedu dzakapera kuburikidza naiye

admire chikorowondo - 25 November 2014

@ Connie let Zimbabweans die..... It's fine. The people who died during Gukurahundi were also Zimbabweans. Im disappointed bcoz not one of them has been jailed or beaten. This country will never be alright until people learn from their mistakes. Zanu started tribalism by killing us and villifying Nkomo. Now we hear manyika this, Zezuru that? Is there any difference bcoz we are all the same nje..... Black people! Let Zanu burn and let ALL members die

Nduna - 25 November 2014

This is owesome, God is nw at work in this country keep on praying, chavakadyara vochikohwa zvino..kkkkkkk Zanu Pf honyeeeeee.

Ivhu Kuvh - 25 November 2014

KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkNgazviende zvimakudo. Deno zvikaisirana muchetura ku congress kwacho zvikadzoka zvopazha ropa nokubudisa ura nekumukosho.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 25 November 2014

wht is happening in Zanu is as sweet as honey guys,wht goes around comes around,you created ur monster,nw its ur time to tame it up,Opasi bakithi,asazi guys,Us we will b spectatuz in a very good match,asizingeni thina,yekela zilime ziyetsheni,which democracy are you talking abt?yikho likubona manje after 34yrs,taste ur own medicine,whether its Mujuru or Mnangwagwa kuyefana,i love this fight yabo Pasi imnandi,keep fighting guys,burn each other as you did b4,we knw tht you excel in killing innocent pple,God hs answered our prayers.kip killing more pasi,

dumisani m - 25 November 2014

"They were uncontrollable and not even the police could stop them" Does that mean the ZRP is only capable of terrorising Church gatherings and only uses teargas against those unable to defend themselves??

Curious - 27 November 2014

Goche is a thug of no mean proportions himself. Payback time!

Zimuto - 27 November 2014

Dzimba dzemabwe, mbuya Nehanda sekuru chaminuka nakaguvi, pindukai manyanya kurara nerutivi rumwechete .

ropa dema - 28 November 2014


gengeza - 1 December 2014

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