Stop Jonathan Moyo: Mutasa

HARARE - Fireworks are expected at today’s Zanu PF politburo meeting in Harare as the ruling party’s factional and succession wars continue to escalate.

In the latest instalment of the ugly infighting ahead of the crucial meeting, and the party’s make-or-break elective congress scheduled for early December, State security minister and Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, says Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has become a national security threat.

Mutasa — who had chosen to keep quiet about the party’s ugly infighting for the past few weeks — told the Daily News in an interview yesterday that Moyo was at the heart of the besmirching of the names of the country’s top leadership, particularly embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, a situation that was threatening national security.

He said Moyo was creating anarchy, mainly through his alleged abuse of State media, which was in turn creating chaos within the country’s security apparatus.

“As a matter of fact, they (security agencies) now do not understand what Jonathan nemanewspapers ake (Moyo and his newspapers) are doing.

“And there is a possibility that we shall start investigating him thoroughly because zviri kuitika munyika muno (what is happening in this country) currently hazvisiri zvinhu kwazvo, zvinoputsa nyika zvakatungamirirwa naJonathan (all these things will destroy the country and being led by Jonathan).

“So, zvaaisa muHerald ndizvo zvandinoti manyepo ekugumisisa (What he has put in The Herald are lies of the highest order), the highest level of lying and I do not really think that those lies are worth the paper on which they are written,” Mutasa said ominously.

Efforts to get a comment from Moyo yesterday, including telephone calls and messages to his mobile phone, were unsuccessful.

Mutasa’s claims come in the wake of continuing allegations in State-controlled media that he and ousted party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, among others, are working with Mujuru in a multi-pronged strategy to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

In yesterday’s edition of The Herald, the daily also claimed that the purported multi-pronged plots against the long-ruling nonagenarian included the alleged manipulation of party structures by Mutasa to enhance Mujuru’s chances of victory at the forthcoming congress.

But Mutasa flatly dismissed all the allegations as “the highest level of lying”, perpetrated by Moyo, whom he in turn accused of seeking to destroy Zanu PF from within.

He also said Zimbabwe’s security apparatus was one of the best in the world and would have picked up any such alleged treasonous plans by him and others if they existed for real.

He said his mandate as minister responsible for State security included providing security to the country’s leadership, including the First Family and Mujuru.

Mutasa added that contrary to Moyo’s allegations that were being made via State media, it was the Information minister who was on record as saying that it was not possible to destroy the ruling party from outside — and had thus allegedly set himself on a mission to do the job from within.

“That is my job, to provide security to leadership. I cannot be plotting with them and when I talk to the VP, we will not be plotting. I will be doing my job in accordance with my mandate.

“There has been allegations that Jonathan works with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and there are articles he wrote to the effect that he wants to destroy Zanu PF from within and I believe that is what he is doing,” Mutasa said.

The veteran politician expressed his dismay with the current state of affairs in the party, which is witnessing unprecedented chaos,

including the passing of multiple and confusing votes of no confidence in all but one of Zanu PF’s 10 provincial chairpersons, mostly on contrived allegations of fanning factionalism.

Even here, Mutasa again heaped all the blame at the door of Moyo saying: “It’s horrifying particularly what Jonathan is doing. He should just stop it as Amai (Grace Mugabe) says. He should stop it because he is the author of all that is happening in the party now”.

The State media has been on a crusade to vilify all perceived allies of Mujuru in the past few months, in a propaganda war that analysts say has reached comical proportions.

Analysts also say as the Zanu PF politburo meets again in Harare tomorrow, Mugabe is under mounting pressure to stop the ruling party from imploding altogether as its factional and succession wars turn increasingly violent and messier by the day.

So bad is the climate within the party, and the country by extension, that one senior politburo member asked rhetorically on Thursday, “Who is in charge?” when canvassed for a comment regarding the state and health of the party ahead of the key but potentially stormy meeting.

“I hate to admit it but we are currently a rudderless party characterised by serious confusion and flux. There is neither discipline, direction nor unity of purpose at both party and government level.

“But even more damning perhaps, who is in charge?” the senior politburo member asked, alluding to the many competing centres of power in the divided party that include the excitable First Lady Grace Mugabe, party hardliners and a faction of war veterans.

The party’s ugly infighting has since crystallised into Mujuru being accused by State media and her party enemies of being involved in a sensational plot to assassinate Mugabe.

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Ndizvo zvakanaka Mr editor. Ko, why ma reporters or you for that matter report abusive , tribalism, sexist, valgur, fuctionalists, devisive language by politicians and what do you think readers of your newspaper feel about it? It's the language you have created as newspapers. Munhu ane makuhwa ndoozvanoita , anokurwisanisai kana zvamufadza oti musatukana. You are flatly and equally responsible (MR EDITOR)

chipazhamongo - 23 November 2014

Dont be fooled by Zanu guys..vanhu vakangwara ava! They are strategic. DO you think all that is happening is just is a well planned move! You will pity for the VP such that you will forget that she is ZANU too!! Hazvishamisi kuona vanhu ava varutukana vakabatana maoko. This is a strategy to make you forget about Tsvangirai and the opposition and shift your eyes torwards Mai Mujuru!!

SoWhat! - 23 November 2014

These guys Mujuru, Mutasa, Kunaka,Rugare and others are very odd and weird. They never cease to amaze me.These days they are quick to give comments to the daily news. They now find solace in the daily news and it is now their platform where they air their views. It is now their communication means. Through it they are stating their side of this story. But it is still the same daily news. "The puppet of of the enemy, the opposition mouthpiece, a product of liars". It is the same daily news which they bombed and destroyed. It is the same daily news they persecuted and prosecuted. The same daily which is 'enemy' number one or Zanupf. The question is where would they be making these comments today had they succeeded in destroying this newspapers as they had planned.We would all be reading the Herald and listening to Zbc.The stone the builders rejected now becoming the cornerstone of the building.

mosquito - 23 November 2014

The cowardice in Zanupf is classic. Mrs Mujuru and her clan are simply cowards. Deep down their hearts they know this. They are afraid of Mr Mugabe. All of them. They cannot stand up to him. The mere thought of challenging him freaks them out. We all know that Jonathan is not the problem. The problem has been there since 'time immemorial'. The problem was there when Chitepo died mysteriously. It was there when Tongogara died mysteriously. It was there when the 5th brigade massacred residents of the country's southern region. The problem was there when the economy crumbled. The problem was there when elections were rigged time and time again. The problem was there during murambatsvina. It was there during the willowgate scandal. It was also there when Duri,Mahachi, Pamire and Mujuru all died mysteriously. The problem is still there. It is NOT Jonathan. Jonathan is just a stooge. He moves when moved, not on his accord. The problem is known and they don't have the guts to say it. Jonathan is a small fish,kapenta. Mugabe is the big fish,shark.A fish which devours other fish.

mosquito - 23 November 2014

jonathan moyo is tired of being ruled by one man and he is using his intellect to cause fights which will lead to the destruction of zanu. mugabe thinks he is clever playing both sides changing goal posts as and when he wants to suit his needs but jonathan carefully studied him and now they are using him while he (mugabe) thinks he is using jonathan and company, mugabe willl fall because of jonathan

Harare - 23 November 2014

Legal interpretation is pretty simple, what is difficult is distancing our own sentiments/wishes from the analysis. Seemingly legal-literal persons say “These are matters for the National Constitution, not Zanu-PF Constitution; investigation committee; at the President's pleasure...this, here, that, there.....” It is lawful to remove a Vice President from office even WITHOUT stating any wrongs, and WITHOUT violating both Constitutions, National or Zanu PF. Others ask, why Mugabe has found it fit and proper to undress his VP in public. Good question, but it's clear the answer is there in the Press, ASSUMING of course that the allegations are true. Dr Mujuru ATTACKED Dr Mugabe, albeit she sincerely believed she was behind some protective screens to hide her face/identity. The latter responded in kind. Here the two pulled off their positional-gowns as well as Doctoral-gowns, and decided, as it seems, to fight it in the known feminine way (Woman-to-woman). President Mugabe, might have sides (blood is thicker than water we all know that), but he hasn't vilified Dr Mujuru. It would appear he concluded that the 'Devil has met with his/her equal nemesis.' And, with dignity, Mugabe can later ask Dr Mujuru to vacate Office without alleging any WRONG. That way he will spare her the ridicule/stigma apparent from being 'fired', and also protect his own dignity that he has nonetheless continued to respect her regardless of her alleged tantrums/shortcomings. Investigations for corruption and other 'crimes/offences' can be conducted later, and the outcome will not have any nexus with leaving the VP office. Dr Mujuru will NOT have any grounds to challenge the removal, whether or not she wins the BATTLE in the inquiry proceedings. Smart politics.

Chenjerai Makudo - 23 November 2014

Mosquito you are damn right! Read Wakatama's article -Mugabe Must Go. Your point is in total agreement with his article. Jonathan is sweet nothing but an idiot exploiting evil that is prevailing. The problem is the evil RG Mugabe who is glorified like God and protected by the likes of Va-Mutasa and VP Mujuru. Do you see how Va-Mutasa dodges confronting their real problem? RG Mugabe allows his wife, politically from nowhere, starts bashing heads and kicking teeth of her perceived enemies. VP Mujuru press notice denying the charge was only short of saying, "Your Excellency, forgive. I will never do it again" The Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and her allies have been reduced to whimpering puppies by Grace Mugabe! She is doing it just because she is RG Mugabe's wife. How degraded we have gone! Just as bad as North Korea. Va-Mutasa, wake up!

Mbareboy - 23 November 2014

We all know why VP Mujuru is getting chucked out. Mafia, style, the dossier of her corruption is only being used to getting her out of the way. Nobody in Zanu-PF government has ever been fired for corruption and incompetence. If that happened, this country would have been a prosperous place. Grace and Robert Mugabe prefer ED Mnagagwa. To them, he makes a better replacement of the Mafia Godfather, RG Mugabe. With Mnangagwa in control, Zanu-PF will operate as forever a mean machine to accrue and protect their spoils. Grace is signalling that RG Mugabe is on his way out. The vultures are circling high above the old man. The biggest vulture is his wife.

Mbareboy - 23 November 2014

Va Mutasa is and has been sitting in the politiburo meetings for donkey years. Jonathan was HIRED by your party to do dirty work. You fired him first and RE-HIRED him again. Mutasa you are a State security minister, its you who did the back ground checks. If not you then whoever did "obviously mugabe" you should have advised him accordingly that jonathan haaite. Don't tell journalists that jonathan is a security threat, tell that to Mugabe. Mutasa a state security minister kubatwa ne " HONEY TRAP" you are so dumb. Security agencies who dont know what jonathan is doing. Mugabe must fire you today. You have been part of a system that created this monster mugabe by cheering and clapping hands for nothing. Va Mutasa please face the music and stop seeking sympathy and comfort, from what you define as western puppets papers. Democratic and progressing person will not be fooled by Mutasa and his Mafia clan.

X-MAN IV - 23 November 2014

I find it hard to believe that DHIDHIMASI, all in his right senses pours evry blame on Jonathan Moyo, and yet he was caught on camera cheering Jabulani Sibanda , when the expelled fake war vet was speaking as if he was possessed in Manicaland. No Didymus, own up, you are proving to be a sell out and a big coward at the same time.

reason - 24 November 2014

It was funny seeing Mutasa cheering this mujibha called Jabulani. Mutasa sinking so low. He graces a meeting where Jabulani is denouncing the First Family, and then blames Jonathan for bringing him down. Dydimus, you brought yourself down when you cheered Jabu badmouthing the First Family, and Jonathan has nothing to do with that.

machakachaka - 24 November 2014

When our late national hero Dr tichafa Samuel Parirenyatwa was asked by journalists what they pretended todo to attain freedom for the country he had this to say "we shall try to engage the government constitutionally but if we fail then we will do it unconstituonally".There is only one end to evil doing.There is always a beginning and an end.Last but not least he who kills with a sword would die by the sword.I feel this logic petrifies the old man to such an extent that he does feel safe out of power..Countrymen let bygones be bygones.Lets convince these old people that they know we respect them and they will always be treasures in our national museum and a source of inspiration for what they stood for is noble,however,they have to know that noone is indispensable as we should always change hands in leadership.Zimbabwe had a lot of capable sons and its daughters in the likes of Cde J.N Nkomo,J.Chinamano,H.Chitepo,J.Z Moyo,J.Tongogara,N.A Mangena,Lookout Masuku,Rex Nhongo(Cde Mujuru),Percy Ntini just to mention but a few.Now whats so extraordinary about Cde Mugabe who is a political recruit of those who departed long time ago.

carson Macate - 24 November 2014

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. How true is this of Shakespeare's eponymous protagonist Macbeth? Explain how Shakespeare uses language imagery and stagecraft to show his demise. Shakespeare's Macbeth was written in 1603 and is the enticing story of Macbeth's unlawful rise to power and his inevitable downfall. With power he becomes corrupt, a bloodthirsty tyrant and a victim of his own success. Throughout the play imagery, language and stagecraft are infused to create a malevolent and malicious image of Macbeth. With the influence of Lady Macbeth, he becomes ruthless and his vision is subverted with ambition, nothing will stand in his way. Nothing.

tsanga - 24 November 2014

The likes of Mutasa are being engulfed by the very fire that they started. When they needed the votes, they employed Jonathan Moyo as their Spin Doctor to churn out unimaginable lies to the public just to secure votes, and now that he is applying his skills on them, they are crying foul. The same Daily News that they used to castigate is the same one they are running to now to have a platform to be heard- how comical is that?

Dr Know - 24 November 2014

ZANU PF being manipulated by a gay gangster called Jonathan Moyo...hahahahah what a circus.

garikayi - 24 November 2014

Just re read this after the Politiburo, musha une jongwe one ne mhambo, Mutasa prove you are not a mhambo considering what came out of the politiburo so how are you going to investigate Moyo when he is now in the wings of the Jongwe, imhambo iri favourite mazuva ano ukasvika pedyo unochoborwa. Now you are also gone what you said about the security people is going to be twisted.

maita - 24 November 2014

Mosquito other than Itai Dzamara, it is not only the Mujuru clan which is coward it is the whole country. look how vamwe varume are jumping ship, shows they are not principled. For Mutasa, sorry Moyo has already done that destory zanupf from within but his zanupf will remain because whilst destroying your zanupf he was building his own zanupf though the leader remains the same. Maiti Rugare akatengesa ku Moza muchanyatsoona henyu mati madii. Akange azviona.

maita - 24 November 2014

Chiremba-0737286007 -anonyepera vanhu kuti ane mushonga unoita zvaanyora. Please do not allow this evil person to advertise his herbs on your paper because his herbs does no work at all.

Sekuru Chakuchichi Botaremhunga - 24 November 2014

One wonders why Mujuru 's faction can not fight back by telling Mugabe that his father was an alien from Malawi and he Mugabe had been ruling this country illegally . Its time to confront this old thing stop this thing of yebo nkosi every time , Mugabe is not an inkosi. stop being cry babies mujuru and company wake up your properties are going to be taken away should you let this old thing bully you at will.Show this stupid old guy that you are trained soldiers and you will not allow bed coups happen in zim.

Diibulaanyika - 24 November 2014

Bedroom coups

Diibulaanyika - 24 November 2014

mosquito you are right to say that Mugabe is responsible for Zanu PF's implosion. Apart from J Moyo, all so called ZPF Chefs (including Mujuru & Mnangagwa) are NOT CLEVER people and Gushungo actually encourages them to be corrupt. As a result he blackmails them all and none can afford to disagree with him on anything. Rugare Gumbo was right when he said that what was happening in ZPF now can lead to Civil War. Zanu PF WILL never be the same ! The SPLIT is irreversible and a pre-curser to the DEMISE of the "Revolutionary Party". Mugabe though can stop all this by RESIGNING now !!!!!!!!!

003Tico - 24 November 2014

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