Fresh crises hit Zanu PF

HARARE - The Zanu PF politburo meets again in Harare tomorrow with President Robert Mugabe under mounting pressure to stop the ruling party from imploding altogether as its factional and succession wars turn increasingly violent and messier by the day.

So bad is the climate within the party, and the country by extension, that one senior politburo member asked rhetorically yesterday, “Who is in charge?” when canvassed for a comment regarding the state and health of the party ahead of the key but potentially stormy meeting.

“I hate to admit it but we are currently a rudderless party characterised by serious confusion and flux. There is neither discipline, direction nor unity of purpose at both party and government level.

“But even more damning perhaps, who is in charge?” the senior politburo member asked, alluding to the many competing centres of power in the divided party that include the easily excited First Lady Grace Mugabe, party hardliners and a faction of war veterans.

The party’s ugly infighting has since crystallised into Vice President Joice Mujuru being accused by State media and her party enemies of being involved in a sensational plot to assassinate Mugabe.

The Sunday Mail fingered the VP’s closest allies last weekend — former Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa — accusing them of having recently “spoken of assassinating” Mugabe.

The paper also said its “investigations” had also revealed that another senior Mujuru ally, which stablemate The Herald has since fingered as Cabinet minister Nicholas Goche, “made contingencies for such a scenario during recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel”.

Both Gumbo and Goche have flatly rejected the accusations, with Mutasa so far refusing to dignify the allegations with a comment.

And in the midst of this storm, and in a development that analysts say indicates that Mugabe and the anti-Mujuru faction are fearful of events unfolding in the party, The Herald reported yesterday that Mujuru had allegedly “clandestinely filed papers to contest her current position” at the party’s forthcoming elective congress.

“Sources close to the Mujuru lobby that stands accused of working to depose President Mugabe said the unprocedural application appeared designed to wrong foot opponents in the run-up to Congress where the VP, who has since expressed her ambition to serve the party even in the presidency, hoped to get her nomination from the floor ...,” the paper said in a front page report.

In its front page lead story for the day, that observers also said exhibited serious paranoia in high places, the paper also claimed that representatives of Mujuru met MDC member Job Sikhala in Harare last week to “discuss modalities of joining forces” ahead of national elections in 2018.

“A meeting was held in Harare last Friday between some members of the Mujuru camp that has been working to unconstitutionally unseat President Mugabe, and Mr Sikhala to discuss preparations of a likely merger between MDC-T and the Mujuru faction.

“The parties proposed making VP Mujuru president and (MDC leader) Mr (Morgan) Tsvangirai the deputy or alternatively prime minister just like the arrangement in Russia between President Vladimir Putin and premier Dmitry Medvedev,” the paper said without revealing who represented Mujuru in the alleged meetings.

Analyst Shepherd Mntungwa told the Daily News yesterday that “things are now coming to a head in Zanu PF” with the strategy to destroy Mujuru “seemingly beginning to backfire spectacularly” on Mugabe and the anti-Mujuru faction “irrespective of what happens at the party’s elective congress next month”.

“Zanu PF is in serious trouble, and because it is the ruling party, so is the country, whose economy is now famously navigating the choppy skies on autopilot.

“It is not helping matters that these suspect claims and conspiracy theories are being dredged from the sewer now. What this means is that the problems, at least at a perception level, have suddenly been magnified and internationalised to a point where even the country’s partners are now anxious about what’s happening in Harare.

“It is inconceivable that in such a climate, pressure is not mounting on President Mugabe to do something quickly to bring matters under control, as the instability can quickly deteriorate irreversibly if authorities continue to sit on their pants,” Mntungwa said.

This view is supported by other analysts and politicians who all say Mugabe is now under immense pressure to stop the anarchy.

Zanu PF veteran Cephas Msipa, who is also a politburo member, recently described the situation in the party as chaotic and requiring Mugabe’s urgent intervention if the party is not to split.

Former Cabinet minister Dumiso Dabengwa — who also faced treason charges and was incarcerated by Mugabe’s government in the early years of Zimbabwe’s independence — said at the weekend that the treason accusations against Mujuru were designed to “cripple her chances” of retaining the VP post at Zanu PF’s December congress.

“I hope this is not being done to de-campaign her so as to disqualify her from retaining her position. If there was any truth in the accusations we would expect that she would have been charged already.

“When we were charged with treason, an arms cache was found at our farm, the whole idea being to destroy Zapu,” the former Home Affairs minister said.

And while all this is happening, more pressure is being piled on Mugabe as the late Solomon Mujuru’s elder brother, Joel, says he wants to meet the nonagenarian to talk to him about the VP as well as the contested circumstances surrounding his brother’s death.

He says his family is shocked that some Zanu PF bigwigs are rubbishing the name of Solomon, who is interred at the national Heroes’ Acre in Harare.

In the meantime, the party’s tightly-controlled National Disciplinary Committee met yesterday to rubber-stamp the latest slew of choreographed votes of no confidence passed against the party’s provincial chairpersons, following the suspension of Gumbo for five years, and the summary expulsion from the party of former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda last week.

Gumbo was accused by Mugabe of working to remove the nonagenarian from power, although analysts say the real reason for his ouster was his unflinching support for Mujuru; while Sibanda paid the price for bluntly stating that there had been a “bedroom coup” at both Zanu PF headquarters and State House, seeing that Grace now appeared to dictate what Mugabe does.

As things stand, Matabeleland North provincial chairperson Richard Moyo is the only chairman who remains standing, of the party’s regional 10 bosses who were voted into power just over a year ago — a thuggish strategy by Mugabe and anti-Mujuru forces to ensure that she has “no snowball’s chance in Hell” at the party elective congress.

Harare’s rumour mill is also agog with speculation that Mugabe’s purge of senior party officials perceived to be loyal to Mujuru is what  has led to the “retirement” of Speaker of Parliament, Austin Zvoma.

Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee, chaired by Speaker Jacob Mudenda — who is said to belong to the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction — allegedly met recently to rubber-stamp the decision that had already been made by Mugabe.

They ruled that Zvoma had reached the mandatory 65 years retirement age for government workers. However, Mugabe, who himself turns 91 soon, has allowed controversial Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede to continue in his job even though he is in his 70s and is also a civil servant.

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Big Brother ZANU PF ,who is up for eviction this week in the ZANU PF House?? lets wait till the dust settles.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 21 November 2014

Busy nekugadzirisa makuhwa evakadzi, kugara tumakangaroo courts, apa nyika ichiwondongeka> we r tired of this old crop of politicians who look back instead of future, these power monkers, warvets chichichi, all that is what destryed our country. Thats nonsense, pretty nonsense. grtace pfambi yaurayisa vanhu nekuhura yafunga wo kuzoorora as a president... What kind of a country is this.. no one knows what is the economy.. Everyone knows how sweety power is ... shit zanupf

FREEFALL - 21 November 2014

Dr Gossip Grace has taken everybody on board except a few upright people. Lets wait and see if she is going to create 2million jobs for the unemployed youths and give every woman a project to do. she is just too self-praising and uncultured for a first lady. i am beginning to be afraid of those ghoulish eyes, they might devour their own children in the party.

ndozvo - 21 November 2014

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sheps - 21 November 2014

Mugabe never went to war .Mugabe was a coward who was arrested for 10 years and thus all he did.After that he is known during talks where he started to eliminate real war heroes using Solomon Mujuru and friends in the name of Zezuru clan.A coward who was even afraid to go alone to Mozambique and seek the company of a purported wizard who was thought to have powerful muti to be invisible in the eyes of Rhodesian soldier called, Rekayi Tangwena.If you read Joshua Nkomo's book you concur with the quaoted statement of Josiah Tongogara,when he see Mugabe arrives at the base.It was said he asks"Ndiani auya nemunhu uyu kuno".This can even tell kuti he was a known coward who could not have managed to reach Mozambique alone.Distorted history and heroism yamunopa Mugabe pasi nayo!Now you demean real fighters ana Teurai Ropa vaiva pafront battle.Provide any video evidence Mugabe ari mucombat,any picture.

Mugabe Go - 21 November 2014

As much as i want to believe this hogwash, i can only sympathise with the VP and this daily , who are in overdrive to carry out some damage control. However from ordinary right thinking Zimbabweans, the writing is on the wall that Mai Mujuru is gone and gone forever. We just wish that she will manage to keep some of her vast wealth accrued through corrupt means, but considering her blundering nature, she may lose everything.

reason - 21 November 2014

Crisis and chaos are ZANU PF's middle names. If the reports of Mujuru, Makoni and Tsvangirai are true, then that would mark the total demise of the once thought to be invincible party of ZANU PF. But why should Tsvangirai settle for second best, he deserves the top post as he commands the largest following in the country, all the elections from the year 2000 are proof of that. This rudderless ship called ZANU now finds itself in the doldrums going nowhere but down, the beginning of the end.

Dr Know - 21 November 2014

Reason- who else hasn't got ill-gotten wealth in ZPF? A pot calling a kettle black kkkkkkk.

Titus - 21 November 2014

reason, can you tell us where Grace's wealth came from? She recently told us the first family had invested $20 million in just one province. Since you seem to be an insider, do you have any idea if Grace is going to pay back the funds she fraudulently obtained from the civil servants housing scheme which led to its collapse? Does she have any plans to let go of some of the more than 10 farms that the first family now call theirs?

Abbie - 21 November 2014

I think our fellow compatriot lost the point,not only ex-combatants fought the war.We have to start from who organized Chimurenga?They are not the combatants they are the nationalists in the names of J nkomo,Herbert Chitepo,Percy Ntini,Hamadziripi,JZ Moyo,J. Chinamano and my father.i shall not mention his name as he didnt want to be associated with politics at independence.In a nutshell,everybody fought Chimurenga in his or her own way occupying diverse roles.Check our history dear brother

carson Macate - 21 November 2014

I think our fellow compatriot lost the point,not only ex-combatants fought the war.We have to start from who organized Chimurenga?They are not the combatants they are the nationalists in the names of J nkomo,Herbert Chitepo,Percy Ntini,Hamadziripi,JZ Moyo,J. Chinamano and my father.i shall not mention his name as he didnt want to be associated with politics at independence.In a nutshell,everybody fought Chimurenga in his or her own way occupying diverse roles.Check our history dear brother

carson Macate - 21 November 2014

why is Econet misleading students and the public? their advert says that the ecoschool tablet is on promotion-$110 from $135. yesterday as a university student i wanted to purchase the tablet with the requisite $110. imagine my surprise on being told that the promotion is over and i must fork out $135. but econet is still advertising that the promotion is still on. i was told this at the econet shop on first street.

dumisani - 21 November 2014

Brace for another wave of violemce and stock up as much food as you can. These old gangsters have no clue how to sort out their problems. Chimurenga 4 is coming

Garikayi - 21 November 2014

One wonders why would a normal person want to kill a moving grave? Is the life of a 91 yr old more important than those of millions of suffering young zimbos who are supposed to carry our country forward but can not do that bcoz they have been forced to flee their country to go scavenging for food into some foreign countries by the very moving grave. shuwa if by any chance something happens that one person must be killed and you have a 20 yr old a 91 old which one would you choose for death ?. the answer is obvious a 91 must be killed . Should Mugabe die today they will be wild celebrations across the globe.So death of a 91 whether natural or unnatural means does not mean loss to the country especially destructive ones .

Diibulaanyika - 21 November 2014

Do not start throwing stones when you are living in a glass house. With all this chaotic situation going on the President has now allowed a petticoat Government to rule the country. But the only problem is when things get sour where are you going to seek Asylum because you are treating the whole world as if it's owned by you. Moto wamuri Katanga uyu mucha pera kutsva nawo. People are quiet but wait and watch there moves.

Karigamombe - 21 November 2014

It has become obvious that the old man has fallen out of favor . The Tsholotsho group in 2004 sought to to topple the old man now the Mujuru faction wants to legally beat him come the Congress , that is why all these stories are coming out about Mujuru's faction to discredit them . It is a well known secret that all these ministers have been stealing left right and centre the amazing thing is that it only comes out when you are not wanted . I salute Mai Mujuru because it is evident from what is happening that she has all the support in the structures to beat Mugabe and his cronies in a fair fight , that's why they are on overdrive to derail her before congress because they know that they do not stand a chance in congress . This country of ours is cursed to the core , all the right people are either killed or silenced and we are left with the ones who have no idea which side is east and which is west . I respected Bob for the good things he did (no one can deny that ) but all this respect has over the years been lost because of this blatant disregard for public opinion . Things that people do to cling to power . Mnangagwa is the worst thing that can happen to this country alongside Dr disgrace . That is a combination doomed before it has even started . Cry my beloved , the worst is still to come .

Mujuru faction - 21 November 2014

Zimbabweans are very innovative. Those with food shops are writing (see above) that there will be turmoil in this country, and are urging us to stock food. It is called business acumen!

machakachaka - 22 November 2014

Iyo Zanu yacho yagara iri crisis pachezvayo. So many(weekly now I think) politburo meetings to hurl insults, accuse, denigrate undermine, backbite and disrespect each other. then mozoti vanhu vote for us when you hate yourselves so much. Its hardly a year since you presented you team Zanu to the public and promised us that they were an action cabinet. Just one year later, you are at each other's throats like rabid dogs while isusu povo suffer continua. Details of you childish, selfish, egotistic, self serving fights are both disgusting and repugnant. For 2 months now you have put the country and its people aside and concentrated on feathering your nests. Zvino manhenga acho zvamapedza nokuba, mazai mukamwa, what are you building those nests for and with?

tabonga mbanje - 22 November 2014

ndezva mwari izvi..these political squabbles started also in the times of youth league council, ANC, Zapu etc so its new. Even the Nhari rebellion is also a reflection of this. It happens in politics and its functional

Robert Mapurisa - 22 November 2014

Mai Mujuru and allies do not deserve any shred of sympathy from us the general public of Zimbabwe. What is happening to her is the taste of her own medicine that we swallow day in day out. She is the No2 boss in this Mafia Cult -Zanu-PF. We can all see that all her allies are being chucked out undemocratically. Now Zanu-PF are saying that she roasted her own husband like a (whiza) locust. True-false? So What? She is one of them. Now they are throwing her to the dogs. They do not need her in the presidential capacity. Did you see her notice in the press denying the allegations? It says, "I can serve in any capacity under the leadership of his excellency RG Mugabe." This is not a reshuffle. Grace has humiliated her, kicked her teeth and urinated her, just to get off the position of presidency. RG Mugabe is completely behind all the crap. There has never been any democracy in Zanu-PF, indeed in Zimbabwe. Let nobody tell you that Zanu-Pf brought democracy to this country. Instead they have destroyed whatever little democracy was there. People have no appetite to vote anymore. VP Mujuru presided over our democracy destruction. This is a blessing in disguise. She can redeem herself. Young Joyce has the numbers. She is capable of giving Mugabe a vote of no confidence there at the congress or in parliament backed by MPs from both sides of the house. What sympathy does she require from us if she and her allies can not do a noble move using their positions. On that note she will get that backing from the country. If she could bring down a chopper gunship single handed, this is yet another opportunity to bring down an evil system with our backing. If she fails to rebuff this evil system, then for all we know she is corrupt and most likely she indeed killed her husband Solo. Evil. They roasted him like a shrimp!

Mbareboy - 22 November 2014

'''''Let me be a Hitler ten fold ''''' The only problem I see is the whites, they just want our resources. This is why we as a nation are having a few hurdles. As the father of Zimbabwe our people are just to uneducated to grasp this basic idea, therefore I lead them forward.

Tendai - 22 November 2014

THIS IS A PRE-VIEW OF AN ON COMIMIGN ATRACTION. The end is the fall of this empire. This is the time we have been waiting for. We and others who have departed and laying in the ground…we have always known that the end will be a REALLY GRAND FINALIE. Ladies and gentleman, let's take off our shoes, recline the seats and have a lot of popcorn as this is it. DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF A WOMAN. All the big shots from Joshua Nkomo all the way to Tsvangirai, could not topple Zanu PF. LOOK AT LADY AMAZING GRACE, she is doing it single handed. She is the testimony of the Biblical women – Eva, Delilah and so on. You go Lady Grace.

MaMoyo - 22 November 2014

On the 7 November 2014 part of the comment I posted read, “I had no reason to skip the border in the 1970s I had a family to look after. “Those who skipped the border were either unemployed or fugitives from justice for non-political criminal offences like rape, fraud, murder, peddling mbanje, theft etc etc.” There you have it - Chris Mutsvangwa said “Goche, Minister of Labour and Welfare, came back to Zimbabwe and the Rhodesians said he could not join the new government because he was a THIEF. “So law had to be passed in parliament, the first law ever to be passed by Zanu in 1980soon after independence was on indemnification on anybody who had committed a crime in the Rhodesian era. “Goche stole money when he was working together with James Makamba”. No decent, law abiding married man would have abandoned the comfort of his home and family to skip the borders. We know most of these guys before they skipped the border and why - nothing to do with politics but running away from justice for non-political criminal offences.

Musona - 22 November 2014

God is in control. Leave all for him. God's time is the best.

Chidyamakanda - 23 November 2014

these are the words of one who didn't join with fellow blacks in the war of liberation but was fighting against his own people along side his employers the rhodesians. He is always insulting those who fought for this country. i do not think that its right to despise them like this. I know that our country is going through a difficult phase but i can't join with this man slandering those who sacruficed for the black majority. sorry sir you are off the mark. go join your bosses in england.

taurai - 24 November 2014

varume mugabe akangwara aona kuti aporonga zvese kuisa mbava dzake pazvinzvimbo ,nyika yafa aku konzera kusavirirana

chemugomo - 25 November 2014

May the brother of Solomon Mujuru know this and hear it from us not Mugabe.Solomon was the biggest sellout and an agent of Rhodies chimoio and nyadzonia and a player in the demise of Tongo

Chibwe - 27 November 2014

May the brother of Solomon Mujuru know this and hear it from us not Mugabe.Solomon was the biggest sellout and an agent of Rhodies chimoio and nyadzonia and a player in the demise of Tongo

Chibwe - 27 November 2014


Zimuto - 27 November 2014


noeley - 5 December 2014

Mugabe has become a tyrant and become drunk on power though illegal and murders torture fase inprisoment of people. at one being the bread basket of africa now regulated being to have to import wheat it's a disgrace , even hes role in the revolution struggle is quetionable taling about corruption and prison even though in high places let him start start with his wife first. a phd in three months that must be the biggest joke. you know what i am so angry at the moment that will continue at a layer date. thank you noeley

noeley - 5 December 2014

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