Dogfight over Mujuru post

HARARE - A fierce power struggle has erupted in the Zanu PF faction aligned to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa over who should be selected to be President Robert Mugabe’s number two after the ruling party’s December elective congress if Vice President Joice Mujuru is ousted.

It has been established that Mnangagwa, Oppah Muchinguri, First Lady Grace Mugabe, and Edna Madzongwe all believe they could take over from Mujuru.

So intense is the jockeying for the coveted vice president post, amid indications that whoever gets it will in all likelihood succeed the nonagenarian, that “peace talks” are apparently underway to contain the fallout in the camp associated with some of the party’s most notorious hardliners.

The Daily News has, however, been told that at the end of the day, the First Family, particularly Grace, who seems to be wielding influence over her 90-year-old husband, will decide who becomes the next vice president.

Sources in the faction told the Daily News yesterday that the fact that Grace, who has almost secured her position at the party’s top table as boss of the Women’s League, has not stopped campaigning even after being assured of this post, had triggered fears within the camp that she was aiming higher, for the VP position that the Zanu PF constitution reserves for a woman.

Grace herself said at her so-called “Meet the People” rallies last month that she had every right to aim even for the presidency of the party and government.

“She (Mujuru) says I want to be president. Why not? Am I not a citizen of Zimbabwe? Why do you think only you are fit?” she said then.

“The First Lady is enjoying her moment in politics as evidenced by the fact that everyone of importance has gone to her Mazowe Farm to pay homage to her ... (as a result) she now believes that she can go for any position,” said one of the sources.

But it would appear that the real tussle for the VP post among the faction’s senior female politicians is between outgoing Women’s League boss Muchinguri and current Senate president Madzongwe.

Although both women religiously attend Grace’s Mujuru-bashing shindigs, meaning that they are spending a lot of time in each other’s company, the sources said there is evident mistrust between the two.

Apparently, Mugabe’s powerful Gushungo clan, which has been at the forefront of Grace’s rabble-rousing rallies, prefers to have Madzongwe picked for the vice presidency post, ahead of Muchinguri.

“Oppah is too combative and has also lost the elections (Zanu PF’s) for vice president to Joice Mujuru before.

“As it is, she is in Parliament only because of proportional representation and therefore she is unfit to be the vice president.

“On the other hand, Mai Madzongwe is a motherly figure who can at least have the appeal that Mujuru has,” said another source within the camp.

However, the source added that Oppah, who willingly — some of her critics say expediently — offered her influential Women’s League post to Grace wanted to be rewarded with a higher position, particularly as it appeared that she enjoyed the support of the majority of the people in the Mnangagwa camp, especially those who were not related to Mugabe.

“The real crisis, of course, is that Mnangagwa is the godfather of the faction, and he is weighing his chances of scooping the top post if he is able.

“As head of the legal department, his real problem is how to amend the Zanu PF constitution to remove the clause that reserves the second VP post for a woman.

“Still, I would be very surprised if any of the ladies can take this post ahead of Ngwena (Mnangagwa’s nickname), and obviously Gushungo (Mugabe) will have the last say in all this,” he said.

Mnangagwa is said to be persuading Matabeleland regions to nominate a woman vice president so that he enhances his chances of landing the party’s number two post.

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SO now Daily news , you have thrown in the towel, and now accepting that your sponsor dR 10% WILL BE REPLACED. The only funny thing is that you now want to sponsor another weevil, but alas, ZANU PF is too clever for to be influenced by this kind of hallucinations from a puppet DAILY.

reason - 20 November 2014

It is not feasible for Amai TINGO RINGO (Muchinguri) to occupy a higher post in Zpf than the First Lady. She has already thrown the towel by vacating her post in the Women's League for Grace.

003Tico - 20 November 2014

hapana asiri puppet @reason. vamwe mapuppet ema china, vamwe ema russians, vamwe ema european uye vamwe ema americans. mapoliticians ese zvawo mapuppets. the question is whose puppet are you. its either 'look east or look west'.

mareva - 20 November 2014

Reason, capacity yekureasona hauna. Daily news yaita puppet papi. Its just a neutral comment of what is playing out in ZANU Power Finish. Wasara kudzingwa ndiyane? Gushungo waenda nezvipfukuto. Usadherere ngwena nemutumwa wayo msorobhangu-yakaipa. kkkkkkk

violentpeace - 20 November 2014

Its a pity that the once balanced daily news is now signing for its supper right in Mujuru's corner. I hate ZANU PF with a passion and the first thing I would want to see is the demise of this evil party, but I think Daily news is taking it a bit far in fighting for the beleaguered VP. 1. You talk of chaos and dogfight but your report is very void of this dogfight except a mere mention of 3-4 people who are intrested in the post 2. You also say Grace now want the post but for the past 2 days 'in Mazowe' she has insisted on the possibility of a male candidate being the VP and pointing out that the President can appoint anyone who is not a assumption is that she had someone in mind, a male for that matter....... I thus get worried when a highend paper like the Daily News sinks to the nadir levels of the Herald in trying to defend the undefendable...Come on Daily you can do better

Ngwena - 20 November 2014

Bazukulu the road we travel is long, reason walala wasala!!!! the road is long qiniso lonke akutshiphanga!!!

UNCLE REAL - 20 November 2014

When you buy at Braeside SPAR be sure to check expiry dates on chocolates,cheese and pork bangers, they have been selling expired since September and all compalints are not being attended to.

customer - 20 November 2014

ku Mutsvangwa ipuppet yaani

jona - 20 November 2014

Me thinks that Zanoids @unreasonable and @ngwena doth complain too much. Is the heat in the boiling Zanu PF cauldron now too much to handle that it now gives u some comfort to trash the messenger Daily News? The dogfight among Zanoids is there for all to see. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Moses - 20 November 2014

This situation where the three women would find themselves fighting amongst each other was inevitable right from the start. Oppah gave up her post as the women's league boss to pave way for Grace and this she did with the primary aim of being rewarded with a higher post - the VP post to be precise. With all the fake love and praises being showered on Grace, she has over grown her own ego and is now convinced that 'her' people love her so much, they would want to see her on a much higher post, that of VP. Madzongwe has already warmed up to the title of 'president' and she wants to retain it, but this time at a higher level, the VP one. We will not be surprised when two of them decide to gang up against one to form another mini-faction and when that one falls off, it will be a fight between the two contenders. All this just goes to show us how unprincipled and selfish they all are. Confusers. Thank you Daily News for always 'telling it like it is'.

Dr Know - 20 November 2014

Dogfight, let them do! they inheritated milk and honey turned it into nonsense, now they blame

giga - 20 November 2014

are you sure that good store sells expired stuff.i have been to braeside spar and had a good experience.i will look out

mose - 20 November 2014

daily news is spot on paper. they tell it like it is not the pseudo paper herald. the herald is clearly one sided.

zvirozviyedzwa - 20 November 2014

we appreciate the effort taken by the customer who complained about the poor service he got from BRAESIDE SPAR.i would like to urge the customer to get in touch with Mr Chihuri on 0772 853 603 or email is our hope that we shall keep on giving you excellent service and in case you not happy please get in touch with me on the number above.Braeside Spar good for me

CHIHURI - 20 November 2014

Mnangagwa is not going to get the post if Matebeleland nominates a male candidate for VP. The picture shows that Matebeleland will do just like that to frustrate the man accussed of having buttered people during the so-called Gukurahwindi operations.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 20 November 2014

No Oppah want Mutasa's position because it is considered one of the top post, bigger than Women's League boss.

maita - 20 November 2014

hapana asiri puppet kuchemera kubiswa kwe the so called suctions kutochemera kuita puppet yemaeuropeans

ZUPCO - 20 November 2014

Hatitongwe nevakadzi isu. Hazviite. Kanivo varume mu Zanupf macho vangabvume izvozvo? Pachi Shona chedu hazviite kuti munhu kadzi atungamire musha.

Der - 20 November 2014

Regai Oppah kana Madzongwe vamboiswawo, handiti Mai Mujuru akaiswa, uyo Grace akaiswa? Saka Grace angadakungoiswa ega here?

Gushungo - 20 November 2014

Daily News, please award Mr Reason reader of the year award. He is very faithful to your brand and is always one of the first, if not the first, to comment on your stories.

Mercy - 20 November 2014

mai mujuru vakatitonga these past 10yrs mukadzi. kana president vabuda munyaka kana kuti vari pa leave mai mujuru vanenge vachitonga. tiri kutotongwa nevakadzi hama. don't worry maidzimai anogona tongawo.

taurai - 20 November 2014

taurai - chimu CIO. kutonga kuita seyi? Benzi remunhu. Iwe wainyangira kugara muhostel ku magaba na sekuru vako unoziveyi? Kana iye mugabe anogoti arikutonga chiyi marovha ari pa 90%? Tirikushandisa dollar ra obama nekuti redu rakaora kare kare. Vana mai basa nderekubikira vana baba kwete kutonga varume. Chii chakaitwa na Mujuru kana kuti chinoitwa na Mujuru kana Mugabe asipo? Cabinet meeting inotomirira kuti Mugabe adzoke. Zvakangofanana nekusiya pasina munhu. Zvino ne hu CIO wave kudivi ripi? Ngweana or Teurai or Gre?

Der - 20 November 2014

There is no laws in zanu pf. Its constiution does not guide it in any way. It is what Mugabe says that see the light of the day, They can all just bark and dance, in support of mugabe. The mujuru saga is a delayed game the outcome is known. Under mugabe its useless to have a VP, worse zim needs two.

X-MAN IV - 20 November 2014

I understand Comrade Grace is hiring some domestic workers. Mujuru needs to put the garden boy application in soon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha...

The Zim Zoo - 20 November 2014

Reason. Mujuru will be president. Gamatox is the new ruling party

Chipoko chaTongogara - 20 November 2014

So Zimbabwe everyone is afraid of RoBert even at 90 u r all bound to love this family of imbeciles this witch Gre is putting fear on men and there r afraid achakutongai hure rakauraisa baba vevana nekuda power first lady my foot she is second lady and is sick upstairs Kurta kwemutungamiri ikoko why is it wrong Kati Mugabe akonewe yet it's ok kuti mujuru akonewa Ko anokonewa seized under Mugabe Kanawha bye Mugabe achigona Chete Zimbabwe munemadofo makanzi Tsvangirai akakonewa u believed it when how and when Mugabe ndiye nyoka ngachienda taneta name never hure rake nxaaaaaa

poporoza - 21 November 2014


lol - 21 November 2014

Remember you rulers that it is God who put you in charge of His people and Nation HE will punish you for mismanaging His children.

Jordan N - 21 November 2014

ndiri kuside revanhu vese memuzimbabwe. ndiri muzimba through and through.

taurai - 21 November 2014

Hure Rininzi Grace Mugabe kwete Mai Mujuru yes. Grace chichengeta amai wako wanopenga awo. Nxaaaaa urimbwa Grace

Kiri Chags - 23 November 2014

Mine is a prophetic dream.I can nolonger hold it to myself.This dream is for the current president.President my dream states that the person who is helping you to solve the faction problems is going to be dissapointed with you and end your power using millitary force.This person is a man who shares history with you.President you are faced with your end in power and a woman will cry out of this while a woman is also instrumental in this.This woman is like your your secretary.The congress u will address will not be smooth as three woman will be expecting something from you.You are going to have this as your last challenge in power.Tose who work with the president should tell him this.

ok - 26 November 2014

if ever Mugabe and grace think its their country truly I tell u that one day it will come to them.look what happened to gaddafi.will never come back to long as they live

virgo - 26 November 2014

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