Mugabe attacks prophets

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has taken a dig at Zimbabwe’s celebrity prophets, intimating that they use the church to fleece hapless congregants of their hard-earned cash.

Mugabe used the burial of his nephew — Takudzwa Wesley Goronga — to remind Zimbabweans about sticking to the traditional church where he still belongs. 

“Kunamata kuzvipira isu nemoyo yedu yose kuna Mwari. Chatinochema nacho ndechekuti vamwe vavakungounganidza vanhu vachiti ehe ndezvekwaMwari izvo zvisiri zvekwaMwari zviri zvekwamari,” (Worshipping is a complete submission of our hearts to God but our concern is that there are others who now gather congregants and say they are doing God’s work when it is just about money), he told mourners in his native language.

“Vamwe varikuitira Mwari, capitol M-W-A-R-I. Ko ‘W’ wamazobvisa apa mabvisirei? Ini ndinoenda kumaestablished churches. Ndosaka ndisingamhanyire zvichechi zvamazuva ano izvi. Hanzi shevedzai nhingi pano. Anotozadza vanhu mustadium ehe. (I go to established churches that’s why I don’t go to those new churches. They  say invite so and so and they fill stadiums).

“Vakawanda vanomhanya vachida kuponeswa. Vanenge vachiti tinoponeswa asi mava mushure, chokwadi chichavapo chekuti uri pachokwadi here iwewe, wakadarowo?(There are many who rush there seeking salvation but will there ever be truth that you are also genuine).

This was seen as a thinly veiled attack on popular prophets who preach prosperity gospel and deliverance which critics say is based on commercial gain.

Mugabe’s warning comes at a time when his government says there has been an increase in tourism receipts thanks largely to religious tourism.

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi has even come up with incentives on the back of huge attendances at both Emmanuel Makandiwa and Walter Magaya conventions which attracted staggering numbers of believers.

Some of Mugabe’s ministers attend Makandiwa and Magaya’s services.

Mzembi, for example, worships at the UFIC.

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Headline must read - 'Mugabe attacks "prophets" ' or 'Mugabe attacks false prophets'. You make it sound as if he attacked prophets yet there are no prophets in Zimbabwe.

Mhofu yemukonyo - 17 November 2014

Misleading headline. Ko kunyorawo zvataurwa chaizvo?

Tawaz - 17 November 2014

Here you have spoken as a Head Of State. True many Believers just rush to where the wind is blowing towards they do not search the real truth about God,s word. Yet such Prophets it's just about themes em and not about God,s work. Come Monday after the Sunday Service they escort there Church Administrators all the way to the Bank using scriptures to go and do the Banking. We do have Prominent Preachers whom we never saw on newspapers for what they were doing in God,s Kingdom. We need true worshiper,s in truth and in spirit not about fake miracles that has nothing to do with God

Karigamombe - 17 November 2014

both politicians and man of the cloth need to stand right before God because, they are representing us. As citizens we are hit hard from all angles. God help us.

think - 17 November 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 17 November 2014

If God will ever fry sinners in hell, surely, HE shall start with them preachers and politicians for deceiving and abusing the masses!!

Roy C - 17 November 2014

KIkiKIKIKikikiki Up yours Magaya and your prophecy that Mugabe is God-send.UP YOURS!

Guranyanga (PHD...whatsapped) - 17 November 2014

The problem with my president is that he thinks anything not Catholic is false worship.

machakachaka - 18 November 2014

mr president kwamave kuda kutambira uko mmmm makuda kunyura manje.

son of the prophet - 18 November 2014

we are indeginising baba mugabe. 51%. no to foreign interferance even in our churches. that why i love prophet magaya. 100% zimbabwean. what about. we should chase 'roman catholic' out of this country.

see - 18 November 2014

udzai vakuru avo HE kupodza bongozozo mumba mavo,kuchurch kwavava kuda kubatabata kuzvisikira moto muziso.machurch aya ndiwo anovanamatira kuti vararame makore akawanda

Gandangaharidyedere - 18 November 2014

get your facts rights. Eng Mzembi does not "worship at UFIC". He was just visiting. He is a member of Celebration Ministries Int'l. He even mentioned this in front of Pres. Mugabe when Zim was presented with the UNWTO award

Mr M - 18 November 2014

this is true. it is crystal clear that these prophets are after money. there is no need to try and scare people from expressing what they are making of these prophets. they are cruel. they milk even disabled people. what the president said is true - people be warned.

taurai - 18 November 2014

The church is of God and let it be. tell us what to do with the economy...where we can get jobs

BORA - 18 November 2014

Hee-hee Mugabe is divine! Hee-he it was prophesied Mugabe will be the King in 1934...bwaaah! ha kip kip!He he!....bloodshed in Zimbabwe if Tsvangirayi demonstrates.There you go Makandiwa Magaya et al thanks but no thanks and this is what you get! two fingers up yours... and he thinks...You are dirty rotten slimeballs all ye prophets and you can stick your prophecy and bibles!

Guranyanga (Whatsapped .... PHD) - 18 November 2014

do true prophets need mercs s65 at that or lamborgini , if a man is a christian yes he can still enjoy worldly things but when he is a prophet, beware of the word you use in vain

Harare - 18 November 2014

When Mugabe say," vamwe vanongounganidza vanhu vachiti ndezvamwari izvo zvisiri zvamwari zviri zve mari.Hanzi shevedzai nhingi pano anotozadza vanhu mustadium. Mugabe haana majokes, he has felt threatened. He is holding something against the celebrity phrophets. He is firing warning shots.Anything Mugabe says a follow up is next. Prophets are in hot soup. Your name needs to pop up from thin air as bad then you are gone thats Mugabe style. Whatever powers these celebrity prophets have be it from heaven , satanic, occultism or magic they must use it to defend themselves because Mugabe is coming after them.

X-MAN IV - 18 November 2014

Daily News tsvakayi akataura kuti mukadainza uyu munozadza stadium nokuti nyaya yavapo ndoyokuti ku Kingdom uku kwava kubatwabatwa saka musashamisike nazvo .Madimoni arikutaura. mukatarisa nyaya yacho ,church nemufi zvapinda nepapi.Ini ndinongo kudza Mwari chete.

Zvawoneka - 19 November 2014

well said Harare. Look in the bible, the type of prophets that God raised and the morden prophets. Look at Elisha in the bible, when Naaman the Syrian was healed he wanted to pay for the healing but the prophet refused and that follows for all the prophets God raised, if God is unchanging how can he now raise Money Prophets who has VIP seats in church and sells anointing waters and stuff. Then to me if you say they are true and faithful then the ones in the bible are false. Matthew 6 vs 24 , what are these prophets serving? God or mammon? for you cannot serve the two sayeth the word of God

True believer - 19 November 2014

I personally think kuti apa mugabe akataura zvine musoro hake.. Haana kudoma zita remunhu, haana kucrticizer any church but he is just saying vamwe vari kutanga machurch with wrong motives especially for money.

lol - 19 November 2014

Hapana hapana ko imi munongovhoterwa wani asi muchibhaiza

bangoni - 2 December 2014

this was just but an observation made by the president just like anyone else...pipo y are u misquoting ths man....

ewoyi vanhuwe!!! - 19 February 2015

this was just but an observation made by the president just like anyone else...pipo y are u misquoting ths man....

ewoyi vanhuwe!!! - 19 February 2015

this was just but an observation made by the president just like anyone else...pipo y are u misquoting ths man....

ewoyi vanhuwe!!! - 19 February 2015

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