Crux of Mugabe 'assassination plot'

HARARE - In this report, the Daily News summarises and attempts to shed some light on the nub of the allegations relating to the “planned” toppling and assassination of President Robert Mugabe by alleged allies of embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, as sensationally reported by the State-controlled newspaper, the Sunday Mail yesterday.

The weekly said Mujuru was at the centre of the plot to assassinate the 90-year-old, a development that its well-known cast of “analysts” said made her continued incumbency as the nonagenarian’s number two untenable.

However, no cogent facts were put on the table to show what exactly it was that her allies were concretely doing to plan or effect the assassination. No evidence was also published on how the beleaguered widow of the late liberation war hero, Solomon Mujuru, fitted in all this.

This was despite the fact that the Sunday Mail fingered two of the VP’s closest allies — former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, and current secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa — as having recently “spoken of assassinating President Mugabe”.

The only allusion to some potential “evidence” of this was an alleged voice recording of Gumbo making the assassination threat, saying, “Kana Mugabe akaramba achipusha Mujuru out tichamubvisa sezvakaitwa (Laurent) Kabila”, as well as a report to party authorities of Mutasa saying president “Mugabe will be shot”.

The paper also said its “investigations” had also revealed that another senior VP Mujuru ally, a Cabinet minister from Mashonaland Central, “made contingencies for such a scenario during recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel”.

But even going by the paper’s purported Gumbo sting recording, that says “Kana Mugabe akaramba achipusha Mujuru out tichamubvisa sezvakaitwa Kabila (If Mugabe keeps trying to force Mujuru out, we will remove him like what happened to Kabila)”, a prominent lawyer said yesterday this did not in itself indicate or suggest in any way that Gumbo and or his associates were planning to assassinate Mugabe.

“The claim that this statement is in itself an intention to assassinate Mugabe, is with respect to the many learned lawyers and experts who were quoted by the newspaper (Sunday Mail) laughable.

“There is not a single court under the sun, not even in Boko Haram-controlled territories in Nigeria, where any court can convict anyone on such a frivolous charge,” the lawyer said, adding that unless someone knew exactly the full context of what Mutasa had also said as well as where and how he had come to say what he said, this was also “probably a pretty harmless statement” as well that could be easily defended in court.

“As for the attempt to link Mujuru to all this, it is so tenuous as to not merit any serious legal comment,” the experienced and famous human rights lawyer said.

Curiously, the Sunday Mail did not provide any details as well or feel confident enough to name the “Cabinet minister from Mashonaland Central” who “made contingencies for such a scenario (Mugabe’s assassination plot) during recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel” — despite the fact that it had openly fingered Gumbo and Mutasa as two of the central plotters.

Political analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said this clearly showed that the story was “a fib, deliberately planted to inflict maximum damage on Mujuru”.

“Look, Zanu PF is in the season of high smear campaigns and character assassinations, presided over by Mugabe himself, as the party prepares for its elective congress soon.

“If there was any grain of truth in any of this at all, all the people named in the story would be at Chikurubi as we speak now,” he said.

The Sunday Mail also reported yesterday that a clique of business people — including Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde and Kingdom Bank founder Nigel Chanakira — had allegedly been financing Mujuru’s purported attempt to topple Mugabe.

Almost curiously, the paper said these business people were “struggling financially at present” and hoped to “secure their future by capturing State power and investing in the palace coup in the hope of reaping bigger dividends in the event that VP Mujuru becomes president”.

The question then is, if both men are in such “unenviable financial positions”, as the paper itself said, where were they getting the money to invest in Mujuru’s alleged illegal power grab?


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sheps - 17 November 2014

This is clearly the work of Prof. J Moyo at work to destroy the widow.The story does not in any way suggetst that the widow is directly involved in this circus in Zanu Pf. Who can waste his/her tym trying to kill someone @ 91 yrs? Dont u see kuti kupererwa kwake Jonasani Moyo.

chimotomoto - 17 November 2014

KIKIKI, DAILY LIES, you are at it again, the details will come out, its just like your spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, who was giving false information about the Politburo meetings, where is he now? and all along you were saying whatever rubbish he was feeding the public as the correct position of the party. Any politician with the support of this paper is either a traitor or a puppet and most of them are dull and squib politicians. One thing for sure if the daily news ever supports Mugabe, then i will definitely stop supporting Mugabe, because this paper is good at flogging dead horses.

reason - 17 November 2014

chisingaperi chinoshura musoro wegudo chava chinokoro. regai tione kwavanosvika nenhema dzavo vanhu ve rhodesia herald. bepa ravo raishandiswa nevarungu for propaganda against the fredom fighters. today its same fanana kushadiswa against your own people. i guess its more painful when your own smear you like this.

tsanga - 17 November 2014

Daily news makatengwa na mai mujuru, lm not saying she is guilty but matsigiriro amuri kuita. muchenjere ku vharwa fut farisai henyu

Shyniesta - 17 November 2014

Daily news makatengwa na mai mujuru, lm not saying she is guilty but matsigiriro amuri kuita. muchenjere ku vharwa fut farisai henyu

Shyniesta - 17 November 2014

gumbo murume anozvimirira shamwari haana kufanana newe inongo imba the endless puppet song. what dead horse are you talking about reason? rugare has a bright future friend. in life one has to stand for what they believe. you are a staunch supporter of zanu it shows. let gumbo support whoever he wants to. i guess you enjoy reading this paper for you are in most cases the first to comment. you are another of the daily news customers. well done daily news staff you are the leading paper others follow.

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 November 2014

Shyniesta the Daily News is only exposing what is admissible at law .The evidence in the Sunday Mail is very shallow to say the least.One cannot be convicted on such flimsy accusations.Who are the witnesses ?Anyone following what is happening in ZANU PF can see that a smear campaign is at play.

Jaku - 17 November 2014

Whatever has been done in darkness will be brought into the light. Whatever has been whispered in the ear will be shouted from the roof tops. may God have mercy on Zimbabwe and expose all the evil and rot in this nation.

Maid Marion - 17 November 2014

Reason grow up man, did you get a chance to read the said article in The Sunday Mail it was nonsense to say the least. How anyone can want to attach Mujuru to those allegations being raised there is a day dreamer like yourself. Anyway wateva you believe or say my man zanu pf is doomed and we will certainly have the last laugh.

Evan - 17 November 2014

kana Ndabaningi Sithole akanzi aida kuuraya Mugabe apo pachena paNational Sports Stadium

svikironi Dimire - 17 November 2014

Daily News get analytic comment from political mature persons. What you doing is pathetic!

dungas - 17 November 2014

The observation in this article is correct but what it does not recognise is that this is Zim & ZANU in particular where what would apply in other cirumstances does not apply. No matter how much analysis or how impossible things may look, the bottom line is what Mugabe decides is what goes. For example all the recently fired provincial chairpersons were not afforded any chances to defend themselves or even a hearing. So this is not situaton normal which means any normal analysi is invalid only that anthing can happen.

Mujombo - 17 November 2014

Only fools with invincible ignorance will be led to believe the rubbish story made bu Sundaymail.Old Bob using the same tactic Ndabaningi Sithole was nailed on this and Morgan Tsvangirai .Now its amai Mujuru.Old man apererwa and he is igniting the fury of anger ichasarira legacy yake.No one loves Mugabe munhu ane dzakakwana even mukadzi wake chaiye haamudi,chero Oppa chaiye naMnangagwa vanomutya havamude.Asi one day Zizi achaonekwa kuti haana nyanga one day!Mwari haadhakwi hazviiti

manu - 17 November 2014

Which country is being led by a 91 year at this age . What can you do with such an old leader -only ruining our future

Fokoro - 17 November 2014

Dungas, all these comentators are better than Charity. Do you think she is better than any of these interviewed by DN?

jojo - 17 November 2014

Dungas, all these comentators are better than Charity. Do you think she is better than any of these interviewed by DN?

jojo - 17 November 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 17 November 2014

Ndabaningi Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Dabengwa, Tsvangirayi, Mujuru, Muzorewa, infact everyone has tried to kill that fool?! Let them kill each other, arrest one another many of our citizens have died in the hands of these murderers. I don't care anymore

Nduna - 17 November 2014

its high time this bastard called Mugabe should be removed by force, assassination? by who? if we don't become serious and more engaging to our country, very soon we shall be ruled by Grace na Bona. Zimbabweans are generally unpatriotic that's why uprising ichityisa.... no one will support u. even Mai Mujuru cant just dump ZANU COZ she wil die for nothing as no one is prepared to walk the walk. u are just good at talking Zimbabweans no action, wat a pity! Mugabe weighed u long time ago and he knows that even his son in law can rule u. am crying for my fellow Zims attitude of complacency.

mazviita - 17 November 2014

Editor you are obviously a Mujuru supporter. You however display your lack of intelligence when you state that there is no evidence to support supposed allegations to assassinate the rightful and elected president of Zimbabwe. Why would you need that sensitive information when you do not work for any government organisation of security department to warrant knowledge. The tapes are good enough. Why is Gumbo and Mutasa not disputing they said it?. Do you thing they are that dum not to know that they risk arrest if they persist in denying what the security gathered. They ought have been smart enough in the first place to realise that the president has enabling security arms gathering information all the time. Such people, as naïve as they are, are not capable of leading Zimbabwe with its high literacy rate. We are a proud nation who deserve better than the Mujuru camp can ever produce. A group bent on dividing Zimbabwe along tribal and racial lines.

Murairwa - 17 November 2014

remember Ari Ben Menashe,

njanji - 17 November 2014

In zanu pf cult, Evidence is irrelevant and immaterial to achieve its objective. Your name only need to pop up to what the party sees as bad. Then you are in hot soup. Just like that. No one will succeed Mugabe. Its Mafia games put laws aside. Its hunger for wealth. Mai mujuru nechikwaka vadya saka vamwe voti tipeiwo mukana tidyewo within Zanu thats what its all about. Their dirty stuff is known within, it just needs someo one to instigate it. On a different angle to these events unfolding I say " Jonathan take us home we are alomost there " deliver pepole from this evil.

X-MAN IV - 17 November 2014

Murairwa you call yourself literate that is able to read and write but unable to analysis and deduce things such individuals like you are a threat to humanity and you are denying the majority the opportunity to do away with this dynasty.Maybe you a muzukuru you only worry about your loot and family ill-gotten gains but sooner or later our Creator will afford his people justice.Cry thy beloved country both distant cousins and the chosen ones are harping on the same string I believe the end is near.The regime is turning against its own.

OHARA - 18 November 2014

Mugabe is not properly elected. never He has never been challenged in Zanu since 1970s! You think that is normal? If anyone challenges him, he suspends them or expells them. What type of man is he? No wonder he has destroyed the country.

Nduna - 18 November 2014

91 years here vakomana.

rob - 18 November 2014

Gukurahundis, funny how they now argue in this manner; now that these allegations involve some of their own. Everyone who has been around as an adult in the last 34 years, will know that flimsy grounds are all what is needed in the Gukurahundi courts of public opinion to convict an opponent. Joshua Nkomo had to flee Zimbabwe, after a near death experience at the ZANU PF barrel of a gun in the 1980s; after being accused of wanting to topple Mugabe; being a dissident leader and a zimuNdevere; ziDumbu. Many of those now crying over what is happening now were in the forefront of this onslaught. Lookout Masuku and Dumiso Dabengwa were acquitted twice by the Zim High Court; and yet they kept being sent back to jail, until Lookout died in custody. No regrets, no apologies were offered; instead everyone was forced to join ZANU PF through some clumsy gukurahundi Unity accord of 1987. Fast-forward to post 1990; history has had to repeat itself in the Tswangirayi/Ben Menashe case; indeed it has now come full circle, now that its happening right in the gukurahundi party itself. As we know in Zim; tribalism rules - so, despite all these ZANU PF machinations visiting its previous supporters, to this day some continue to believe in Joshua Nkomo's guilt. They continue accusing uMthwakazi of plotting against their beloved Mugabe and yet there was a context in which things happened at the time. Because he is Shona, Tswangirayi is excused and even now, Mujuru is also excused for the same reason. Only the past allegations against anyone who is Ndebele should always stand until eternity. That's gukurahundi Zimbabwe for you!!

Phunyukabemphethe - 18 November 2014

All opponents of Mugabe are accused of wanting to assasinate him. Mugabe must be a very clever guy who has always managed to escape and note his opponents before they attack. Sithole, Tsvangirai and now Mujuru. The truth is that when Mugabe's popularity is facing decline he always try to find a witch. The truth is that he is alucinating. Seeing enemies amongst his very friends, he is crazy.

annanian - 18 November 2014

There is no assassination plot.its a total fallacy or a media event deliberately calculated to create confusion and have the party in disorder ready for the old man to use his divide and rule policy.This old man has always survived by having his yes men as trusted lieteunants.those who always tried to voice a different opinion have fallen out of favour like Cde Zvobgo,Mavhaire was punished for that sometime back and now team Gammatox is considered an enemy because they call a spade a spade.Hence,the assassination plot is just meant to tarnish the image of our loyal senior cadres at the expense of the prefered zvipfukuto ascendancy to power.There is no fool in Zim we all know its a lie.Why would a sensible person invest to kill a 90 year old man?Its a question of little time nobody survives indefinately

carson Macate - 19 November 2014

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