A regime gone completely mad

HARARE - While many Zimbabweans have lately, and rightly so, felt that the country’s body politic has reached the pits of irrationality, thuggery and indecency — what with Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars crystallising into damaging allegations of a bedroom coup at the top echelons of the party — they clearly underestimated the creative, and destructive genius of the authors of the ongoing anarchy.

But even by their own lofty, wicked standards, the authors of the chaos outdid themselves yesterday when they manufactured and prompted the lickspittle State media to peddle, ever so faithfully and unquestioningly, the scurrilous claims that Vice President Joice Mujuru’s supporters are allegedly plotting to not just topple, but also assassinate President Robert Mugabe.

What bull dust.

There surely is some truth in the saying that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Otherwise how else are long-suffering Zimbabweans supposed to interpret the disgusting slew and pungent smell of snake oil politics, propaganda and so-called intelligence that is lately coming out of State House and Munhumutapa Building.

At a certain level, the ongoing hatchet jobs and smear campaigns are so childish and pathetic to a point of almost being hilarious; if only that were not so serious and didn’t have such profound negative implications for Zimbabwe and its long suffering citizens.

And there is also method, and murderous malice, to all the madness.

While even 10-year-olds will easily see through all the patently false and manufactured claims, the sole aim is to annihilate and obliterate anyone and anything remotely perceived to believe in the guaranteed mortality, and fallibility of Gushungo.

Just consider this horse manure. Two of the VP’s perceived close allies, former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa — have allegedly recently spoken of assassinating Mugabe. And this, on its own, places Solomon Mujuru’s widow, Joice, at the centre of a plot to assassinate the nonagenarian.

It is further claimed that an alleged voice recording of Gumbo making the assassination threat exists, and that there is a report to party authorities of Mutasa saying “Mugabe will be shot”.

Then there is the almost laughable conspiracy, that another Mujuru ally, whose prime crime appears to be that he is a Cabinet minister who also hails from Mashonaland Central just like the VP, allegedly made contingency plans for the claimed assassination during “recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel”.

It’s simply breathtaking.

And as such, many Zimbabweans will be entitled to speculate about the mental health of the authors of this fiction.

And yes, there were the usual cast of “analysts” (some of them PhD holders from the University of Zimbabwe nogal!) quoted by the ever faithful State media to dignify this horse manure.

But what is even more staggering is the thought that Mugabe may actually believe all this; otherwise how else could the usually timid State media have gathered the courage to run with the insane conspiracies.

All this also leads us to ask what next?

On our part, we can only guess that we will soon be told that owls have horns, and that the ubiquitous sanctions, as well as poor Morgan Tsvangirai are to blame for some Zanu PF officials “treasonously” believing that they are capable of taking over from Mugabe one day when he inevitably departs from the seat of power one day, one way or the other — as is guaranteed to happen.

The truth of the matter is that if ever there was a grain of truth in all these insane conspiracies, Mrs Mujuru, and Messrs Gumbo, Mutasa, Kaukonde and others would be in iron shackles at Chikurubi, facing the gallows as we write.

Just ask anyone who has lived to tell the tale, including Phillip Chiyangwa, Dumiso Dabengwa and Tsvangirai, among many others, how this tyrannical administration rolls when a whiff of treason is suspected!

But like everything else, even these propaganda blitzes and blatant character assassinations have their limits. Zimbabweans now know who is and who is not on the right side of history in our seemingly cursed country.

It really is time for all good men and women in our country to stand up and boldly proclaim that this madness has gone on long enough, and that it must now stop.

Whither Zimbabwe.

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Cry my beloved Country

Baba Mujuru - 17 November 2014

Its barbaric propaganda, by barbaric politicians, who over the years have committed barbaric crimes against the common people of this great nation, including running down the economy for personal gain!!! its an exhibition of barbarism by savages of the ancient times.

Enough of this madness - 17 November 2014

the people of this nation are recklessly being subjected to needless psychological torture through false and unfounded lies being engineered right at the top. its a price the people of this nation are paying for their naivety

Naive people - 17 November 2014

going they will and also dying they will... god's time is coming and soon.

hezvoka - 17 November 2014

The DICTATOR is afraid. Very afraid. What would you do if you find out that 10 out of 12 provincial chairpersons are not tired of you and would prefer that the baton be handed to your deputy. The dictator is shocked, angry, jealous and VERY afraid!

Prof Mlambo - 17 November 2014

Considering how dull Mujuru and company are, am not surprised they could have plotted this stupid act thinking they were getting on top of the situation, mapenzi harambirwe, if one has the guts to go public in support of corruption regardless of her position, and then she tries to deny it albeit in vain, am not surprised that she can foolishly habour such thoughts.

reason - 17 November 2014

Who, in his/her right senses would plan to assassinate a 90-year old who is literally staying at a hospital in Singapore?

Tarubva - 17 November 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 17 November 2014

Just write simple english.... I doubt some of your english can be understood by the yound and the general pupulace. Simple standard english will do your paper no harm....

Nationalist - 17 November 2014

There is too much spying ,honey traps,eagle eyes in zanu and majority of its members are wired. Information is power in cartel zanu pf. Every member is an informer to its boss mugabe. Its all about favours to steal more and just to be next to boss. Mujuru nechikwata chake vanga vaka teiwa for a long time leading to this year's congress. and they slipped. Not so long ago Mnangagwa's office was broken into, Maybe another audio tape will come out. You never know with these Mafias.

X-MAN IV - 17 November 2014

I am positive this group must have hatched such a plan and cant imagine how on earth they thought they could get away with this. It shows how these simple minds riding on the crest of imagined success, never for a minute thought someone could be paying attention on their movements.

Murairwa - 17 November 2014

The grave thing is our opposition is on a heavy slumber, busy snoring zvavo.

Godfrey Gundani - 17 November 2014

How does the Daily News come to know that the allegations levelled against VP Mujuru are false. Has the newspaper investigated and found that it is a lie, or just jumped to defend the VP without establishing the real truth? It could be true, and it could be false, but I doubt that the Daily news has done any work to establish either position.

machakachaka - 18 November 2014

There was no plan iwe anybody wo has opposed Mugabe end up being accused of assassination. From Ndabaningi Sithole, Joshua Nkomo, Bishop Muzorewa, Tekere, Tsvangirayi all have been before accused arrested and persecuted for trying to assassinate one RGM.

maita - 18 November 2014

The question to ask is: Why are they so afraid of the Vice President. Kuvhhunduka chati kwatara hunge unekaturike.

Strategist - 18 November 2014

how can someone with overwhelming support from 10 out 10 provincial chairs can thing of overthrowing/ assassinate her boss. That's the cheap politicking/ conspiracy against her

CYTRON - 18 November 2014

Is it amazing that politicians cannot campaign on their own merits but have to resort to mudsling, brickbats and character assasinations to win over a vote. They dont have anything positive to offer - take a look at the economy - how do you propose to sort that out - dont blame it on sanctions - it is sheer greed and corruption.

vortex - 18 November 2014

You have correctly identified gaps in the Zimpapers/Munhumutapa nonsense but it is all lost in translation, as you seem not to be observing one of the cardinal rules of journalism: write to communicate not to impress.

James Bond - 18 November 2014

Zanu pf and the nation is at cross roads. We might want to wash it away but the truth is that whatever happens in Zanu is of national interest by virtue of being the ruling party. The dailynews should just report issues as they are and not to come to the defence of the vice. These are still allegations and the law has to take its course to prove or disprove the allegations. Zanu has a history of charging those who dare challenge Mugabe with treason but no one has ever been found guilty. The whole circus is to make it impossible for the vice to attend the congress. People are not found innocent or guilty in the newspapers but in the courts of law. Bring the suspects to court. period. Jonathan Moyo has killed the state media and Zanu. Zanu will remain with the corrupt Chombo, Kasukuwere, Obert, Zhuwao and pfambi Oppah and Mahofa

Dunga - 18 November 2014

Well said...child play from Jonathan Moyo and his gay gangsters using Mugabe's name. What a circus

garikayi - 18 November 2014

Well said...child play from Jonathan Moyo and his gay gangsters using Mugabe's name. What a circus

garikayi - 18 November 2014

These geriatrics a bend on making Zimbabwe their personal piece of land. all these fabrications are meant to draw symbathisers to ether factions. people of Zimbabwe open your eyes and brains. Mujuru or Grace, these are still the thugs . they must go.we are tired of them we need something new. they have robbed untill Zimbabwe crumbled down on its knees.

JoJo Anonymous - 18 November 2014

This bitch has gone crazy even by any low standards surely she is calling for vote of no confidence and for the vp to resign really what about her husband who has failed the more Mugabe and vp nxaaaa she thinks we r foolish

mango - 20 November 2014

its now Big Brother ZANU PF,who is up for eviction this week??? kkkkkkkikikiki

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 20 November 2014

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