Carnage for Mujuru faction

HARARE - Although it is said a week is a long time in politics, and there are still a full two weeks to go to Zanu PF’s much-anticipated elective congress slated for early December, the signs are not good for embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru and her supporters.

In fact, Solomon Mujuru’s 59-year-old widow and her allies are indeed up against it now, to put it mildly, as next month’s congress approaches following the brutal shellacking that they received in the politburo on Thursday night.

Some people might even call this humiliation, at the clear instigation of the evidently powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe and supporters of party strongman Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, a total annihilation.

If there is any small consolation for them in what happened on Thursday, which history will surely remember as the night of long butcher knives, it would be that Mnangagwa and his lieutenants suffered an uncannily similar decimation a decade ago at the hands of the wily leader of the party, President Robert Mugabe, but are now back with a bang.

But even that may be quite some stretch of the imagination at the moment.

Consider this. Mugabe and the Mnangagwa camp moved with deadly intent to neuter Mujuru’s bravest and most energetic ally, Rugare Gumbo, by suspending him for a politically fatal five years, given the former party spokesman’s age.

And they did not stop there.

The war veterans constituency being as important as it is both in Zanu PF and the national body politic generally, the party executioners went for the jugular and outrightly expelled from within their ranks the popular and dissenting war vets leader, Jabulani Sibanda.

Chipinge South legislator and Central Committee member Enoch Porusingazi was also not spared the whip, and was suspended for five years.

Very importantly too, given the party’s forthcoming elective congress, the politburo also upheld the recent votes of no confidence passed against provincial chairmen Calisto Gwanetsa (Masvingo), Amos Midzi (Harare), Jason Machaya (Midlands) and Andrew Langa (Matabeleland South) — with Manicaland provincial boss John Mvundura being issued with a seemingly inexplicable written reprimand.

Then there were the less important underlings who suffered collateral damage, with the politburo upholding the no confidence votes passed against Masvingo Women’s League chairperson Shylet Uyoyo and the province’s Youth League chairperson Oliver Huruva, as well as youth league official Tongai Mangomana.

Most revealingly, controversial Harare Youth League provincial chairperson and uber Grace zealot, Godwin Gomwe — who has also had a vote of no confidence passed against him by his colleagues — was not similarly guillotined.

The message to party members in all this was crystal clear: toe the party line, or else!

Not many, including the Mujuru camp itself, would have anticipated this chillingly stunning and kamikaze-like onslaught.

And it may be checkmate for Mujuru and team.

The question for Mujuru and her dispirited supporters is, will it now be fight or flight, and to what possible effect either way, particularly given that the clear message that has come out of all this is that anyone who crosses Grace’s path is mince meat?

And for Gushongo, the equally critical question is, has he in fact planted the seeds for his own and Zanu PF’s ultimate demise by annihilating the Mujuru camp?

Indeed, who among the party’s many zealous cadres, some of whom have even committed murder to advance its undemocratic causes, can be absolutely sure about where they stand from today onwards?

For, if first Mnangagwa, and now Mujuru and their senior lieutenants can be treated as brutally as they all have, despite their lofty party positions, what lowly party member would dare to question the party’s bigwigs, or the tsunami “bedroom coup” that has allegedly hit State House?

Only time will tell what the endgame will be.

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its just a game.

alex - 16 November 2014

Taura hako Alex..this is a game that only stupid Mugabe knows why he is playing it this way. But this time he is digging his party's grave

garikayi - 16 November 2014

The Zanu-PF leadership battles among itself, and the country continues its 30 year decline.

david taylor - 16 November 2014

very hard to take in but we hope for the best for our country. politics can be confusing. i thought mrs mujuru and rugare gumbo have shown to be very respectful to the first family. even the fact that mrs mujuru has largely been peaceful in this issue is testimony of her character. i hope life will be kind to her in the future. she seems to be a better leader and may perhaps play a party in the development of our country. all the best mother.

taurai - 16 November 2014

Joice, you better retreat & run. All your generals are paper tigers. They are deserting you because you are spineless.

mageja siziba - 16 November 2014

She knows what happens to Zanu desserters! She did it to others so it will happen to her. Amama. No sympathy from me. Too many people have died for these fools. Mujuru must just shut up like everyone else....... They created their monster. Let them enjoy!

Nduna - 16 November 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 17 November 2014

you know when a leader serves for too long a situation of leadership vacuum is created as in the case of our dear Great Zim, RM is actually creating a leadership vacuum, when he is gone noone within his party will have the same skills and attributes to lead such an entity only if Zimbos have experience of other leadership otherwise havana experience vanongoti zviripo ndizvo zviri right

iVersity - 17 November 2014

zambia was steered out of its economic crisis by levy mwanawasa, a person considered to had been unwell and of less iq due to the accident he suffered before. he defied all odds by showing that there is no need for experience for one to lead a country. all that is needed is a person who allows businesses to function with little or no interruptions. there are many people in zimbabwe who can do this job very well actually. the weaker the leader, the better. he/she will not be difficult to replace if they failed to perfome the job. handiendes are parasites.

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 November 2014

"The message to party members in all this was crystal clear: toe the party line, or else!" That is the only sensible statement in this article, yes she must toe the party line and if she rebels, she must be treated like a rebel, period. She has every right to join forces with her opposition admirers and leave ZANU pf to toe who toe the party line.

reason - 17 November 2014

zanu haiendi zvekumhanya, mujuru kungoita vice wemahara, haasiye aibira sarudzo. kkk munangangwa faction rigged elections, so vava kuda kuripwa. otherwise dai isiri munangagwa rigging machine mujuru asiri vice president nhasi uno. to hell ma zanu

Shyniesta - 17 November 2014

Taste your own medicine!! We are having a party!!! The chickens have come home to roost!! Let dog eat dog withing the "THE FAMILY" Don't be deceived! God cannot be mocked!

Chido - 17 November 2014

Nduna you are right, they created their monster. People think its for Emmerson, no Emmerson is also gone. The moment he gets near Mugabe leans somewhere else and we will hear of another assassination plot from that group.

maita - 18 November 2014

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