Parly speaker snubs MDC MP recall bid

HARARE – Jacob Mudenda, the National Assembly Speaker, yesterday dismissed a request by Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC to recall  18 lawmakers from Parliament.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC secretary general, last week wrote to Mudenda informing him of the MDC congress resolution to recall the MPs that crossed floors to Sekai Holland’s MDC Renewal Team.

The MPs include Tendai Biti, the ex-Finance minister, the Madzore brothers Paul and Solomon, Willias Madzimure of Kambuzuma, Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (Lobengula) and his wife Roselene Nkomo, Kuwadzana’s Lucia Matibenga, Bekithemba Nyathi, Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo),  Reggie Moyo, former Parastatals minister Gorden Moyo and Evelyn Masaiti, the Harare proportional representation representative.

In the Senate, the MDC wants to recall Sekai Holland (Chizhanje), Chikomo’s Rorana Muchihwa and Watchy Sibanda of  Matebeleland South.

Mwonzora said the recall was sought under Section 129 (k) of the new Constitution and formal notice to withdraw the 18 was with immediate effect.

But Mudenda delivered the ruling after a countermeasure from MDC Renewal Team.

“I have since received a letter dated 12 November 2014 from Tendai Biti, who maintains that he is still the secretary general of the MDC- T party,” the lawyer said. 

“...Biti restates his side’s earlier position of 28 April 2014 that neither of the two formations of the MDC-T party has the power to interfere with the membership of  the other,” Mudenda said.

“I wish to advise you that the alleged resolution made at your MDC-T party congress does not constitute a judicial decision. I hereby inform you that I cannot accede to your purported instruction...”

Mudenda’s ruling was also supported by Senate president Edna Madzongwe.

The MDC split early this year as MPs led by Biti passed a vote of no confidence in Tsvangirai, calling on him and other MDC leaders to step down.

Tsvangirai then attempted recall some of legislators who participated in the attempted palace coup from Parliament .

But Mudenda ruled that no MPs should be recalled from Parliament that he he had no power to rule on the matter, referring the factions to the court.

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What did we say ? We knew the out come that Mudenda would deliver, The argument he gives is childish and too obvious that he is biased towards Biti . The party which contested elections last year from which the defectors got tickets to parliament was none other than mdc t not mdc renewal which was not in existence last year and that means those who are in it as members of parliament have crossed the floor automatically removing themselves as MPs as the law clearly says even carpenters, builders,plumbers .electricians etc can easily understand this one. But anyway what do you expect from well known thieves like this Mudenda a willowvale fraudster himself this is how they will run any organisation misinterpreting everything tarnishing the image of our education system in the process .Mind you MDC T held its congress lawfully a few weeks ago which elected new leaders including Morgan so to say the leader of MDC T is not known is being mad and total foolish.The courts never elected those mps it can keep them for now but they will go come next election . Ncube went away with a number of mps where is he today ? You can not stop a good leader the people 's darling no matter what Morgan is liked across the nation like it or not that is how things are standing at the present moment.

Diibulaanyika - 15 November 2014

Please can someone explain to me the real truth here. I am not a fundi in law. Biti, in his letter dated 12 November 2014 to Mudenda said he's still the secretary general of the MDC - T party and that neither of the two formations of the MDC -T party has the power to interfere with the membership of the other. Who is fooling who here

Isu zvedu - 15 November 2014

mudenda a hypocrite

wakaah - 15 November 2014

MDC never seizes to amaze me, why are they wasting time on a useless and fruitless exercise, fighting other opposition parties, instead of joining forces and against the the root cause of our problems in Zim.i'v said it before, Zim opposition politics is about 'posts', if the same amount of energy they put in campaigning for these posts was also put into tackling our problems, we would be far by now.Photos of the MDC top chefs after the congress say it all, one would be forgiven for thinking that they just won a major election, they seem content as if to say, hah! we have arrived.The promises of mass action were nothing but a campaign gimmick.Tswangirai and his 'whitilicious' act as if they are now the 1st family.Someone needs to remind MDC that the battle has not been won, and that they need to take a leaf from EFF of Julius Malema.At this rate , i think its best to join other Zimboz who have given up on Zim politics, its just one merry go round that is taking us nowhere.I was in Harare recently, and i was shocked to learn that people dont seem to know who Itai Dzamara is and what is happening at Africa Unity Square.What this means is that all this shake shake that we hear about is all one big internet joke.Things are not what they seem.If you read a lot of stories on the internet you will start thinking that something is being done to find a solution, when in actual fact, nothing is happening, people are just worried about bread and butter issues.

tsutsu - 15 November 2014

Taking the case to ZANU's Mudenda was nothing but an exercise in futility for Tsvangirai's MDC. They were told before that their case needs to be taken to court, what did they expect to change this time around - the holding of a conference? What goes on at their congress is none of ZANU's concern in as much as it's none of theirs what goes on at ZANU's congress, or so they would like to have us believe. Just like Welshman Ncube, Biti is riding on the popularity of the MDC brand and I can forsee a fight over the use of the MDC logo between the Renewals and and the original MDC-T. We would have expected to see some orange T-shirts by now, but no we still haven't.

Dr Know - 15 November 2014

@ Diibulanyika........ Your love for MDC T is failing you my brother. I don't support any party in Zim but guess what!? Mudenda made this decision before...... Nothing has changed since then. An MDC congress is not a legal event so the issue is still subjudice as the same is still in the courts. Anyway this is a lesson to Tsvangirayi to learn to respect other cadres because he is not as powerful as he thinks he is. This issue will drag until 2018 as it's not an urgent matter!

Nduna - 15 November 2014

The biggest problem is the miseducation of Morgan! He doesn't know how to dump people. He should have agreed to an early congress, then thumped his challenger in an election. But no, he lost the initiative like the loser that he is, and will always be! Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Even Grace thinks better than Tsvangirayi. I will rather support Jonathan than Tsvangirayi. What an ugly waste of space!

Nduna - 15 November 2014

@Nduna or its Ndunu i do not know but you are clearly lying that you support no political party when you support mdc ncube . I am not a pretender and i do not like pretending I support MDC T bcoz its my right so are those of millions who support Morgan he is the only man who has give Mugabe sleepless nights and refused to be a puppet of Mugabe as witnessed by his mentioning of at every Mugabe gathering . So surely as a zimbabwean who has suffered a lot under the past and the present govt giving support to Morgan is the best thing for anyone who is not benefiting from the chaos in the country. You and Chinotimba are same bcoz you both admire Grace Hey madoda uyi sidwedwe mfana wami . We knew the out come . What would you expect from a willovale thief like Mudenda every thing he does is not good judging from his past. MDC T is populous and will not be bothered by this mere snub like it or not this is the biggest and most loved political party in the country Ncube tried to destroy it he failed now Bit is next he will fail . I have discovered one thing about zimbabweans when ever they talk or critisize anyone you hear them say ah bcoz he is not educated even fools of fools are you educated yourself . But you cross borders to seek for green pastures in countries run by not so educated but intelligent leaders what is that ?. Viva MDC T VELE ASIJIKI.

Diibulaanyika - 16 November 2014

If Mudenda knew and respected the law he would not have conned Willowvale motor industries.

Diibulaanyika - 16 November 2014

Mdc t shud not cry with Mudenda don't worry guys very soon th same Zanu pf part will also approach him asking him to recall th Zanu pf what ever kaukonde ,mujuru,gumbo,mutasa party Mps watch my word guys. thts when we will see his decision

save - 16 November 2014

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