Is this Mujuru's end?

HARARE – Political observers yesterday offered a slew of interpretations and conspiracy theories about the future of embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, Zanu PF and Zimbabwe, following Thursday’s brutal purging of her allies from positions of power within the ruling party.

Among her sympathisers who were dealt savage blows by President Robert Mugabe at a politburo meeting that was held in Harare was party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who was suspended from the party for five years, and war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda who was summarily expelled from the party of liberation.

Alex Magaisa, a United Kingdom-based law professor, said it was clear that Thursday’s politburo meeting was a well-orchestrated Mugabe version of “the night of the long knives”.

“The idea was to clear the deck and remove all political opponents. This will preserve his position but also allow him to clear a path for his preferred successor, who in my opinion is someone beyond the ones that are often mentioned (Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa),” he said.

“Mugabe is a master of divide and rule politics. He has simply used one faction to defeat the other, just like he did in 2004 when he used the Mujuru faction to defeat Mnangagwa. Mugabe knows that if he names a successor, they will become restless. He prefers to keep them guessing,” the former aide to Morgan Tsvangirai said.

“I think Mujuru’s chances have now been reduced to very little, if any. By suspending and expelling these important figures he (Mujuru) is sending a warning signal to all others,” Magaisa said.

Another political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said it was becoming increasingly clear that Mugabe wanted to be “life president” of the country.

“What more life, indeed, remains to a 90-year-old leader whose country has a life expectancy rate of less than 40 years? But the purging of Gumbo and other Mujuru allies has nothing to do with his life presidency. In fact the people Zanu PF is purging have never campaigned against Mugabe’s stay in power,” he said.

“The purges are being orchestrated by a faction that has an upper hand over Mugabe’s decisions. A faction where his wife is a member, these purges are about this faction’s takeover after Mugabe. It’s not about Mugabe’s life presidency which no one in Zanu PF apart from (Information minister) Jonathan Moyo has ever challenged,” Saungweme said.

Dewa Mavhinga, chairperson of Crisis Coalition Zimbabwe, said it was unfortunate that in the context of general lawlessness and factional fights within Zanu PF, “the in-fashion things are votes of no confidence and suspensions as has happened to the Rugare Gumbo”.

“This does have an impact on succession politics as it clears the path for Mugabe to become a life president, but this does not in any way end factionalism,” he said.

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when it comes to reading the political game,,,,the so-called analysts ....alex magaisa, dhewa mavhinga et cetera are nonentities....tuvazukuru...RGM is miles ahead. it beats me why these editors always fall for them.

outsmarted - 15 November 2014

I am not sure if this should be called an article; indeed a colation of conspiracy theories by so academics, whom I think are just simpletons who love attention.

MDC-T - 15 November 2014

Vemwe vari kupedza maPhD vachipromotwa muUK umu iwe Alex Magaisa ungori lecturer since 1999. Nyora zvemuacademia kwete zvepolitics. How many academic publications do you have iwewe? In zimbabwe unonamatwa but muacademia, you are a nobody iwe. Basa rekungonyora zvisina basa rese

samanyika - 15 November 2014

The ongoing feuding within Zanu pf is quite entertaining, but seriously tragic. The head honcho / chief dictator is now paying the price for clinging onto power for too long, and for not allowing free debate on succession matters. The reality is that the despots time is nearly up. All of the Zanu pf aspirant contenders are unfit for any form of civilized leadership. They all have multiple blemished track records. They have applied the parties evil self-serving doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative such as plundering, delusion, human and property rights violation, and self-aggrandizement. Therefore the demise of Zimbabwe will accelerate and continue unabated. The belated introduction of “The Assumptive High Priestess” reflects the desperation that the lonely leader feels about his succession. It is also a belated endeavor to set up a dynasty. The implosion of Zimbabwe remains inevitable. And to think that the last shameless EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe (Aldo Dell'Ariccia ) averred that the was no leadership crisis in Zimbabwe !

Arthur Tutisani - 15 November 2014

Vanhu veZANU PF Muri makwara evanhu, ngei muchitinyepera kuti makaenda kuhondo kunobata pfuti munonyepa imi.Dai makaenda kuhondo jamukaika tione rambaika tione machairmen kudzinwa semba voti of no confidence yekupi that is the right time yekuramba imi unganidzanaiwo moti hazviiti bez latter all these accusation were directed to stop by the poritbru to say no such things like the removal of sitting chairmans before congress who then decided to undermine ealier resolution of the poritibro. Murimakwara evanhu jabulani where are you,dmutasa kaya moyo,rugare gumbo, machairmans acho mese uye mai mujuru wacho muripi kana musikadi chiro ebvai mabuda pachena kuti hamuchadi musanyeperwa kuti hanzi muri corrupt ko ignations Chombo akaba masatands mangani ko vamwe wose mese hapana asina kuba saka tarisai nyaya iripadariro manje mukanyara one by one murikubudiswa muzvigaro zvenyu mapera mukajamuka munenge magona vanhu veZim varikumasure kwenyu .Tsemurai mhuka iyi nepakati musati mabviswa one by one hapasisina chekuhwanda makaonekwa kudhara ne spying unit cio zvese saka kujamuka kurinane. kkkkkkkkk hamuchalume musazera nechigunwe kkkkkk

dofo - 15 November 2014

Young Joyce's allies have been purged out to clear out any opposition in support of her at the congress whatsoever. So, what does that mean? That is complete lack of democracy in Zanu-PF. This is why we have said, "Zanu-PF have has long ceased to be a movement for the people. It has long been a mafia cult that mimics a people's movement". This mafia movement has a dossier for just about all their members to be used at an opportune time to manipulate each and every member as required by the cult hierarchy. So what does that mean to us the general public? We are fucked! There is no democracy. Zanu-PF will not be accountable and can not be appraised by the Zimbabwean population. Zanu-PF's does not believe in true productivity but asset stripping and distribution of spoils to party loyal folk based on patronage. There is no productivity. This why this beautiful country is in such mess. My point is that Joyce and her allies have benefited from patronage spoils and will never rebel against their master. Right now, our quality of life is way worse off than an African existed in Rhodesia. We are getting to the level where many will have nothing to lose. Only then, we can rise and stop this rot.

Mbareboy - 15 November 2014

The real reasons why Mugabe appointed Teurai Ropa as Vice-president was to please Rex Nhongo, the commander of Zanu fighters and also Mugabe, like most African dictators, wanted a vice-president who posed no threat to his position and Teurai was just the right person. For anyone to think that Teurai was ever going to be president is frankly, idiotic. She does not bring anything to the table. When her husband Rex died, Teurai outlived her usefulness to Mugabe and there was a very likelihood of Teurai being selected or elected successor by those who are unaware of the real reason why Teurai was appointed vice-president in the first place so the Mugabe's feel she has to go. I knew, so do other clever people, as far back as the early 1980s that Mugabe was indeed going to be the Life-President. That has never changed. This was the unwritten law. Your analyst Maxwell Saungweme says it was becoming increasingly clear that Mugabe wanted to be “life president” of the country - some of us knew that long time ago. Army guy, Brigadier Douglas Nyikayaramba, said so on 22 June 2011. Mugabe is 90 and has another 4 years to go as President and if he lives longer in 2018 he will be ZanuPF's presidential candidate - if that is not life-president what is? The force behind the purges is the ambitious nephew Patrick Joao (mispronounced as Zhuwawo). Joao wants his uncle to handpick a successor because he knows he has no chance if the successor was elected or selected by other party officials. Patrick Joao thinks he is the president-in-waiting.

Musona - 15 November 2014

I meant to say misspelt as Zhuwawo instead of Joao (Portuguese).

Musona - 15 November 2014

The strategy is as clear as water. Mugabe,Grace and Team Weevils are working together to destroy Mujuru and her faction. The strategy is working. After removing mai Mujuru from the VP post and purging her officials who will replace her? Is it Ngwena or Grace or Oppah Muchinguri? Perhaps a dark horse will emerge to be appointed Mugabe's successor?Given Mugabe's advanced age and state of health how soon will the handover be done? Although the economy may appear to be stupid it is not. It needs to be attended to on urgent baisis lest political destabilisation emerges with its ugly head. If the Mujuru faction is destroyed does it mean the end of factionalism in Zanu Pf? Mugabe needs to take heed of recent disturbances in Burkina Faso after 27 years of Blaise Compaore's misrule. Mugabe also needs to learn from what is happening next door in Zambia where Sata did not leave a succession plan in place. As a result there are fierce succession battles which could lead to political instability. The Campaore and Sata ways must be avoided at all costs.Time is not on Mugabe's side.

Twoboy - 15 November 2014

Varume vanhu vese varikuside kwamai mujuru ngavajamuke hapana twekutaura twakawanda ndikokuti muri warume kwete kutinye[era kuti muriwarume uye makarwa hondo munonyepereiko ratidzaika tione nekujamuka itai no no Zanu pf asi ngemunhu one kani pfutseku wenyu mese makwara evanhu

dofo - 15 November 2014

Ana Magaisa, weevils, when did you become an authority on ZANU (PF)? If you knew something you would have joined the now "winning" faction for you own benefit, is that not right. so shut your big mouth and let Zanu do what it does best. You failed MDC and now you think anyone else should consider you seriously. Shame on you. Tinyareiwo!!

Anti Magaisa - 15 November 2014

This is definately not the END of mujuru within Zanu pf. Its just a set back. Mavhaire gore riya akati," Mugabe must go" akakandwa mubin. Zanu ikamutora mubin ika mucleaner ikamukanda mucabinet. Chris kuruneri ikamukanda mujere ikamutora futi then maAcademics oti ma Mps eZanu can move a motion to remove mugabe. I dont think so. Chiyangwa akanzi gore riya, ari pa pay roll ye maamericans. Nhasi ndiye ari kumhanya nyika yose ari pa next na 1st lady vachiti mai mujuru vari kushandiswa nema Americans. Zanu ikati tave kutora ma 51% shares kumacompany. Nhasi zanu irikuti mai mujuru vari corrupt vari kutora ma 10% muma companies. I have no doubt zimbabwe and its citizens are written down as Zanu pf assets wether movable or otherwise. If you look at how people are being ferried criss crossing the country doing nothing. Kubva kuMidlands kuenda kwaMutare wonoti leader uyu haiite ko vana wasu vapera here.? Zanu its all about power and control, who gets what? who takes that, connections and spying, It has nothing to do with service delivery. Even jabulani close to 2018, chances are very high a politiburo meeting will resolve to pardon him and give him a car and unleash him again. Zanu will fall at some point and in a very funny way. Only a dirtiest person can control such an organisation.

X-MAN IV - 15 November 2014

The support that Mnangagwa/Grace's faction is getting from Mugabe proves that he has ditched his life long plan of being a life President, his health is failing him coupled with old age, he wants to call it quits. It's getting harder and harder by the day to hide how unwell he is and he knows it. But before he does that, he has chosen Mnangagwa over Mujuru in the belief that he will protect his empire and work with his wife while he goes on his long deserved retirement. The turn of events over the past few weeks point to hurried not so well planned moves to position more trusted cadres who will protect him and his family after leaving office. Mark my words.

Dr Know - 15 November 2014

Mnangagwa is a bad choice. He is ruthless and will rule by military methods. But right now I can't believe the majority of Zanu PF members can't take control of this party and sack the man himself. I see Zanu PF MPs changing the whole ball game.

BadChoice - 15 November 2014

I think the great Khali has taken it a bit too far. However to him his diabolic plan is on course. I believe though that he will not manage to see it through due to one reason or the other. In fact he and his beloved scary Sherry are racing against time. Appointing Mnangagwa is part of the evil plan. He will be there not as the best choice, but the only available reasonable material according to great Khali. The great Khali doesn't trust him.I think Mnangagwa will last the shortest. Great khali is using him to remove Mujuru and other threats and to cause confusion. Afterwards in the same confusion Mnangagwa will be ditched for a dark horse. The sticking point is that all the dark horses like Gono are boys in politics and the big guys both in Zanupf and outside won't accept them on top of them. The great Khali is behind time,so things are going to move at super speed for now.Beginning of next year, the gold diggers, praise singers and bootlickers will be rewarded with vacant posts of those purged.As for Joice and her clan,most of them won't leave the party .They have nowhere to go as they are junk material only usable in Zanu where the standard is bootlicking and nothing else.They also don't have the guts to quit.Once the preferred dark horse is in position, all the dust will settle and the great Khali will assess the situation pondering his next move.Purging thus will continue even after the appointment of the preferred candidate to fortify him/her for the tasks ahead. Whichever way things go,it's all very gloomy for the evil party and nation at large.

mosquito - 15 November 2014

Food for Thought war vets: Fellow comrades, my heart bleeds when I see us get used so cheaply.There factionalism is there for us all to see.The stance to take sides and support one faction is not helping the situation but making a bad situat worse.The most constructive, reasonable and fair process would have been to seek audience with our patron, RGM and the faction leaders to task. Our actions are a threat to the party we think we are serving and a threat to the poor masses of zimbabwe. We are now posing serious threat to the security,economic and general survival to our country. Let us take a moment to reflect and find answers to some of the following questions: * Are we resolving the situation by supporting one side based on cheap politicking? *Are we thinking of party and Zimbabwe beyond Mugabe,Munangagwa and Mujuru? *Are indiduals bigger than the party and country? *Are we still the same boys and girls in 1980* *Have we not learnt anything through maturity and exposure? *Why are we not being sentive to peace and stability of our country *Why can we not see that we are being used through divide and rule? *Why are we fighting and doing each other down Let us get our senses together comrades and think instead of being bought cheaply,easily swayed. Are we still comrades or enemies? My heart bleeds, my heart is bleeding.

T Mhandu - 15 November 2014

And you hear the ANC in South Africa say 'Our fellow comrades, liberationa movements blah blah bla, we share the same values blah blah!' Like really?

Nduna - 15 November 2014

For the good of the nation and our glorious party whose image has been taken to rags now by the mischievious kakistocratic elements.we need to save it.I think its time all Zanu Pf join hands to take off this old man from power.we cant have our party fall because of evil machinations of a slack individual cdes.We cant just sit and see our hardworking cadres disrespected because they are not yes-men.Now our chimurenga has to be internal we have a dire need to reorganize our leadership structures,flush out all hyenas sailing with sheep.Viva Zanu Pf Viva mai Mujuru and Viva team Gammatox.Eventually i would like to remind our poorly performing Cde Mugabe that Kamuzu Banda didnt want to go but he went,of late Blaisse Campoure left involuntarily.That naturally is the end result if a leader becomes arrogant and dictates all to be done.Zanu pf is not anybodys private property asi ndeyevanhu zvakare ndeyeropa

carson Macate - 16 November 2014

Mai Mujuru has little support in the party the myth that she is popular is false...she is popular outside the party but my zanu she has never been popular she has always been imposed on the party through suspensions like in 2004 or dissolving entire structures like the DCC's in 2012 or outright vote buyin an intimidation like provincial elections of 2013 and youth congress in August 2014...... She has always struggled to get popular support in party structures in provinces such as Masvingo,Midlands,Manicaland,Mat North Mash West and even her home province Mash Central.....Saka this whole idea that she is the popular candidate and removing her is ZANU shootin itself in the foot is wrong and is in fact disguised pity by opposition people who had placed their hopes on her becoming VP and we're working with her to remove Mugabe manje zvaramba....Now ZANU is being taken back by real party cadres dedicated to the ethos and principles of ZANU.....

Wezhira - 16 November 2014

Wezhira your name saya it all. Blatant tribalist. Your response is motivated by acute tribal ego

Rudi - 16 November 2014

For the past 34 years people have been patiently waiting for the prosperity we have all been dreaming of. Land of milk and honey. That prosperity is nowhere in sight. The vision of Zimbabwe has been high jacked by selfish, corrupt, ruthless people. Zanu PF can afford to be cunning and struggle for power on a full tummy. The rest of Zimbabweans are patiently waiting for a better Zimbabwe on an empty tummy. How miserable can we sink. If we think that ZANU PF and all MDCs combined will save us, we are mistaken. Zimbabweans must simply re-organise themselves beyond party politics, sevana vevhu , sons and daughters of the soil and choose men and women who are committed to work for Zimbabwe and steer Zimbabwe to prosperity. Zimbabwe is endowed with sincere people who have leadership qualities who can steer this ship out of poverty and help us realise the Zimbabwe Dream. Let us dump all these people who are taking advantage of us. Let us re-organise ourselves, there is enough time to be organised by 2018. We must do this in the spirit of nationalism, blind to colour, blind to political affiliation, blind to ethnic origin or gender. Let us stop crying and complaining, Let us work hard in a passionate and peaceful manner to improve our situation as Zimbabweans. Every boy and girl, every man and woman has a role to play. Zimbabwe is not a personal asset, it is a collective asset for all Zimbabweans. There is no-one who is more Zimbabwean than others. We must not create dummy gods but bow down only to God the almighty.

Zimbaremabwe Kingdom - 16 November 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 17 November 2014

No, this is not Mujuru's end but a paradigm shift in Zim politics rather.

Simon Kanyenze - 17 November 2014

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