Would 'mea culpa' help Zanu PF?

HARARE - There must be people today who miss the “old Zanu PF”, a party whose principles were well-defined.

People like Edgar Tekere and Margaret Dongo were the true loyalists, who quit once they perceived a misstep which spelt a change in dogma.

There are party members today who are not surprised at the current upheavals. Many tend to conclude that what has crippled the party is a slogan which translates into “it’s the money that matters”.

Tekere and Dongo formed their own parties, but would not muster enough strength to make a whit of a difference to the political landscape. Both are still much-respected politically, nationwide, because it is perceived, as true, that it was not the filthy lucre which lured them to change course.

The Zanu PF we see today seems dedicated to the doctrine of Mammon:  there can no longer be any pretence of paying tribute to the principles which may have driven most of the politicians, Zimbabwean or alien, who inspired us to fight for our freedom after 1890.

Such principles and loyalties might have led us to embrace the dogma that “the truth shall set you free”.

Under the leadership of Robert Mugabe, Zanu PF seems to have allowed itself to be sidelined from its core principles of honesty, to a habit of seeming “to go where the money is”.

You hear Obert Mpofu holding forth on how he made millions and are bound to wonder what kind of basic faith in humanity drives him as a human being.

Then you are brought face to face with the party which has broken up into little pieces and you wonder what faith holds it together, if it is not an unshakeable belief in obscene wealth, even if it is stolen from ordinary, life-loving people who wouldn’t hurt a fly to make a dollar.    

The Zanu PF we see breaking up into little pieces before our eyes is not the one even the pioneers such as Benjamin Burombo, Charles Mzingeli, Nkomo, Sithole, George Nyandoro, Chikerema, Stanlake Samkange, Kufakunesu Mhizha and Josiah Maluleke perceived as saving our country from white oppression.

The original Zanu was formed with Ndabaningi Sithole as its leader. It broke off from Zapu, then led by Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. Some people have always tagged the disenchantment as having ethnic origins.

Yet, if that was the case, how did James Chikerema and George Nyandoro remain loyal to Nkomo, until years later, when they broke off in Lusaka to form the short-lived Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe (Frolizi)?

In any case, that is going too far deep into the history of the struggle to enable us to understand the current crisis.

What we owe ourselves is an ability to grasp the meaning of the struggle, even going back to the chiefs who rose up against the first white invaders of the Pioneer Column.

Equipped with only the crudest weapons, they too, confronted the invaders and were slaughtered. Yet they did not give up and, always to be remembered, inspired generations after them to raise their fists in defiance.

In the end, armed and trained by a world disgusted with the cruelty of colonialism, the people fought and fought the colonialists to a standstill.

A changing world rejected the notion that the white people had any legitimate or moral right to enslave the African people.

Our victories all over the continent ensured we restored our dignity. We cannot give that up now.

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    Even if Mujuru forms a formidable party she will never win against Mugabe because it is not the vote but the machinery which counts. And Zimbabweans are a coward people to protect their vote, AU and SADC are tea clubs who have thrown principles into the bin. When they said Mujuru was trying to look for favour from the military it was not true but it was a way of intimidating any in the army who may have a soft spot on Mujuru. Zimbabwe is doomed.

    maita - 14 November 2014

    A lot of people fail to know that besides their perceived analysis of the situation in the country as dictated by events, the goings on in the rulling party seem to take a path charted by some devine entity. Could you believe that even now as we speak, the next President after Mugabe is already known to this devine force, and is slowly being fine tuned to take up the reins of the country in the manner designed by the devine force itself. What that means is that the devine force wants our country to be rulled for the benefit of its people, not foreigners and their vested interests. It is therefore foolhardy for anyone to try and sponsor a leader for selfish ends. Zimbabwe's leaders are chosen not by anyone or special interests but by devine forces of the country. It is this devine force that is keeping President Mugabe's superlative genius in dealing with the whole force of the West intact and making him out maneuvre his enermies. This devine force also gives our 90 year old President the energy, interlect and wisdom to rule despite his advanced age. They are without answers in the Whitehouse and Whitehall as to why, how and under what circumstances can a 90 year old out witt, out think and out run them. So, those who have harboured hope that the succession battles in the party will deliver Zimbabwe to Imperial interests have a long wait and disappointment to endure.

    George Sebedebe - 16 November 2014

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