Resign now, Wadyajena tells Mujuru

HARARE - Gokwe-Nembudziya member of parliament Justice Wadyajena has laid into Vice President Joice Mujuru, saying she “must heed First Lady Grace Mugabe’s call to resign” over alleged corruption and abuse of office charges.

This was after the Daily News had asked him about his position on the current factional fights in Zanu PF and the motivation of emblazoning his red BMW sports utility with the Women’s League-designate boss’ images.

“I support President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady, and only opposed to corrupt officials, including the VP, out to destroy the president’s legacy through palace coups,” Wadyajena said.

“In fact, l do not make any apologies for… the VP to resign, especially in the wake of overwhelming evidence of corruption, abuse of office and plots to unseat… our first secretary, who has sacrificed a lot for Zimbabwe,” he said, adding the Zanu PF leader “was a gem the country cannot afford to lose and, therefore, any attempts to eject him were treasonous”.

The Harare businessman’s salvo comes as political temperatures have risen ahead of the party’s December elective congress and Zimbabwe has witnessed a trend in which many high-value vehicles have been “drenched” in Grace Mugabe’s images.

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who the hell are you Wadyajena to disrespect our vice president. INFACT YOU SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO RESIGN FOR DISRESPECTING YOUR SUPERIOR ,OUR BELOVED vice president

john - 14 November 2014

This MP now thinks that he is bigger than Zanu and the VP simply because he is closer to Mnangagwa. He must produce the evidence that the VP is corrupt, abused office and was plotting to unseat Mugabe. Without evidence these are still allegations. Why not just produce the evidence and let the law take its course? Justice is not the appointing authority but a mere MP trying to make it politically. Concentrate with your court issues and your girlfriend. Zanu is too big for you to comprehend politically. Concentrate in developing your constituency.

Dunga - 14 November 2014

Why make enemies unnecessarily.

mutsamba - 14 November 2014

Wadyajena is a perfect example of exactly what is wrong with Zimbabwe's politics. He is a Harare businessman who is legislator for far away Gokwe, why should that be allowed? Are there no competent people in Gokwe who are abreast with local needs on the ground? The same goes for other areas as well, Nhema lives in Harare but he represents the people in far away Shurugwi. The problem with such MPs is that they are only visible in their constituencies when it comes election time, all the other time is spent aligning themselves to a pact that can allow them to loot more, like this Wadyajena.

Dr Know - 14 November 2014

Mr Wadyajena it would have been better if you slowed down a little bit. Whilst yr faction may seem to have outscored the other faction, I suggest you keep your words soft and sweet in case you have to swallow them later. Let the congress come and go. Remember pride goes before you fall. There are many Zanu PF politicians who support your faction but are keeping their cards close to their chests. Politics has no permanent friends [look at JB, he maimed pple in the name of the very ZANU PF that has expelled him today]. Be warned, don't spoil your seemingly brighter political future by uttering unnecessary statements jus to show Amai kuti you support her. Tomorrow remember that there is a difference between having something to say and jus having to say something. Wish you good luck in this political minefield called Z.

jojo - 14 November 2014

When former French football coach Michael Platini was asked whether France would win the world cup. His answer was "the ball is round it can turn anywhere". All these people making careless statements because they assume their faction is on top of the situation should tread with care. In politics there are no permanent enemies or friends. UJohno wayehlala ethethisa uMugabe kodwa lamhla babonke. Omakhelwane bethu bathi ngamazwi ahlakaniphileyo "benzi uti zii uzokudzwa semungwaru". Kusasa lingathi besingalitsheli.

Mabhengeza - 14 November 2014

KKKKK. Wadjajena you look too young to know anything. Only pensionable people are recognised in that archaic party. Expired gamatoxes and Weevils! Lol

Nduna - 14 November 2014

who is not corrupt in zanu? people they dont have jobs but you spend time fighting.with their millions why cant they revive dead industry and create jobs for people if they have people at heart. they are using us poor people to be rich. l dont have them its who are stupid to be used

hoza friday - 14 November 2014

Wadjajena wadja izvozvo shut the f*** up. We know where you live saka watch your back boy. Stop pocking your f***n noise into issues that have nothing to do with you

Garikayi - 14 November 2014

Wadjajena is singing for his supper. You are pathetic. Idiot Stupid yemunhu. Mugabe is whose gem? Go to hell. Nonsense. Zidumbu rakazara madhodhi. No brains.

vongai - 14 November 2014

Hatisi mapenzi mukuda kutitenderedza pfungwa dzedu.

duzvi - 14 November 2014

Wadyajena is just a cheap charlatan who has no respect for the VP, his senior. If the VP is corrupt, according to 'Dr' Grace, why does she not bring the evidence to a court of law? That is where solutions can be found, and if the first shopper is serious about corruption, why does she not tell the nation where she got the money to buy her daughter, Bona, a mansion in some place? And if she claims to be clean, how can she justify the fact she was having an affair with Sally's husband and cheating on her husband? Poor Goreraza! Now the president allows her to destroy the party, and the nation, with a chain of flatterers in tour. Shame on the first family!

chenjerai hove - 14 November 2014

Mtana wazorasika zvakanyanya nekuti assumption yako ndeyekuti ma customer ako anewe, The deliveries you did were the last. I.m one of your former fuel customer.

rasta - 14 November 2014

Unless this boy has an proof,he is speaking without parliamentary immunity and must be sued big time so he learns a lesson.

Kufandada - 14 November 2014

This young man is too junior to talk to the VP of the country like that,he should concentrate on paying maintainance of his ten year old daughter.What can an irresponsible man tell the nation about corruption when at on time he was in the papers for failing to pay taxes.Ko ZANU inotunonga kupi tuvanhu twakadai?

scorpion - 14 November 2014

Wadyajena whom do you think you are. If you have been paid just go and get your money back. In any case what progress do you think you have made in Nembudziya besides having so many women as wives and being asked to destroy other people. I can assure you you now that people like yourself have no role in a new Zimbabwe that is to come. Ndimi mainzi ma Pruveya because of your deeds. Keep your mouth shut since you don't even know what you are doing.

Karigamombe - 14 November 2014

Wadyajena uyo mupengo chaiwo but very soon he shall learn the hard way because the Zanu that i know is very notorious for silencing such vociferous individuals. they can use him and dump him latter

Tichatonga - 14 November 2014


Wilbert Mukori - 14 November 2014

Wadyajena uchiri mucheche pama Zanu pf internal affairs. I thought you could have gone and see Jim Kunaka and how he is recovering se-member yeparty yako. Unga dai watogona. Your party alaways play " bhora resimbi" Tarisa uone zvaitwa vakuru vanonzi " one of two current surviving members of Dare rechimurenga vaGumbo. The foot soldier "jabulani" kudzingwa sembwa. Zuva rave kuda kuno pinda muna amai varo. Don't forget kuti grace ari kuchengeta nherera, make sure you are up to date ne maintanance because grace anokuendesa kujere 10years ne maintanance. Zanu ndeye ropa. Bhora pasi take it easy..

X-MAN IV - 14 November 2014

Yahwe marasika. Munoti zvamakaisa mupikicha wenyu paZambuko rerwizi Munyati mukati mava Wadyejende here. Politics hadzidi miromo mirefu abiyangu.

tafunuka - 14 November 2014

If its about corruption, abuse of office and non corruption, surely these war vets should sake Zimbabwe's worst performer of all time, RG himself!!! the country is going down like a flushing toilet under his watch and he can do is watch and blame other countries' leaders and cry so hard that they are denying him rights to shopd and get medical attention in their countries!!!! there couldn't be more failure!

dzasukwa - 15 November 2014

WADYAJENA urimboko u talking shit. u kw nothing about politics shut the f...k up

airblack - 15 November 2014

Wadyajena dzungu,bhora pasi.pfavira ngoma usiku urefu.Where is JB bewarned

changu - 15 November 2014

I totally agree with everyone here guys honourable Mayor Justice Wadyajena should apply some breaks especially in his utterances. That is what a wise man can only do because 'POLITIKS' is a dirty game indeed. Its you today, its me tommorow, its him a day after tommorow etc. Mayor this is Zanu Pf be warned and you are not even safe as you stand there making those rubbish utterances. You should have respect for the elders.

Zanu PF to the Bone - 15 November 2014

Zimbabwe is a democratic country and Mayor has the freedom of expression. Leave the young fuel tycoon alone!!

Beatrice Lala - 15 November 2014

Tara hako Mayor. that Mujuru woman is ungrateful. she got into office neback door. Basa ndere kuseenzesa vana Butau, Goche, Kaukonde, Kaseke semafront

shupi Moyo - 15 November 2014

Webster at one stage ran an advert on National TV where he was massaging Mujuru's war credentials. Did we complain? Nhasi Mayor wataura Pfungwa dzake, he,he, he, you are young, uri munhu waMunangagwa chili chii.Saka? Shouting at Mayor will not remove the criminal aspect from Joyce. Huku dzeBrazil,Tongaat Hullet, AMC Motors, Croco Motors, AMC Motors, Stanley and Livingstone Lodge, PSMAS, Brook Golf Course etc ma10% ese aya.

Wadzingaire - 15 November 2014

We need more Mayors in this country. Une Je--- mfana.Big up my boy.

berita - 15 November 2014

In the words of the Dr E Zvobgo "Zanu isinjonjo tamba wakachenjera"

Omega Kambarami - 15 November 2014

wadyejena wazoguta jena manje,am not interested in zanu pf politics but what you are saying is simply nonsense

mournce mutangiri - 15 November 2014

Ukaona mufanha wakadai oita zvivindi zvakadai, ane zvakawanda zvaanenge oziva!!! Ngwena musaidherere!!Watch the space!!!!! ICHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

giant - 15 November 2014

WADYAJENA votseek wena ko magonueti ako that you run for Mnangagwa nema fuel station enyu and your fuel doesnt pay duty pa border shut moron.We will embarasss you.Sihlama somuntu.

Goho - 15 November 2014

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