'Axing Mujuru will backfire'

HARARE - If Zanu PF hardliners succeed in ousting embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru, it is possible the opposition will take advantage and join forces with Members of Parliament who support her which will result in President Robert Mugabe and the ruling party being booted out, analysts say.

This, they added, could be achieved through mass resignations from Parliament by all forces opposed to Mugabe and Zanu PF, a development that could force new elections to be held in Zimbabwe.

This thinking is emerging as party hawks, including First Lady Grace Mugabe, have stepped up their pressure over the past few months to remove the widowed VP from power, alleging that she is plotting to oust Mugabe, is inept and involved in corruption, and that she is fanning factionalism in the deeply divided party.

But political observers told the Daily News this week that Mugabe’s opponents inside and outside the ruling party could actually capitalise on their numbers, as well as the country’s new constitutional provisions that permit a fresh re-run of elections in the event that legislative chambers were dissolved.

Mujuru’s supporters, who would hope to bank on support from the opposition to trigger new national elections, allegedly have the needed 178 MPs to back the plan, enough to move such a motion to dissolve Parliament.

Alex Magaisa, a law professor at Kent University in the UK, and a former aide to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, confirmed that the new Zimbabwe Constitution allowed Parliament to cause its own dissolution via a two-thirds majority in both Houses, the Senate and the National Assembly, sitting separately.

“In that case, Section 143(2) of the Constitution requires the president to dissolve Parliament,” Magaisa said.

“Section 143(4) provides that once Parliament is dissolved, the president must set dates within 90 days or three months of the dissolution. So, ... the answer is yes, if there is dissolution, this will trigger a new election,” he said.

Magaisa said Section 109 also allowed Parliament, by two-thirds majority of its total membership, to pass a vote-of-no-confidence in the government.

“In that case, the president also has an option to dissolve Parliament and call for a general election,” he said.

“The third possibility is that by pulling out, the idea is that the MPs would resign their seats. An MP is allowed to resign under Section 129(1)(b) of the Constitution. And once an MP resigns, a by-election must follow within 90 days in terms of Section 158(3) of the Constitution.

“Having 178 by-elections at once would in itself be a mini-general election. But that only works if these are MPs in the National Assembly where they hold constituency seats. If they are proportional representation seats, then resigning might not work, as the winning Zanu PF faction will simply replace them with their own favoured ones.

“But I do not see why they would have to pull out. If they can pull together a two thirds majority against the winning faction, they can simply stay put and make life impossible for what will effectively be a minority government,” Magaisa added.

Tawanda Chimhini of the Election Resource Centre said: “If one faction loses at congress, they may want to use Parliament to change the Constitution so that if a president dies, an election is called and this could be based on their control of the electoral process.”

Some legislators loyal to Mujuru have been whispering in quiet corners that they would engage in “Bhora Musango” (work against Mugabe and Zanu PF) if the party’s elective congress next month decided to illegally strip the VP of her position in the party and government.

The faction has watched in consternation as provincial chairpersons aligned to Mujuru have been purged.

Asked if Mujuru’s expulsion would mean the government’s collapse, one of the staunch Mujuru legislator loyalists replied: “Of course.”

But since Mujuru herself has kept her counsel amid a barrage of attacks from her party enemies, amid other claims that she does not feel threatened by the rival faction loyal to Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, it is difficult to say whether this plan is in fact on the table for sure.

For the moment, signs of tension in the government itself have eased since Mugabe continues to leave Mujuru in charge each time he goes on his many foreign trips.

“We’re working on the basis of the government carrying on,” one minister told the Daily News. “But if the worst comes to the worst, there is always a Plan B.”

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Just a reminder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Yixp4O29iY

Gandanga - 14 November 2014

Prof Magaisa siyanai naMai Mujuru hamusi muprofita asi professor . asi munobhadhagwa nesvipepa isvi kuhumana. zviroto zviroto . asi Tsvangirai akati anokuda kana avamuhurumende zvakare. you are silly,

shato - 14 November 2014

kikikiki, once again its a funeral for the daily news, always good at flogging dead horses, working very hard for you pay master DR 10 percent, but oowf things fall apart. The vp FACTION IS DEAD AND BURIED, NEXT PSE.

reason - 14 November 2014

This is a shallow permutation.If Mujuru has the numbers on her side,then she must prevail at the Congress or pass a Vote of No Confidence on the President in Parliament.ZanuPF securocrats will always manipulate any election,so that is not an option.It is best for the country for both factions to come together and force Mugabe out.He is the stumbling block to national progress.Pulling out of ZanuPF is also not an option,but to work from within like Jonathan Moyo.

Kufandada - 14 November 2014

scenarios remain thus, scenarios in zim. do you really thinks that those monkeys masquerading as mps would risk their status by resigning? in Switzerland yes not in Zim.

givemore dube - 14 November 2014

You postulate interesting scenarios but you must remember that where we are now is too delicate and dangerous for anyone to rise against Mugabe. No MP will do that simply to save Mujuru. Zimbabwean politicians are different from the Western countries. Here they are not principled and are easily whipped into line through various mechanisms such as farm invasions, dossiers about personal and business transactions all collected by the CIO. Mujuru as it stands now has to stay put in Zanu even if the die has been cast. She will lose her position next month. Trying to go the Simba Makoni way will be suicidal for her taking into account the information that Mugabe has about her family businesses. Cry the beloved Solomon

Dunga - 14 November 2014

Nonsense. Mujuru has no future in ZanuPF. ZanuPF operates like the Mafia. Once you are fired you keep schtoom. The notion that those MP supposedly supporting Mujuru would team up with opposition MPs is very remote and laughable. Her axing will never backfire. That is not how ZanuPF operates. Joice Mujuru is just a passenger in ZanuPF - she does not do much other than see off Mugabe or greet Mugabe when he comes from abroad. Vice-President post in Zimbabwe is reserved for aged carpenters - it's a ceremonial position. Bigger fish like Ndabaningi Sithole, Nkala, Tekere have been relieved of their positions in Zanu over the years but Zanu has continued to exist. Zanu was formed in Nkala's rented house in Highfield but in the end he was outside looking in. As long as the main actor, Mugabe, is still around ZanuPf will continue to exist. Everything revolves around Robert Mugabe. Your analysts are way off the mark. “Mugabe and the ruling party being booted out” - perish the thought.

Musona - 14 November 2014

The notion that those MPs supposedly supporting Mujuru would team up with opposition MPs is very remote and laughable.

Musona - 14 November 2014

Just like the Baba Jukwa and Mai Jukwa sagas, Zanu pf has managed to fool Zimbabweans while cruising to another victory in 2018! Who knew that Baba Jukwa was a CIO project?

Nduna - 14 November 2014

Mujuru expulsion will never be the collapse of the government. She will not be expelled but voted out of power. That is how Zanu operates. Mugabe is in charge. period. Ask Gumbo

Dunga - 14 November 2014

Mujuru's barrage may be in having more MPs on her side, although this is not a proven fact, it is apparent however on the other hand that Mnangagwa has the majority support in the politburo. That in itself is enough artillery for Mnangagwa to sail through and do as he pleases. Mujuru's camp has always been known to be the liberals in ZANU with Mnangagwa's as the hard liners, therefore in my point of view, we shouldn't be too surprised if Mujuru decides to join forces with the likes of Makoni and even Tsvangirai. Both sides of the faction are not to be underestimated, remember they come from the same pack that stole the will of the people in June 2013. They are common cunning night thieves.

Dr Know - 14 November 2014

People in zanupf have looted the country that they will look at who has the reigns and align with that person and as it is Mugabe has the power so everybody will dump Mujuru for Mugabe. Mujuru's people thought they were fighting for position with Emmerson people now it has turned out to be a battle between Mujuru and Mugabe. They say in the silent corridors Mujuru wants Mugabe out but is that true? Mujuru has said Mugabe is President. Mujuru never opposed elevation of Grace but those against Mujuru created that fiction and Grace went ballistic and Mugabe grabbed the opportunity now he has silenced both Mujuru and Mnangagwa yet the Munangagwa group does not see it that it has also been crushed. By the next congress it will be another ball game. They are jostling for positions not take Zimbabwe out of the economic mess but to protect loot else they should all be united that Mugabe has done enough ham to the country and must go.

maita - 14 November 2014

Mujuru is not responding to any of the wild accusations and name calling, she is waiting for congress where she will ride on the argument that she has always been loyal to Mugabe to try and save her behind. As Margaret Dongo rightly put it, the Mnangagwa's faction is using Mugabe to crush Mujuru, they are far from finished.

Dr Know - 14 November 2014

hameno ikoko

titi - 14 November 2014

hameno ikoko

titi - 14 November 2014

whether she is axed or not, the message got to the leaders that not everyone will always allow them to do what they want. it is important that we create this divide in our politics if we have any prospects of making it in this competitive ega. we need politicians who have guts to stand for what they believe not just yes men/women. we applaud you mrs mujuru.

zvirozviyedzwa - 14 November 2014

H might have bitten a bit too much this time given his advanced age. Sitting mps realise he is irrelevant for the future bcoz he wont be there. Why not dump him and all the zanu pf baggage and come across to the nation as heroes who did what was necessarat a crucial time

ndizvo - 14 November 2014

my dear mai mujuru vari popular kana vachirikudiwa nezanu pf. once she is booted out ndipo pamuchaona kuti she is not popular like what u are thinking

spencer - 14 November 2014

The question is what if Mujuru gets re elected as vice president at zanu congress .? More fighting is going to break out and it will be like two dogs suffering from rebates fighting in the center of the village and it is easy for the villagers to kill these fighting dogs . That time is fast approaching and every man must arm himself in case these fights spread into our homes .

Diibulaanyika - 14 November 2014

Just one question: Firing Mujuru will backfire for who? If the Devil perish , who will cry?

KKG - 14 November 2014

@kkg very true my friend actually we want more fights to erupt in this evil party so that it can finish itself it is taboo to cry the death of diabolos

Diibulaanyika - 14 November 2014

Vanhu veZANU PF muri makwara matadza kujamuka jamukai hapana asi mbava ,asiri corrupt mu Zanu pf Jamukai makapusa jubu where are, gumbo,mutasa,khaya moyo, shamu machairs emaprovinces ari under mai mujuru acho ibva mabiokota congress yacho motanga Zanu pf 2 mari makaita dzekutanga party yenyu. jamukai musarara asi muriwakadzi mese kana this is the right time to split Zanu pf Simba makoniakakumirirai manonoka

dofo - 14 November 2014

On the 30 October 2014 I posted the following comment, “Once your name is mentioned at these impromptu ZanuPF meetings, in the presence of hired recreational demonstrators, then you are gone. In my view the following have no future in ZanuPF - Joice Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, Jabulani, Mliswa, Kaukonde and Midzi. Didymus's future is hanging by a thread. He is trying to come back into the powerful clique led by Grace. He might not survive. He started the infamous “Gammatox” sound bite and he will live to regret it. Those who went to the graduation celebration in Mt Darwin last week are also in trouble. I would not be surprised if Jabulani ends up living in S Africa soon as a refugee. It's not a good time to be a politician in ZanuPF. Mugabe is the rallying point - they are all fighting each other to get favours from Mugabe. Mujuru might end up living in Britain - who knows? Because when she is ousted, which is definite, I cannot see her continue to live in Zimbabwe copping abuse every day. She would want to get away from it all. The momentum is with Grace”. Out of those I predicted would go those whose futures are still hanging by a thread are Joice, Didymus Mutasa and Kaukonde. Kaukonde is all but out. All three will be gone in a few days time. All those who went to Dotito are in danger. Shamu's wife was at Dotito she is gone - the husband is in real danger.

Musona - 14 November 2014

Why does this editor put so much credence on parliament and the power of MP's in bulk numbers. He writes as if there is some kind of legitimacy to a constitutional adherence and the so called legal apparatus. It's quite comic in fact. There is essentially only one law, if it even merits that such a title, and that is the law of Bob. So, for all the pseudo intellectuals, editors, pen pushers, parliamentarians, well wishes etc.... prepare now for the coming of our queen. The Hon. President Grace Mugabe

Jongwe - 14 November 2014

I will bet with my last cent there is no way Zanu pf Mps in parliament wether aligned to Mujuru or Mnangagwa will resign or move a motion to remove mugabe. Mps love money, hotels, and extra packages for doing nothing, but singing and dancing. A small country like zimbabwe needs not more than 80 Mps. Zanu is a gravVy train with one driver doing merry go round. From time to time it offloads passangers whether in bulk or singles. Once offloaded you wait, then board again on its way back.For Mai mujuru its sad news, from being a teenage girl to go to Moza.. and to became vice president and now she is currently waiting to be "Baby dumped". Faction ya Mujuru is to weak. After Jabulani spoke about bedroom coup it was time raise the temperature. Ma-chairman ari dzingwa muoffice sembeva. I cant wait for year that grace will tell mnangagwa that ndini "ndakakuisa" pachigaro ipapo.

X-MAN IV - 14 November 2014

What happened to Cain Nkala is exactly what is going to happen to Jabulani Sibanda.Gumbo is going to disappear in the thin air and never to be seen again like Nabanyama. Mujuru is going to loose her post as vp and then she will go into business as she has 10% in every existing company in the land but she will bounce back after a few years break bcoz of her financial strength.Now of all those suspended reasons given for their suspensions are vague and not convincing . One of the reasons is not attending Grace 's rallies or defying her although she is not a top member of zanu she was merely mentioned to take over from Muchinguri . With no doubt ZANU is Mugabe 's personal property and he can do what ever what he what together with his wife no one will question him any one dare to do so will be suspended mawala Jabulani Sibanda.PWW

Diibulaanyika - 14 November 2014

One needs to start a fire then know that it can burn you. There has been so many dirty Politics dating back to the late Herbert Chitepo Era in Zambia,then all the way to Mozambique now we are in Zimbabwe the dirty Politics is still there. Ngoma kana yanyanya kuririsa yawe kuda kutsemuka. One day all these people who thought they were hiding Party Secrets the bag will be so small that a lot of truth is now going to come out. But the one who is going to spill the beans will be those who are now being undermined as the nobodies. The fire is just about to start burning. Kana mumba Baba wakatanga kudzinga vana vanenge vati Baba tadii kugadzirisa apa Baba wodzinga vana vaye mumba. The next thing will be that all those kids. Wil now say Dad we are now sick and tired of your un repentant behaviour and they will push him out of the Family. Next thing you will hear that Daddy is now staying in hiding running away from the same kids that he was kicking around

Karigamombe - 14 November 2014

You can tell that there are paid supporters of this madness who everyday post their hate for a just woman VP Mujuru. Either way they will lick their wounds soon. Noone has ever been a sitting president at 95years and that means change is coming whether you like or not. And the people will soon have their say. The dynasty creation looks set to cramble. The masses are already telling they willingly donated over a million dollars to VP Mujuru's fundraising dinner an unequivocal vote of confidence. On flip side someone had shout to get people to listen to what they had to say. You can only be an outright jerk to read in between the lines that the VP has the masses' support.

Bindu Mupindu - 15 November 2014

Mujuru will be a thing of the past mark my words the Mugabe regime is actually sending chilly winds of fear across the ruling party spectrum that any future dissenting voices will be silenced. "You are not bigger than the party and the first family " that's the message that is being churned out loud through the State Media. With Machiavellian politics nobody is invincible look at what happened to Simba Makoni, became very irrelevant after vacating Zanu Pf and The Dabengwas irrelevant , vana Dongo. Even in South Africa COPE a break away from ANC never made it in the political terrain vana EFF they have a facade as their policy, chancers Malema is also doomed to fall into extinction like Legotla and Motlante. Vana Johnso dai vasina kurepenta kubva ku TSHOLOTSHO declaration dai vapera basa lets wait and see. saka izvo zokuti vakadonenza chikopokopo gushungo varikuti zvine basa reyi

politicaal prophets - 15 November 2014

Why is it that politicians cannot campign on their own merits but resort to throwing brickbats at their opponents. It appears that they do not have anything positive to offer the electorate, except threats and insults. Cant they stand up on their own two feet and do something positive!

vortex - 15 November 2014

Poor analysts! Theoretic anlalysis fail when you look at revolutions, particularly one by straight forward leaders.Those revolutionaries who think they can now do away with the revolution but still remain with the fruits of revolution have not yet started.

dungas - 15 November 2014

Regai tiwone

Chokwadi - 19 November 2014

since 1980 rulling its time up for you all hamuchaziva zvamunoita. we are taking over as young generation to take zimbabwe economy on the right parth by 2020. stop pointing each other magumirwa manje, please resign to pve way for fresh polls. Burning issues needs urgent attention eg, reduce the number of constituences to 80 which means 80 parliamentarians wil be accommodated. If you kill each other we will watch and defend noone.

SHAYAS CHAKANETSA - 21 November 2014

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