Mujuru ally tortured

HARARE - Jim Kunaka, the former Zanu PF youth chairperson for Harare and a prominent supporter of embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru was kidnapped yesterday, savagely battered and left for dead by thugs allegedly belonging to Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction.

This orgy of violence within the ruling party, which occurred ahead of today’s crucial politburo meeting, played out as gunshots were also fired in the populous suburb of Mbare in Harare, as Zanu PF’s escalating factional and succession wars reach a climax that many fear could descend into a bloodbath ahead

of the party’s make or break elective congress scheduled for early next month.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi declined to answer questions about this yesterday, preferring to refer the Daily News to Harare provincial police spokesperson Memory Pamire, who was not reachable for comment.

The deadly violence occurred at about 10am yesterday, when six gun-toting men kidnapped the hapless Kunaka, manhandled him and took him to a secluded place near Chitungwiza where they bludgeoned him to a pulp.

BLUGEONED: Kunaka lies on his hospital bed.

Speaking to the Daily News with difficulty, from his private clinic bed in Harare, Kunaka fingered his arch-nemesis, Godwin Gomwe, as the alleged mastermind of the attack.

But Gomwe strenuously denied the allegations.

Narrating his horrific ordeal, Kunaka said he was abducted by the six yet-to-be-identified men at the Helping Hand flea market in Mbare.

“I was sitting with some women at Helping Hand and four men came to me and said they wanted to talk to me.

“I asked them what they wanted from me and they said nothing major. We went to the side and I heard one of them saying handcuff that boy. I asked them why they wanted to arrest me and demanded to see their IDs, but they refused.

“The women (who were with him) came and tried to free me. Amid the scuffle, one of the men pulled out his gun and shot into the air six times, but this did not stop me from trying to free myself.

“I managed to free myself and I started running towards the police station. One of them went to the parked Isuzu twin cab and pulled out an AK 47 rifle and pursued me. When I turned and saw a man point a gun at me, I immediately stopped.

“He then dragged me to the parked Isuzu car where there were two men and they covered my face and mouth and sped off with me,” the distraught Kunaka said.

He said he was taken to a bushy area along Seke Road, just before Chitungwiza, where he was assaulted severely and mercilessly.

“We travelled for some distance and they stopped the car and started to beat me up with some objects that I could not see,” he said.

“I screamed whilst trying to free myself. One of them had his feet on my chest and I grabbed his private parts and he said this boy is retaliating.

“Another man then said, ‘no let’s leave him for now’ and they went to the car and sped off.”

Kunaka told the Daily News that he had little doubt that Gomwe was behind his abduction and assault because he (Gomwe) had allegedly failed to make headway in Mbare.

“I think it is Gomwe,” he said. “He has failed to penetrate some districts and he thinks it is because of me. So I think he is the one who sent them to come and assault me,” he added, writhing in pain.

Asked whether he knew any of his attackers, he said: “I only managed to identify one of them and he works for the government. He is there in the military”.

There were fears yesterday that the attack on Kunaka could precipitate mayhem in the ruling party.

But Gomwe, describing his rival as “Comrade Kunaka”, denied orchestrating the violence.

“I don’t know anything about that and I have no comment for the Daily News,” Gomwe said.

Kunaka said he was eventually taken to Harare Central Police Station by some good Samaritans who picked him up from the bush near Harare International Airport.

Yesterday’s violence came after Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo expressed fears earlier this week that the party’s escalating and “anarchical” infighting is fast reaching a tipping point where it can easily lead to Zimbabwe becoming as ungovernable as what happened during the damaging North Africa and Middle East uprisings that came to be known as the Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring refers to the waves of chaotic anti-government protests and armed rebellions that hit the region three years ago and quickly spread throughout the countries of the Arab League and surrounding regions.

Zimbabwe has over the past few months witnessed a spate of orchestrated violent demonstrations countrywide, that are stretching the capacity of police as Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars boil over, amid ominous warnings by economic analysts that the ugly infighting could sink the country’s ailing economy and bring it to levels witnessed five years ago during the height of record hyperinflation.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News, Gumbo said the party’s demonstrations and ongoing putsches against sitting provincial chairpersons needed to stop now, not just because they were not synonymous with Zanu PF’s values, but also because they posed the real danger that they could spiral out of control.

“If this is left to go on it could result in something that we cannot contain, like the demonstrations that took place in Tunisia and Egypt,” he said.

“What we are seeing is lawlessness and we are aware that there are certain elements in the party fuelling this behaviour. That is how the Arab Spring started.

“These activities are not only destroying Zanu PF, but are also destroying the government and Cabinet, discrediting our country in the process. There is a danger, if we do not contain the situation, that it can turn into something else.

“It can affect foreign investors who are now developing a-wait-and-see attitude (as a result of the anarchy),” Gumbo said.

Gumbo reiterated that the politburo, the party’s supreme governing body, would deliberate on the matter during its meeting today.

“We have to put an end to these demonstrations as we can’t go on like this,” he added.

Political analyst Gladys Hlatswayo also weighed in yesterday saying the chaos and violence being witnessed during the demonstrations were peculiar to Zanu PF.

“This has always been a Zanu PF modus operandi. The only difference now is that the ‘revolution’ is now devouring its own children. When a hyena wants to eat its children, it first accuses them of smelling like goats,” Hlatswayo said.

The Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the University of Minnesota added that: “That’s why (First Lady) Grace (Mugabe) was going around the country to prepare the ground for these actions.”

Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe director, Mcdonald Lewanika, concurred with Hlatswayo saying that the chaos in Zanu PF was a testament of the deep-seated “democratic deficits” within the party.

“At another level, the chaos shows that the historical political settlement based on divergent interests that has held the party together through the parcelling out of patronage along tribal and factional lines is crumbling as one group seeks to establish total hegemony in the party, without due consideration to the interests of other fractions within the party.

“The chaos invites one to think that (President Robert) Mugabe’s grip on the party is no longer as total and as firm as it used to be, although the reality may actually be that Mugabe is instrumentalising this disorder to cement his control through ensuring that possible alternate leaders to him severely weaken each other politically, leaving him as the sole arbiter of total and undisputed power in Zanu PF,” he said.

Another analyst, Maxwell Saungweme said: “These are true signs of succession not managed properly. The chaos is a clear sign of how poor Mugabe’s legacy will be. This is the beginning of his shambolic legacy. He failed to manage succession and now hangers-on around him are taking advantage of his advanced age to lie and misinform him in a bid to better position their factions to take over”.

Saungweme added that the demonstrations were likely to continue right until after congress.

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sheps - 13 November 2014

thats very good, very good indeed. Taste your own medicine dog. they should have just killed u!

takaz - 13 November 2014

The area he was taken to is a well protected security zone, just after Kuala Park entrance towards chitungwiza. The entrance is manned 24/7 but looking inside its just a bush with no houses, nothing. Rumour has it that there are tunnels linking seke road right to the Airport, there are torcher champers underground as well. You are lucky Kunaka to come out of there alive. In any case, you started this right upto this day you still terrorise people in Mbare

gomwe - 13 November 2014

Who let the dogs out? whoo! whoo! whoo!

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 13 November 2014

heyaa zvorwadza test your own medicine .thats what you were doing to us . ndiyo zpf iyoyo vangadai vakakubvunza short or long sleeve.remember zimbos are gods' children and not zpf.

heyaa - 13 November 2014

Never brutalize or kill for political gain. People should understand that there are no permanent friends but permanent interests in ZANU PF politics.VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE KUNAKA!!!

PAMUROMO CHETE - 13 November 2014

Dailynews you surpise me that you are now creating an impression that Jim is a victim yet you have document how he has tormented people in Mbare with his Chipangano group.Lets be serious.He got what he deserved

shocked - 13 November 2014

my mother always said what makes you laugh today will make you cry tomorrow my son, you see Jimmy boy how it all works

taz taz - 13 November 2014

Those who rule by the sword shall die by the sword. So says the bible.

Dopori - 13 November 2014

Waifunga kuti wakangwara hantika. nhasi zvakuwana muzaya. kana wakaura uchauraiwa chete. heee chipangano ehhhh Jim Kunaka eehhh. hausati wabatwa ukabatwa this time tinonokuviga. come December congress unenge warova pasi. manje ku heroes acre hau qualifier coz hauzi gamba straight kumbudzi ikoko.

dzvirimombe - 13 November 2014

Haaah kana Kunaka wakamborova vamwe then it serves you right. What goes around comes around

CC - 13 November 2014

No sympathy for you KUNAKA.You maimed & killed innocent people in Mbare. ''CHISI HACHIYERI MUSI WACHARIMA.'' You are now an enemy in ZANU PF.Even your Chipangano now hates YOU.

DAYDREAMER - 13 November 2014

It is sweet news when you hear that a robber has been robbed, a killer has been killed or that a political thug has been mugged. It is even sweeter if he has been mugged by his own kith and kin.I don't know what they are going to say about all this. The West and opposition surely have absolutely nothing to do with all this. These fools are now giving each other a taste of their family medicine. The foolish father and imbecile mother are watching. They are enjoying the fracas. But sooner or later the thuggish children will turn onto their beloved parents. Kunaka is tasting his evil medicine. It is time. He used to think he was supernatural and immortal.What goes up must surely come down. I wish they'll pay him another visit vomupisa magaro neplastic before killing him slowly as he did to innocent opposition supporters. Now he can see that he is a mere mortal.I have no sympathy for him. Those that kill by the sword die by the sword. It's painful to be stabbed by your own, but this one deserves every bit of it. He has learned it the hard way. I hope his foolish brothers and sisters in Zanu pf are watching and learning. Chete kungoti madofo, there's nothing they can learn. I wonder how the police will handle this one now ??? They used to turn blind whenever this notorious kunaka committed serious crimes.What goes around..............!!!!

mosquito - 13 November 2014

If he was part of this notorious mob , then he has learnt a lesson . same applies to all who were and still are , with him ,or was the group disbanded after use ?

vusumuzi - 13 November 2014

Dailynews should show Jim's picture alongside that of his victims

tada mu - 13 November 2014

Very true indeed, you live by the gun you die by the gun. Chipangano, led by this dissident called Kunaka terrorised Mbare and its environs and besides the killing and the maiming of innocent citizens, they also extorted money from vendors and poor rural farmers who would have brought their fresh produce for sale at the market and collected money from each bus that used the Mbare Musika rank with the full blessings of Midzi who has also been ousted. I feel no symphathy for none of these thugs, they should just keep their fighting away from us.

Dr Know - 13 November 2014


Wilbert Mukori - 13 November 2014

Thr should have just killed you ; you are evil in our society you think Zimbabwe is a private property of Zanu Pf .Remember when your masters nivuked our elections in 2013 you where celebrating roaming around in Toyota Ipsum in the streets of Harare with your useless uneducated buddies there have turned against you aaaaaa lm sorry there should just come and finish you on your hospital sick bed ...

Kunaka Jim - 13 November 2014

Bulala abathakathi .Is there any one out there who feels sorry for a sigebenga , muroyi , mulozi mfiti , muthakathi , wizard? . I never think so bcoz amfiti enjoys killing human beings and if by any chance he is clobbered like a snake every one normal feels some joy . Hey!!! feel it it is here Kunaka thug keep on keeping fighting the spirit of those killed by this bastard is now fighting back cheeee saa mpaa ma!!!!!!!! wanyatheli ndlozi le zimbabwe waze wa chelela awule wule .awule wule its nice to be in zim zwakana kuba mu zim Tulamuluumba leza ulikunjulu .Who is next?

Diibulaanyika - 13 November 2014

Kunaka is now tasting his own medicine. He butchered innocent Zimbabweans through his Chipangano outfit with impunity and the ALMIGHTY has now decreed that he reaps what he sowed. I, however, feel that he should be given a second chance to repent and apologise to his innocent victims.

Chief Charumbira - 13 November 2014

Kunaka is now tasting his own medicine. He butchered innocent Zimbabweans through his Chipangano outfit with impunity and the ALMIGHTY has now decreed that he reaps what he sowed. I, however, feel that he should be given a second chance to repent and apologise to his innocent victims.

Chief Charumbira - 13 November 2014

Ndinokutendai chose nokurova nhubu bhinya remuMbare raishungurudza hama neshamwari pamaElections apfura ndinoti rihwevo kuvava kwaro gwenya gwenya . Wanga wajaira kuitira vamwe zvakaipa dai wafa Satan ndozvinoita ngozi dzana Ndira , Chokururama , Nabanyama , Zhou nevamwe vamaivuraya

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 13 November 2014

Well done! This is just the start of things to come. These guys who did a splendid job should now finish him off once he is out hospital. This dog will never change his ugly spots. Just get rid of him.

Mbareboy - 13 November 2014

it seems no one has any sympathy with this young man. that goes to show how evil it is to terrorise people on behalf of politicians. its beyond human logic that people as young as this fella would beat up people of their parents' age in the name of politics. I hope the rest of the young generation have learnt that violents of any nature has no place in a mordern society. sorry mufana pls do not take that vocation again its unprofitable. get well soon.

taurai - 13 November 2014

Whilst I condemn what Kunaka has been doing in the past especially to opposition activists and anyone who was suspected of being anything other than Zanu, I somewhat feel for this guy just as Saul who became Paul did on his way to Damascus. My only advice to Jim is, repent from your murderous ways. If you still have any clout in Mbare, know that your enemies are not opposition but together with logic you can make this place Mbare a better place . The problem is that most people take it to their head that they are invincible, like Matibili but they always fall always.

Rudi - 13 November 2014

I personally have no sympathy to this poor Jimmy but my worry is the magnitude of anarchy brutality demonstrated by the Munangagwa faction. The future of Zimbabwe looks more opaque under this murderer called Munangagwa because these are just highlights of what is in store under his leadership.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 13 November 2014

Well done boys for a job well done now if you can bring us some more joy by thrashing Mugabe that will be the best kisimusi for zimbos. At list he must also taste his medicine . I have faith in you guys i know you can do it. Do it boys.

Diibulaanyika - 14 November 2014

Atleast vakakurova ndokukuendesa ku chipatara. From the look of things I flu yauinayo or you hallucinating. Wakakuvara papi ipapo.

chipazhamongo - 14 November 2014

Vana mukoma vanorova , chenjera ; chenjera, vanorova nemata chenjera ; chenjera. Ikozvino zanu pf yaakuda ku introducer kurova nema broom. Vanokusunga maoko worara nemusana , kuya kunotsvaira wonzi pamhuno nemuromo pfo! Apa rinenge rabva kutsvairiswa chimbuzi ,2 hours uchishinyira.

chipazhamongo - 14 November 2014


emmanuel - 14 November 2014

Its not your fault, Jim, its all because of the British and Americans!

Johno - 14 November 2014

As I read the article ndanga ndichitoona zvangu a movie scenario.. I never thought such could happen muZim... Anyway sorry hako Kunaka ndizvo zvazvinoita vanoto ukatamba nebanga unofa nebanga..

lol - 14 November 2014

I think its just a matter of time before ZANU PF actually collapses...there is no king in history who rule for eternity...dynasties rise and fall..its now time for zpf to face the beginning of their end and to embrace it..its a desperate move by Bob to stay in power now that his own people have turned against him.they may mujuru is corrupt but the whole zpf clan is dirty even mai mugabe herself....someone once said 'a revolution eats its own children' well here it is in black and white....

yemukono - 14 November 2014

KIKIKIKIKI, KWAKWAKWAKWA, daily lies u cnat even report that your spekesperson has been suspended from ZANU PF, yr silence tell is all. you never tell like it is, but you publish hogwash thru hallucinations.

reason - 14 November 2014

Brainless @reason watch out, you will be the next Jim Kunaka (abducted and tortured) or Jabulani Sibanda (expelled) by the very goblin that you have been murdering opposition supporters for. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Kt - 14 November 2014

It is no longer Mnangagwa faction. The Mnangagwa faction has a new leader one RGMugabe. Mujuru's faction if it it will survive is now fighting a Mugabe faction. There has been a coup in Mnangagwa faction unfortunately the crocodile this time missed it. He is also gone in the power matrix. What I saw was Mugabe needed the assurance of the military to see how they reacted after Grace asked Chiwenga to pump bullets into her. He wanted to see the reaction and non came he knew it was time for a kill and Mujuru went. Amadoda sibili don't exist in ZanuPf so Mujuru is left in the open

maita - 14 November 2014

Why did they not KILL the son of a bitch? Every one of them deserves to die. They killed our comrades and now its pay back time. This surely is a lesson learnt for people like Jabulani, Reason etc. Chidhanana chera mwena nguva yako yakwana!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................chidhanana chera mwena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ngavamame. Save woye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chinja iwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 14 November 2014

pandaverenga nyaya yako ndakunzwira tsitsi asi pandazoona hama neshamwari dzichit ndomaitiro ako ndangoona kut wakohwa zvawakarima. next tym unenge wadzikama

mboko imbok - 14 November 2014

He looks very fine to me! Looks like he is having fun at hospital. They must moer him thoroughly he doesn't have time for interviews. Scumbag!

Nduna - 14 November 2014

Mujuru and here people are receiving too much symapthy from private press and the people of Zimbabwe. these are the people who not so long ago supported and carried out the butchering, maiming and killing of opposition in the name of Zanu Pf, I shed no tear for all of them,,,,they deserve even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dzaskwa - 15 November 2014

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