I have not lifted suspensions — Khaya Moyo

HARARE - Zanu PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo says he is unaware of an announcement to lift the suspensions of several party chairpersons.

This came after the Daily News had been told by sources on Tuesday night that the former envoy had moved to “reverse the suspensions” after a national disciplinary committee (NDC) decision that the purported suspensions were invalid.

“This article is attributed to an alleged announcement made by the Zanu PF national chairman… lifting the suspension of several party chairpersons…,” Khaya Moyo said in a statement yesterday.

“I have not made any such announcement. I am not aware of suspensions of the above-named persons,” he said.

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He did not lift any suspensions because he doesn't know of anyone who was suspended in the first place. Its Kindergarten play throughout. Mahumbwe chaiwo

gore - 13 November 2014

JOYCE TEURAIROPA NHONGO MUJURU : ZIMBABWE CONGRESS PARTY Be pro-active. Don't wait for the situation to deteriorate and allow the monster to swallow you. The process to de-Mujururise Zanu PF structures in the provinces is now on and irreversible. The Mnangagwa parallel structures you dismantled years gone-by are being resurrected with devastating effect for the imminent Congress. The Gamatoxes will be humiliated and will lose credibility. Its game up! Rally your troops and move with speed like the biblical Jehu. Time is not on your side, it's now or never. Your clarion call must be: “Whoever is a Gamatox must follow me!” True some will chicken out and pretend to be Zvipfukuto but many will be bold enough to challenge the monster. The scenario is a bit different from the Tekere, Dongo, Makoni contexts. The Gamatoxes are well known and have nowhere to hide. They will be exposed at the Congress and embarrassed. It is time for the Third Way: ZCP or ZICOPA (Zimbabwe Congress Party)(because the party is being formed before a choreographed Congress). You are the most popular politician in Zimbabwe today, wake up and read the signs on the wall. It is most likely Bob will not be there by 2018 and Zanu PF will be in the hands of Zvipfukuto proper and these are very unpopular opportunists. Who would vote for Grace, Emmerson, Ignatious, Savior, Obert, Oppah, Patrick and Jonso? This project must happen between now and 2 December 2014. Your options VP: Yours Svikironi@Dimire

svikironi Dimire - 13 November 2014

1. Be like sleep for the slaughter. Pretend nothing is happening. Be happy to be Acting President when Bob goes away when you know you have no real power. As we speak you are a lame duck VP and CIO are tracking you like flies hovering over a corpse. They will skin your back and lampoon and dethrone you at the Congress. They will haunt you and you will lose credibility, you will not stand for Zanu PF in the next election. Cry the fallen war heroine. 2. Repent and be baptised by pastor Jonso. Unthinkable. Surrender. This war is bigger than the chopper you downed. At least they will not investigate you for dirty deals as if they are clean themselves. 3. Give up your assets and go abroad, abandon ship and leave your Gamatoxes to face the music; they are already invading Kaukonde farm. 4. ZCP/ZICOPA. You have seasoned politicians in your camp: Ray, Webster, Mr Gamatox, Kaya, Dzikamai, Sydney, Callistus, Langa, Goche, etc. Add Chamisa. You are a reformer and respected nationally and internationally. Galvanise your supporters. You have structures across the country and so many sympathizers in the army, CIO, police, war vets and the nation. Be courageous and take the moribund bull by its horns. These are the last kicks of a dying donkey; don't worry it is dying anyway. I hope to join your information department(for ref I am sending this letter to my email today)

svikironi Dimire - 13 November 2014

Whilst it is academic freedom to parrot without offering practical considerations, I am of the view that Dimire is advising Mujuru to do the wrong thing that of leaving ZANU pf and forming her own party. That will be her most fatal political mistake. You don't leave ZANU but you fight within. Ask Jonathan. The history of ZANU is full of betrayal and struggles within the struggle. Whoever, wins will face the same forces again and again. The only solution is for Zimbabweans to vote ZANU out of power in 2018. Those in the diaspora must come in their millions and vote this monster out of power. Zanu does not change but personalities do change. A country with so many educated people being led by a husband snatcher, a fake doctor. Aiwa.

Dunga - 13 November 2014

Dyananai mainyanya. hapana chisingapere chokwadi. Inga vakuru vakataura wani. rinemanyanga hariputirwe. zvichabuda hazvo zvose pachena mufunge.

Dzvirimombe - 13 November 2014

Please don't lie that VP Mujuru is the most popular politician in Zimbabwe coz we all know that Morgan Tsvangirai is. You robbed him of victory in July 2013 and he advised you that you would not be able to rig the economy. As I write many companies have closed shop with most employees being retrenched left, right and centre. Musazvinyepera coz Ngwena is a master strategist and will not be dislodged easily.

Chief Charumbira - 13 November 2014

morgan is popular in your party. he is also popular with women remember out of court settlement of close to 300000us$. he is getting less and less popular in zimbabwe by day. he would have been the more popular had he used his opportunity properly. otherwise try biti my friend. morgan will soon be history.

zvirozviyedzwa - 13 November 2014

If indeed , SK was quoted verbatim then it simply means kuti chi faction cha Mnangagwa chamama. Grace was hoping that Joice would resign but it never happened. Even vana Philip ve Reservist police nemahure avo ana Sarah Frankis mukadzi wa Cephas, went of video talking shit but the resignation never materialised .The suspensions are or were a non event , a figmrnt os Johnso, Saviour and co, the real gay gangsters. Veshure chaivo.

Rudi - 13 November 2014

Actual diesel is now flowing from the ROCK

Mukanya - 14 November 2014

Dunga, how do you propose to "vote this monster out of power" with NIKUV on standby?

Johno - 14 November 2014

@Zvirozviedzwa, stop selling us your rotton Oranges they lack some juice anyway. What evidence is there to support that Biti is better. He is a bigger dictator who will never appreciate the will of the people save for his elitist wishes. Tsvangirai has grassroots support and thats the only popularity indicator.

Dr Munhuwo - 14 November 2014

What can you expect from a man like S.K.Moyo another bootlicker who thinks Mugabe is god.He is an empty man upstairs who tends to be swayed by the wind.He has to be told what to do by his handlers.It is sad to see grown up man behaving like kindergarten kids

scorpion - 14 November 2014

dailynews pepa ramujru munonyadzisa u used to report better but now yo partisanship yaakounekwa . u are anti mugabe anti zanu pf and never 'telling it like it is as yu want people to believe. Now because mujuru has shares in yo publication yu try to prop up her image against the masses .Vanhu ava imbava and why support them now why the change of heart.

gaga - 17 November 2014

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