Mugabe strategy exposed

HARARE - After obliterating at least four Zanu PF provincial chairpersons allegedly linked to Vice President Joice Mujuru, President Robert Mugabe’s shock troopers — led by Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa — have upped the game in strategies to annihilate structures associated with the beleaguered Zanu PF number two, as the party hurtles towards its December elective congress.

This comes amid serious indications that First Lady Grace Mugabe’s planned second round meetings “to tap grass-root structures beyond the district” were also aimed at selling or galvanising their own “shadow teams” ahead of the crucial indaba.

As it is, there is a widespread belief that the Mugabe-backed group’s strategy of going after Mujuru’s alleged allies at chairmanship level was aimed at “supplanting them with friendly, if not pliable, comrades to railroad their agenda”.

With this highly-divisive move starting with the dramatic expulsion of Temba Mliswa — in the 90-year-old leader’s Mashonaland West backyard and home province — the aggressive strategy has also seen Masvingo provincial chairman Callisto Gwanetsa, Amos Midzi of Harare and Midlands supremo Jason Machaya being booted out.

While the “surface reason” has been that they were failing to organise Zanu PF structures and fanning factionalism, there is a more sinister agenda behind this unpopular move.

And with the charade well in motion, the Mnangagwa group has unsuccessfully sought to pummel Mashonaland East’s Ray Kaukonde and Andrew Langa in Matabeleland South.

Apart from seeking to remove Mujuru’s perceived allies around the country, the swaggering group is also hoping to fell and checkmate the VP by pushing through constitutional reforms, which will enable Mugabe to appoint his deputies and party national chairperson.

However, the countrywide push and whirlwind may not be that easy in Manicaland, and Mashonaland Central provinces led by John Mvundura, and Luke Mushore, respectively.

When they toppled Mliswa, for instance, they raised inconsistent behaviour by the fiery Hurungwe West legislator who was accused of receiving money and selling the party’s secrets to the United States intelligence services — the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mliswa was among the so-called “dirty dozen” a term coined to shame the MPs whose constituencies received funds for self-help projects from the US through a government grant that has been in place since 1980.

Mvundura, a former diplomat, was a compromise candidate to replace suspended Manicaland chairman Mike Madiro who was ousted over allegations of stealing cattle donated for Mugabe’s birthday bash as well as soliciting for funds from diamond firms mining in the province.

So far, he has survived one attempt to oust him but is seen by many in Zanu PF as a victim of factional wars.

He is an ally of Didymus Mutasa, who is believed to be one of the backbones of Mujuru in the succession race.

Mushore, who surprised many by defeating Dickson Mafiosi in the provincial elections last year amid claims of gross irregularities, is seen as a symbol of Mujuru’s influence in the Mashonaland Central province.

He maintains a low profile and is largely seen as a unifier as evidenced by relative stability in the province in which Mujuru is not entirely respected especially by a group allegedly linked to Mnangagwa.

While the tide is rising against Mujuru, trying to control her very own province of birth, in which she has been an MP since 1980, could be seen as fatal especially if Mushore survives.

Mushore’s own profile and Mujuru’s stature in this province could work against those seeking to purge the Mashonaland Central chairman.

Kaukonde is seen as the face of Mujuru’s resistance in Mashonaland East and yesterday he faced renewed attempts to topple him.

Yesterday, demonstrating war veterans, women and youths claimed the entire executive had been dissolved and a new one would be put in temporary charge until the congress.

Both Mugabe and his wife have accused Kaukonde of fuelling factionalism in the province.

The demonstration in Marondera was the second one in a week as Zanu PF members bayed for Kaukonde’s blood amid allegations of sexual harassment and disrespecting the Mugabes.

Saturday’s provincial meeting to nominate central committee members could spell the end of Kaukonde whose defiance so far has riled those pushing for his ouster.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the remaining chairpersons Langa (Matabeleland South) and Callistus Ndlovu (Bulawayo). 

Richard Moyo, the Matabeleland North chairperson, is set to remain in his post as he is seen as an ally of the group on the ascendancy.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife that the rival teams have already lined up their preferred candidates.

Team Mujuru

1. Joice Mujuru — president
2. Simon Kaya Moyo — vice president
3. Didymus Mutasa — 2nd vice president
4. Sydney Sekeramayi —chairman
5. Dzikamayi Mavhaire
6. Webster Shamu
7. Nicholas Goche
8. Francis Nhema

Team Mnangagwa

1. Emmerson Mnangagwa — president
2. Grace Mugabe — vice president
3. Kembo Mohadi — 2nd vice president
4. Oppah Muchinguri — party chairperson
5. Obert Mpofu
6. Ignatius Chombo
7. Savior Kasukuwere
8.  Jonathan Moyo

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Daily Lies, matanga zvakare

MaMoyo - 11 November 2014

where is Rugare Gumbo in team Mujuru...he cant be taking all that abuse for mahala! lineups idzo dzakadhakwa!

True Makepekepe - 11 November 2014

Interesting article,but your teams are shallow and do not identify other key people in both teams,Why cant the two factions dump Mugabe and then work together,one as President and the other Vice President?

Kufandada - 11 November 2014

Interesting article,but your teams are shallow and do not identify other key people in both teams,Why cant the two factions dump Mugabe and then work together,one as President and the other Vice President?

Kufandada - 11 November 2014

Team ndedzeshuwa idzi. These are just the top positions. Of course there are other positions in the team, and supporters too! Daily news muri kugona basa. mazanoids are just throwing insults but cant fix their problems!

Bona - 11 November 2014

Very interesting but if each name in the ngwena team you can actually instantly come up with a vice associated with it. It explains the grouping. They are very very afraid of a free Zim.

ndizvo - 11 November 2014

Good - let these ZanuPF jackals fight each other. This is welcome news. Let them self-destruct. Grace must up the tempo once more. There should be no let up. Joice must also up her game. I wish their Congress was in February next year. We are enjoying the fall-out.

Musona - 11 November 2014

This is a easy indication, of the failures by the 90 year old leader to mentor future leaders for the next generation. Mugabe sorely thinks he is the best ever leader in the known world, yet he has failed dismally to develop the country. Genuine leaders teach, train and pass the baton to others. Genuine leaders surround themselves with young people so as to pass knowledge and experience and then let go of position. Genuine Leaders know that their legacy is more important than money. Genuine Leaders are the servant of the people and will never impose their well, as if they themselves don't want power. Genuine Leaders are endorsed by the people and followers love them , without oppressing them. Leadership is about the people and not the power. Unfortunately Mugabe at 90 still behaves like a 20 year old, who refuses to know or remember that at 90 years old he is past 70 years which was set by God as the life span of man. Zimbabwe will remain and develop better after Mugabe. Because this country was doing very well before an surely after Him it will do better. Mugabe and the whole Zanu-Pf officials were able to see for themselves, maladministration, mis-rule and unfair treatment of the black by the then Smith Government. Surely people are also able to see clearly for themselves about the corruption, mismanagement, incompetency and mis-rule of Mugabe's Present Government

themba - 11 November 2014

Its time Mujuru must fight back or she is finished. She cannot continue to be a punchbag of these evil people. Wavakuita saTsvangiraiwo apa. Munombodirei kucontester power when you don't have the nerves to do the dog fight thats required now. you knew the people you were dealing with, so you should have prepared for this. There are a lot of people you have rallied behind you all these years and you can't be forced to abandon your project just like that. Fight back Teuraii!!! We want to see real teeth from you not this naivety. Enough of these insults!!!

Use people power to scare them - 11 November 2014

Tear each other apart you morons whilst tina we are celebrating UDI today 11th November. May Smith's soul which has come to taunt kachembere kakakanganwa naMwari continue to increase the momentum of this circus till the demise of Zany Pfutseki

rudi - 11 November 2014

The two lists are very unimpressive to say the least. What good thing can come out from half illiterates like Mavhaire and Kasukuwere, what new innovative thinking and strategies can tired people like Sekeramayi, Mohadi, Chombo, Didymus Mutasa and Simon Kaya Moyo ever come up with in a country on its knees such as this one? Grace Mugabe and Muchinguri are just loose skirts with loud foul mouths not even worth talking about. Shamu a former Disc Jockey back in the days has no proven track record on all portiflios he has been attached to since Independance. Somebody please tell me this is a sick joke.

Dr Know - 11 November 2014

You have always given the impressions that the camp against Mujuru is fighting her for no apparent reason other than being power hungry . You are now tacitly agreeing that She has a faction and a structure to take over the party. So once wrong if those she plans to marginal isle fight back. Why did she end up leading a faction when she was the party second in command.

Chipfukuto - 11 November 2014

news paper rine mbiri yekunyepa iherald. raishandiswa kunyepa nguva yasmith richinzi rhodesia herald. iyezvino i number one yemanyepo. inverse what they say and you will get the truth of the matter reported. well done daily news staff. you have become popular such that those who oppose your paper cannot help but read it day in and out. the news paper of the 21st century.

tula - 11 November 2014

These two teams are virtually now playing "bhora resimbi". In a party where expressing desire for leadership has been perceived a taboo for solid 34 years, surely what is transpiring now is a very good thing for a change. The ball starts with jonathan(8) [ team mnangagwa] being the creative midfielder and deliberately gives a back pass which is taken by Team mujuru. Now for team mujuru to attack right back side ye-team mnangagwa kuna grace(2) unorohwa punch kana ku "MAKWA" zvakaipa. If you attack pa- central defence pana Oppah(4) unobatwa ne "Honey trap". Definately unotobirwa zvawakapfeka naObert(5). Kana team ya mujuru ine evidence ye-foul play on solomon's death it is time they use it otherwise the gravvy train will offload them for now.

X-MAN IV - 11 November 2014

I have noted the games that Rugare Gumbo and the Daily news are playing....In both their line ups of the Mujuru team, they leave out Rugare Gumbo. The reason is to portray him as a neutral person. Who doesn't know that at the present moment Rugare Gumbo is Mujuru's greatest work horse.......Traitor!

Tshotsha - 11 November 2014

who told joyce that sydney sekeramayi is hers? who told her that khaya is hers? reason why kaukonde has been fired today...becoz sekeramayi fooled him by giving him a false sense of support.ray shuld simply have look whats hapened

cheyameni - 11 November 2014

Kikiest, the time is now ripe to dump Robert. The doctors' strike is the beginning of a new revolution. Remember what happened in 1971 when all schools in Rhodesia embarked on a strike nationwide. Everyone should now embrace this opportunity whilst Matibili is engrossed in factionalism . Who is he to determine who is invited to War vets congress which is aimed to bolster his wife's position Romanian style. Mugabe you have started what you can't stop. Silly old fool who soils his pants. Mboko .

Rudi - 11 November 2014

I surprised by people who say Mujuru must fight back. She and her gang started the fight and the other are fighting back though in a manner she never imagined. They rigged the party primaries, the Provincial chairmanships, the youth league and got the DCCs disbanded coz they had lost. They claimed DCCs were unconstitutional but when the same structures were whipped to nominate her in 2004 their lack of constitutionality were not an issue. For months on end since last year Mutasa has been denouncing ED by name at every public fora province after province. ED never once answered back and the daily news cheered him on. Rug are never complained so what's the problem when the tables are turned. Where was Cephas Msipa who has the monopoly to know what is African or UnAfrican? You Mujuru's silence is dignified. What of ED's? When blundered by defending corruption was it not ED who publicly got her off the hook? On last week ED defended both her and the excitable Gumbo during the Midlands PCCs. I am yet to hear her or any of her gangsters defending ED. So who is dignified? By the way the Daily News used to saturate us about Chipangano. Who controlled the gang and whose faction they are? I see these days you sympathies with the same people you use to accuses of thuggery. All because you root for her. And Chipangano is moderate since you call the faction moderate?

Chipfukuto - 11 November 2014

Surprising. I didn't know that Goche belongs to Mujuru faction. Saka uyu mufana we Nembudziya, Mayor Wadyejena is supporting a different faction from his father in law who made him what he is? Politics akomanaka!

tafunuka - 11 November 2014

Team Zimbabwe Mujuru - President Tsvangirai -1st Vice President Dambengwa 2-Vice a President Rugare Gumbo - Chairman Simba Makoni And the rest of forward thinking people

People Power - 11 November 2014

zvinoshamisa kuti all these chairpersons vatadzei overnite when they vigorously and successfully campaigned for both the party and the President to win July 2013 elections. Zvioneiwo nhai maborn free, madzimai nemiwo vana chimbwido vana mujibha nema exdetainees kuti mouraya nyika makatarisa. Munotambirei bhora resimbi ? Hamuzive here kuti hapana mombe inokorera pamarket musi wainoda kutengeswa. Inga ndimi munoimba rwiyo rwekuti 'CHANGAMUKAYI' paya pamunotamba kongonya. Veduwe fungai mugofungisisa musina bapu sana CHINOZ.

mambo - 11 November 2014

Both teams look ridiculous. That Team Mnangagwa looks like a who is who of thieves. What honestly come from tired and brain dead idiots like these?

Moe_Syslak - 11 November 2014

Chipepa ichi chinonyangadza moreover it's clear there is not even a grain of truth in all this but jut meant to provoke those with knowledge on it. Manje maka nyangira yawona you can go to the west and lick your masters otherwise you are only here to give an example of hate.

Ray Mbada - 12 November 2014

On 31 October you were saying this: “After President Mugabe's earlier attack while addressing supporters, Mujuru was on fire and challenged those feeding the president with lies to come out in the open and face her. I have never seen that woman so vicious and articulate. She impressed even Mugabe because clearly these people are lying about her. “She made it clear that her intention was not to remove the President. She made convincing arguments and that is why even the President has decided to probe both factions. However, you could tell that Mugabe has been arm twisted by the wife and he is being told what to say. We can only feel sorry for the old man,” said the highly placed source. And today you are naming the factions! Nonsense! may be if you can write this for primary level kids.

Chanhuwa chii? - 12 November 2014

I may not like him very much for having been parroting zanu toxin as absolute human feed, but this selous scout has been consistent in calling for leadership change. And to this day, he is the closest thing zpf to the likes of Tsvangson, Dabengwa Makoni etc in calling on the dear leader to quit.

badass - 12 November 2014

I meant Rugare Gumbo

badass - 12 November 2014

Rugare Gumbo is not a selous scout, has never been and will never be, his hsitory is checkered and consistent, he does not lick butt. How do you call him a selous scout? His crime in Mozambique was to suggest we contest elections as PF nothing wrong with his idea. Now he is saying the succession issue may brink chaos, again nothing selling out about this. As carried out by the Herald, the story shows a mature man than the bootlikcers.

maita - 12 November 2014

teams kkkkkkkk

Mikitee - 12 November 2014

not forgetting that Rugare Gumbo is a true war vet who actually directed the war. not all these jonathans and saviours!

Gandannga - 12 November 2014

rugare is fit to lead. he is not double tounged like the others who tell the president the opposite of what they do. in life, people who mean their leaders good are often mistook for enemies only to realise latter that they meant good in the first place. kudos to rugare.

taurai - 12 November 2014

Maita, thanks for not insulting me like some people could have done and if its any consolation, I only called him a selous scout in reference to a speech by one diamond amassing minister, who is the president's dearest son, Obert Mpofu. Gumbo is undoubdtedly the best thing to happen to zpf for his consistency in calling for leadership change in their party and then Zim. Surely we can do with some change and any change could do us some good at this moment.

badass - 12 November 2014

What about Gumbo, Midzi, Machaya, Chihuri, Mliswa, Kaukonde for Team Mujuru?

Johno - 13 November 2014

This is quite a plausible political commentary; yet I still ask myself if the Premier has lost absolute relevance that his name is no longer worth of mention in any of such debacles?

Burngun - 13 November 2014

Tired of these issues whilst our economy is dying. the top bras must open up their eyes and see or focus the future of our generation. the 90 year old granny has to step down and leave the chair to the lucrative young leaders like Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa and Dr Joyce Mujuru

mr chix - 17 November 2014

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