Mugabe mulling a GNU of sorts: Aide

HARARE - A columnist in a State-controlled newspaper, believed to be a senior aide to President Robert Mugabe, has suggested that the nonagenarian may be thinking of instituting a second unity government of sorts.

The columnist, Manheru — believed to be Mugabe’s spokesperson and permanent secretary for the ministry of Information, George Charamba — said these plans could have been implemented last year but were scuppered by opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change party who refused to recognise Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s victory in the disputed 2013 elections.

The sometimes controversial columnist, who occasionally criticises even Cabinet ministers and senior Zanu PF officials, and whose writings often come to pass, also stated that succession issues in Zanu PF was not based on party seniority, but rather on officials’ record of consistent service to the party and State — hinting at a possible sidelining of embattled Vice President Joice Mujuru after Zanu PF’s December elective congress.

This left analysts wondering whether the country was being prepared for a future without Mugabe, as well as how Zimbabwe’s body politic might be structured then.

Manheru also suggested in his column in The Herald that Mugabe may still be thinking of continuing with the politics of inclusivity after Zanu PF’s December elective congress, similar to the one that the country had during the days of the government of national unity, which brought both political and economic stability to a country that was on the brink of collapse.

“Who knows for instance that save for Tsvangirai’s folly in rejecting results of 2013, Mugabe planned to get Tsvangirai into Parliament as head of the opposition, possibly by redeploying one of Tsvangirai’s elected MPs abroad as an ambassador, all to create room for this foolish man from Buhera? He was looking at some continuities from the politics of inclusivity.

“Or that post-Congress governance structures could in fact reintroduce some useful features from the inclusive era? And do so in ways that reconciles contending ambitions, thereby guaranteeing smooth transitions whenever they fall due?” Manheru wrote cryptically in his column yesterday.

Efforts to talk to Charamba yesterday to get some clarifications were unsuccessful.

Contacted for comment, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka denied any knowledge of Manheru’s claims.

“We are not aware of that position. They (Zanu PF) must concentrate on solving the national crisis not trying to force us to endorse a fraudulent election.

“No political arrangement can sanitise the fraudulent election,” Tamborinyoka said.

Analyst Shephered Mntungwa said it was common cause even inside Zanu PF that Manheru was Mugabe’s aide, Charamba.  To that extent, political observers put some weight to many of his pronounciations in his column.

“Because the centre no longer holds effectively within Zanu PF and government, the utterances of people like Grace (Mugabe’s wife) and Charamba who are seen as close to the president are seen, fortunately or unfortunately, as official pronouncements.

“To that extent, Manheru’s writings of today (Saturday) can be understood to be a test of the waters and a hint at Mugabe’s thoughts to have a sort of GNU, as long as Tsvangirai acknowledges him as a legimately elected leader of the nation.

“It is also therefore likely that we may see this desire and project implemented in one form or the other soon after Zanu PF’s do-or-die elective congress next month, once Mujuru is possibly shunted out of the way. Were this to happen, it would most likely be to secure his ( Mugabe’s) future and that of his restless family, judging by Grace’s behaviour of the past few weeks,” Mntungwa said.

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the man from buhera shot himself by his imoral behaviour. he should have known that zanu would capitalise on such laspes to bring him down. he is not leadership material. thats why the likes of biti, ncube ditched him. mugabe should use right thinking people like ncube, makoni or even maggie dongo not mr ladies.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 November 2014

@cde zvirozviedzwa: Are you actually that stupid or you're just being cynical? None among this country's leaders can match Tsvangirai for moral equivalence. In any event, what does that have to do with rigged elections? Democracy is a double-edge sword. Tsvangirai's alleged moral failings do not detract from his abilities (demonstrated) as a leder and they certainly don't justify Mugabe cheating in elections. Noone owns this country. you and your ilk have been writing Tsvangira's obitury for eons yet his popularity persists. It's actually your party and it's geriatric leader that is on the way out. And just out of curiosity, why would the baboon want to form a gnu with someone he "crushed" in an election?

valembe - 10 November 2014

Imoral behavior like having sex with your secretary in office while your wife is dying on a dialysis machine, you mean? or fathering a child with a secretary while your wife is sick and requiring the best of your attention?

Bob - 10 November 2014

The man from Buhera must resist being abused a second time.Let the country explode in the face of the old man.Alternatively the game is to pre-empt any coalition of opposition forces around a break away ZanuPF?

Kufandada - 10 November 2014

Many of us like me remember very vividly Mugabe denouncing the inclusive government as "this ugly creature" that supposedly was behind the country not taking any strides forward. Why therefore would he suddenly find new love for such a beast fifteen months down the line, what could have turned it into a Beauty now? That's because the Inclusive government was the best thing to happen to Zimbabwe after a long time. We witnessed some positive shifts in the economy, only for us to be taken backwards again soon after the stolen election. For the sake of the nation's progress, why don't the ZANU people just approach Tsvangirai and ask for his helping hand instead of following them to the bathrooms to ask for advice when attending parliarment as was once reported? I'm sure there should be some level headed people who are willing to shelve their egos aside a bit for the sake of moving this great nation forward.

Dr Know - 10 November 2014

Some stupid idiots still think Tsvangirai is worried about joining Mugabe's failing government.MT is concerned about serving the people practically&democratically, NOT the cheating ZPF way.Mugabe is simply a cheat&failure. Just a power hungry hypocrite.There is terrible sexual immorality in ZANU PF.

KUREMARA KWEPFUNGWA - 10 November 2014

When Morgan said you can rig elections but you can not rig the economy he was called names , Here is a leader who can see what the ordinary person can not see ,True the economy has collapsed in just 15months after zanu rigged elections .The same leader warned Mugabe not to people make just crop every way like mashrom as this was not good for our economy ,what happened things fell apart in the country . he said Muchashaisisa exactly not even bread was found in our shops . That is a leader with vision not what we have witnessed for the past 34 years were a leader would bulldoze every thing like a njiri. Morgan this time around please leave Mugabe sort out his mess he is a grown up man let him feel it .it is here.

Diibulaanyika - 10 November 2014

i find it funny that ple tsvangirai sexual escapades wen he was a widower, bt forget that the man nd woman who pretend to be on higher moral grounds did worse things wen their spouses were there. hoe many zanu pf guys have left their wives fo younger wmen. may be someone needs to remind cde zvirozviedzwa that zvaari kuedza kuita hazvishande.people know the truth

pro - 10 November 2014

Any govt that comes into power by threatening voters by telling them that if they do not vote for it they shall be war has no future . ZANU did that last year and right now its future is bleak .lies lies lies never get any one any where by next year this time i fore see us under the rule of the soldiers .

Diibulaanyika - 10 November 2014

tsvangson haana brain dze politics angadai akatonga nyika iyiyi kare kare. when he was popular enough to rule, he was asked by other african leaders what would happen to mugabe when he (tsvangs) assumed power. the man threatened to take mugabe to the hague. handizvo zvinoitwa. munhu unotanga watora office zvinozoitika muoffice zvimwewo. his blandering is endless. he made mugabe fight back hard to protect himself and his family. now we are stuck. when he got in to gvmnt, in stead of showing a difference what did he do. got married several times. so where is he different from the current leader. in my view he is worse. he treats people this way before he has power, what about the day he gets it. people be warned tvsangs has dectatorial tendences. musiyeyi even for biti its better.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 November 2014

asiri Mr Ladies ndiani?

mhukakuru - 10 November 2014

We are all missing the point and failing to see what is happening. Zanu Pf is going to break up after the Dec congress and the break away party will form a coalition with the opposition and that's how Zanu Pf will end.

Open Eye - 11 November 2014

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