Magaya draws 350 000 to church

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder Prophet Walter Magaya drew a staggering 350 000 people from Zimbabwe and across the region at his Waterfalls church’s all night prayer on Friday — undoubtedly making it one of the biggest congregations ever to grace the country.

Tens of thousands of people filled the chairs provided at the open air spaces at the event, with people occupying the areas between Waterfalls Falls then across Mukuvisi to Highfield.

Voted as the country’s most influential person under the age of 40 for 2014 and going by Friday’s gathering no one can begrudge the pulling power of one of the most influential preachers the country has ever seen.

Magaya’s all night service was also a blessing to vendors as it brought with it

brisk business for the locals, who were selling food stuffs, while transport operators smiled all night. They went back and forth ferrying thousands of people.

According to reports, people started flocking to the church premises in Waterfalls as early as 5am on Friday, while others from outside the country had arrived some days before.

Dubbed the night of “turn around”, the event was spectacular and would make any politician green with envy.

It proved to be a well-organised event that was graced by people of all ages. The state-of-the-art stage was well-positioned, while those who were far away could follow proceedings on television sets that were dotted around the area.

Even when the service ended yesterday morning, people were still clamouring for more.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday, the Mhondoro Ngezi-born preacher, expressed his happiness on the event, saying he was expecting such a huge crowd.

The charismatic preacher said he had put in place 350 000 chairs, but the number had ballooned forcing several other thousands to remain standing after all the seats were occupied.

His grand entrance at 11pm brought thunderous cheers from the congregants, as people ululated and whistled.

The humble preacher proved to be a king in his own right and showed magnetic prowess in getting the huge crowd into the mood.

While Magaya has remained level-headed over the years, his popularity though continues growing in Zimbabwe and beyond borders.

Friday’s event cemented his authority. Many miracles kept happening, as demons manifested in his presence throughout the night.

The lame were walking, as they could be seen raising their clutches.

He preached from Esther 7 verse 10, touching on several issues that deal with marriage.

“Every relationship is created by an understanding,” he said.

The event was attended by several  prominent artistes and some government officials. Some of the notable figures that attended the event were Zanu PF politburo member Tendai Savanhu and and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss Karikoga Kaseke. Chimurenga musician Bryn Mteki was also part of the congregation.

Dancehall musician Obey Makamure aka Tocky Vibes, surprised many who attended as he performed at the event.

Tocky Vibes is a rising star in the music industry and was voted the third most influential person under the age of 40 in Zimbabwe.

During a press conference held at his church premises on Thursday, Magaya praised Tocky Vibes as a young influential person.

“Everyone is playing Tocky Vibes. We need to promote him,” he said.

He said Zimbabweans need to inculcate a spirit of lifting others and not pulling them down.

During Friday’s all night prayer, Tocky Vibes proved to be a darling of many, as he left the congregation eating from the palms of his hands.

Tocky Vibes considered to be more of a secular musician, performed his hit songs Mhai, Aenda Nenyika, and easily substituted the lyrics with words that suited the church event.

Instead of “Tocky aenda nenyika”, (Tocky has stolen the limelight) which forms party of his song lines, the 20-year-old musician substituted that with “vaMagaya vaenda nenyika”, (Magaya has stolen the limelight) much to the delight of the crowd that sang along.

The church’s choir was not to be outclassed as it did its own renditions of popular dancehall artistes’ songs like Winky D, Shinsoman and Tocky Vibes; throwing in lines like, “kuti PHD ndokuti church” (PHD is the church).

The group substituted most of the lyrics to suit the church set-up.

Magaya justified the spicing of the event with dancehall-related songs stating that if dancehall was not sung in church, people will end up performing the same in bars.

After Tocky Vibes’ splendid performance came talented gospel artist Sebastian Magacha. His popular songs 1 + 1 and Bosvo sent the crowd into wild cheers.

Mathias Mhere did not also disappoint, with his song Favour, proving to be the most loved.

Another gospel artist who performed at the event was Agatha Murudzwa, who also had a fair share of limelight.

Benjamin Dube, believed to be the main attraction in terms of entertainment, proved why he is a popular gospel artist. The South African musician, serenaded the crowd with his soul soothing songs that include Bow down and worship, Ngiyamthanda uJesu and Bless the Lord, among other hits.

The event was screened live on the church’s Yadah Television station and on the State-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television.

Comments (41)

350000 PPLE. ALMOST HALF A MILLION VARI IN ONE CHURCH BUILDING? Yah he pulls crowds. But how big is this church building? and parking etc? Thats 6 Nationals sports stadiums (60k for NSS)

penny - 10 November 2014

It is good telling the world the truth. It is bad for pple to lie to the man of God dzimbo dzave kuimbwa kuti "aenda nenyika". I just have a few questions 1. How many chairs were hired for this service?? 2. Can Zindoga shopping center ( even part of it ) fit 5XNational Sports Stadium Spectators. 60 000 X 5 stadiums like NSS= 300 000. 3. Who then is fooling who? Is the church statistics dept fooling Magaya or it is Magaya fooling the world? Maybe the newspapers wanted to say 35 000. May independent pple do a forensic audit on this one Media guys, let us report factual things and not be used to spread false information

chokwadi - 10 November 2014

stiri...magaya kwangova kumberi...!

zvidhara zvacho - 10 November 2014

So itwas not n All Night Prayer, it was a christian gathering coz all those musicians there, each perfoming three to four songs,then his preaching.All Night prayer meaning has been so washed down.Magaya justified the spicing of the event with dancehall-related songs stating that if dancehall was not sung in church, people will end up performing the same in bars.That statement is also disturbing "JUSTIFIED"means its not right but has to be done

nelliectine - 10 November 2014

I witnessed it myself..There were even more than 300000 people..people were stretching near highfields and alot of people were outside the building..Prophet Magaya is really used by God and i wish Zimbabwe would appreciate what God has don for us..blesssing us wth a humble Prophet

Sherryie - 10 November 2014

ndozvinoita mwari watinonamata.a specialist of impossibilties. do your maths isu tichienda nenyika. cum nxt year neteam yako for turn around exploxion 4.tinenge tiri tiii muchitiverenga. one million kkkk mbiri kuna jesu.

mike - 10 November 2014

That allnight was something else..It was a powerfull night, I underestimated this prophet but only the power of God can draw such crowds..The testimonies were powerfull

Shammah - 10 November 2014

muchiri kuvhunduka 300 000 kkkk PHD is going far..This is just the introduction,The annointing upon Prophet Magaya ndeye zvikuru...

ethany - 10 November 2014

aiwa that was a night to remember guys was a night of turnaround indeed was very much blessed by the word from the man of God...we give all the glory to God

sophia - 10 November 2014

Please advise young Tocky Vibes not to put self praise lyrics in his songs. His advisor or manger must tell him that by so doing he will be shooting himself on the foot. People dont like that and its unacceptable. Whetehr what he says is intersting sooner than later he would have lost favour with his followers . He should be reminded before the damage is too big to heal.

MNK - 10 November 2014

Vanhu ngavazive kuti church ndeyaJesu. Haisi yaprophet, pope, bishop, arch-bishop, pastor, teacher, apostle, evangelist or any title we might give ourselves. Vashumiri vese are just servants and no servant is greater than his master. Jesu akafira vanhu kuti vaponeswe vave nehupenyu husingaperi!!!

Tich - 10 November 2014

why can't you come and see it for your self,because zvekuudzwa hamutende.l was there and its true,we were more than that.PHD yakumberi.

chido - 10 November 2014

Just as ZANU and MDC's political rallies, it is now a game of numbers. As this gat hering was blessed with the presence of Tourism players like Kaseke, are we therefore to conclude that this is the much famed Religion Tourism Mzembi envisioned? I personally hope people were truly blessed, but let us not forget that hard work and prayer are core ingredients to success, not miracles.

Dr Know - 10 November 2014

iwe MNK koo why not praise himself..isnt it transparent aenda nenyika kkkk usarwadziwe kuda kuzviita analyst nxaaaa

mwanawako - 10 November 2014

What a wonderful night of praise and worship we had. Prophet Magaya just had the spirit of God come down on all present. As we sang along with the artistes and Yadah voices it felt as if every word uttered is a prayer. A prayer that would turn our lives around for the better. Thank you Prophet Magaya for the opportunity to pray in the spirit of God all night long.

Dorothy - 10 November 2014

zvaari ma biribobi chaiwo. kwayi ndokuita seiko ikoko

JAYS - 10 November 2014

Can someone tell me of any memorable sermon from Magaya?

Shepy Tarzy - 10 November 2014

ukaona acchirikutaura something negative towards someone's progress arwadziwa kan kuti akarwadziwa. if you fail to appreciate such wonders what are you going to appreciate panerino pasi. thank you GOD for using prophet Magaya.

mtasa fungai - 10 November 2014

God is not seeking numbers and you may be ashamed to note that among the 350k are not saved but are only gatherers.There is only one true gospel which is saving people and ousting today's Church(Spiritual Israel)from today's Egypt(Sin/World) and has been sent by GOD through one Prophet like old days Israel by Moses. So don't tell me that these people have been saved if they don't know the Message and the Prophet of the day.They are just Moabites who worship idols.

BIBLE'S VIEW - 10 November 2014

take it or leave it but the fact remains firm and rigid that this man is God sent. Not all of those people who physically saw Jesus were healed by Him because of doubt. Doubt kills faith

Ba Tammarl - 10 November 2014

take it or leave it but the fact remains firm and rigid that this man is God sent. Not all of those people who physically saw Jesus were healed by Him because of doubt. Doubt kills faith

Ba Tammarl - 10 November 2014

Whoever doubts Magaya's amazing popularity is either jealous or ignorant. The only problem with our prophets is that they fear to tell our national leaders that they are letting the nation down.

KUSAZIVA KUFA - 10 November 2014

For many are called but few are chosen. It is not all who say Lord who will enter the kingdom of God but those who do as the Lord commands.

Ndipeiwozano - 10 November 2014

JESUS said wide is the road to destruction and MANY will find it in bk of many attending doesnt suprise. in Mathew 7. 21-24 he said false prophets will do many works in his name. in Mathew 24 concerning ur time he said Many FALSE PROPHETS WILL RISE AND DECEIVE MANY. Jesus never said there will arise true prophet..however Paul make it clear in 1corin 13.5-11 that prophecy etc was to be removed since it was in part (bible is complete it wasnt complete then ). thats why ur prophets cant heal all diseases e.g EBOLA, thats why they cant raise the dead like Jesus, paul, peter did...theirs is not power from GOD..but from Satan thats why it is very limited. can cure few diseases caused by satan because u are folowing these false prophet if it is natural and chronic forget. satan in mathew told jesus to worship him and get rich jesus never told anyone to worship God and get rich materailly( of coarse in psalms 72 Asaph was suprised why non worshipers were rich than worshiper even now satanist are richer than christians(even in shona some do ritual to be rich) so rich is never a mark of God aproval. however in reality noone is getting rich by going to false prophets otherwise ur industry shld be kicking and ur gdp increasing , instead we are all getting more poorer dispite judgement night by makandiwa and this one by magaya...we are getting poor and more sick and hospitals flooding, if 350 000 were rich like their prophet we will like USA. with may coming here to stay. in galations 5.22 joy and hapiness is given by God not money( thats why rich pple some die of stress) so please get off false prophet and seek tru God to attain true joy not false hope u have now

kyz - 10 November 2014

It seems all the " DOUBTING THOMASES" about the number of people who attended the night prayer were not part of the crowd at the venue. If you still doubt please come to one of the services at PHD ministries. Every service is attended by not less than 50000 people. In view of this phenomenon, the all- night prayer was well advertised locally and internationally hence I don't see the reason why the statistics should be criticized.

Isaac Yedwa - 10 November 2014

350000 pple kunyepa! you might say you were there but how do you count 350k pple by just being there? pple would be stretching as far as mbudzi, cjipisa etc...and you can see all of them from one point and count them uchiita nod musoro..oe, two, three... musanyepa apa. brainwashed my Magaya, yes...but setting aside reasoning is another thing.

Penny - 10 November 2014

350 000 people you must be joking or you have NO IDEA how to estimate crowds, they would stretch from waterfalls to mabvuku not waterfalls and highfields, thats the national sports stadium 60 000 rufaro stadium 35 000 barbourfields 32 000 hwange 15 000 gwanzura 10 000 mandava 3 000 luveve 8 000 magalss 5 000 ascot 3 000 lafarge 10 000 morrison depot 5 000 sakubva 10 000 and still not 350 000 if you see 100 000 people you will say a million i know your type, PUSHING PERSONAL AGENDAS IN THE PRESS

Harare - 10 November 2014

hanzi kuti PHD ndokuti church, pamwe pacho hanzi Magaya vaenda neNyika, Yapita. Aiwa Mwari ngavarumbidzwe.

Harold - 10 November 2014

All these will come to pass. vachauya vachaunganidza mamillions nd vagoita zvinoshamisa. look at makandiwa now.kuvamuporofita z not seasonal. READ the Parable of the tares nd wheat

pro - 10 November 2014

It is really amazing that such a large number of people turned up for the prayer meeting. by the way how many of them gave their lives to JESUS on that day.

kalulu - 10 November 2014

saka muchabeliever ani????????? Magaya maramba, Makandiwa munoramba Angel zvimwechete. Makuramba 350 000, chii chinoshamisira ipapo? Jeaolous n bitternes zvinokukundai anhuwe. Cm nxt yr tetiri miriyoni munyatsorwadziwa. PHD kumberi lyk t r nt. Thumbs up Prphet W Magaya n ol prophets n Zim. KUSVIKA MAZIVA KTI GOD CANA JESUN USE ANYONE AND CAN DO ANYTHING EVEN BEYOND OUR IMAGINATIONS. MBIRI KU

titi - 10 November 2014

saka muchabeliever ani????????? Magaya maramba, Makandiwa munoramba Angel zvimwechete. Makuramba 350 000, chii chinoshamisira ipapo? Jealous n biternes zvinokukundai anhuwe. Cm nxt yr tetiri miriyoni munyatsorwadziwa. PHD kumberi lyk t r nt. Thumbs up Prophet W Magaya n ol prophets n Zim. KUSVIKA MAZIVA KTI GOD CAN USE ANYONE AND CAN DO ANYTHING EVEN BEYOND OUR IMAGINATIONS. MBIRI KUNA JESU

titi - 10 November 2014

There were more than 350000 pple, I was there Hamman pamatanda ake

KUSHMAN - 11 November 2014

ebola and aids zvanetsa ngavarape tione. right now doctors are on strike and people are suffering, let these prophets go to all hospitals and deliver the sick kwete 350k fit people

asi chii - 11 November 2014

Hanzi kana uri muimbi ita bedzi zvawakapiwa nashe ......rega vanoshora vakadaro ...Prophet Magaya vasiyeyi vaite zvavakatumwa naIshe ,ko kutyei icho chaunga chakanga chakati TIIII ,350000 PLUS .let there be light.

sinyoro - 11 November 2014

the current population of harare is 2million. a quarter of that kwa magaya? mmm! vanhu 20 vanogara mucombi two vari pakadoma. kureva kuti macombi 5 anotakura vanhu 100. toti kwamagaya half ve350000 vane mota dzavo which is 150000 cars parked. tozoti macombi 10 000 ekutakura vanhu. which is half yemacombi ese akaregistewa muharare. then, the third largest city in zimbabwe by population is chitungwiza at 358 000 people. Vese ava kwamagaya? mmm! Either Vakataura figure iyi havana kudzidza, kana kuti matsotsi....

the mathematician - 12 November 2014

...toenderera mberi nenyaya.... one out of every 20 people anoenda kutoilet at any given point in time in an average populace. pavanhu 350 000, matoilets 5 000 anobva kupi. do you know that the current population of masvingo city is 160 000. so you would need an entire city council utilary to manage the refuse coming from zindoga if there were 350 000 people in deed. Some prophet once said "dreaming!" can't rely remember who though...

the mathematician - 12 November 2014

Well said mathematician. Vachingoti tuzu manje vana vaMagaya. I have always known that vanhu vanoenda kumaprohets enhema aya, are either simpletons or very desperate to belive anything. Ipo paya paZindoga Ponzi paungana vanhu 350000, manga mabi. False prophet Magaya, wareva nhema mupfana, but anywhere wagara uri waBaba vako diabhori baba vadzo. By the way kedu Emmanuel kanota manje kave kugara kuJoburg and flies for services every sunday and flies back to Sandton, some church indeed. Makaputirwa vana vemaprofiter.

Samaita Dube - 14 November 2014

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