Mhlanga calls for fair diamonds trade

HARARE - Zimbabwe's leading diamond producer, Mbada Diamonds, says the international community must create a conducive environment for fair trade of the country’s gems.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe Diamonds Conference in the capital yesterday, Mbada Diamonds chairman Robert Mhlanga said the country’s diamonds have suffered unfair treatment on the global market.

“As a nation, our potential cannot be side-lined and the future of the global diamond industry cannot be discussed without acknowledging our potential role in its sustainability. However, we are faced with a situation whereby we cannot trade our diamonds freely due to various constraints that have been created specifically for us as a nation,’ he said.

Mhlanga noted that the seizure of Zimbabwean diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium significantly affected the operations of local diamond companies that are currently reeling from high operational costs and power outages among other challenges.

“This development stifles not only our growth as producers but also of our economy and communities which should benefit from these proceeds,” he said adding that the diamond conference must make concerted efforts to depoliticise the global diamond industry.

This comes as in September this year, about 500 000 ounces worth roughly $45 million and belonging to companies with Zimbabwean State shareholdings were seized following an attachment order obtained by Amari Holdings Limited to enforce a ruling in a Paris-based court of arbitration.

However, government is contesting the seizure of $40 million from the diamonds proceeds.

Mhlanga said Zimbabwean gems must have unfettered access to international markets so that the majority of Zimbabweans can benefit from the trade of the diamonds.

“For Zimbabwe to realise its vision and full potential, there is need to create an enabling environment through conscious and concerted global collective effort,” he said.

“The Zimbabwe diamond industry just wants to forge ahead with its business of mining and marketing and value adding diamonds both locally and globally,” added Mhlanga.

The country’s diamonds — produced by five mines in the Marange diamond fields to the east of the country, as well as Rio Tinto’s Murowa mine — are believed to constitute approximately 25 percent of the world diamonds.


Comments (24)

Mhlanga should just stop grand standing and pay us our salaries.Its been tow months now since we have received our salaries and all he can do is act like everything is ok at the company and its not ask the workers.The company is going broke because him and his daughter have looted all the revenues coming in.the story that came-out from South Africa explain it all.

Unpaid worker - 7 November 2014

I agree this guy should learn to treat his employees with respect and stop acting like all is well.

tired - 7 November 2014

Journalist of these days you worry me.Its either you know or you not interested that workers at this company are not being paid while the bosses agree to sponsor such events

worried - 7 November 2014

Thse diamond barons should just comeout clean and tell us where they but at the money looted in Chiadzwa.If you got to Mutare now ,it has nothing to show for the wealth coming from within its province,so much for the development.Mhlanga and his crew are just thieves, who deserve to be arrested and investigated , their time will come to account for their ill-gained wealth.

where is the money - 7 November 2014

Zanu PF front this guy.Looking at him ,where do you think he will ever get money that he now claims to have except if its all stolen while people in Chiadzwa suffer

zanu - 7 November 2014

Typical work of a paid journalist who does no bother to see beyond his paymasters statements.Embarrassing

paid - 7 November 2014

This guy has his money lets not be jealous but his lesbian daughter well thats another case as to where she got her money from

godo - 7 November 2014

Surprised people did not see that the company was being run like a tuck shop and was not going far.We have all seen them in the media failing to pay suppliers and now its the workers.Workers should just strike or take them to labour.

rubbish - 7 November 2014

Iyi ndiyo company yapera basa manje.Hahahahahahaha vamama

mbada yapera basa - 7 November 2014

Wonder where the workers unions are and the so called Human rights lawyers when people are being abused by not being paid while the bosses splash, showing off money they do not have.There was never transparency in any of the companies thats why Marange is gone

transparency - 7 November 2014

Why Why !!!!! do we have to always blame the out side world for our troubled corrupt mafia run economy. These problems are simply home grown, self inflicted by greedy fat cats ,fraudsters and gangsters right from the top office . How dare you blame the rest of the world, it's you and you alone. These professional organisations come to Zimbabwe to map the way forward and all you can do is play the blame game. Shame on you.

ronaldos - 7 November 2014

The people of Chiadzwa and the surrounding areas are starving while Robert Mhlanga buys a $20 million (US dollars) mansion and has a fancy office in Sandton! His daughter Mrs Khumalo was paid $90 000 US Dollars a month. There is no development in the area just exploitation and making false promises to the people in the area. Grace Mugabe owns DMZ and is also exploiting this area. This man should be arrested for stealing!

Mamoyo - 7 November 2014

Mhlanga stop morning about being treated badly and diamonds taken away but tell us reasons for that . Those people are not lunatics and are not doing that for no reason . Zimbabweans want to know the reasons pliz tell us .

Diibulaanyika - 7 November 2014

Mhlanga's mansion is in South Africa. He paid 180 million rands (20 million US dollars!

Mamoyo - 7 November 2014

This guy should anser where he got his money from and how he managed to buy such properties while his company is collapsing.Now his employees are going hungry while he keeps up appearances,what a shame, but one day he will be judged so will his daughter and the rest of his clan

thief - 7 November 2014

Why does he have to invest and buy his assets in South Africa if his wealth is acquired in a transparent way.Just shows something he did is not right this Mhlanga guy.

ashamed - 7 November 2014

Mbada does no own anything but rents, from its Borrowdale offices to equipment at its mine to the plane used to transport the diamonds, nothings theirs. So if its closes workers have nothing to hold onto and would leftout in the cold

mbada - 7 November 2014

Mhlanga is a Chief Executive on Dubai Diamond Exchange

Diamonds forever - 7 November 2014

The problem is a government of pretentious dim wits who purport to understand global politics and finance but are clueless on the fundamentals of the tricks of the vampire system called capitalism. The controllers of International Finance will not let these trigger happy zanunoids have their cake and eat it too.

Farai - 7 November 2014

Why is it that all these CEO S of some big companies in zim including diamond mines are all buying properties in SA ? How is that going to bring development in our country ? And the idiots in zanu who give jobs to these CEO s are doing nothing CIOs are busy following Morgan instead of these guys who are sabotaging the economy. Houses being built by these guys in south africa even south africans can not afford to build them despite that their economy is stable and the best in the continent. The people who are running our country are fools why can not they plug these holes and make every diamond mine top worker who is zimbabwean to invest in zim only. failure to that they can loose heir jobs

Diibulaanyika - 8 November 2014

if the truth is to be said people in Marange are suffering and its shocking to hear that someone has access to substantials to an extent of buying lucrative and expensive appartments in foreign lands. The roads are in a deplorable state and the community have absolutely nothing at hand to show that they are benefitting from the selling of these precious gems. Time will come

MARANGE RESIDENT - 10 November 2014

if the truth is to be said people in Marange are suffering and its shocking to hear that someone has access to substantials to an extent of buying lucrative and expensive appartments in foreign lands. The roads are in a deplorable state and the community have absolutely nothing at hand to show that they are benefitting from the selling of these precious gems. Time will come

MARANGE RESIDENT - 10 November 2014


Themba comes to town - 10 November 2014

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