PHD founder praises Makandiwa, Angel

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya has praised United Family International Church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa and Spirit Embassy leader Uebert Angel  for pioneering prophetic gospel in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the Daily News, in an interview, Magaya said Makandiwa and Angel were the fore-fathers of the prophetic ministry. He said that their contribution cannot go unnoticed as they pushed away a “wall of resistance” associated with such ministries.

Magaya said he related well with the two men of cloth.

“I met Prophet Uebert Angel once in 2013. He is a good man. I also met with prophet Makandiwa three years ago. I spoke to him nicely and he is also a good man of God.

“They are the pioneers of the prophetic ministry we are into and we recognise and appreicate that,” he said.

He said the two had worked tirelessly and made work easier for him when he started his own ministry.

“They have pushed a wall for me,” said Magaya.

People have always compared the three prophets in terms of their miracles and their capacities to draw huge crowds.

This has created huge debates on the social media and with the general populace.

But Magaya, who emerged from humble beginnings, having established his church three years ago, said what was important was that all of them were spreading the word of God and needed to be respected for their “great” work.

The charismatic preacher is expecting 300 000 people at his “Turn Around” all-night prayer tomorrow.

His ministry has grown in leaps and bounds and he is currently building a 200 000-seater church.


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Magaya is truly a humble man. It takes a true leader to respect other leaders. Whilst some pastors may not be able to acknowledge other pastors' work, a prophet has shown an example to everyone by example. Well done Magaya, a lot should learn from you

Lawyer Advocate - 6 November 2014

Surely Magaya is a humble man of God. Its the tru character of a leader to acknowledge the goodness in other leaders of the charismatic church..... Because of competition these days to pull large crowds you would hear another leader criticising another leeader o salute you prophet W.Magaya surely goodness and mercy will follow all the days of you life - 6 November 2014

oh i share the same sentiments with you guys. that was a noble move at least i can now call you prophet because you have proved to be a prophet indeed, even in the bible prophets like Elijah,Samuel,Elisha would acknowledge other prophets zvaitondinetsawo kuti ko muno zvakamira sei. if things goes like these then we going to have a beautiful nation

lemm talk - 6 November 2014

Psalms 133 v 1-2 "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on Aaron's beard, down on the collar of his robe. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Some are known for saying bad things about other men of God. Here is a humble servant of God acknowledging the work that was done and that is being done by the forerunners. Glory to Jesus!! May the Almighty God increase you Prophet W Magaya in Jesus' Mighty Name. Happy birthday to you father!!!

Bridget - 6 November 2014

They are united in spreading the gospel of love, healing and prosperity. Prosperity can only come from fearing god and doing unto others what you want them do unto you. Lets be united as a country and contribute to the well being of others. lets use all the divine ideas that come from god and establish our own businesses. The time to plan your investments is now. Don't be left out. Opportunities are plenty in Zimbabwe; what's not there at the moment is capital. The US dollar is elusive. We are having liquidity challenges, which however are going to be a thing of the past with foreigners warming up to our country. If you can partner with friends and relatives and can raise the much needed capital, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???. Start your business in whatever sector and you will be guaranteed of success. The time is now, register your own company. We will help you with all the processes to get you started, from company registration to all the statutory requirements for you to get started. . Email us or call 0771 419 294, whatsapp 0776 228 760

Flixcom Solutions - 6 November 2014

I thank God that we have great prophets in this country. Glory be to God!

machakachaka - 6 November 2014

lET THERE BE LIGHT,be a prophet for many and heal many ,Thank you my dear LORD for giving us such a Prophet

sinyoro - 6 November 2014

I do not agree with what Magaya is saying. First of all in the Bible you learn of Elijah and Elisha. Why is it that you Guys you leave your real Spiritual Fathers then go and choose someone who never trained you at Bible School. To me all what is happening is a quick way of making money. We do have Pastors who suffered for the Gospel of Jesus Christ using bicycles to go ang preach yet you guys you are now bragging with Latest models of Cars and telling people some Prophecies which God never said nothing. Watch these false teachings which you are now doing to the Children of God. Go back to your real Spiritual Fathers they will definitely show you the truth and the truth will set you free. Ponai pazvokwadi ya Mwari not fake Pastorship

Karigamombe - 6 November 2014

Self praisers....shame. Why not be like Guti, humble from the beginning. His church is now over 50 years but still boasts of nothing. And you are only 3 years old and boasting already

ndinu uya uya - 7 November 2014

Karigamombe,stop confusing innocent pple.Even Jesus Christ himself encouraged his disciples to accept&respect other pple's good work especially casting out demons .WELL DONE HUMBLE PROPHET MAGAYA. YOU ARE IN THE VERY TRACK.THANK GOD-AMEN!

RONGEKAYI - 7 November 2014

Karigamombe ko vafundisi vane mabhasikoro vakawanda wani?....wachidii kuenda ukanonamata navo ivavo?,...usada kutivhara futi hauna kana church yauri kuenda wani,,unotozvidhakirwa hako iwe

oracle of truth - 7 November 2014

All this free publicity and advertising for thieves like Magaya and Makandiwa is really uncalled for. They have ZANU PF to thank for making life difficult for the general population and therefore becoming more gullible and easy prey for these vultures. I worship God through Jesus Christ, not through wealth seekers like those. How much do you think will be raised at this 300 000 attended convection? How much of that do you think will go towards helping the needy? I hate the fact that they lie to their congregates that the only sign that you are blessed and God loves you is when you get to manage to buy a car and possess other worldly possessions. Those are not blessings, blessings are when you have piece of mind even with the little that you have. Only our good deeds will see us through the pearly gates of heaven, we ought to constantly remind each other about that fact. When will open their eyes, like sheep to the slaughter you are being led by these con artsists in the anticipation that miracles will happen through West African power attained Prophets.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

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Iwe Know zvawave kuziva shoko raMwari wakatenduka You received Christ so what are you still doing here on earth. Why do you seek medical attention yet Heaven is what you are waiting for. Ifa uende kudenge and leave us here namaProphets edu tichidyirana mari yedu. Endai Kudenga imi vatsvene munonakidzwa but the word says after judgement munodzoka futi pano pasi. hahahahaha. Tiudzei zvemari vaporofita vaJohovha tifare takamirira kudzoka KwaJesu.

mai T - 7 November 2014

Where is the message of repentance? The prosperity message is NOT the true gospel message. Us Zimbabweans are the most gullible lot ever. I pray for the church a lot. God's prophets of old would never drive vehicles worth hundreds of thousands. Something is wrong. Where is the message of the cross. Christ crucified. Where is dying to self???

NBS - 7 November 2014

It's because most of you writers you are so young to an extent of grabbing anything that come your way. There are protocols within Church's which have to be followed. If you don't follow those Protocols then you are not fit to lead God,s people. You get so exited with wind yet all what I am saying is that those who knows about the true Gospel they will tell you that these guys it's about themselves and not about God,s work. Why don't they start Companies to employ unemployed Church Youth ? Why didn't they do whatever they did leaving the same Churches that trained them then go and look for a different Spiritual Father. When Elijah met Elisha he was tilling the land. What he did was he killed all his oxen and left everything and followed the man of God. So if you guys tell us that you were very rich and decided to be true Sherpards of the Gospel why are you sticking to your riches then claim that you have nothing to do with Tithes and Offering yet you happen to check on weekly basis how much is coming in. Read Mathew 24 all of it then you will see where these Guys are coming from and where they are going. God is definitely going to open up your eyes like the Bareans and see that some of the teachings are not in line wit the word of God

Karigamombe - 7 November 2014

I would disagree on one thing - that he is a charismatic preacher as the writer has noted. I myself being a follower on many great preachers eg pastor Chris , Makandiwa among others l dont rank him amongst charismatic preachers. his gift lies in miracles and deliverance not preaching

phidelis fugeti - 10 November 2014

comparing pastors and prophet is not proper coz God gave them different gifts and the grace and the anointing upon their lives is different

Chiedza - 18 March 2015

fake people

daveslim - 22 March 2016

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