Magaya opens up

HARARE - Popular preacher and founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD), Walter Magaya, has opened up for the first time about his life and ministry since he faced allegations of adultery earlier in the year.

In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with the Daily News yesterday, ahead of his birthday today, the modest preacher chose not to speak directly about the damaging claims, but said humbly that the devil would “always strive to disturb the work of God”, adding that all the accusations that he had faced had not been substantiated.

“There is no testimony without test. There is no way we can be where we are without being tested,” Magaya said, in apparent reference to the adultery claims that were levelled against him by Harare resident Denford Mutashu.

Mutashu later withdrew his claims and confessed openly in church, after withdrawing his court action.

Magaya said all the difficulties he had faced had given him crucial life lessons, adding that his detractors allowed him to grow both spiritually and as a human being.

He said because of all these difficult life lessons, he had now written a book titled Theme of the Heart, which is set for launch tomorrow.

Quizzed over the fact that his church has courted controversial figures such as Beverly “Bev” Sibanda, Magaya said the Word of God was open to all people and this is what kept the church going strong.

“If David had killed a small man, he would never be in the Bible. I strongly believe challenges make us who we are,” he said.

Asked why he always appeared to live modestly, he said this was how he aspired to live his life as he understood that he was still human despite the tens of thousands of people who flocked to his church weekly.

Magaya emphasised that fame was also not something that one had to carry in one’s head.

“I am a man of God and not God of man,” the humble preacher said, during the interview at his Waterfalls church in Harare, while making preparations for the massive all-night prayer scheduled for tomorrow where it is estimated up to 300 000 people will attend.

Magaya does not drive a state-of-the-art car and neither does he dress like a flamboyant businessman — consciously choosing to snub designer clothes and shoes for cheap tracksuits and sandals.

Magaya said if a person was popular and influential in society, that person was obliged “to keep his head down”.

“If I am a prophet and become very popular, I have to make sure that I stay composed. Right now, I even have to control my movements. I was walking in the city today and at least two people collapsed and fainted on meeting me.  Large crowds of people follow me, some wanting me to lay my hands on them.

“So I avoid walking in crowded areas like the city centre because I end up causing unnecessary commotion and people might get hurt. That is why I prefer to spend most of my time at church, meeting people there,” said the charismatic preacher.

Born in Mhondoro Ngezi, Magaya, who says he still has time for his family despite a hectic schedule, said he started his ministry in 1998 when he first received Jesus in his life.

During the time, he was in the Roman Catholic Church together with a charismatic group called Blood of the Lamp Christian Community (BLCC). He also lived in Chitungwiza then.

“I was very young. I started developing myself bit by bit,” he said.

He later moved to Mabvuku and discovered that he had a gift of prophecy in 2003.

He said all his efforts to venture into business flopped, until he went to Nigeria in 2009, where he visited TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations.

TB Joshua was later to become Magaya’s spiritual father.

Magaya said when he went to Nigeria, he had 80 business proposals and his mission was to get advice from the man of God on the kind of business he could venture into successfully.

“I ventured from one business to another and I tried almost every project. I tried venturing into the kombi business, butcheries, shops and all forms of businesses you can think of but it was not my calling.”

Magaya said the turning point was when TB Joshua prophesied to him that he was not a businessman, but was a gifted prophet.

“Prophet TB Joshua also gave me some anointing oil and that is how I managed to start a ministry in 2011, which initially had less than 40 congregants.

“Last year, the ministry started to grow, and we moved to 100, 200, 500 and that’s when my colleagues from BLCC advised me to move to a more spacious venue.

“This time last year, we were on 5 000 people but now we get as much as 80 000 to our Sunday service and when we have special days like Big Sunday we get even more than 200 000 people,” Magaya said.

Voted as the 2014 most influential person below the age of 40, Magaya, has now even managed to launch a television station, Yadah Television; has assisted more than 5 000 families; and has donated houses to several people this year.

Each time he holds conferences, the charismatic preacher has managed to draw tens of thousands of people from across Zimbabwe, and this year he drew some of the biggest crowds ever seen at church congregations and has managed to spread his missions to Bulawayo and Mutare.

Asked whether he was a fake prophet out to milk money from people and whether he used juju in his healing ministry as his detractors allege,

Magaya laughed this off saying that almost 98 percent of the people who came to his church also had the same misconception at some point.

“I expected that question because it is popular with some people. The problem with some people is that they judge from outside. Sometimes when you visit, your heart will convince you that God is alive and indeed God is alive,” he said.

And on the use of juju, he said, “Juju does not heal, juju does not perform miracles. It is God who performs miracles  using people like us. At PHD, God heals through the ministry.

“The good thing about us is that we encourage doubters to come for one service and they will go home believers. This is why I say 98 percent of the people who attend this ministry came as doubters”.

Responding to a question regarding whether his church was some form of a personal money-making business, based on its teachings of prosperity, Magaya said there was nothing bad about preaching prosperity.

“In my ministry if you look at our teachings they are about empowering people to be entrepreneurs. The gospel of Jesus Christ was of prosperity, his first teachings was ‘I have come to preach to the poor, empower those that have not been empowered’.

“How do we empower people? Someone comes with a problem which needs urgent attention and is maybe charged $20 000 at hospital but when he or she is healed here, they will have saved the money. So, who would have been empowered with $20 000, the ministry or the healed person?” he asked.

Asked if he considered himself to be a rich person, Magaya said, “I am rich enough to give”.

He said he always endeavoured to remain with 10 percent of what he got and to distribute the other 90 percent.

Magaya is married to Tendai and the couple has two children, Yadah Makanaka and Walter Junior.

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What a powerful God we serve...Prophet Magaya just like Jesus you have so much resembled humbleness in you..God will always fight for his children and surely he has done it for you..PHD has grown tremendously and we praise GOD for this victory..

Slivia - 6 November 2014

thank you for this article. thank you Magaya for opening up I was one doubting thomas I had concluded that you were a bad person but after reading this article im now relieved I'm definately coming to the all night prayer and I pray to God that i be forgiven for judging you..

Nkosinathi - 6 November 2014

Thank you God for Prophet Magaya,for all the services and good teachings that you teach us,l have a very powerful testimony just through attending,PHD Ministry.

donney - 6 November 2014

The man of God always teach on the fruits of hard work. there is no prosperity without hard work. the good lord blesses the works of one's hands. The time to plan your investments is now, and let god make your investments multiply. Don't be left out. Opportunities are plenty in Zimbabwe; what's not there at the moment is capital. The US dollar is elusive. We are having liquidity challenges, which however are going to be a thing of the past with foreigners warming up to our country. If you can partner with friends and relatives and can raise the much needed capital, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???. Start your business in whatever sector and you will be guaranteed of success. The time is now, register your own company. We will help you with all the processes to get you started, from company registration to all the statutory requirements for you to get started. . Email us or call 0771 419 294, whatsapp 0776 228 760

Flixcom Solutions - 6 November 2014

We want to thank the lord ,let us give the praise to the Almighty ,King of Kings ,Lords of Lord and the wonderful Counsellor.

Thank you - 6 November 2014

a question to Mr Magaya.....if u are true prophet of God why not teach as the scripture speaks " the law and to the testimony.."

kate - 6 November 2014

God Almighty who performs miracles at Phd ministries will keep on using his servant Prophet Walter Magaya to Heal and Deliver many souls nomatter how the devil will strive to disturb God's work he will not successed.

Amanda Sign - 6 November 2014

thank you prophet, yes we serve the true God at PHD.

mhofu - 6 November 2014

Magaya had to travel all the way to Nigeria to seek advice on what kind of business to venture into, he was given a portion of oil and lo and behold, he came back and started making money. What does that tell you about these bible in hand enterpreneurs, why did he have to leave the Roman Catholic Church, is there no God there?This is cheap journalism at its worst, trying to prop up your Pastor is not gonna work on us Tendai, you really didn't have to go that far with your advertisement.

Dr Know - 6 November 2014

May the good LORD BLESS you Prophet Magaya abundantly.

Kanoz - 6 November 2014

After trying all sorts of Business then can the busines of buying olive oil and reparkaging it and naming it anointed oil. Then you were home and dry.

Makandigaya - 6 November 2014

Who has fought God before and won the battle? Prophet W Magaya and his God are an unbeatable team. Thank you Lord for exposing the devil's lies. Every evil spirit that may want to exalt itself above the name of Jesus shall bow before the King of Kings by the power in the blood of Jesus. Mbiri kuna Jesu!!!!

Bridget - 6 November 2014

In bible juju performed miracles consider Moses' first miracle pple did so to Pharoah using JUJU read exodus, in book of Acts Paul removed a demon from a little gairl who did all saying these falsehood u qualify to be a false prophet(how can yr spirit fail to highlight what is in bible). secondly everyone knows may be except u that bad spirit heal how can you say it cant when JESUS said it does in Mathew 7(not all who say to me lord...some will say we heal..l did not know you). even any shona or african knows traditional healers heal(how can you lie to yr followers like this) thirdly u fail to justify yr powers from doesnt show GOD aproval ( especilly all moves are not biblical)BIBLE CLEARLY SAID TRY ALL SPIRIT BASED ON SCRIPTURE (not focus on work as u wanted us to focus on yr healing) back to u sir. were in bible do someone travel abroad for healing powers ? for the record in bible Jesus said dont call anyone on earth spiritual father but only one in heaven...Elisha was attendant of Elijah just as Timoth to Paul ... not a mysterious figure to instill powers besides they did not form diferent minstries(there was no followers of Paul and TIMOTHY as is the case with u thats TB Joshua wants to form church here) In ur day GOD clearly stated no prophecy since bible is now complete with prophecy of ur day. thats why u cant heal all diseases and also raise the dead because yr power is limited if it was like before from God u could go to a grave and raise the dead like JESUS, PETER etc . You also encourage greedy by making pple beliieve that giving GOD money will give them more in turn and get rich like in LOTTO.(God will never be bribed). if u want to be rich just use raw material of GOD , rain, jobs, sunlight, u dont need to go to CHURCH to have rain or sunlight or job God gives everyone even before birth like Macheso as a singer(TALENT). PLEASE LET WORSHIP GOD OUT OF LOVE NOT WANTING FAVOUR.

F3 - 6 November 2014

Prosperous Job or

lovemore - 6 November 2014

@ Makandigaya, First of all, the name you choose for yourself leaves a lot to be desired. If my assumption is correct on it. Your information about annointing oil is wrong. No one sells it. As far as I have heard and saw, no annointing oil is sold. Annointing oil is always given for free. Some things however like Dvds, wrist bands are sold. Question though is everywhere else, arent bibles sold also?

Lawyer Advocate - 6 November 2014

cheap journalism jesus did not preach the gospel of prosperity but he healed the sick,raised the dead .magaya waporesa vangani ukamutsa vangani, zivai zvekuita chihure makanyarara ikoko

madhimoni - 6 November 2014

Can he cure Ebola? Why is Magaya not helping out in West Africa curing or healing those with Ebola? That will be a good test for what he is capable of.

Musona - 6 November 2014

Taking us to the Dark Ages. “…gift of prophecy in 2003”! He was given anointing oil! If he discovered his gift of prophesy in 2003 why did h need to go to another prophet in Nigeria to get anointing oil? The way he has narrated events in his life history do not make any sense at all. I used to think those younger than me will be wiser and less superstitious than the old folk - I was wrong. All this is very strange to me because I believe in the scientific concepts and that God was introduced to us by the whites and the whites do not even have prophets. I have never seen a miracle in my life - and I am not prepared to accept nonsense. The more advances are made in science the more backward the people are going. Can people not see a con even if it smacks them right in the face? If he was indeed a prophet why does he not give people lottery numbers or magic money so that the country pays off its debts? How come there are no prophets in advanced societies like USA, UK, France, Canada and Germany? Why are these prophets only found in backward countries? If someone were to break a leg would this prophet heal it there and then? Would he make the dead come back to life? What exactly does he do? Cure influenza only? Heal broken marriages? Can he cure Ebola. Why is Magaya not helping out in West Africa curing or healing those with Ebola? Is his healing placebo-like, having the placebo effect? I am not convinced because thousands of fools attend his churches because 99.9% of the people are fools. Look - they are the ones who voted Zanu into power in 1980 but they are told by Zanu crooks it was Zanu which “liberated” them and they believe it - what a bunch of fools. Some of these people can believe anything.

Musona - 6 November 2014

I am one of the people who have also been doubting Magaya and his ministry but I think opening up to interviews such as these ones help us understand the man behind the man. I like your modesty and humbleness Mr Magaya after all who am I to judge you. You are making a difference to many in Zim which to me is a very good thing. Recently you sponsored a cancer patient to go and get operated for me, that is the gospel of Jesus Christ at work. I ask God to forgive me, if I have judged you.

Tonderai Gonzo Snr - 6 November 2014

Prophet Magaya's anointing oil works. If you have a demon and you use it, that demon will manifest. His oil sorted out a demon that had harassed my family for years. The demon even loked up doors at our house.

Munetswa - 6 November 2014

Am I the only noticing that the diction and phrasing in the above comments prove that one person keeps commenting over and over again? Very funny!

rebel - 6 November 2014

I believe that God is there and Prophets like Magaya will will push us closer to the principles of God through his teachings and deliverances...if there are any wrong doings then the Almighty will judge him and i think it will be a severe punishment as he would have misled thousands of people!

Believer - 6 November 2014

regai zvikurirane.zuva ravapedyo.the wheel truth is now rolling....kutaurisa tanyanya........................

yt manoz - 6 November 2014

Please plan your structures properly we do not want another TB Joshua incident in Harare. Prophet my foot!

Nduna - 6 November 2014

munondisek esa vanhu. chokwadi munochiziva. saka zvakanzi kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzinomhanyira

kuru - 6 November 2014

By the way, whites (yes) have prophets. Ever heard of End Time Message? I mean the real End Time Message?? There is a prophet from the USA (yes) who is God's "last" prophet before the End Times!! Im really scared I don't wanna go into details. Just do your research! I once stayed with people (friends) who attended that church. What I have learned in life is that one should not be blinded by religion or religious leaders. Every one must use their God given intelligence to think and analyse situations. Intelligence is one of the gifts from God! People wake up!!! Beverly just marketed this guy and got a just reward!

Nduna - 6 November 2014

If my country Zimbabwe had five of the likes of Prophet Magaya, oh I tell you, people would believe that God exists in our midst.

Radson Zulu - 7 November 2014

I have never been to Magaya's church before asi i personally despise the way your congregation worships you iwe naMakandiwa. Lets worship the one and true God, Jesus Christ. May God give the children of Zimbabwe mweya wekugona kunzvera

Mupostora - 7 November 2014

In the scriptures, we read about giving. This giving however is not meant for the sole benefit of those preaching the word as we see happening in all these fake Prophet led churches which mushroomed around the time people fell on hard times economically. They saw an opportunity to ride on people's gullibility and desperation, some stitched up a plan in their bedrooms and decided to become Prophet this and Prophetess that. Are these powers also transmitted sexually to spouses apart from the time they travel to West Africa to be 'annointed' by mere immortal beings there? Let's get back to real religion folks, let's get back to the basic principles of the Gospel. What happened to giving a helping hand to orphans, old people's homes, disabled people's organisations. Blessed is he that gives (not donate to the fakes) and has piece of mind, not one who owns flashy cars and other earthly possessions. When you die, you leave all those behind and you face your Maker by yourself and it is through your deeds that you will enter the gates of heaven. It's definately not by giving all your money to masqueradors who do not seem to know what to do with all that easy money they get and end up buying flashy cars and suits.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

I meant to say mere mortal beings. Heaven help us all.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

Magaya, without any malice I would like to ask you a couple of questions. Did Jesus say " I have come to empower those that have not been empowered'? If we assume he said so, did he mean material empowerment? Is it the same Jesus who also said " I give but not as earthly people give" and also"If you ant to be my disciple, carry your cross and follow me".

Johno - 7 November 2014

God bless you Prophet, mbiri kuna Jesu

mwana we,uporofita - 7 November 2014

Its amazing how we are so obsessed with negative news. For a change why not just embrace or enhance the positive message we see in what people are doing. I We choose to ignore the good that our men of God are doing but focus on the negative news items we are bombarded with. It is rare for us to do our own investigation before judging. This applies to all religious backgrounds. I have been watching, in particular TB Joshua's service since I stumbled on to Emmanuel TV in 2008. He has done so much good for humanity the world over. It is inspiring. By the next breadth out of ignorance he is being hammered to the core as being a Satanist etc. So sad indeed. You dont even know what the man stands for. I have seen so many people including men and women of the cloth going to SCOAN to apologise to Prophet Joshua for slandering his name. Just go to YOU TUBE and watch repeats of his sermons. Take time to watch (with an open mind) Emmanuel.TV live services on Sundays. He has empowered so many youths from all sectors of life by sending them to school and also by employing them. Some of our local folk have been healed there- ask Cuthbert Dube. He was in a wheel chair but by the grace of God was healed there. Back home I watched a live service at Magaya's PHD ministries where he prayed for a woman who was mad for more that 30 years and had not been seen by her relatives in all that time. The transformation was amazing. Not only was she healed but he went on to get her spruced up and attired at his own .expense. Guys let;s be serious and look at the positive side of things. These men of God have taken it upon themselves to help change all that. Sometimes I just wonder whether people who write these comments or articles just do it for the fun of it. Until you know what suffering is, you will not appreciate my message. What good have you done for your neighbour? Concerned observer.

Elizabeth - 7 November 2014

Do not judge, only God can judge him, kana achitadza anonomira ariega, mumwe ne mumwe achanomira nezvake kudenga, receive the message of God from the vessel of God, it is the word of God that sets you free in Jesus name, thank God for the holy spirit, for the blood of Jesus, you are the church, your body is the temple of God, faith is a life of trusting God, lean not on your own physical understanding, enter the spiritual to understand the spiritual, to have spiritual eyes,ears,mind, to have that extra spiritual sense, God's way of doing things is beyond human comprehension, God is above, is higher than us, so as his way of thinking. If you doubt, you give way to fear and the devil, faith is displaced automatically and GOD drifts away, have faith in God and believe God is talking to you through another human being, faith is the substance of things hoped for, believe i the invisible God through Christ Jesus for the impossible to happen, basically for the miracle to take place. Faith is from the heart, and from our hearts, our mouths speaks and not from our minds our mouths speaks, our minds are full of hatred, jealous, deceit and fornication, a spiritually cultivated heart yields to good morales which are characteristic of our God.

tichaona - 7 November 2014

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I am failing to get it. how can the perceived man of God go all the way to Nigeria as if there is no God in our Midst. God, Jehovah is the only true, who hates Idolatry. what these guys are doing is true idolatry. God requires us repentance, period, what about this prosperity gospel. This is all hogwash and need to be condemned by all the contempt it deserved. at this point in time, people need to repent not worldly things. When the Son of man was in our midst, he never emphasised the need to have world honor. He himself was not someone of high office, but the father that was in him was great. Wake up africa. Ukafa unoendepi nepfuma iyoyo. kepp your satanic riches magaya

Duma - 7 November 2014

To; Lawyer Advocate: I might also be believing in this man of God but don't lie to say anointing oil is not sold. Will you get it without buying those DVDs first. If one needs anointing oil without buying those DVDs you wont be given

Truth - 7 November 2014

I have a problem with the alarming rate of this so called man od God world wide this days! um of the view that God is only one for the whole world! however, Most people (prophet Magaya inclusive) seem to believe that God is in Nigeria and beares the name of TB Joshua. Not only that, you don't need anointing oil to be a man of God and there is no initiation for one to be a prophet! this is just a business to steal peoples` hard earned monies and its advisable that this so called man of God change from this satanic act to serve the true God.

Rhuuuu - 7 November 2014

pliz read the bible well one of the critics wrote there are no spiritual fathers in the bible then why does Paul call Timothy my son in Spirit,mind you John Chapter 4 aslo says dont not bilieve in al spirits which means true spirits are also there.Lets not disregard prophets of GOD without true bible knowledge.What has Magaya done that in not arcording to the Bible maybe I still need to learn,but I athink he is a man of GOD.Remember paul also prayed for a congregation and they received gift of prophesy so whats wrong to be imparted by man of GOD like prophet Tb joshua......I dont go to Magaya's churh but dont like to see unaccounted for critisism with no bible reference.

Christian - 7 November 2014

Well said prophet. Zero percent demon tolerance for 100% testimonies. We thank God for the gift He has blessed Zimbabwe with. Happy birthday Prophet Magaya. We love you!

Hannah Miriam - 7 November 2014

Well said prophet. Zero percent demon tolerance for 100% testimonies. We thank God for the gift He has blessed Zimbabwe with. Happy birthday Prophet Magaya. We love you!

Hannah Miriam - 7 November 2014

Advocate Lawyer care to tell me how much does it coast to produce the CDs sold and how much does it cost to produce a Bible. you guys are cheaters.

Makandigaya - 7 November 2014

I see nothing wrong with visiting Nigeria, if there is a man of God there. After all men of God have operate in different offices and have different levels of anointing. If you appreciate that God pours out HIS Spirit on all people but it does not make them equal, then you will realise that going to Nigeria, was possibly the only solution for the Prophet. You will find he would not have got the same from Makandiwa or Angel. All men of God are different. Why does one drive from Marondera to Harare for church service yet there are men of God in Marondera. After all, at the end of the day it is his choice. Why do you go to this doctor and not the other, yet they went to the same medical school. Why take Rooibos over Tanganda or 5Roses? Why do you waste your time pondering about choices. Ultimately is he not a man of God???

True Vine - 7 November 2014

Advocate Lawyer care to tell me how much does it coast to produce the CDs sold and how much does it cost to produce a Bible. you guys are cheaters.

Makandigaya - 7 November 2014


trevor mavura - 7 November 2014

It's either you are a believer or a non believer. You cannot be in-between. Those condemning Magaya, Makandiwa, TB Joshua et al would also have condemned Jesus Christ during his time. I see no difference between the master and his servants Jesus was also an eloquent speaker, who claimed to perform miracles. He was followed by large crowds just like these men. Those were the main reasons for his crucification. For myself, i believe in non, including the Nazarine!

Atheist - 7 November 2014

The challenge we have first of all as people and secondly as children of God is we don't know the Mighty God we purport to know and serve.The moment you try to confine this Mighty God to the level of your thinking then I would suggest you get your bible read it to aquaint yourself with the Almighty God.Any spirit that does not reconcile is not of Christ hence do not judge.So a steadfast look upon Christ will make us effective .God bless you!

mary grace - 8 November 2014

Magaya is a true man of God..Period!

Believer - 23 February 2015

If you dont believe in the power of God in Magaya dont try to poison others.Usade kuburutsa vamwe.

Believer - 23 February 2015

prophet Magaya is an angel sent from heaven to deliver god's people . Nomatter what people say about him God always fights for him.May the almighty richly bless him as He empowers him in his ministry

Chiedza - 18 March 2015

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