Grace ally in violence storm

HARARE - Zanu PF youth leader Godwin Gomwe and a key ally of First Lady Grace Mugabe has been fingered as the mastermind behind the choreographed demonstrations rocking Harare South.

Three days ago, Gomwe allegedly bussed youths to the same constituency to demonstrate against the party provincial political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe, who is also the legislator for the same constituency.

Yesterday, there were violent clashes yet again in Harare South as housing cooperatives clashed, with Gomwe’s name featuring prominently.

Members  of the Tirivepano Housing Cooperative who are aligned to Mashayamombe and were given residential stands by the local board were attacked by members of the Nyasha Dzamwari Housing Cooperative, which had allegedly hired Gomwe.

Tirivepano Housing Cooperative, made up of youths from Harare South, had to run away as yobs who were bussed in commuter omnibuses started attacking them.

Antony Gono, the deputy chairman  of the Tirivepano Housing Cooperative accused Gomwe, who is Harare provincial youth chairperson, of being behind the attack. “We applied for this land and we got it from the local board.

“However, Nyasha Dzamwari Housing Cooperative owned by one Mai Chitsinde was not happy about the development and they hired Gomwe to come and remove us from this place,” he said.

But Gomwe, who lost council elections in Budiriro last year, denied the allegations.

“I live in Budiriro and I have nothing to do with creating chaos in other constituencies. People are lying. Go back to those who told you so that they can tell you more lies,” fumed Gomwe.

But the Harare youths claim Gomwe is targeting persons perceived to belong to vice president Joice Mujuru’s faction.

According to Gono, the boisterous gang that attacked them yesterday charged that Harare province was opposed to the ascendancy of Grace to be the Zanu PF women’s league boss.

This is despite the fact that the first lady brokered a peace deal between warring factions in the province and also absolved Mashayamombe.

“Gomwe brought his youths to beat us today (yesterday) and destroy some of the houses that have been built.

“This is very unfortunate because Tirivepano Housing Cooperative belongs to youths and we are shocked that our youth leader wants to disempower us,” added Gono.

“Gomwe’s youths claim that we are anti-first lady and yet we love our president, his wife and the party. We want to ask Gomwe what we have done to him for him to attack us,” said Gono.

Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman Amos Midzi said he was aware of the chaos in the province.

“We are aware of what is happening and we are discussing it to see how best we can resolve this.”

Conctated for comment, Mashayamombe said: “I do not know what is happening but someone is out to cause chaos in my constituency.”

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Flixcom Solutions - 6 November 2014

In a desperate attempt to crush Amai Mujuru and her supporters, the Munangagwa faction have acted like a baboons on heat, exposing their not-so-slightly behinds to the sentinels.Before they know it, they will be done from behind. The sentinels will sing "manhanga kutapira", while the spunked baboons will collapse with fatigue. Confused and with stuff dripping from down below, the dirty baboons will never get up again. You could say fucked to death. Mark my words.

Skorastiki - 6 November 2014

Is there something wrong with our politics in Africa? People will beat and kill each other for some other human being whose personal and/or national principles they don't even know or understand. Not that the Americans are good, but imagine that a fews days ago they had mid-term elections which resulted in the defeat of Obama'a democrats in many places, but they co-exist peacefully!! They even will work together, i.e. acountry with a head of state whose legislature is controlled by the opposition!! And in Africa? Zimbabwe? Blood and violence. Shame that some even fool others by declaring that they will die for this or the other leader!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

charles nyaradzai gono - 6 November 2014

kushaya pfungwa kunokonzera kuti vanhu vaite zvisina musoro. it starts with the so called leaders whose minds are fixed on petty things like cars. you hear of people bragging of owning hand made cars costing in the regions of anything between 0,5m to millins of us$ in a country with a national budget of 4billion. such minds cannot do much that would benefit the nation. this is the reason we are laughed at by other people. all the natural resources we have count for nothing in the end. look at botswana for instance, the people are not crasy for european luxary. they are content with average standards and as such - they save-up for the future. unless we become true patriots, we will always be languishing in poverty while sponsoring european companies.

taurai - 6 November 2014

well done Jonathan.

selele - 6 November 2014

Worse these little boys and girls who are bussed around to act as war vets carrying placards they know nothing about for us$10. they are asked to do what they don't want for a small money. the pictures of the so called demonstrators show faces of people who have been forced into something they do not subscribe to. wasting their precious time and their future on these politicians. sori maningi adaro wasu.

sunga - 6 November 2014

Youthful energetic people are abused by selfish politicians to settle their own personal scores, and all this is done during working productive hours of the day. Does it not bother the politicians that people who should be busy producing something or providing a service somewhere are wasting such valuable time hurling insults at each other? Even when the President addresses rallies, he is surrounded by intoxicated youths shouting all kinds of obsceneties and other explicit words at their opponents with their elders also not to be outdone doing the same,how therefore can we ever move forward when production time is misused like that? And how are we to respect an elder and a leader who smiles and encourages such kind of behaviour?

Dr Know - 6 November 2014

as usual dr know you have hit the nail in the centre of the head. if the truth be said, this scenario is a waste of valuable time. that goes to show the level of intellect in both the politicians and the youths they handle. time is precious and perishable. it should be used wisely. a prosperous zim is one in which people respect time not just joining all sorts of pastimes like these demos.

taurai - 6 November 2014

Asked to comment about the Unity Accord in which he was forced to be a Vice President to a man who had tried so many times to kill him, Joshua Nkomo said, "Zapu has not died, Zanu has swallowed poison"! The effects of poisoning are beginning to show now! Shona people no longer have Ndebeles as their enemy, they are turning against one another. You ain't seen nothing yet!

Nduna - 6 November 2014

@Nduna. There's absolutely no call to turn this infighting into a tribal thing. Jabulani Sibanda, Obert Mpofu and Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, just to mention a few, are also part of the wicked crew and Shona is not their mother tongue. Joshua Nkomo himself was not Ndebele either, he was a Kalanga.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

We, the youth , love our president, his wife, his children, his dog and cat, his chickens, even moreso his dairy cows. How could we not since he is our god?

Johno - 7 November 2014

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nothing goes well with this Munangagwa faction they try all the best with this first lady to remove the Mujuru manje this time hakuna zvakadaro we want to empower her again nekuty musangano ndewe munhu wese .ende varikurova vanhu hokoyo ku congress

son of the soil - 7 November 2014

They are from the same kraal. They did the same to opposition in 2008, let them do it to their own now. Our prayers will soon be answered.

n hove - 7 November 2014

Its interesting the drama being staged by the Mugabe, ZANU PF system, most seem to buy it. The President is scouting for a successor and the two factions are proving the leaders are weak. They all try to praise RGM for the sake of seeking favor but what they don't know is the old man is using and has used this divide and rule strategy for too long a time and no one has yet managed to read the old man's mind hence he will always come out a victor. Imagine Mungax & Teurai want the top post badly but no one has the guts to tell the old man that his time is up. Failure to pose a direct challenge to RGM is a clear indication that there is no future for ZANU PF under the cowardice leadership of Teurai & Munangax. They are not determined at all. When things happen and RGM keeps quiet for a month then you know its his game, he did it when the war verts grabbed farms. During the Chinese revolution Mao's leadership was in step by step similar to Mugabe,s error. Mao's third wife was a mafia and she tried to cover up her scandals the same appears to be history being repeated everyone google the GANG of Four chinese revolution and you could easily predict whats possibly coming for Zimbabwe with particular reference to the year 1980. read GoF and make your own assumptions please.

Ngonidzashe Mudede - 8 November 2014

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