Don't fan factionalism, Mutasa tells State media

HARARE - Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, has broken his recent silence regarding Zanu PF’s worsening factional and succession wars, imploring State media to desist from fomenting factionalism within the party.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News on Tuesday, Mutasa — who has been a close confidant of President Robert Mugabe for decades — said Zanu PF’s factional wars now needed to be contained ahead of the party’s crucial elective congress scheduled for early December.

Mutasa’s comments come in the wake of the vicious assault over the past few months on Vice President Joice Mujuru in State media. The Presidential Affairs minister is seen as a key ally of the beleaguered VP.

Mutasa said it was now an open secret that the Zimpapers stable, that includes The Herald, The Sunday Mail and The Chronicle, had an agenda against Mujuru.

“Newspapers that are attacking the vice president are offside. Kana mukuru akanyangadza ndimi munotomufukidza. Inga Bhaibheri wani rinotaura kudaro. Mukaona asina kupfeka musakwichidzira asi kutomufukidza.

“Kana Herald richituka vakuru vanhu havacharitenge (If an elder does wrong you do not laugh at him but take him aside and privately correct him. You should not fan factionalism. Because The Herald is attacking party leaders people have stopped reading it,” Mutasa said.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, who is also accused of siding with Mujuru in the raging succession battle, has also come under a barrage of criticism in State media over the past few days — amid fears that the party’s factional fights could turn deadly as rivals rent mobs to discredit each other ahead of its elective congress in December.

All this is happening amid apparent moves by the faction loyal to Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to unseat all party provincial chairpersons perceived to be sympathetic to Mujuru.

During her controversial “Meet the People” rallies, Mugabe’s wife Grace sensationally claimed that Mujuru was corrupt and inept, and tacitly endorsed Mnangagwa as “an honourable man”, urging her 90-year-old husband to dump the widowed vice president.

Asked to comment on the role that some senior party members are playing, either from behind the scenes or publicly as is the case with Christopher Mutsvangwa, in the infighting, Mutasa said yesterday that all those who were in top leadership positions should work to unite the party, not destroy it.

Mutsvangwa has torn into both Mujuru and Gumbo, questioning their liberation war credentials and exploits.

“What they are doing is bad. They should stop it. Zvakaipa zvekushandisa mapepa.” (It’s wrong to use newspapers to divide the party) he said.


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chiremb - 6 November 2014

Mutsvangwa shut up you talking nonsense. How can you ask Mujuru and Mutasa their credentials it show you are small in your mind

pat - 6 November 2014

Ahh what a shocker from Gamatox, so he has come in the open that corruption should not be exposed because it involves the VP, and besides reporting the facts by the herald is different to the kind of kindergarten articles by this paper which his faction has shares in. All in support of corruption, the paper, the vp and now gamatox, no no, the first lady is the best thing ever to happen in the political landscape, the masses are behind her.

reason - 6 November 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 6 November 2014

reason how much are paid by the zvipfukuto team coz you seem active in demonising the same leaders whom you were praising not so long ago , akomana chingourayanai coz mukutiitira ruzha

magaisa - 6 November 2014

Reason which masses are behind the 2nd lady if we may ask??

Cris - 6 November 2014

I wish "honest" people would come out in the open and tell the nation who in our present Government and ruling party are not corrupt...just one person. This business of accusing an individual of corruption as if the rest are clean is nothing but...........

charles nyaradzai gono - 6 November 2014

I wish "honest" people would come out in the open and tell the nation who in our present Government and ruling party are not corrupt...just one person. This business of accusing an individual of corruption as if the rest are clean is nothing but...........

charles nyaradzai gono - 6 November 2014

VaMutasa you are now comfortable with the Dailynews nd other private press, makangangwa maimbotitengera liter re coke moti idya pepa rako, ndaseka. Back to the topic, you now know how your press can go bonkers. You now know you need other papers, now please ask for licensing of TV stations so that we can also watch you live, these days ZBC is for the other faction so you won't be covered.

maita - 6 November 2014

mujuru is corrupt because she was exposed by Grace,Obet Mpofu hamumuoni kusvika zvataurwa naGrace,Charit Charamba always defend her corrupt police oficers kusvika zvataurwa naGrace ndopaucanzwa vana reason vowawata.......... hapachisina akachena muZANU, ko iyeGrace akawanepi mari yaaiitisa ma'' meet the people'' rallies ake ?

mutigori - 6 November 2014

Jonathan Moyo is winning, home and away. Mucharovaniswa misoro kusvika mave mazombie ake.

selele - 6 November 2014

Did you know that Zimbabwe is ranked as one of the poorest countries in Africa, we are in the top ten. It does not end there, we also have the lowest life expectancy in the world. You would think all this fighting is about trying to put measures to correct that abnormally and who best to lead in that challenge, but no. This fighting is all about greed, it's all about positioning oneself onto the best possible position to loot and for self enrichment. The only way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing about it, a wise man once said. Come 2018, let's show them where the garbage pit is, if they don't destroy themselves before then.

Dr Know - 6 November 2014

I do not agree with Mutasa that kana mukuru asina kupfeka munotomufukidza. I do agree, however, that Zimpapers have an agenda against Mai Mujuru. Assuming Mai Mujuru is indeed corrupt as alleged by Grace and Zimpapers, she becomes a saint when compared with Munangagwa, Chombo or Obert Mpofu and numerous others from that faction. Everyone knows these are corrupt to the core. Why have they not been investigated despite numerous calls for that? The reason Grace is supporting Munangagwa is that Munangagwa's henchmen have the most powerful posts in Government. She wants to ingratiate herself with them in order to protect herself and her offspring as well as her business interests and wealth once Mugabe is gone. This is calculated gambling, but of course njuga being what it is, there is no guarantee she will win. She could, in fact, come out of it all worse off. Bob is out of the equation. All Bob is doing now is acting like a zombie and having words stuffed in his mouth.

sikorastiki - 6 November 2014

Kikikiki - Mutasa has changed sides. He now aknowledges that VP has done something wrong, but the world should protect her by not saying it out loud. kikikiki. Now we must find a scandal on him and see if he still thinks the same.

chinja - 6 November 2014

See Joyce if you had not sacrificed your husband Solomon, he would be fighting this battle of unequals for you. Now this S.K. Moyo boyfriend of yours, will take you nowhere. He is a body guard with no ability to play the games that big boys place. Sorry, but you got what you asked for. so eat it.

joy - 6 November 2014

What is a didymus?

machakachaka - 6 November 2014

@reason's handlers must be paying this nincompoop extremely well for him to pore through the Daily News the way he does and to try and rubbish the newspaper as he always does. He must pray that his fellow hyenas in Zanu PF don't turn against him one day the way they have turned against Mujuru as he will then see the importance of this newspaper in Zimbabwe compared to the State Pravda publications.

Fat Obedient Son - 6 November 2014

ko munotyei kuti zvitaurwe ,aaaaaah ngavaende asingadi kutongawo ndiani ,ko iko kutorambirapo vanhu vachikusvoveredza ndicho chii ,ko hamuguti makaita sei,aaaah nyarai mhani

sinyoro - 6 November 2014

When do we start gamatoxing the weevils? Before or after the congress? We can't wait Comrade Minister. And since when do you trust the daily news?? Wapererwa! Viva Jonathan!

Nduna - 6 November 2014

Be it Mujuru or Mnangagwa,they are both ZANU PF. Everyone is corrupt in ZANU PF. Grace's war against Joyce is personal.Alas,the president has jumped into this madness,thus mobilizing his youths into this stupid game. Of course ZANU PF may split along these foolish lines.Grace will never be a well meaning politician!

NDOGA HANGU - 7 November 2014

@Nduna. The scenario is more like this- The Weevils will eat up all the Gamatox poison, leaving behind almost nothing. Most of the Weevils and the Gamatox will be gone, a few weevils may survive with some little bit of the powdery poison also. Those are few level headed persons from both factions and they are very very few.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

Why blame only the Herald and other publications when it was Grace who stoked the fires you fool? You cannot be a fence-sitter in this dispute. Grace stoked the fires and clearly does not like Mujuru and you either side with Mujuru or side with Grace - you cannot support both because Grace does not like Mujuru and these two will not work together in the future. We don't want any reconciliation. A divided ZanuPF is welcome news.

Musona - 7 November 2014

Jonathan Moyo, l salute you surely you are the man of the moment and hey off load that fat toad Mpofu he is anti the masses imagine the first thing he does after being appointed Minister he increases toll gate fees overburdening the masses. Pasi name Obert the thief of all time.

Grace - 7 November 2014

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Iwe Didymus, usarove imbwa wakaviga mupinyi. Buda pachena kuti Jonathan Moyo unokonzeresa. "State" media" is a euphemism for Jonathan Moyo!

Johno - 7 November 2014

Mpofu's non de guerre was "Chakaza Mazolo 47". We were in the same Batallion with Chimbambaira, Binoni, Jesus, Skhandamayezi, etc. We were the last group to train in Morogoro Tanzania before the zapu/zanu fall out. Mpofu was indeed the best trained cadre there and was our logistics guy in charge of logistics during our deployment. For me as a fellow combatant, Mpofu's highlight was when he established a central armament and ammunition distribution centre at Deka Drum along the Zambezi which serviced what we called the "Crocodile corridor"

tshaka - 7 November 2014

FOR sale two new doctorates on party facionalism and motor mouthing.

farai muchenje - 7 November 2014

Grace is the biblical Jezebel LIVE

ndozvo - 7 November 2014

@Musona. Must you always insult other people and their opinions? Why should you call me a fool for expressing my own opinion, do you want to colonise this platform? It's not my fault you were left behind by the gravy train. Whatever you are going to say - right back at you bitter old man.

Dr Know - 7 November 2014

zvarwadza nekti zvava zveZANU ka????? zvikanz tsvangirai or Prophet smthng mazi smairi uko kkkkkkkkk

Titi - 7 November 2014

Good Mutasa at least you are now coming out very clear to say some of our Newspapers are a disgrace to the Nation. When you find papers that are good at destroying other members in the same Society then you know for sure where the country,s papers are herding to. Tomorrow these are the same paper,s that will be publishing the hidden side,s of the same leader,s they are praising today. But this is happening because you haven,t applied Gamattox in your Party to see who is behind all this. Advise the President not to be laughing all the way to ceremonies because his turn is just around the corner. Is he going to call the Herald to come and explain certain articles. I don't think so

Karigamombe - 8 November 2014

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