Joice Mujuru's problems started in 2008

HARARE - Vice President Joice Mujuru could be on the ropes but her problems did not start in the run up to the Zanu PF congress to be held next month in Harare.

Also, the entrance of First Lady Grace Mugabe into the party’s mainstream politics did not trigger the problems that are threatening to bring to an end Mujuru’s remarkable career.

What is happening now as Zanu PF gears for its watershed congress is part of a script which started in 2008 when MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai defeated President Robert Mugabe in the March 29, 2008 elections.

Tsvangirai won 47,9 percent of that presidential poll but agonisingly fell short of clinching the 50 percent-plus 1 vote needed to outrightly condemn Mugabe to the political dustbin.

Mugabe polled 43,2 percent while Simba Makoni got 8,31 percent and Langton Towungana garnered 0,58 percent.

Mugabe’s defeat to Tsvangirai and the emergence of Makoni and subsequent formation of Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) could have marked the beginning of an end for Joice Mujuru.
- Joice’s late husband Solomon was part of the team that persuaded Makoni to run for president against Mugabe.

- Solomon Mujuru allegedly acted in “connivance” with Zanu PF heavyweights to engineer a Mugabe defeat in Mashonaland East province where the decorated war hero was touted as a “Godfather.”

- Mugabe indeed performed poorly against Makoni and Tsvangirai in Mashonaland East compared to other provinces including Matabeleland where he had maintained a core support base.

Mugabe himself was so perplexed by the outcome of the vote in Mashonaland East that he ordered a recount thinking the vote had been rigged.

He wondered why Zanu PF MPs in Mashonaland East gained more votes against the opposition only for him to record a low tally when he would have been expected to garner the same votes as his MPs.

Mugabe’s defeat to Tsvangirai in general elections was seen as sabotage.  Solomon Mujuru was viewed as the architect of the fielding of both Makoni and engineering the Bhora Musango/ Ibola Egan’eni strategy.

There was a belief that the 8,31 percent of the vote that went to Makoni was chipped off Mugabe’s support and was instrumental in him failing to win outrightly against Tsvangirai in the first round of voting.

This suspicion, coupled with Joice’s silence on her alleged husband’s acts of sabotage on Mugabe and by extension Zanu PF — surely were a harbinger for what is now obtaining.

It must not be forgotten that Emmerson Mnangagwa, Constantine Chiwenga and Augustine Chihuri persuaded Mugabe to fight Tsvangirai in the run-off poll when other Zanu PF bigwigs recoiled after the nonagenarian leader’s crushing defeat.

The trio, with shadowy strategists, ensured that Mugabe would defeat Tsvangirai in the run-off in which the MDC leader pulled out citing massive violence against his supporters.

Hundreds of MDC and Zanu PF supporters were either killed or maimed in the run up to the run-off.

The retribution exercise was seen as punishing Mujuru and the Mash East province for Bhora Musango/Ibola Egan’eni and propping up Makoni.

The infamous short sleeve or long sleeve gory stories in which limbs were allegedly chopped off, stemmed from this bloodletting exercise.

It would then be foolhardy to say the emergence of Grace and her explosive provincial rallies started trouble for Joice. No!

In fact, when Mugabe and Zanu PF predicated their 2013 election on the slogan Bhora Mugedhi/Ibola Egedini, it was a warning to the architects of the Bhora Musango/Ebola Egan’eni to mend their ways by backing Mugabe and Zanu PF in that election.

This message was not isolated.

All that is happening around Joice Mujuru is part of the 2008 script that started after Mugabe’s loss and Makoni’s challenge to the Zimbabwean leader.

If there are transgressions that Joice is alleged to have made, then they are now being fortuitously used to bring to an end to the script at the congress.

Joice could be suffering for Solomon’s deeds. But as a wife, it is common cause that somehow she knew what her husband was up to.

Being Zanu PF deputy leader and vice president makes it worse, at least in the eyes of her rivals.

The same applies to Mugabe whom critics have said is behind Grace’s vitriolic attacks on Mujuru because as a husband, there is no way he can fold hands and let the first lady act on her own.

It is this reasoning which makes Joice “guilty” of Solomon’s deeds which nearly cost Mugabe his job.

So Joice’s problems started in 2008 and sadly there is no Solomon to absolve her!


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let them fight. who cares after all they killed the nation.we want another bhora musango come 2018

thoko banda - 5 November 2014

If your analysis is to be believed, then it shows that Mugabe has a problem. Why wait for the death of Solomon to haunt the wife? Mugabe all along knew that Solomon was actively involved in Makoni's presidential challenge but was scared to confront Solomon. Mugabe must tell the nation his relationship with Solomon during the liberation struggle and after independence. Solomon crushed rebellions against Mugabe in Mozambique and secured the post for Mugabe. Militarily, Solomon had more support than Mugabe and hence the need for Mugabe to be closer to Solomon. Even when the General was amazing properties in Bindura and other areas, Mugabe was very much aware through the CIO but could not touch the General. Mugabe must not punish Mujuru for Solomon's deeds because the same might also happen to Grace in the not so far distance future.

Dunga - 5 November 2014

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Good analysis, with little supporting evidence though, in which the Daily News is corroborating what Joice's been acussed of all along.

Observer - 5 November 2014

@ Thoko Banda, Bhora musango has already started. Jonso et al are already at it kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, 2018 kungopedzisa basa ratangwa kare.

Chokwadi - 5 November 2014

It all goes to show that Mugabe is a rides on others...eliminate so and so and use sos and so apa madegree hobho...useless president kuita mbiri yenhando. Ngachife so we can sort out the Mugabe's hangers-on and solve our country's enonomic problems.

garikayi - 5 November 2014

So who killed General Mujuru, I think the script starts from here now. I said it that the death of Mujuru was the end of Joyce now the widow is in trouble but what does the bible say about the widows and orphans, they are protected, someone will fight for them very soon.

maita - 5 November 2014

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wtr - 5 November 2014

Now that there are no opponents in the field of play. there are now marking themselves and scoring own goals... who then will be crowned the champion..... go own goal go.

on goal - 5 November 2014

Reporter, you are not serious. You call a 43% to 47% a crushing defeat?

Ndugu - 5 November 2014

Grace is the Jezebel of our time in zim. Bob is going to regret i.e if he lives to see it. That woman Grace is skelemu...

ndozvo - 6 November 2014

Joice nyarara unyararise denga rinoziva iro

Voops - 6 November 2014

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Flixcom Solutions - 6 November 2014

I agree with your good analysis except where you say "Mujuru's remarkable career. I do not see anything remarkable with Mujuru's career. What is so remarkable about being at the second in command in a country full of hungry disgruntled people, over 80% who are not gainfully employed? What is so remarkable about forcing leadership on people that did not vote you into power, and killing hundreds of oppsotion supporters in the process? The only remarkable thing is that they are now exposing and turning against each other, that's what remarkable.

Dr Know - 6 November 2014

its unfortunate that these writers think zpf has any support, when they hide the voters roll and refuse to give up the ballot boxes. zanu pf haifi yakahwina maelections ari fair. hee bora musango then you forget that the military had to come in to coerce people to vote zpf.

gwabu - 6 November 2014

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