'Tsvangirai admires Mugabe's powers'

HARARE - The MDC renewal team has sledged Morgan Tsvangirai’s attempt to centralise power in his office.

The fourth MDC extraordinary congress that ended at the City Sports Centre in Harare last weekend resolved to concentrate power in the MDC leader’s office and dilute the power of the secretary-general.

“Congress resolved to amend the constitution to allow the (MDC) president to be the custodian of the party name, custodian of all party assets, to supervise all in the leadership, to be the party’s chief fundraiser and to suspend National Standing Committee members through the National Council for breach of the party constitution,” a key resolution from the congress said.

“In this regard the secretary-general shall no longer be responsible ‘for all party affairs in the National Secretariat’ and shall report to the president.”

The renewal team’s national council accused Tsvangirai of morphing into a “power crazed dictator who had turned the party into personal property as demonstrated by the imposition of his face and name on all party symbols and logo.”

The Sekai Holland-led renewal team, which broke away from Tsvangirai’s MDC, said the sham congress held by the MDC over the weekend vindicates the faction as the former prime minister “manipulated it to entrench his ‘Zanufication’ of the party”.

“It is now clear that Tsvangirai is not a democrat as he has centralised all powers around himself,” the renewal team said in a statement.

“He is now the chief custodian of the party’s name, its assets, its finances, its administration, and everything else that defines it. The principle of separation of powers within the various organs of the party has been decimated as Tsvangirai has made himself an ‘emperor’ with unquestionable authority.”

The renewal team said elected office holders, including the secretary- general and treasurer-general, who are supposed to have the mandate of the Congress to run their respective offices, are now required to report to Tsvangirai, a move the renewal team said was a “serious abrogation of democratic principles and values.”

“The net effect of all this is the intensification of the personalisation of the party by Tsvangirai,” the statement said.

“Having a man of questionable integrity being the custodian of party assets and finances spells doom for the party as history has taught us that Tsvangirai cannot distinguish between his person and the party in his handling of financial matters.”

The renewal team accused Tsvangirai’s actions of being similar to President Robert Mugabe’s abolition of the post of secretary-general in 1981 to create the all-powerful post of president and first secretary of Zanu PF and the abolition of the post of Prime Minister in 1987 to create the all-powerful post of executive president of the Republic.

“Through this centralisation of power, Mugabe has become a ‘king’ whose powers are unchecked both in the party and in the Republic,” the renewal team statement said.

“It is now very clear that Tsvangirai secretly admires Mugabe’s unchecked powers and he used his interaction with him during the power sharing government as an internship for power grabbing.”

The MDC renewal team reiterated its call for a return to the MDC’s founding principles and values and condemned in the strongest terms Tsvangirai’s ‘Zanufication’ of the party.

“As we prepare for a genuine congress of real democrats to be held in March 2015, the party calls upon all democratic forces of the party to unite in rejecting Tsvangirai’s attempt to make the MDC another Zanu PF,” the renewal team said.


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Democracy is a favourite catchword for democrats and the 'not-so ' democrats alike that is often worn like a mask to disguise some ugly realities about some people and their actions.Like pushing out democratically leaders through undemocratic means.Democracy is not a magic word and as a value it often has to compete with other values like stability, loyalty and so on.It is a matter of public record that up until this moment the power arrangements in the MDC which favoured the Secretary General have been a regular source of instability due to its creation, in real terms, of two centres of power within the party. It was inevitable that at some point this contradiction would have to be resolved.As to whether this contradiction has been settled in the best possible way time will tell.As for critics, analysts etcetera I believe it would be more useful for the nation if the debates centered around ideas and principles rather than personalities for even though both personalities and principles are often imperfect yet principles are more objective and capable of perfection.

Godfrey - 4 November 2014

MDC T successfully held their congress to the chagrin of the so-called 'renewal team.'The renewal team must carry on with their programs rather than waste time on Tsvangirai,the man they ditched ages ago.MT is not Zimbabwe&has never blocked the renewal team to fight for Zimbabwe's true freedom.

manyepo chete - 4 November 2014

It is a well known fact that anyone who wins the rural electorate in the race has an upper hand, and for you to entice with the rural population, you have to have a powerful brand and be able to market it. It is a well known fact that Tsvangirai is a brand and is very marketable, and so I don't see anything particularly wrong with pasting his name and face on the logo. The party has split more than twice before and it was through that General Secretary's post. Clipping his wings is a noble way to go about it, I'm yet to hear that it was resolved that Tsvangirai is now answerable to no-one as all these detractors are trying to force down down our throats.

Dr Know - 4 November 2014

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flixcom solutions - 4 November 2014

We are tired of all this politics........MDC this , Renewal That......YOU ARE ALL JOKERS.................Only 2 people can run for President........(Uncle Bob & Morgan)

rudeboy - 4 November 2014

uh uh uh uh hei the press surely should be reporting the MDC T cases from the party s spokes person Gutu not to keep on entertaining vakabuda kare we the readers where not advised at all abourt what was going on at the congres now they want to sale newsspapers with what has transpired at the congress. guys you are the ones who should give us whats going on and report it. let the renewal team talk of its programs and their congress to come. .

chapomba - 4 November 2014

It was inevitable that one day, the Secretary general powers were going to be clipped. Surely after discovery of your internal controls weakness corrective actions was obviously needed to curb that leakage, leaving that open would prove incompetents of the responsible authorities . I believe some people were enjoying these breakup . This is one of best controls ever put in place to curb further damage. To renewal team and the so called analysts, to hell with you.

gamatox - 4 November 2014

@rudeboy. Manje unotamba. Both Bob and Chematama are history...last kicks of a dying horse. of course those kicks may course some pain saka tichitambira kure.

selele - 4 November 2014

Nelson Chamisa needs MDC-T more than the party needs him. Where is Welshman Ncube now and Biti as well. Tekere was very popular in Zanu(pf) but did he beat Zanu(pf ) after forming his own party. Job Sikhala had to rejopin Tsvangirayi after wandering in the wilderness. Where is Munyaradzi Gwisai. Nelson Chamisa will not always be a loser. His time will come. Take a leaf out of Dzikamayi Mavhaire and where is he now. Time will correct everything.

dovi - 4 November 2014

Kuti Nelly asvike paakadyirwa apa kune vanhu vaaikunda.Ndiwo mukundirwe waaitwawo saka hapana chinoshamisa apa.Chakashata kuti kana wadonha woramba uvete.Knowing Nelly as i do, he is definitely going to rise again and lead the party.

Matilda - 4 November 2014

The Ministry of Motor Skills would like to join the Nation in congratulating His Excellency,President Tsvangirayi and the MDC family for holding a successful congress that was characterised by peace,tranquility and trnparecne.Makorokoto! AMhlope! Long live Save.

Lutendo - 4 November 2014

this idea of praise singing these leaders is what causes them to overstay their welcome. save has seen his time and should hand over power to another from within his own party. what makes people think that he is indispensable? he should be rested - period. acharovawo dzake 34yrs manjemanje achingoti handisati ndapedza. hakuna munhu anopedza basa. ukaripedza ko vamwe vanozoiteyi. its just a tactic for buying time. mudhishi people, pls show this man the door he is another handiende.

zvirozviyedzwa - 4 November 2014

One would wonder why a fully fledged opposition party would be wasting so much time talking about Tsvangirayi - a man not in power and a man they ran away from. It is quite evident they envy Tsvangirayi's appeal. Unfortunately, in Zimbabwe - a country touted for it's highly educated people, we have poorly educated, naïve and boot licking journalists. All the space in the so called state and private media is spend in trying to denigrate MDC T as much as possible and surprisingly no proper interviews are granted to the party's officials but only to nameless, faceless and fictional sources. Poor, poor, poo journalism.

Betso - 4 November 2014

stupid Holland and biti. better concentrate on your new useless party. we know of 1 mdc, led by tsvangirai. zvimwe zvese izvi kupedza nguva

ndini uya uya - 4 November 2014

Well what do you expect the renewals to say? Obvious they would not speak well about Morgan the reason being they are jealous deep inside they know the guy is cruising and has massive support across the country more than any known political party in the country that is why at every zanu gathering They will mention the strong man Morgan .Renewal team form your own party and give as much power to your sg that is your right . In mdc t such powers have been abused twice and the people have seen it better to clip the wings of the SG with barbed wire.

Siamababa - 4 November 2014

Will we Zimbabweans ever learn? NEVER EVER allow ANY politician (Tsvangirai or anybody else) to have too much power. You will never get rid of the person - and if you try, the power will be used against you. Keep your power - do not give it to any one politician or political party.

david taylor - 4 November 2014

so you want the SG to have extreme powqer so that he can cause splts it sounds as if you are clever neh

Siamababa - 4 November 2014

Biti and Renewal Team, you have a fixation on MDC-T. Had you not left, as it is, I for one would have voted you to replace Morgan at this congress. Biti you are such a wimp! You gaped it before the congress. All you had to do: 1) Biti, yourself for one, were not supposed to participate in the 2014 elections without the agreed reforms. 2) We all know that Save is not the sharpest, he only has balls and no brains, so why revolt than wait for congress and we can vote for you into leadership. You should have stood your ground with due respect and humility. 3) You were supposed to diplomatically convince Save to take a back sit as you lead the party into the next elections. Diplomacy is the mainstay of politics. I head you say "I respect Save for he is the front of true democracy in Zimbabwe" That was lip service, you failed to do this in practice.

Mbareboy - 4 November 2014

Why is Holland commending about MDC- T , i don't think she is qualified to do that since she left the Party

LESLY - 4 November 2014

Nelson Chamisa should not loose focus in MDC T your time shall come .you are the future .support your democratic party.Tsvangirai is the best ever man to grace Zimbabwean politics.2018 WILL USHER IN mdc T into power given the logic of voting for a94 year old

chamutengure - 5 November 2014

Sekai Holland shut the f*** up who said ...supposed to.. we in MDC-T have agreed at a way of running our business. Do what you think is right in your renewal shit and stop meddling in MDC-T affairs

garikayi - 5 November 2014

where is democracy. tell me where you have seen it?

mukoma - 5 November 2014

The man is already plotting his own downfall before he even starts! Chiiko nhai vanhu vatema?

Johno - 5 November 2014

I like it when Dr knows restates that Tsvangirayi is such an acceptable political brand.....even to the 'blessed' rural folk

A. JONES - 6 November 2014

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