It's nonsense, says Gumbo

HARARE - Zanu PF spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, has dismissed as “absolute nonsense” allegations by his party detractors that he is linked to Baba Jukwa and that he is unfit to speak on behalf of the party, singling out Information minister Jonathan Moyo as being at the centre of the lies.

A miffed Gumbo told the Daily News in an interview yesterday that the criticism that he was receiving was the work of “well-known” regime change merchants inside Zanu PF, whose sole mission was to oust President Robert Mugabe from power.

Reacting to reports that meetings of the party’s Midlands and Matabeleland North coordinating committees had allegedly reached consensus that he was an unsuitable spokesperson because he supposedly tended to speak on behalf of a faction in the divided party, Gumbo said his “desperate” detractors would fail in their mission.

He said in any case, there was no such consensus reached at the meetings in question.

The State media reports also bizarrely fingered Gumbo as having been intimately involved in the Baba Jukwa phenomenon, the shadowy Facebook character who published damaging information and rumours about Zanu PF and many of its leading officials in the run up to the disputed July 31, 2013 elections.

“This is absolute nonsense,” Gumbo said.

“Jonathan Moyo (minister of Information) is friends with Baba Jukwa. He (Edmund Kudzayi, editor of the State-owned Sunday Mail newspaper) came like any other volunteer to the party and he joined a consortium chaired by Moyo. He was never employed by Zanu PF. Jonathan Moyo employed Baba Jukwa,” he fumed.

Gumbo also queried why Moyo, if he had nothing to do with Baba Jukwa, had not fired Kudzayi since The Sunday Mail editor was fingered as the shadowy social media character.

“They are good at manufacturing lies,” Gumbo said.

“Again I must say this is nonsense. I can’t spill propaganda to the nation and that is what they want me to do. These guys are the same people who are in the regime change agenda. They have misled the First Family.

“They have created confusion in order to win the confidence of the first family and they have confused the nation through the distortion of events.”

He added: “We know they are involved in regime change. The reports are being manufactured by Jonathan Moyo.”

Gumbo also disputed claims that he had already started addressing Mujuru as the president.

“As I said, they are manufacturers of lies, and this is evidence of some of their lies,” he added.

The Zanu PF spokesperson said the party’s elective congress, which will be held early next month, would end the current misinformation campaigns and political games that were wrecking the party.

“Congress will decide who gets what position. All of those people who are clamouring for positions should wait for congress. Why are they being impatient? They must face the people at congress,” he said.

Gumbo also told the Daily News that he was unfazed by calls from the same people that he was unsuitable to be Zanu PF spokesperson.

“Whether unsuitable or not, my performance is judged by the person who appointed me, my party and the nation at large and not by regime change agents,” he said.

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Yes Gumbo you are saying it like is Jonso is behind the mayhem in the party .Obert Mpofu need to protect his illgotten wealth by pointing at others.

ko hamuoni here? - 4 November 2014

The facts are there to see, this famous rebel Gumbo has been twisting facts, and just like the corrupt mother of corruption, he is trying to deny what he publicly uttered .

reason - 4 November 2014

HEHEHEEHEHEHEEEEE Chotsva Mumbamarwo... Goe rino tinoona zvedu isu. Musi wachinoti dhuu kuputika vanhu tizirai kure musiya shumba dzidyanane zvadzo.

Takakora - 4 November 2014

Stop moaning like a baby Gumbo - you chose to join politics and criticism comes with the territory - defend yourself and attack others, don't hide behind this “regime change” garbage. We are sick and tired of this nonsense that you fought for this country. We did ask you to fight on our behalf. It's our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa's reign not your “fighting”. Everyone is using that trick about “fighting for the country” - think of a new trick.

Musona - 4 November 2014

One sentence should read, " We did NOT ask you to fight on our behalf".

Musona - 4 November 2014

Zimbabwe's economy has been on a freefall for a long time. We have now reached the bottom of the pit and we cannot keep falling. The only way left is UP. EU has removed trade sanctions, a delegation from the UK has declared Zimbabwe as favourable for foreign direct investments. You cannot be left. Forget the politics for a moment and be optimistic of the future. Start your own project/business venture, partner with friends and relatives and pool your talents and capabilities. Register your own company and be part of the success story that Zimbabwe is becoming. At Flixcom Solutions will assist you with the registration and all the statutory requirements for you to start operating legally. Email call 0771 419 294 or whatsapp 0776 228760

flixcom solutions - 4 November 2014

chegore rino musangano wo tsemuka vana grace nekupusa pane kuti anyayrare ari busy kudya mari inobiwa nabob mugovernment musi wavanotandaniswa pastate house naiye achange ari pamahwani, do they think all those presidents who were deposed were stupid, it was TIME just as it is TIME in zimbabwe

Harare - 4 November 2014

@Musona. Chiendaka kuNyuzirend kuzere vanhu vaSmith? Gumbo is a voice of reason in Zanu-PF, ever since!! Dai ana Tongo vaiziva kuti kamdhara kedu aka ndizvo zvakari vaidai vasina kukaisa panyanga. Even Tekere said so. Musona there is a lot of Rhodesia in Australia....just go there...even your garden boys and maids are waiting for you there.

selele - 4 November 2014

the party is burning.where is its leader

gamatox - 4 November 2014

Reason can I ask he is a rebel to who. We all know that if you oppose something in ZanuPf you suddenly become a sellout. Nobody has come in the open and tell us so and so is against the rise of Mai Mugabe but daily we are bombarded by so and so don't want Mai Mugabe. Did Mutasa say that? Did Mujuru say that? Did Gumbo say that? So why this whole hullabullo, this shows there is more than meet the eye. they created a false storm. Now the false stomr created a smoke which is choking them.

maita - 4 November 2014

@selele - I am one who does not shirk a fight. I will respond to your attack later you cretin. I wll tell you all about Smith since you started it.

Musona - 4 November 2014

Ah, ini Jonso ndamubigger. Mazwi ake haanyepi" "he will destroy it from within". Now he has successfully done so & it is burning. Wakaoma Jonso!

BAMBO - 4 November 2014

Jonathan is alright, Mnangagwa is alright. But neither of them will rule the country. Mujuru will continue Zanu policies pretending to be "reform minded" and "loving the West". But I like what is happening in this murderous party. Im drinking wine enjoying the circus. Phambili ngo Jonathan!

Nduna - 4 November 2014

Team ya Honorable Mai Teurai Joice Mujuru Ndiyo Zanu Pf ava vamwe vese ava teverai history dzavo muone kuti vaita gang up to destroy Zanu pf Chaiyo. Zvino vanhu tiri kuona zvedu. Vari kushandisa just a few greedy znpf members like garwe

Munhu Zvake - 4 November 2014

This circus going on in ZANU has now reached it's pinnacle. Was it not until just this last year when we would be told by all, including the party's leader and the state media, that there is absolutely no factionalism in ZANU PF? And yet now they are letting us enjoy this free for all show which, were it not for the fact that it is dragging the country backwards, we would be enjoying immensely. I like the way everyone hides behind the now all too overused line "they want to remove our elected President Mugabe....". It all sounds like a broken record now. We all know you all want to see the back of Mugabe, we all do. Let's not hide behind that fact. Mugabe created this whole factionalism craze himself by holding on to power and failing to appoint a successor, and now it has come back to haunt him

Dr Know - 4 November 2014

@selele wativambira zvimwe namusona. takupinzwa palecture yezvekwa simiti manje. haatane kutuka mukuru iyeyo. nyika yedu irikubvira anhu wee.

taurai - 4 November 2014

People of Zimbabwe are indebted to Jonso. As promised Jonso is doing a sterling job destroying the old Zanu Pf from within. Zanu Pf will never be the same thanks to Jonso, Baba Jukwa, Weakileaks etc. Let them destroy each other and people of Zimbabwe will pick up the pieces. Well done Jonso.

Tinotenda - 4 November 2014

Dr know as spot on. we may be cheering these people while our country is burning. what is positive about the whole thing though is that there are some who are not driven by politics of patronage like this gumbo. whether he is booted out or not, the guy stood his ground and that is what has been absent from our political process - not yes men/women for the sack of it. time has come for people to stand for what they believe even if it would cause them to be unpopular. we have long been singing praises to our dear leaders while our land burns. not this time people seem to be making a resolve not to allow wrong moves and that is commendable. moyo is the architect of all this. he wants to destroy the party so that in time he would install his own party and lead the country. gumbo is spot on. johasi is the problem.

taurai - 4 November 2014

@selele - your comments are senseless. I was having a go at Gumbo, a politician, and you start writing about Nyuzirend, Smith, Tongo Tekere, Rhodesia, Australia, garden boys and maids. You must be smoking mbanje or drinking kachasu.

Musona - 4 November 2014

@selele - I do not know where you get this idea that you can tell someone to go out of this country as if you bought it. As if Zimbabwe is your personal property or mum's property. Look here - Zimbabwe is not your personal property and you have no right whatsoever to tell anyone they should leave. I criticise politicians most of the time but there are some morons like you who attack me because they do not want others to know the truth - they want to try and change history. Smith was born in Selukwe, now Shurugwe, so he was a Zimbabwean. He became a Zimbabwean in April 1980 same as your mum. A person's colour does not really matter. Ian Smith was a class act. He made Rhodesia the second best economy in Africa despite much, much stringent UN trade sanctions. That alone tells you all you need to know about good and efficient governance. Ian Smith is a hard act to follow. We only realised how good Smith was when Zanu took power. There was a noticeable difference. We now have kids in a sweet shop. You cannot have poor people running a country - they will inevitably steal. The temptation is great. This is one thing I have noticed. You, the young generation, have been ill-informed about Rhodesia by black politician crooks like Gumbo. If a free and fair election had been held around 1990 or thereabouts between Ian Smith and Mugabe, Smith would have won the election hands down. The older generation who worked during white rule know how good Rhodesia was. There was no such thing as someone working for a week or month or year without pay or not knowing when they are ever going to be paid. Black rule and white rule are worlds apart. In Rhodesia everything worked like clockwork. I will always compare the two. Black rule is extremely excruciating. Let me remind you, our ancestors were in the Stone Age before white rule. You should be grateful for what the whites did. I am. selele you are a cretin.

Musona - 4 November 2014

ndambozvitaura @selele kuti wati vambira zvimwe nhasi. musona anovava kana ukamipikisa. zvino nhasi tinoona moto nekuudzwa nyaya dzaana smith. sorry henyu vamusona mwana azvinzwa zvehuchenjeri havasimiti muzimba. ngaisiye matambo vakuru vedu.

taurai - 4 November 2014

The end game for sure

Simbarashe - 4 November 2014

@musona haa u are full of factual data u don't just hullabaloo like some losers here,that sets u apart,IMF we all learn to be as objective as Musona we can start to appreciate what is better and question ourselves how to be better and we grow from there but if we live in denial we always continue going down like wat is happening now..we have something to learn from other races

Pombi - 5 November 2014

You know what Musona is great - he says things the way they are. These morons think they own Zimbabwe. They did not even liberate it - Muzorewa did it all for them - because we were naive we dished him thinking we had politicians not knowing that we had people who wanted to be gods in our country - selfish people who had no idea about ruling a country - who would put us in the animal farm kingdom position forever - making african politics a total joke.

clement moyo - 5 November 2014

@musona it appears your knowledge of Ian Smith's economy lacks depth...are you aware that the apartheid regime that was in South Africa fought hard to support Smith until almost 1980? Are you also aware that the United States gvt then busted the UN sanctions, supporting Smith in order to get cheap chrome? Do some research and you will find out that Smith was not alone but had a lot of foreign support....ask even the Israelis they will even tell you how they supported Smith...thought i should let you know.

parapinda - 5 November 2014

We are on guard we know these zvipfuko want to dislodge the strong cadres so that they concentrate power in their hands as much as Cde Mugabe did,which explains why he is on that side.But they will hit the wall come congress.we shall never be led by charlatans again.Zanu Pf will never be a monkey for their own amusement.Long live Gammatox

carson Macate - 5 November 2014

aaah madofo emu ZANU zvimwe ngaaite achishandurawo kuita kwakapusa. Wese angoti bufu kuna Dr hanzi watoresvera na mudhara! Kupusa here? Zvino mukati Mujuru une mhosva, Gumbo une mhosva, Kaukonde unemhosva, JB unemhosva udofo hwacho hamuhuonewo here kuti hwanyanya! Ko ndipo pazvange zvichashandura here kuti vanhu havade amai ava vanoita kunge dzisimo dzese! Ko madini kunyarara tione kwazvakananga pane kumhanyira mberi kwamusingazive! Kana vese ava vane mhosva ko asina ndiani nekuvaziva kwedu! Zvino muchamira neripi wese apokana nezviripo hanzi kana hondo yacho haana kurwa inga takati ashunya arwa wani! Madofo atambudzika hama batsirai. Ko ishe vakatipa mazuva akafanana panyika Amai vangaigara here nyika ino vakuru vakatungamira. Ndiko kugarira reza ka uku!!

Bindu Mupindu - 5 November 2014

Mugabe has all the Eastern block & the whole of Africa to himself but he still cries for US&EU.The guy can never measure up to his predecessors whatsoever.Musona is very correct.We were wrongly made to believe that Muzorewa was a sell out.No,ZANU PF is a complete disaster economically. Please don't fool us with this sham self rule.People are suffering for no apparent reason.It's always meaningless sanctions,sanctions nonstop.RUBBISH!!!

HYPOCRITES - 5 November 2014

Ca you idiots please fight your wars without mentioning "to oust President Robert Mugabe from power". Don't hide behind an old man. Fight fair you cowards!

Johno - 5 November 2014

@parapinda - you have obviously been brainwashed by ZanuPF propaganda. You are hopelessly gullible, ignorant and stupid. The whole world knew about the USA buying chrome from Rhodesia - that was the only exception. The USA did not try and hide it - the USA made it known to everyone that chrome was a strategic mineral which they had no option but to buy from Rhodesia. But UN trade sanctions were there and much more stringent than those imposed on ZanuPF. Most of those in ZanuPF were either in detention or living in exile from the 1960s and have no knowledge of what effect sanctions had. Not even Mugabe knows what effect sanctions against Rhodesia had. I know better than most of them because I was working in Rhodesia. ZanuPF spin doctors have come up with a myriad of excuses like Chrome sales to USA. Zimbabwe unlike Rhodesia is able to trade with all the other countries in the world whereas Rhodesia could only trade with Portugal and S Africa only. It is down to incompetence nothing else. THE MAIN PROBLEM IN MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES IS THAT ONCE-POOR CROOKS ARE NOW GOVERNING AND ALL THEY DO IS STEAL. During white rule chances of stealing where nil now they can steal with impunity. Therein lies the problem. Having poor people to govern is asking for trouble. They will inevitably steal and justify stealing by giving theft fancy names like “land reform” or War Victims Compensation Fund or Farm Mechanisation blah blah blah. People like Gumbo left S Rhodesia in the early 1960s and only came back in 1980 do not know the effects of sanctions in Rhodesia. It was like coming into a new country. I never listen to what anyone in ZanuPF says about sanctions - it's all lies.

Musona - 5 November 2014

why waste time answering a stupid person that long? @parapinda is moderate in his comment but mdara muson atokwidza tone. that shows kuti hauna mafacts mdara. wakadzidziswa nasmith ungagoti kudii. you have to sing for your supper.

taurai - 5 November 2014

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